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What happened to Debbii Dawson in “AGT”?



Debbii Dawson made the headlines on 26 July 2022 upon being featured in the eighth episode of the 17th season of “America’s Got Talent” (“AGT”), in which she blew the judges away with a rather unique take on ABBA’s all-time greatest hit “Dancing Queen”.

She played the guitar and sang with a clear, recognizable voice, at a tempo that seems to be only two thirds of the original. The rendition won the crowd over rapidly, and the judges were left stumped at just how talented Debbii turned out to be.

Dawson moved on through the competition with easily won four yesses, and hopes were high among her newfound fans that she would eventually perform in the finals, with probably a great deal more personalized song renditions to come.

However, the hungry crowds found themselves promptly disappointed by the judges in early August 2022, when it was decided that the number of that year’s successful auditions was just too high for all of them to participate in the coming live shows, which is the next step in the long and rigorous process of “America’s Got Talent”.

Then came the unexpected twist, when instead of advancing 36 acts to the live shows, the judges decided to increase that number to 55. This adjustment posed a formidable challenge for all four of the judges, as it was almost impossible to narrow their choices down.


Aside from the six Golden Buzzer recipients, the chances of anyone else making it through were dubious at best, which included Debbii. Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum convened with Simon Cowell at his estate to make the choices, while Sofia Vergara sent carefully crafted notes instead of showing up herself.

They ultimately came up with a list of 54 contestants who would make it to the live shows, and left the final spot fully up to the audience by organizing a worldwide vote between four distinct talents, among whom was Debbii Dawson.

Comedian Jordan Conley’s victory in the vote was announced on Twitter by the staff of “AGT”, and many were quick to point out their dissatisfaction with the outcome. The user @Autorennen7 commented ‘Congratulations to him, but I feel like Debbii Dawson was robbed.’

Despite the clear dissatisfaction that befell a major part of the audience, Debbie’s rendition of ABBA’s masterpiece proved to be the only performance she would be able to gift the crowds throughout the 17th season of “AGT,” which left many wanting more.

Who really is Debbii Dawson?

Debbii Dawson was born on 10 March 1993, in Hutchinson, Minnesota USA, into a supportive family of diverse musical origins. Her upbringing was somewhat split between her birth state and California, since the family relocated to San Francisco at some point, taking Debbii and her two siblings along.

Her brother Jonathan is a professional photographer pursuing a limelight of his own, who has been married to a doctor named Salomi Paul Dawson. They had a son named Felix on 25 March 2020, and have since continued to reside in San Francisco.

Debbii’s sister Sitarah Gjerme is a musician as well, and the two had been dedicated to pursuing a career in show business together as teenagers, having participated in various talent hunt shows. Their greatest mutual achievement is winning second place in a musical competition at Minnesota State fair, while they also graced numerous sports events around Hutchinson, to perform the national anthem.


Dawson’s parents also came from and met through music, which played a key role in shaping their children’s earliest aspirations. Her Indian father David was taught how to play various instruments by her paternal grandfather, who himself learned the craft in rather destitute conditions, having drawn keys of an organ on concrete with a piece of charcoal in order to practice.

David eventually found his way to the US in pursuit of a higher musical education, which is where Debbii’s mother Sharon had been nurturing the same interests. He was sent to Texas Bible College through a student exchange program, and subsequently never returned home. They met there by chance, when David happened to hear a beautiful piano performance on his way through the halls. He approached the young player and struck up a conversation, which eventually ended up producing three children.

As for Debbii’s schooling, she obtained her elementary education in Hutchinson, thereupon starting high school in the same area. However, as the family moved later on, she attended an unspecified high school in California. After her matriculation in 2011, she moved to Los Angeles apparently in an attempt to fully pursue a musical career.

Is she shy?

In spite of Dawson being dedicated to becoming a full-time famous musician, apparently she’s not all too keen to capitalize on every bit and piece of attention, as is normally the case with young would-be superstars. The world was surprised to see that she tends to be more of a private person, even while trying to make it in the unforgiving world of show business.

This was very easy to see during her audition, at which point the judges asked her why her parents weren’t present. Debbie initially told them they just didn’t come, which Simon found outrageous, and insisted that they call her parents. However, upon picking up the phone and being given the great news that his daughter amazed everyone present, her father told the judges that it was Debbii herself who asked the parents not to come.

An ethnic struggle?

