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The Untold Truth Of Ellie Kemper’s Husband – Michael Koman



• Michael Koman was born in 1977 in San Diego, California and grew up loving comedy.
• He started his career writing for 'MADtv' in 1999, then for 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien' in 2001, for which he won a Primetime Emmy Award in 2007.
• He wrote for 'The Colbert Report' in 2008, 'Important Things with Demetri Martin' in 2009, 'Eagleheart' in 2011, 'Nathan for You' in 2014, 'The Jack and Triumph Show' and 'Triumph's Election Watch 2016' in 2015, and 'Saturday Night Live' in 2017.
• He is married to comedian and actress Ellie Kemper and they have two sons.
• Michael Koman has a net worth of $2 million.


You have probably read his name in the cast of several TV shows, but do you know his face? Michael Koman stands behind all those funny scenes in “Saturday Night Live” that you laugh at, and you’ve probably seen his wife in “The Office”. Who is Michael Koman, and on what other popular TV shows has he worked?

Early life and Education

Michael Koman was born on 2 February 1977, in San Diego, California USA. Not much is known about his earliest years and education, but according to, his father is Dr. Gerald “Jerry” Koman.

Michael loved comedy ever since he was a kid, and his favorite comedy sketch show was “Second City Television” – also known as “SCTV”. He was a regular visitor to the University of California, San Diego library, where he listened to the comedy albums recorded on vinyl. He landed his first job working after school in “The Comedy Store Club”, where he answered the ‘phone calls, made reservations, and occasionally did stand-up comedy performances as well.

After matriculation from a local high school, he moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue a college education.


He occasionally performed at the local “The Improv” together with his friends Todd Glass and Steve Rosenthal – the trio wrote and produced comedy sketches.

Early Career

Koman was invited to join the “MADtv” crew as a screenwriter in 1999, after one of his and Glass’ plays – “Todd’s Coma” – gained publicity. The manager of one of the actors in it, Fred Willard, sent Koman’s tape to “MADtv” producers, who were looking for a new, young writer.

One of Koman’s colleagues on “MADtv” was Greg Cohen, the former writer for “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”.

Cohen gave Koman a work recommendation, and as a result Koman started writing for this show in 2001. It was Koman who, joined by writers Andrew Weinberg and Brian Stack, created recurring characters and segments such as “Hannigan the Traveling Salesman”, and “The Interrupter”. Koman also created the concept of “Walker, Texas Ranger Lever”, a list of sketches that was the most reprised segment in the show at the time. He wrote the satire “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”, a comedy-drama series made by Aaron Sorkin as a parody of a “Saturday Night Live”, that he entitled “Studio 6A”, a reference to a television studio owned by Conan located in 30 Rockefeller Plaza.


Koman didn’t work just as a screenwriter on the show. He was a common guest of on-air sketches. One of his most famous performances happened in 2004, when he portrayed an accountant who proposed a silly solution to the ongoing debate on gay marriage. This lead to many controversies, and Koman made headlines in the US media. At around this time, he started working with the writers’ staff intern, Ellie Kemper, who also became a regular performer on his sketches. Another popular sketch that Koman was a part of was the fake iPhone commercial from 2007, which was written with the intent of showing the flaws of the device.

For his contribution to the show, Koman won the Primetime Emmy Award in 2007.

Career after “Late Night”

Koman left the “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” in 2008, after seven years of collaboration. It was this year that NBC wanted to launch “Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien”, a transition that would require the cast to move from New York City to Los Angeles.

That same year, he wrote a few episodes of “The Colbert Report”, but didn’t find himself inspired enough to continue creating for the show.


Instead, he started working as a head writer for his former colleague Demetri Evan Martin’s “Important Things with Demetri Martin”; his co-writer on the show was Canadian comedian and actor, Nathan Fielder.

In 2011, Koman once again joined forces with Weinberg to do the screenwriting job for Jason Woliner’s TV series, “Eagleheart”. Koman remained on the show until it ended three seasons later, in 2014, after which he was invited to write a pilot for the TV series “Nathan for You”. After the episode was completed, he was joined on the show by his sister-in-law Carrie Kemper, and Fielder, and all of them remained on the show until 2017, when Fielder decided it was time to end the series.

