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Deadliest Catch Sig Hansen’s Daughter – Mandy Hansen’s Bio



Summary of Mandy Hansen:
• Born in 1996 in the US, known for being the step-daughter of reality TV star Sig Hansen
• Net worth estimated to be over $1 million, likely bolstered by the success of her father, who has a net worth of over $3 million
• Grew up in a family of fishermen, exposed to reality TV with both her parents involved in the show Deadliest Catch
• Completed a degree in college, enrolled at a Maritime Academy, and became a full-time member of her father’s crew
• Married fisherman Clark Pederson in 2017, suffered a miscarriage in 2019 while working as a captain for the Northwestern

Who is Mandy Hansen?

Mandy Hansen was born in 1996, in the United States of America. She is a fisherman, reality television personality, and substitute captain, also known for being the step-daughter of reality television star Sig Hansen. The father-daughter duo has been a regular part of the Discovery Channel show “Deadliest Catch”, with her father being with the show since its inception.

The Net Worth of Mandy Hansen

As of early-2020, Mandy Hansen’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned largely through a successful career in fishing. Crab, mackerel, and cod fishing are some of the most lucrative endeavors they work on.

She probably benefits from the success of her father as well, as Sig has a net worth estimated to be over $3 million.

Family and Early Life

Mandy grew up in a family of fishermen, with their ancestry going back to fishermen from Norway. Her great grandfather and grandfather helped pioneer fishing for the opilio crab species in Alaska. Before the popularization of opilio crab fishing, crab boats often only had a season for fishing late in the year but this new way meant that they could fish all-year-round. Today, crab fishermen in Alaska can spend up to 10 months at sea each year depending on their catch.


She was also exposed to having some parts of her life in front of the camera with both her parents being involved with the reality series “Deadliest Catch”. The show’s premise is that crab fishing can be one of the world’s most deadly professions due to the environment, harsh weather conditions, and difficulty required of the job. Statistics have shown that injury and even death can be frequent news when it comes to the job. The show follows several boats and crews as they try to make the most out of the fishing season, hoping to come out on top in terms of earnings.

Education and Fishing Career

Mandy grew up alongside a sister – both of them were adopted by Sig when he married their mother June. The sisters have a half-sibling, from an earlier marriage of their father. With their father’s passion for fishing, both of them learned skills such as tendering at a young age. Unlike her sister, Mandy wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and after completing a degree in college, she enrolled at a Maritime Academy.

She wanted to prove that she was skilled and knowledgeable so that the other crew members would acknowledge her.


Before completing her education, she had served as a deckhand with her father, and been featured sporadically on “Deadliest Catch” since her childhood. She then became a full-time member of her father’s crew, and has been a consistent presence on television since. There was even one occasion where she took the captain job from her father who was suffering from a few health issues.

Father – Sig Hansen

Sig started learning the craft of fishing during his early teens, serving on his father’s boat as a deckhand. He worked his way up the ranks over the years, before becoming a relief skipper.

The skipper’s job is to take over the captain’s role in short fishing seasons when the captains take a break. This developed his skills in leadership, and he became a skilled captain full-time when he reached the age of 24. One of his biggest achievements is his crew’s safety, with the Northwestern reporting the lowest rate of injury during his tenure.

He prioritized safety and lessening risk, and this led to no deaths for over two decades before he joined “Deadliest Catch”. Due to his experience and his skills with safety, he became a technical advisor and producer of the show, joining his wife who also has television experience.


He also holds the records for the highest earnings and the heaviest overall catch in the show. Later on, he wrote an autobiographical book that reached the New York Times bestseller list. He also became a consistent pres,ence on television, even expressing a desire to appear in “Dancing with the Stars” though he has yet to be selected. He’s appeared on “The Celebrity Apprentice” as a contestant and lent his voice for the animated film “Cars 2”.

Sig Hansen’s Health Concerns and Controversies

Working as a captain can be a very stressful job and Sig couldn’t always maintain very healthy practices while at sea.