It was mentioned by Debbii herself that her father had fought against racism in his own time, and that she’d experienced similar issues upon trying to become incorporated into society, be it professional or social circles. While it’s certainly possible that a person of color has heard a number of derogatory remarks in a predominantly Caucasian country, the lacking details in her claim falls short of presenting a comprehensible account.

David Dawson apparently even spent some time in jail in the 1980s, somewhere in Mississippi, due to reportedly facing racial discrimination and acting out against it. Whether he ended up inside due to actually breaking the law, or simply because law enforcement was racially biased at the time, remains to be explained by members of the family.

That said, it’s no mystery that each “AGT” contestant is given massive brownie points for having suffered hardships, especially if they belong to a minority in one way or another. Their accounts of going through difficulties seem to make for captivating television, guaranteeing ever greater viewer numbers that are equally proportional to the intensity of feelings an average teenage girl catches while checking out “AGT” clips on YouTube. With this in mind, it’s possible that some contestants tell the crowds exactly what they expect to hear, which conversely boosts their chances of winning $1 million and a career deal.

Where is she now?

After almost managing to get through to the next part of the competition in “AGT,” it seemed that Debbii went on to undertake various endeavors with the goal of furthering her career. In actuality, the fame she obtained by participating in the series only helped her get more of what she’d already been doing out in the world, as her singing career in itself started more than six years before her most publicized performance.


Dawson has been growing her YouTube channel since 20 May 2016, with dreams to one day releasing her own extended play (EP), which is longer than a single, but shorter than an album, usually featuring around 3-5 songs. In spite of Debbii’s talent, it appears that she has some tunes to push out before claiming this achievement, as the only song she’s officially released thus far is “Even if it Kills Me,” which came out on 5 May 2023.

The channel sits at almost 55,000 subscribers in mid-2023, with nearly 2.5 million total video views. Her most popular upload is of course the acoustic version of the song she performed in “AGT,” which was the main driving force behind the audience that came to her channel, with over 430,000 views.

Her 62 uploaded videos are all of a musical nature, as it looks like she indeed loves to keep to herself on most things. Just like she didn’t invite her parents to watch her perform in “AGT,” Debbii also chose to keep her matters private even while attempting to jumpstart a singing career, which requires a great many dedicated fans.

A kicking start

The good news is that her next single – “Downer” – is set to come out on 23 June 2023, and with this tempo, it looks like she’ll have her three to five songs out in no time. A lot of her new content was made available by the Kickstarter project she created in December 2022, evidently using her newfound fame to boost her career.

It appears to have worked out perfectly, since her 143 backers had pledged over $25,000 to her goal of just over $20,000 by the time the project was finished. In order to try her best and offer as many benefits for the support as possible, Debbii came up with varying methods of piquing her customers’ interest. While all packs included her EP’s immediate digital download upon its finishing date, they also had different benefits.

There was a $50 pack that gave the supporters access to her private concert livestreams, whereas the $80 pack came with a polaroid featuring Debbi’s own autograph. Along the way, she also released some merchandise, selling a “Day One” T-shirt in the $150 pack, as well as her hand-written lyrics of any song the customer chose in their $300 pack.


Finally, the ultimate and most expensive pack for $1,000, which five individuals purchased, featured Debbii’s original paintings with acrylic on a medium canvas, which was also signed at the bottom and shipped to any location on the planet.

In her Kickstarter campaign, Debbii expressed her excitement about recording and releasing her original songs in an upcoming debut EP. She mentioned that she’d been writing and producing songs from her bedroom for the past few years, and was finally ready to share them with the world. The funds raised from the Kickstarter campaign were intended to support the costly process of recording the EP at a professional studio, and subsequently releasing it.

According to Dawson’s own explanation on the project page, the music on the EP is described as an intimate look into her heart and mind, with lyrical and melodic themes of love, loss, justice, and life’s joys and struggles. Her music draws on classic pop, R&B, and folk/country influences, blending multiple genres to create a sound that is authentically hers.

She also expressed that, as a woman and creator in the music industry, her goal was to have ownership of the master recordings she’s written over the years. This grants her the freedom to express her true self and directly connect with the audience, eliminating the middleman. She envisions her music as a bridge between cultures, and a voice for those on their own personal journeys, being a rather introspective and inner-focused individual herself.