Concurrently, Koman was also involved in creating “The Jack and Triumph Show”, as well as its spin-off, “Triumph’s Election Watch 2016”.

In 2017, Koman started writing for Lorne Michaels’ “Saturday Night Live”, and is still writing for the show as of May 2020.

During his fruitful career, Koman has earned nine Emmy Award nominations and six awards from Writers Guild of America. He won the WGA Award for Comedy/Variety in a Sketch Series for his work on “Saturday Night Live” in 2018.

Marriage with Ellie Kemper

Sometime after their initial meeting in 2007, Koman and his co-worker Ellie Kemper started dating.


Ellie Kemper is also a comedian and an actress, who is known for her portrayal of Erin Hannon in the NBC series “The Office”, and for her acting contribution to movies such as “21 Jump Street” and “Bridesmaids”. Their engagement was announced in the episode of “Late Night” that aired on 7th December 2011.

The couple tied the knot on 7th July 2012, and in 2016 welcomed their son, James Miller. Two years later, their second son, Matthew Miller, was born. Despite being Jewish, Koman has agreed to raise their children in the Roman Catholic faith, as Kemper is Catholic.

Personal Life

Koman is active on several social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, but he is most active on Twitter, where he has more than 4,200 followers.

Net Worth

Koman has earned most of his money from his career as a screenwriter, although he also occasionally worked as a stand-up comedian and an actor. As of April 2020, his net worth is estimated at around $2 million. On the other hand, his wife Ellie has a net worth of reputedly $4 million.

Physical characteristics

Koman has brown hair and blue eyes that he covers with rectangle glasses, which have become his signature. His exact height and weight aren’t known, but his wife, Kemper, has a height of 5ft 4ins (1.65m) and a weight of 128lbs (58kgs). He is a lot taller than her, and has a slim figure.

Started with in April 2023. Previously, Executive Editor at Echoes Media. Holds a Journalism degree from New York University.

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Jon Lovitz’s Net Worth, Wife: How He Overcame Adversity?



Who is John Lovitz?

American actor and comedian Jonathan Michael ‘Jon’ Lovitz was born in Los Angeles, California USA, on 21 July 1957, meaning that Cancer’s his zodiac sign. He’s had roles in over 120 TV series and movies, but is perhaps still known best for playing the lead character Andy Kornbluth in the 1998 comedy movie “Happiness”, written and directed by Todd Solondz, and which also starred Jane Adams and Philip Seymour Hoffman. It follows a group of strangers whose lives are about to intertwine, and the film won 12 of its 38 award nominations.

Education and early life

Jon was raised in Los Angeles alongside his sister Leslie, by their father Harold Lovitz and mother Barbara; his parents are Jewish, and his family immigrated to the US from Russia, Hungary and Romania; Jon’s grandfather Feivel Ianculovici moved to the US from Romania in 1914, and changed his name to Phillip Lovitz.

Jon was 13 when he watched the mockumentary comedy film “Take the Money and Run”, and at that point knew that he wanted to become a comedian; he was 16 when he watched the biographical movie “Lenny”,  and then began performing comedy for his friends and family members.

He matriculated from a local high school in 1975 and then enrolled at University of California, Irvine at which he studied alongside famous American actress Lisa Valerie Kudrow’s brother David Kudrow; the two men backpacked across Europe together in 1978. Jon graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in drama in 1979, and then honed his acting skills at the Film Actors Workshop.


Roles in TV series

Jon’s debut TV series role was voicing various characters in the 1983 episode “The C-Team/The Chipettes” of the animated adventure comedy “Alvin & the Chipmunks”, and the remainder of the ‘80s saw him play and voice characters in three other series: the drama “The Paper Chase”, the comedy “Foley Square” and the animated action adventure “Captain Planet and the Planeteers” (voice role).

What marked the ‘90s for Jon was playing Max Lewis in 23 episodes (1997-1999) of the hit romantic comedy “NewsRadio”, which Paul Simms created, and which starred Andy Dick, Stephen Root and David Foley. It follows a group of people working at WNYX NewsRadio, the second most popular news radio station in New York State; the series aired from 1995 through 1999 and won one of its 15 award nominations.