He even admitted to a diet primarily consisting of coffee and chocolate, while he used cigarettes to de-stress onboard. This led his overall health to decline, and in 2016, he suffered a heart attack which was even recorded during an episode of “Deadliest Catch”. He took a break for a season, recovering from the disease before returning to filming the following year. This was not the end of his troubles, however, as during 2018 he suffered a second heart attack. At this point, production was very concerned about his health and he had to undergo many checkups before returning to the field (or water). This has led to rumors of him retiring, though he has not expressed any intention to do so.


Apart from his health problems, he’s also been known for drinking a lot of alcohol from time to time. On one occasion, he was arrested following an altercation with an Uber driver for which he was charged with misdemeanor assault. He had to pay fines and undergo community service as ordered by the court.

Personal Life

Mandy met fisherman Clark Pederson while both were working on the Northwestern. He was a relatively new fisherman at the time, but it didn’t stop them from developing a closeness which would lead to a romance. Since then, he’s worked for other ships but has remained as a consistent member of Sig Hansen’s crew in “Deadliest Catch”.

While her father initially agreed to their relationship, there was a point when he became really mad after Pederson joked about getting her daughter pregnant.

The two married in 2017 in a traditional Norwegian wedding. Most of Mandy’s family wore traditional clothes and she was even given a Kransekake, a traditional cake translated as Princess Cake. In 2019, she shared that she suffered a miscarriage while working as a captain for the Northwestern. The stress and hardships of being at sea may have significantly affected her body leading to the tragic event. She has received a lot of support following her breaking out the news of what happened on social media.

Started with in April 2023. Previously, Executive Editor at Echoes Media. Holds a Journalism degree from New York University.

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Who is Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany Kerr? Biography, Net Worth



Brittany Kerr – Wiki bio

American professional cheerleader and TV personality Brittany Layne Kerr was born in Charlotte, North Carolina USA, on 19 June 1988, making Gemini her zodiac sign. She’s probably only known for being the wife of famous American country musician Jason Aldean.

Education and early life

Brittany was raised in Charlotte by her father who was a musician, and mother who worked at a music studio; she hasn’t revealed if she has siblings, so is believed to be an only child.

Brittany grew up being interested in music, and was nine when her parents enrolled her at music school; she began dancing at the age of 13, and became a cheerleader upon enrolling at a local high school in 2002.

Brittany matriculated in 2006, and then chose not to enroll at college, but to find work and financially support herself.


Brittany’s career

Brittany’s been working as a cheerleader since she completed her high school education, and is today cheerleading for the Charlotte Bobcats of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

She attracted a lot of attention in 2012, when she entered the music competition show “American Idol”, but failed to progress through the first round; in 2014, Brittany made a guest appearance in the talk-show “Inside Edition”, and the year 2022 saw her appear in two episodes of the talk-shows “Entertainment Tonight” and “Tucker Carlson Tonight”.

She’s also something of an actress, having appeared in her husband’s 2020 music video “Jason Aldean: Got What I Got”.

Love life and husband

Brittany Kerr and Jason were spotted spending time together at a café in September 2012, while he was still married to American non-celebrity Jessica Ann Ussery; Jason and Jessica had exchanged vows on 4 August 2001, and have two daughters born in 2003 and 2007. Both Jason and Brittany apologized publicly for their actions, but these still led to Jason and Jessica’s divorce in 2013.

Brittany and Jason then continued dating, and appeared together in public for the first time at the 2014 CMT Awards; they revealed that they’d become engaged on 24 September 2014, and they exchanged vows in a small ceremony on 21 March 2015. Brittany gave birth to their son Memphis on 1 December 2017, and their daughter Navy followed in 2019.

There are no other men whom Brittany’s been with, that she’s spoken about, she’s married to Jason Aldean as of April 2023, and they have two children together, while Jason also has two daughters from his previous marriage.


Interesting facts and hobbies

Brittany’s an Instagram star, as close to 2.5 million people are following her on the social media network, while she’s uploaded over 2,500 pictures and videos, most of which show her spending time with her husband and their children.

She’s physically highly active, as she still dances nearly every day, and also works out at her home gym on a daily basis.

Brittany’s both a shopaholic and a fashionista, and enjoys showing off her newly purchased clothes in her Instagram content.

She’s passionate about travelling, and she and her children have been all around the US to support Jason during his tours.