Finally, the project came to an end upon its completion on 4 May 2023, at which point the entire EP was provided as a digital download to every single backer. The rest of the world, however, will have to hold on for the songs to come out in their gradual tempo, which seems to be one per a month and a half.

Those who are really passionate about Dawson’s work are welcome to follow her YouTube for any important updates regarding the releases, as it will always be posted there first. Her new song “Downer” can be pre-saved on streaming platforms such as Spotify and iTunes, allowing every devoted listener to instantly have the song on their playlists, the second its released. In doing so, they will support what seems to be Debbii’s only focus in mid-2023, as her future in the entertainment industry becomes ever brighter.

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How is Marc Priestley from Wheeler Dealers going today?



Ever since its premiere in 2003, “Wheeler Dealers” has undeniably become one of the most iconic and entertaining shows in the genre of car-centered TV. By featuring repair and improvement jobs, experiments, and everything automotive, “Wheeler Dealers” projects have always brought lots of innovation and fresh ideas to the table.

The changes the show has been through go beyond cars, and also include its hosts, having Marc “Elvis” Priestley as the latest man to take the responsibility of fronting “Wheeler Dealers”, alongside the legendary Mike Brewer.

That being said, there’s still a lot to learn about Marc, who he is when he’s not in the show, his past career in Formula 1, and his future projects. So what is Marc Priestley doing now? Stay here to discover all!

What’s Going On With Marc Priestley?

With a career of almost two decades in the car industry, Marc “Elvis” Priestly has gained wide recognition both as an automotive expert and TV host, and that doesn’t seem likely to change any time soon.


These days Marc keeps quite busy with his many projects, which most remarkably include hosting the hugely popular show “Wheeler Dealers”, premiering his second season with the show in early 2023. Since Marc took the position of the show’s host and mechanic in 2021, the audience has warmed to him quite well, gaining him quite a big following on social media, and opening other professional doors for him.

That being said, these days Marc is known to be more than just a TV personality, as he’s also a speaker on motivation and business topics, and hosts his podcast Pit Lane Life Lessons, the goal of which is to channel the mindset of the big names in Formula 1 (F1) and apply it to other aspects of life and business. Marc has also been sharing original content on his YouTube channel, showing everything from his insights into the racing industry, to sharing his knowledge on mechanical-related topics.

Although details about Mark’s personal life haven’t been revealed, just knowing that he’s doing well in the professional aspects is more than enough to make us happy!

Who Is Marc Priestley?

Even though people unfamiliar with Formula 1 only got to know about Marc Priestly when he debuted as a “Wheeler Dealers” host, his career extends far beyond that.

Marc’s beginnings in the automotive industry could be traced back to 1995, when he graduated with a Motor Vehicle Engineering specialization from Kent College, based in Canterbury, United Kingdom. It was back at his time in school that he gained the nickname “Elvis”, due to how similar his surname sounded to Elvis Presley’s.

Right after obtaining his specialization, Marc was employed by several London-based motorsports companies. It wasn’t until 1999 that he was hired as the main mechanic for the Speedports team in Formula 3, also as a mechanic for the Formula 3000 of Orbit Motorsport. Nonetheless, the job position which leveled up his professional profile was joining the McLaren F1 team, making his grand debut as a team number two mechanic in 2001.


Later in 2007, Marc became part of McLaren’s number-one F1 team, first as a mechanic and then as a team chief, gaining recognition for being part of Lewis Hamilton’s 2008 World Drivers’ Championship victory.

In 2009 Marc took McLaren’s team Co-ordinator and Project leader spots, but eventually left to join Motor Sport Vision, marking the distance from his previous mechanical roles to take more management-driven job positions.

Media & TV

Working for an F1 team is a dream come true for everyone, but things don’t always play out as expected. That’s what happened to Marc Priestley, who decided to leave the chapter of his career as an F1 mechanic to the enduring work schedules that his job position at McLaren’s team demanded from him: ‘It’s easy to become totally immersed in the Formula 1 ‘bubble’, a fast-paced world of pretentiousness and fairytale finances, and lose touch, ever so slightly, with reality.’ Marc admitted in an interview with, adding that his decision was driven by his desire to take care of his family, on top of also exploring new and different career opportunities.