From 1994 through 2001, Jon voiced the lead character Jay Sherman in all the 33 episodes of the animated comedy “The Critic”, and the following years saw him appear in an episode of the comedy “Son of the Beach”, the critically acclaimed romantic comedy “Friends” and the crime drama “Las Vegas”.

In 2012 and ‘13, he starred as Bobby Gold in the comedy “Mr. Box Office”, created by Byron Allen, and which also starred Bill Bellamy and Alex Thomas. It follows a film star who’s attacked a paparazzi, and now had to do community service.

From 1985 through 1922 voiced a number of characters in 91 episodes of the critically acclaimed comedy show “Saturday Night Live”, and then appeared intermittently in single episodes through 2020.

From 1991 through 2to the present, Jon voiced various characters in 20 episodes of the animated comedy “The Simpsons”.

Some of his most recent TV series roles have been in the 2021 episode “Blue Caller” of the comedy “The Potwins”, the 2022 episode “The Hack” of the comedy “Space Force” and the 2023 episode “Colin Jost/Kenya Barris/Tobe Nwigwe” of the musical comedy “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”; Jon’s currently shooting for upcoming TV series “Directors Commentary” and “Paper Empire”.


Roles in movies

Jon’s debut film role was playing Security Guard in the 1986 comedy “Hamburger: The Motion Picture”, and the same year saw him appear in the comedy “Last Resort”, the science fiction comedy “Shadoevision” and the romantic thriller comedy “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”. He attracted a lot of attention by playing Scotty Brennen in the evergreen 1988 fantasy comedy “Big”, which Penny Marshall directed, and which starred Elizabeth Perkins and Tom Hanks. It follows a boy who’s wished to become an adult, while his wish has now come true; the movie won 11 of its 25 award nominations, including two Oscar nominations for Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen and Best Actor in a Leading Role (Tom Hanks).

Some of Jon’s following notable performances were in the 1992 adventure family comedy “Mom and Dad Save the World”, the 1993 action crime comedy “Loaded Weapon 1” and the 1993 science fiction comedy “Coneheads”. What marked the decade for him was perhaps portraying Jimmie Moore in the 1998 romantic musical comedy “The Wedding Singer”, directed by Frank Coraci, and which starred Christine Taylor, Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. It follows singer Robbie and waitress Julia who’ve fallen in love, even though they’re both engaged to other people; the movie won five of its 12 award nominations.

Jon appeared in a couple of hit movies in the 2000s, including the 2001 action adventure comedy “Rat Race”, the 2005 musical crime comedy “The Producers”, and the 2007 romantic comedy “I Could Never Be Your Woman”.

In 2014, he played Frank Miller in the romantic comedy “Coffee Shop”, directed by Dave Alan Johnson, and which starred Laura Vandervoort, Cory M. Grant and Rachel Hendrix; it follows the owner of a coffee shop as she’s trying to save her business from closing.

Some of Jon’s most recent film roles have been in the action adventure “Love on the Rock”, the family fantasy comedy “Lacy’s Christmas Do-Over” and another family comedy “Ace & the Christmas Miracle”, all released in 2021; he’s currently shooting for the upcoming films “The Line Up”, “Christmas For Ever” and “Lost & Found in Cleveland”.

Other credits

Jon both wrote and produced the 1992 comedy film “The Please Watch the Jon Lovitz Special”, and the 2013 comedy series “Lovitz or Leavitz with Jon Lovitz”.

He received special thanks for the TV special “1990 Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search” and the 2013 documentary comedy film “Ian Bagg: Getting to F**king Know You”.

Some of Jon’s most recent talk-show appearances have been in “The Rich Eisen Show”, “The ‘80s: Top Ten”, and “The Masked Singer”.

Awards and nominations

Jon’s won one of his five award nominations: a 1998 National Board of Review Award for Best Acting by an Ensemble, for his and his colleagues’ performance in “Happiness”.

He was also nominated for two Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program in 1986 and 1987, for “Saturday Night Live”, a 1993 American Comedy Award for Funniest Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for “A League of Their Own”, and a 2013 Behind the Voice Actors Award for Best Vocal Ensemble in a Feature Film, for “Hotel Transylvania” (shared with colleagues).


Love life and relationships

There are a couple of women whom Jon’s dated, that his fans know about. Back in 1996, he spent a couple of months dating American model and actress Brandi Angela Brandt, who’s perhaps still known best for having been Playboy Playmate of the Month in October 1987.