Brittany’s favorite actress is Scarlett Johansson, and some of her favorite movies include “Under the Skin”, “Don Jon” and “Black Widow”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Brittany’s age is 34. Her eyes are blue and hair’s blonde, she’s 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall and weighs about 135lbs (61kgs).

Brittany’s net worth’s been estimated at over $100,000, as of April 2023, and her husband Jason’s at more than $80 million.

Who is Brittany’s husband Jason?

American country musician Jason Aldean was born as Jason Aldine Williams in Macon, Georgia US,A on 28 February 1977, making Pisces his zodiac sign. He’s released 10 albums since 2005, when he was signed to Broken Bow Records, and some of his most popular amongst these are “My Kinda Party”, “Night Train” and “Relentless”, all of which have been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).


Jason’s parents divorced in 1980, and his mother then raised him in Macon, while he spent the summers in Homestead, Florida with his father – it was he who taught him to play the guitar, and the two often practiced together. Some of Jason’s first idols were the country music band Alabama, the singer-songwriter Hank Williams Jr., and singer-songwriter and actor George Strait.

He was 14 when he expressed his desire to perform on stage, and his mother helped him sing at the VFW Hall in the same year. Having fallen in love with performing live, Jason played the guitar and sang at local talent contests, and was 15 when he became a member of the House Band; it was not long after this that he changed his name to Aldean.

He matriculated from a local high school in 1995, and signed his first contract with Warner-Chappell on 1 November 1998; he was dropped by the label a few months later, and in 2000 signed with another, which eventually also dropped him. It was around two months later that Jason was offered a deal by the Broken Bow Records, and he released his self-titled debut album on 26 July 2005; the album’s lead single “Hicktown” peaked at #10 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, while his single “Why” topped the chart.

Jason’s second album “Relentless” followed on 29 May 2007, while he then released his third – “Wide Open” – on 7 April 2009, and fourth “My Kinda Party” on 2 November 2010, which remains Jason’s most popular album, as it was certified platinum four times.

He released his fifth album “Night Train” on 16 October 2012, sixth album “Old Boots, New Dirt” on 7 October 2014 and seventh album “They Don’t Know” on 9 September 2016; Jason then won an ACM Award for Entertainer of the Year in both 2017 and 2018.

His eighth album “Rearview Town” came out on 13 April 2018, and was followed by his ninth “9” on 22 November 2019; most recently, on 12 November 2021, he released his tenth album “Macon, Georgia”.


Jason’s been a philanthropist since his best friend died from cancer in 2004; he’s raised nearly $4 million to be donated to cancer research, while some of his proceedings go to the breast cancer organization Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Jason’s also the co-owner of the hunting company Buck Commander, together with several former professional baseball players and country singers.

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What happened to Bill Nye? Arrested? Drugs, Net Worth, Bio



Recently it has been rumored that the scientist, engineer and TV host Bill Nye was arrested for manufacturing and distributing drugs. These speculations were originated by the satire website Huzlers, on which an article narrating Nye’s arrest for ‘allegedly selling and manufacturing illegal drugs such as marijuana, acid, and crystal meth’ was posted. In the article he was also accused of being responsible for the majority of the drug trafficking market in Los Angeles.

Despite the fact Huzlers has always been honest about its satirical and comical nature, some people on the internet have taken Bill Nye’s article out of context and have spread it as true. However, Bill Nye hasn’t been arrested or accused of such crimes.

Who is Bill Nye?

William Sanford ‘Bill’ Nye is an American communicator, mechanical engineer and TV personality, born on 27 November 1955 in Washington, DC USA. He’s widely known for his show “Bill Nye the Science Guy” on PBS.

Early Life

Bill Nye is the son of Jacqueline Jenkins and Edwin Darby Nye – he has a sister named Susan and a brother named Darby. William’s mother was a mathematician and psychologist who worked as a code breaker for the US government during World War II, in which his father Edwin also served as a contractor for the US armed forces.

During his childhood in Washington DC, William attended Lafayette Elementary School, and then started studying at Alice Deal Junior High, until he received a scholarship to attend Sidwell Friends, from where he matriculated in 1973.