Though leaving McLaren was a difficult decision for Marc, he wasn’t ready to leave the motorsports industry yet. Right afterwards, Marc started building a path of his own in the automotive-related entertainment industry, starting a blog and then having his start as a TV personality in 2013, with the motorsports-centered channel Sky Sports F1. From then on, Marc also became a recurring guest on online racing-centered platforms, on top of premiering his Discovery series “Driving Wild” in 2016.

From those early years between the overwhelming adrenaline of F1 and the more flexible TV industry, Marc can proudly say that he’s worked with the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, besides covering important events such as Formula E championships.


Besides his involvement with motorsports, the entertainment industry, and content creation, Marc Priestley is also a business advisor. Although this might seem an unlikely profession seeing his previous job positions at McLaren and other motorsports companies, the truth is that Marc’s experience working with big-name companies has taught him many things about the business world.


In his mission to share this knowledge with the world, Marc successfully mixed his two passions and turned them into a business. His public speaking appearances and business services are quite special, as not only does Marc encourage his customers to think like an F1 technician in keeping their goals in sight and not lose focus, but also to learn about what makes motorsports companies so great and apply those same strategies to business in other fields.

Marc’s understanding of the motorsports industry also drove him to find his path in media, affirming that the F1 ‘doesn’t portray itself well enough to the fans and viewing public’ and wants to change that, as he told in 2012.

When Did Marc Join “Wheeler Dealers”?

Before Marc Priestley joined “Wheeler Dealers” during its 17th season in 2021, the show had already changed its host twice in a matter of a couple of years. Back when the show first aired in 2003, it was hosted by Edd China and Mike Brewer, widely recognized for not only taking “Wheeler Dealers” from the ground and turning it into an international success, but also for becoming big names in the automotive-centered entertainment industry.

Nonetheless, the China and Brewer team broke-up in 2017, when several disputes between the pair added to China’s unhappiness with the recent format changes done to the show led to his exit. Ant Anstead took China’s spot, and worked alongside Brewer from the season 14th to 16th, when he left the show after the production moved back to the UK.


Marc was the first one considered to take the role of Anstead, as he’d previously worked with Brewer in the spin-off “Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car”. The good relationship between the co-hosts also played a role in him becoming the host, and time has proved that he was the perfect addition to “Wheeler Dealers”.

Wherever life takes Marc “Elvis” Prestley from now on, so far he’s built a remarkable career in F1, on TV, and as an independent business advisor, making him quite unforgettable.

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What happened to Atz Kilcher’s wife, Bonnie Dupree?



There are many things that one needs to know to survive in an isolated area of Alaska, but in the end, everything comes down to being resilient and working hard. Those are some of the things that the Kilcher family from “Alaska: The Last Frontier” has taught us since the show’s premiere in 2010.

While the Kilchers have done a good job of showing us how difficult but fulfilling it is to live a life off the grid, there’s still a lot yet to know about the family and their lives off-camera.  Such is the case of Atz Kilcher’s wife Bonnie Dupree, whose rare appearances in the show only serve to increase the curiosity and questions about her.

So what happened to Bonnie, and what is she doing now? Stay here to know it all!

Where Is Bonnie Now?

Though neither Bonnie nor her husband Atz Kilcher are big fans of technology, the pair does a great job at keeping their social media followers up to date with their whereabouts.

Because of that, we can safely say that not only is Bonnie doing great these days, but is also in good health, taking good care of the homestead, and enjoying indulging in many environmentally-friendly and creative hobbies.

In recent years Bonnie and her husband have been in charge of Atz and Bonnie Alaskan Adventure Cabins. The small business is located near the couple’s cabin at the homestead, and offers their guests far beyond the standard service of other cabins or hotels, being a full nature-filled experience which includes food prepared with ingredients grown in their garden, and nights of storytelling.


Bonnie is also an accomplished painter, whose favorite artwork themes range from abstract pieces to traditional ones, getting most of her inspiration from the magically beautiful landscapes and plants surrounding her Alaskan home. As well, Bonnie loves photography, swimming, and visiting her children and grandchildren from time to time.

All in all, Bonnie Dupree is seemingly doing as well as ever these days, and though life on the homestead might not look ideal for most people, it seems to be fulfilling for her.

What’s Going On With Atz Kilcher’s Health?

Even though Atz Kilcher is a very physically active man, who takes care of his body, that hasn’t prevented him from going through some health issues in the past couple of years. As he informed his followers in March 2023, he’s been having some issues with his hearing, and was operated on to get an inner implant on his left ear back then.