Jon dated Ava Fabian in 1999; she’s a famous American model and actress, and was Playboy Playmate of the Month in August 1986.

He spent a couple of months dating Janice Dickinson in 2004; she’s an American model and businesswoman, and is known for being recognized as one of the first supermodels.

Since 2015, Jon’s been in a relationship with Jessica Lowndes, a Canadian actress and singer who’s 31 years his junior; it’s rumored that the two might marry soon, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

Jon’s yet to mention other women whom he’s been with, he’s in a long-term relationship with Jessica Lowndes as of May 2023, but has never married and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Jon blames American comedian Andrew Roane Dick for the death of their friend Philip Edward Hartman, who was a successful Canadian-American actor, comedian and graphic designer; Andrew gave cocaine to Philip’s wife Brynn in 1997, even though he knew that she was a recovering addict. Brynn thus began using again, and killed Philip and herself on 28 May 1998. Jon and Andrew starred alongside in the show “NewsRadio”, and Jon accused him in front of their colleagues of being responsible for Philip and Brynn’s deaths, but eventually apologized; the two men got into a fight at a comedy club in June 2007, with Jon smashing Dick’s head into the bar.

The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club was opened in Universal Studios Hollywood in 2009; its name was changed to Jon Lovitz Comedy Club & Podcast Theatre on 29 May 2011.

Jon’s best friends are famous American actors Adam Sandler and Sean Penn, while he was also a close friend of the late American actress Carole Penny Marshall, who passed away aged 75 on 17 December 2018.

Two of Jon’s favorite actors are the late Leslie Nielsen and Robin Williams, and some of his favorite movies include “The Naked Gun”, “Patch Adams” and “Good Morning, Vietnam”.


Height, eyes and wealth

Jon’s age is 65. He has brown eyes and grey hair, is 5ft 10ins (1.78m) tall and weighs around 170lbs (77kgs).

Jon’s net worth’s been estimated at over $12 million, as of May 2023.

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How is Taran Killam going today? Wife Cobie Smulders, Net Worth



Who is Taran Killam?

American actor, comedian, screenwriter and singer Taran Hourie Killam was born in Culver City, California USA, on 1 April 1982, making Aries his zodiac sign. He’s had roles in more than 80 TV series and movies, but is perhaps known best for playing the lead character Blake in the 2017 action thriller comedy movie “Killing Gunther”, which he also wrote and directed. The film follows a group of assassins as they’re trying to kill Gunther, the world’s greatest hitman.

Taran’s still today highly active in the film industry, and is currently shooting for the upcoming movie “The River Wild”.

Education and early life

Taran and his sister Taylor Killam were raised in Big Bear Lake, California by their mother who was a singer-songwriter, and father who was an actor and member of the City Garage Theatre Group.

Taran was 12 when he made his debut film appearance, playing Boy of Geriatric Park in the evergreen 1994 crime comedy “Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult”, directed by Peter Segal, and which starred Leslie Nielsen, Priscilla Presley and George Kennedy. It follows former police officer Frank Drebin who’s returned to the Police Squad to help stop a group of terrorists from detonating a bomb at the Oscars; the film won three awards. Taran’s since been active in the film industry.

He moved to Los Angeles, California at the age of 15, and there attended Los Angeles County High School for the Arts; upon matriculating in 2000, Taran enrolled at University of California, Los Angeles’ School of Theatre, Film and Television but dropped out because he wanted to focus on his career.


Roles in TV series

Taran’s debut TV series role was playing Fritz Vincken in a 1995 episode of the crime drama “Unsolved Mysteries”, and the year 2000 saw him appear in an episode of three series: the family fantasy comedy “The Jersey”, the drama “Judging Amy”, and the family fantasy “Touched by an Angel”.

From 2006 through 2009, Taran played both Jimmy and Derrick in the critically acclaimed comedy “Scrubs”, which Bill Lawrence created, and which starred Sarah Chalke, Donald Faison and Zach Braff. It follows John ‘J. D.’ Dorian’s internship at Sacred Heart Hospital, the series aired from 2001 through 2010 and won 33 of its 168 award nominations.