As admitted by Atz, he first noticed his hearing when he was unable to ‘sing iso n tune’ while playing guitar, contacting a doctor in Seattle to help him with his problem. Although at the time that Atz got his left ear implant, he affirmed that he would soon get one for his right ear, it’s unclear if he’s already gone through that second surgical procedure. Nonetheless, Atz certainly had a great recovery from his first surgery, as he went straight back to his Alaska home, and went skiing with his family.

This isn’t the first time that Atz has gone through some health problems, as back in 2020 he underwent emergency surgery to repair a hernia, on top of having a COVID-19 scare, and recurring stomach pain. Fortunately, he seems to have recovered well from these issues, and hopefully the same will happen with his hearing problems.


What Happened To Atz’s Previous Wife?

Long before Atz Kilcher and Bonnie Dupree got together and built the happy life they have nowadays, both of them were married to other people. On her part, Bonnie was married to  Doug Schwiesow, with whom she welcomed their daughter Hanna and son Kart.

On the other hand, Atz Kilcher had previously been married to Lenedra Carroll, with whom he tied the knot in the 1960s, and welcomed sons Shane and Atz Lee, and daughter Jewel, the now famous pop and country singer. While Lenedra and Atz shared their love for music and even passed down that interest to their children, they eventually divorced in 1981, and Lenedra moved out of Alaska.

Right there Atz was left to raise their children on his own, but that didn’t turn out well for them. As Jewel once told People, Atz’s struggles with mental health had terrible results for his children: ‘He tried to drink to handle the anxiety, and became abusive’, she said.

While it’s unclear if Lenedra re-married, she became Jewel’s manager once she rose to fame in the late 1990s. Lenedra also released several original songs in the late 2000s, along with her memoir “The Architecture of All Abundance”, in which she recalled her experiences in the entertainment business. Nonetheless, it’s unclear where she is these days, and is seemingly estranged from her children, since she allegedly embezzled money from Jewel.

How Did Atz Reconcile With His Children?

It’s unclear how exactly Atz Kilcher reconnected with his sons Shane and Atz Lee, given how rocky their relationship was during their teens.

However, Jewel has been more open about her problems with her father, and how they managed to reconcile after so many years, admitting everything changed when Atz himself took the reins of his life back by becoming sober: ‘It’s a profound transformation. We have an authentic, great relationship now, but it’s because he did his work, and I did my work’, as she told People in 2020.


On Atz’s part, it wasn’t easy to embrace the changes that his life needed. As he confessed in his 2018 autobiography “Son of a Midnight Land”, his physical and mental abusive behavior towards his children were a family pattern that he learned from his father Yule Kilcher, who he described as a ‘tyrant’. It took Atz a fair share of self-reflection and willingness to change to overcome those issues, resulting in him reconnecting with his children, regardless of their rocky past.

Although it hasn’t been an easy ride for the family, these days Atz has a good relationship with his entire family, and a happy marriage to be proud of.

What Will Happen To The Show?

The 11th season of “Alaska: The Last Frontier” premiered in late 2022, and though many followers worried that Bonnie Dupree wasn’t appearing as often in the show as expected, the truth is that she is still in it, just as her husband Atz also is.

That being said, it’s unclear whether a new season is in the works, but given how vastly popular the show has been so far, there’s a high possibility that “Alaska: The Last Frontier” won’t be seeing its end any time soon. Hopefully, that also means that we’ll be watching more of Atz and Bonnie’s adventures in their Alaskan homestead, along with the other unforgettable members of the Kilcher family.

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How is Lisa Kelly from ‘Ice Road Truckers’ going today?



Lisa Kelly stood out when she appeared in the third season of “Ice Road Truckers”, as the only woman in a traditionally male profession. She exceeded all expectations by becoming a “top dog” rather than a “maggot,” the latter of which is a nickname for newbie truckers, but that was unsurprising for anyone who knew her. After all, Lisa grew up on a farm in Alaska, and had worked as a school bus and van driver. Moreover, she rode motorcycles, and was even a state freestyle motocross champion.

When asked about her experience, Lisa stated that she had to ‘work twice as hard, pull her and everybody else’s weight, and get the job done as fast or faster than men.’ However, like the other cast members, she disappeared from TV after the show ended in November 2017, which makes her fans wonder where Lisa Kelly is, and what she is doing – we have answers.