Taran’s also known for voicing the lead character Frantic in all the 30 episodes of the animated action comedy “The Awesomes”, which Michael Shoemaker and Seth Meyers created, and which also starred Bobby Lee and Ike Barinholtz. It follows Mr. Awesome who has quit being a superhero, while his son’s now trying to take his place; the series aired from 2013 through 2015 and was nominated for only a single award. What also marked the 2010s for Taran was playing various characters in 128 episodes of the critically acclaimed comedy show “Saturday Night Live” from 2010 through 2016.

His three most recent TV series roles have been in the 2021 episode “Mr. Mayor’s Magical L. A. Christmas” of the comedy “Mr. Mayor”, two episodes of the 2022 action adventure comedy “Bloodthirsty Hearts” and the 2023 episode “The Young Jedi: Yoda’s Mission” of the animated action “Young Jedi Adventures” (voice role).

Roles in movies

In 2002, Taran played Bret Callaway in the family adventure comedy “Big Fat Liar”, which Shawn Levy directed, and which starred Paul Giamatti, Amanda Bynes and Frankie Muniz. It follows 14 years old Jason Shepherd who’s known as a liar, which is why nobody believes him now that a Hollywood producer’s stolen his idea for a movie; the film won one of its four award nominations. Some of Taran’s following appearances were in the 2003 romantic comedy “Just Married”, the 2004 family musical comedy “Stuck in the Suburbs” and the 2006 comedy “Nobody’s Watching”.

In 2008, he played Josh in the popular romantic comedy “My Best Friend’s Girl”, directed by Howard Deutch, and which starred Kate Hudson, Dane Cook and Jason Biggs. It follows Tank who’s been hired by his best friend to take his former girlfriend on a date, so that she could see that her former boyfriend was actually great; the film was nominated for a Razzie Award for Worst Actress (Kate Hudson).


The year 2013 saw Taran appear in four movies, including the comedy “Grown Ups 2”, the biographical historical drama “12 Years a Slave” (won three Oscars) and the 2013 action crime comedy “The Heat”.

He portrayed Gary in the 2017 comedy “All Nighter”, directed by Gavin Wiesen, and which starred Lip Tipton, Emile Hirsch and J. K. Simmons; it follows a workaholic father who’s trying to find his missing daughter with the help of her former boyfriend.

Taran’s three most recent film roles have been in the 2021 comedy “Welcome to Georgia”, the 2022 short comedy “Fake It Til You Make It” and the 2022 short sports comedy “The NFL Pile On”.

Other credits

Taran wrote and produced the 2016 comedy movie “Brother Nature”, which follows Roger who’s planning to propose to his girlfriend, while her brother might inadvertently ruin his plans.

He received special thanks for the 2019 short animated comedy “Hair Love”.

Taran’s most recent talk-show and game-show appearances have been in “Entertainment Tonight”, “The $100,000 Pyramid” and “The Late Late Show with James Corden”.

Awards and nominations

Taran won a 2017 San Diego International Film Festival Special Achievement Award for Visionary Filmmaker.

He was nominated for a 2012 Gold Derby Award for Performer of the Year, for “Saturday Night Live”, as well as for two Gold Derby Awards for Ensemble Cast and Ensemble of the Decade in 2014 and 2020, both for “12 Years a Slave”.


Love life and wife

Taran can rarely be heard speaking about his love life in public, but has still allowed his fans to take a glimpse into it. He and Canadian actress Jacoba Francisca Maria ‘Cobie’ Smulders began dating sometime in the mid-2000s, and exchanged vows in a small ceremony in January 2009. Cobie’s appeared in close to 60 TV series and movies, and is maybe known best for playing Agent Maria Hill in both the 2012 action science fiction film “The Avengers”, and the 2015 action science fiction adventure movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron”.

Cobie gave birth to their first daughter Shaelyn Cado Killam on 16 May 2009, and their second daughter Janita Mae Killam followed in January 2015.

Taran’s yet to mention other women whom he’s maybe been with, he’s married to Cobie Smulders as of May 2023, and they have two daughters together.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Taran’s only two days older than his wife Cobie.

His younger brother Taylor’s a member of the Los Angeles metal band Allura.

Taran’s a huge fan of American Football, and cheers for the Los Angeles Rams.