Lisa is still driving trucks

Although Lisa no longer appears in the TV show, she never lost her passion for trucking, and is still traversing the dangerous highways of Alaska. Additionally, after a media break that lasted until 2021, she gave an interview to Overdrive Online. This media company has given a voice to American truckers for decades and gave her a platform to explain what unfolded during the four-year break.

Lisa also became active on social media after that, worked with Chevron, and relocated to another town in Alaska to spend time in her barn when she wasn’t working. Furthermore, she began creating content for her YouTube and TikTok, giving her followers a glimpse into her life on the road. Finally, she’s interested in returning if the revival season of “Ice Road Truckers” ever airs, but may decline if the circumstances prevent her.


She would have joined sooner

Long before her show’s appearance, Lisa was interested in truck driving, and proving that she shouldn’t be treated differently because of her gender; that made her fans wonder what stopped her from joining from the get-go. However, they must remember that the first two seasons were filmed in Canada, while Lisa resided and worked in Alaska’s town of Sterling. She proved her commitment by staying throughout the fourth and fifth, then the seventh to the 11th seasons, which was also the last one.

She took a break, then returned

People speculated that the production team wanted to stir the pot by not offering Lisa a contract for the sixth season. However, the truth is mundane – Lisa chose to take a break. In the preceding episodes, Lisa complained that she only saw her husband for a few days out of the six months that she was driving her truck. Additionally, a Soapbox interview from 2013 described her as ‘a solitary trucker, who wants to drive, do her job, go home, sit on the couch, and watch TV like a normal person.’ Finally, many viewers don’t realize that Lisa simultaneously filmed her segments for “IRT: Deadliest Roads” and the fifth season. In that series, Lisa trucked in the Himalayas, snd in Peru and Bolivia, which drained her energy, took her time, and constantly kept her on high alert because of those perilous roads.

Lisa Kelly still works and lives in Alaska

Fans already knew that on 1 September 2015, John Coughlan took over Polar Industries Ltd., the company under TransCold Group that Lisa and the other truckers worked for in the show. Since the show was on air for over two years afterwards, it was evident the other workers fit in well with the new management. Regardless, around the peaceful takeover, Lisa started working for a new company spearheaded by Darrell Ward, and stayed there until he passed away after the show’s 10th season. Lisa continued driving on Alaska’s Haul Road after the show ended, but not for Carlile Transportations, another one of her previous companies. Instead, she worked for ‘a different logistics company,’ according to an interview with Overdrive Online in May 2021, but never revealed the name.

She also noted that she managed to ‘blow up two trucks while driving between the cities of Kenai and Prudhoe Bay.’ Thus, the company hired her to drive the Freightliner Coronado, a Class 8 conventional truck introduced in 2001 but renamed 122SD, with “SD” standing for “Severe Duty.” Although she didn’t clarify the specifications, the highest option is 600 horsepower and 2,050lbs-ft of torque, which is enough for the 32-hour journey over 1,500 miles or 2415 kilometers that she mentioned. She concluded the interview by revealing that she stays in touch with some cast members, such as Todd Dewey, and has seen Jack Jesse and Phil Kromm on the road.


She is unavailable on some older platforms

Throughout her time in the show, Lisa or someone in her stead maintained her official website, However, the website is defunct nowadays. Similarly, she frequently posted on her Instagram, @lisa_kellyirt, but disabled it at some point, and stopped posting on her Twitter account, @lisakellyirt, in October 2018.

Lisa is active on YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook

Lisa keeps her Facebook page, @lisakellyIRT active, which has over 900,000 followers, and permits people to book her for appearances through her management company,

Lisa also unintentionally started her career on YouTube under the username @kx232, and posted her first video, “1.WDHR: Letting people by,” on 29 October 2022. In it, Lisa defined the dos and don’ts of driving the Dalton Highway in Alaska and disclosed some unspoken rules for the new truck drivers that she noticed. However, people loved how much wisdom she crammed into only two minutes, and asked for more tips and vlogs.

Lisa has since amassed over 42,000 subscribers and posted roughly one video per week, reaching the 30th episode in her WDHR series in May 2023. Furthermore, she recorded her favorite jokes, gave truck maintenance and fixing instructions, and read highly requested stories. Lisa also recorded an interview with a fellow cast member, Jack Jesse, which she planned to post in January 2023, but he disliked how it went, hence she delayed the release.