Over 290,000 people are following Taran on Instagram today, and he’s posted nearly 800 pictures and videos onto the network; most of Taran’s content is about his movies and TV series.

He loves Halloween, and some of his costumes can be seen in his Instagram pictures.

Taran’s an avid traveler and has been to many countries all around the world, while his favorite city to visit is London, England.

One of his favorite actors is Russell Crowe, while some of Taran’s favorite movies include “The Pope’s Exorcist”, “Poker Face” and “A Beautiful Mind”.


Height, eyes and wealth

Taran’s age is 41. He has brown eyes and black hair, is 6ft (1.84m) tall and weighs around 170lbs (78kgs).

Taran’s net worth’s been estimated at over $10 million, as of May 2023.

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Jason Mantzoukas: on His Passion for Podcasting, Writing and Acting



Who is Jason Mantzoukas?

American actor, comedian and screenwriter Jason Mantzoukas, was born in Lynn, Massachusetts USA, on 18 December 1972, making Sagittarius his zodiac sign. He’s appeared in more than 100 TV series and movies, but is perhaps known best for playing one of the main characters Nadal in the 2012 comedy movie “The Dictator”, which Larry Charles directed, and which also starred Anna Faris and Sacha Baron Cohen. It follows a dictator who’s trying his best not to allow democracy in his country, and the movie won one of its two award nominations.

Jason’s currently shooting for the upcoming series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”, set to be released in 2024.

Education and early life

Jason was raised in Nahant, Massachusetts alongside his younger sister Melissa, by their Greek-American parents William Mantzoukas and Cynthia (nee Mourousas).

Jason grew up being interested in music, and took drum lessons from the age of 10 through 18; some of his early influences were James Joseph Chamberlin, Stephen Perkins and Stewart Copeland. While attending Swampscott High School, Jason often joined the school’s jazz and marching bands, and was also a member of the cover band Slygoul; it was during his four years at Swampscott that he became interested in comedy and started performing short-form improv.

Upon matriculating in 1991, he enrolled at Middlebury College, where he played soccer, ran track, and played the drums in a band; he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in religion in 1995, and then spent two years travelling around the Middle East and North Africa while learning more about religion.


Roles in TV series

Jason made his debut TV series appearance in the 1999 comedy “Mother”, and could then have been seen appearing in an episode of the comedy “Upright Citizens Brigade”, another comedy “Contest Searchlight”, and the action comedy “A2Z”.

In 2007, he appeared in the episode “24 Hour Marathon” of the popular comedy “Human Giant”, created by Aziz Ansari and Rob Huebel, who also starred in it; each episode is an ‘edgy short film’. Jason went on to play a supporting character in a 2008 episode of the short comedy “The Jeannie Tate Show”, and the same year heard him voice Pine Booby in the episode “Flight of the Deep Fried Pine Booby” of the animated adventure comedy “Squidbillies”.

From 2010 through 2012, he voiced Dr. BJ in the animated comedy “The Life & Times of Tim”, created by Steve Dildarian, who also starred in it alongside M. J. Otto and Nick Kroll. It follows a man who often finds himself in awkward situations, and the series was nominated for four awards. Jason was then cast to play supporting characters in the comedy “NTSF:SD:SUV”, the romantic comedy “Modern family”, and the comedy “Enlightened”.

From 2010 through 2015, he played the supporting character Rafi in the popular sports comedy “The League”, which Jeff Schaffer and Jackie Marcus Schaffer created, and which starred Nick Kroll, Jonathan Lajoie and Mark Duplass. It follows a group of friends as they’re competing in a fantasy football league, and the series was nominated for a 2016 Young Entertainer Award for Best Guest Starring Young Actor 11 & Under, for Thomas Barbusca.

Jason’s three most recent roles in TV series have been in six episodes of the 2023 animated action comedy “Agent Elvis”, 24 episodes of the animated comedy “HouseBroken” since 2021, and 10 episodes of the animated action adventure “Invincible” since 2021, all voice roles.

Roles in movies

Jason’s debut film role was playing the main character John Stevens in the 2004 comedy “Terrorists”, written and directed by Jay Martel, and which also starred Ian Roberts and Jessica St. Clair; it follows the lives of several people not long after the 9/11 attacks. Some of Jason’s following roles were in the 2007 comedy “American Loser”, the 2008 romantic comedy “Baby Mama”, and the 2009 romantic comedy “I Hate Valentine’s Day”.


In 2010, he portrayed Shopper in the popular comedy “Please Give”, written and directed by Nicole Holofcener, and which starred Catherine Keener, Oliver Platt and Rebecca Hall. It follows the lives of a married couple from New York City, and the movie won five of its 23 award nominations. The year 2011 saw Jason play Brian in the romantic comedy “Conception”, and he then played Ashleigh Dangerhole in the 2013 short comedy Hole to Hole!”, and Bob in the 2014 romantic comedy “They Came Together”.

The year 2014 also saw him play Doctor Theodorakis in the critically acclaimed comedy “Neighbors”, which starred Rose Byrne, Zac Efron and Seth Rogen, and was directed by Nicholas Stoller. It follows a married couple with a child who’ve moved in next to a fraternity house, and the movie won seven of its 18 award nominations.

Some of Jason’s most recent film roles have been in the 2020 family adventure comedy “Dolittle” (voice role), the action science fiction thriller “Infinite” and the animated action adventure “America: The Motion Picture” (voice role), both in 2021.

Other credits

Jason has eight writing and six producing credits, while he both wrote and directed various episodes of the comedy series “Childrens Hospital” (2011-2014), the 2016 short comedy movie “Mr. Neighbor’s House”, and its 2018 sequel “Mr. Neighbor’s House 2”.

He voiced Jankom Pog in the 2022 video game “Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova”.

Jason’s received special thanks for six movies, including the 2018 documentary “Origin Story”, the 2022 comedy “Nick Kroll: Little Big Boy”, and the 2023 romantic comedy “Somebody I Used to Know”.

Some of his recent talk-show appearances have been in “Black Check with Griffin & David”, “Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast”, and “The George Lucas Talk Show”.


Awards and nominations

Jason’s won three awards: a 2012 Improvisation News New York Award for Best in Improv, for “UCB Comedy Originals”, and two Behind the Voice Actors Awards in 2016, for his and his colleagues’ performance in “Regular Show: The Movie”.

He’s been nominated for five other awards, which include two Online Film & TV Television Association Awards for Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series in 2017 and 2018 for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “The Good Place” respectively, and a 2018 Gold Derby Award for Ensemble of the Year, for Jason and his colleagues’ performance in “The Good Place”.

Love life and relationships

Jason avoids speaking about his love life in public, and has only shared the name of a single woman whom he’s dated. He was in a relationship with popular American actress Constance Elaine ‘Connie’ Britton, but it remains unknown when the two met, and when they broke up. Connie’s appeared in close to 60 TV series and movies, and is probably known best for playing Diane in the 2012 adventure comedy movie “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”.

Jason seems to be unattached as of April 2023, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Jason’s today co-hosting the podcast “How Did This Get Made?”, together with June Diane Raphael and Paul Scheer, and also often appears in podcasts “Reply All”, “Womp It Up!” and “Comedy Bang! Bang!”

He was born with a serious egg allergy, and his life would be in danger if he were to ingest eggs.

Jason’s followed by over 8,000 people on Instagram, but being the private person he is, he’s posted only 22 pictures onto the social media network.

He describes himself as ‘100 percent Greek’, and travels to Greece at least once a year.

Jason’s favorite actor is Samuel L. Jackson, and some of his favorite movies include “Django Unchained”, “Captain Marvel” and “Pulp Fiction”.


Height, eyes and wealth

Jason’s age is 50. He has brown eyes and black hair, is 5ft 10ins (1.78m) tall and weighs about 160lbs (73kgs).

Jason’s net worth’s been estimated at over $3 million, as of April 2023.

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How is Steve McMichael going today? Health Update, Net Worth

Contents1 Who is Steve McMichael?2 Education and early life3 Steve’s football career4 Career as a wrestler5 Other work6 Love life...

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What is Lila Call from “Little Women: NY” doing now?

No one expected the show to take off when Kinetic Content, the company behind shows such as “Perfect Match,” “Love...

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Renée Elise Goldsberry: The Woman Behind the Iconic Angelica Schuyler

Contents1 Who is Renée Elise Goldsberry?2 Education and early life3 Roles in TV series4 Roles in movies5 Other credits6 Awards...