Moreover, she started a TikTok account, @lisamariekelly232, in October 2022 and focused its content on jokes, stories from the road, and her time with her husband, providing an insight into her intimate life. Lisa also created a Patreon account, allowing fans to pay a monthly subscription to see more content, or get in touch. One of the things that fans could see is her attempts at drawing.

She is a wife, an animal lover, and business owner

She married Traves Kelly in 2008, following four years of dating, and settled in Wasilla, Alaska. However, she briefly mentioned that she relocated to Fairbanks for a job opportunity in September 2021. Her fans later discovered that she collaborated with Chevron Delo, an engine oil and lubricant manufacturer that she praised in the show, and used from the day she started driving. She recorded many videos about her line of work, including its good and bad sides, cooking on the road, and tips on the product’s proper use. Lisa also teased about starting a business, and asked her followers to create a logo.

While the couple still has no children, likely because of how busy their lives are, the 2021 interview revealed great news. Lisa said that she loves playing with her horses and other animals. Fans know that she had a dog, three cats, and three horses in 2013 and has loved horse-riding since childhood.

One of her dogs and many horses appeared in the Facebook images that she posted throughout 2022 and 2023. She began recording videos in her barn in February 2023, and mentioned having horses named Rocky, Alaska, Miss Maybe and Skye. Her newest horse, officially named Perhaps but whom she calls Happy and jokingly Perhappy, was born at 2 a.m. on 3 May 2023 with health problems that initially required an operation. Although the veterinarian later informed her that the operation was unnecessary, Lisa said that Happy was in poor shape and dying in late April. Luckily, she briefed her followers on 26 April that the situation improved, and that Happy felt better once she brought her home the next day. Lisa is passionate about pig rescue efforts in Alaska, and enamored by dragonflies, too.


She could return but has other priorities

Lisa divulged during her Overdrive Online interview that she heard some talk of the show’s revival, however, according to her, nothing happened on that front due to COVID-19. She also praised the government’s recent investment in infrastructure, such as tarmac and paving, to make trucking safer. Lisa continues to be impressed by the things she sees on the road, such as the beautiful sky, tundra, meteorsthe Moon, and wild animal, such as caribou and reindeer, suggesting that she still wants to drive trucks for a living. With that in mind, it’s unsurprising that she keeps track of the newest photos captured by the James Webb telescope.

Moreover, Lisa mentioned that her desire for moto crossing remained, but that she only occasionally takes her bike out of storage for maintenance; however, she tried snow biking in March 2023 as a substitute.

On keeping stuff in storage, she mentioned that she became a proponent of minimalism in recent years. She explained that was because she related to the quote, ‘We spend the first half of our lives collecting things and the second half trying to get rid of things!’

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Everyone knows the risks of street racing, yet it’s always sad every time something bad happens on the tracks. Nonetheless,...

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How Faye Hadley Went from Harvard Psychologist to All Girls Garage Star

We all have dreams and aspirations. When we think of success, we often imagine that it’s something that takes years...

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About Jay Leno’s Gasoline Fire Accident – What Actually Happened?

There are many reasons which make Jay Leno one of the most memorable hosts on American TV. Whether it’s his...

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Ax Men The Tragic Deaths, Legal Troubles. What Cause Cancelation?

Contents1 Tragedies and legal dilemmas that faced “Ax Men” and why it was cancelled.2 About “Ax Men”3 “Ax Men” loses...

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What is Mia Sara doing now? The Retired Actress Who Charmed Us All

Contents1 Who is Mia Sara?2 Education and early life3 Roles in movies4 Roles in TV series5 Other credits6 Awards and...

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How Christine Quinn Lost Listings for allegedly Refusing to Sleep with Her Boss

In March 2019, Netflix caused a stir among ardent fans of real estate-themed television shows with its new American reality...

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Amy’s Ex-Husband Michael Halterman Was Arrested for Domestic Violence

When the premiere episode of “1000-lb Sisters” aired on TLC in 2020, viewers who later became ardent fans of the...

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What happened to Nia Jax from WWE? Nia Jax’s Journey to WWE

Contents1 Who is Nia Jax?2 Education and early life3 Nia’s career4 Love life and marriage5 Interesting facts and hobbies6 Height,...

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Revealed! Aaron Carter’s Cause of Death

5 November 2022 was a dark Saturday night for the fans of Aaron Carter, when the 34-year-old American singer and actor...