William Nye then enrolled into Sibley School of Cornell University in New York, from where he graduated with a major in Mechanical Engineering. During his time in University, William took a class with Carl Sagan: ‘His classes were just fantastic’ said Nye in an interview – ‘If you saw the series “Cosmos”, his lectures were just like those television shows’.


First Steps

Nye’s first job in the scientistic field was working for the Boeing Corporation, where he invented a suppressor tube for airplanes. He also worked for Sundstrand Data Control in Seattle, and tried to enter the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) training program, but was unsuccessful. Nye was a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, and was a volunteer at the non-profit organization Pacific Science Center.

During his time in Seattle, Nye discovered his love for comedy by making impersonations of the actor Steve Martin, even winning a lookalike contest. It was then he decided to create his own stand-up comedy routine, while still working as an engineer. However, in 1986 he resolved to quit his job in Sundstrand to work full-time as a comedian.

“Almost Live!” & More

In 1986 Nye started working as a writer and actor for the show “Almost Live!”, and adopted the name Bill Nye. Although at the start he didn’t have a section in the show, he started by appearing in the program doing a science demonstration, after one of the guests cancelled their presentation. Nye’s segment turned out to be very successful, and led him to win an Emmy for it.

In 1989 he began hosting his own program, “Fabulous Wetlands” which was an educational series focused on showing Washington wetlands and ecosystems.


In addition, Bill Nye offered information about ecology and environmental preservation, explaining the topics with a sense of humor, which promptly set the show apart from other educational and scientific series of the time. Due to his success as a host, Bill Nye was invited to appear in Disney’s “All-New Mickey Mouse Club”.

Even before appearing on Disney, Bill Nye had always wanted to create a show for kids, an idea which was reinforced by an encounter he had with Carl Sagan in 1987. Sagan – who had hosted the highly successful “Cosmos” series – told him the series’ concept shouldn’t be about technology and engineering, as Nye had previously thought: ‘He said ‘Focus on pure science. Kids resonate to pure science rather than technology.’, and that turned out to be great advice’.

In 1991 Bill Nye appeared in a real-life segment of “Back to the Future: The Animated Series”. The series was short-lived though, as it ended in 1993.

Bill Nye The Science Guy

Next Bill Nye along with Ross Shafer, the National Science Foundation, Rabbit Ears Productions and Disney Television, created the show “Bill Nye The Science Guy”, in which Nye presented himself wearing a lab coat, showing experiments and offering science information and insights in a simple, entertaining way for kids.

The series resulted in a huge success, breaking records by becoming one of the most watched programs in its category, and winning 19 Emmy Awards during the five years it was on air. The series not only became a reference for children, but also caught the attention of adults.


“Bill Nye The Science Guy” was utilized in schools as an educational resource, and led Nye to publish several books based on it. His appearances in Walt Disney Parks and Ellen’s Energy Adventure were notable as well.

In 1998 the show came to an end, however, it deeply impacted not only television history, but it also changed the popular perception of science. In an interview in 2013 with Seattle Met, Bill Nye said he considered the program’s success as a result of its pioneering and original concept: ‘School curricula do follow us. We pulled it off. That’s why the show has stood the test of time, if you’re asking for a theory’.

The Eyes of Nye & More

After the success “The Science Guy”, Bill Nye wanted to talk about more in-depth topics.

Despite having created the concept of “The Eyes of Nye”, KCTS delayed its production and premier for years, as the company was unsure about the likely success of it. The project was bought by the American Public Television later in 2005, when the show was finally premiered. However, the series wasn’t very successful, and lasted only one season on air.

In the following years Nye, hosted the shows “100 Greatest Discoveries” and “Greatest Inventions With Bill Nye”, and made brief appearances in “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” and “The Climate Code”. In 2008 he hosted “Stuff Happens” of Planet Green, and worked alongside his fellow science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson in an episode of “Brain Storm”.

In 2016 Netflix premiered “Bill Nye Saves the World”, a series in which he explores a variety of scientific topics and its impact in people’s everyday life. The series was renewed for three seasons until its end in 2018.

Personal Life

Romantic Life

Bill Nye married Blair Tindall in 2006, though various weeks later he annulled the marriage due to Tindall’s allegedly disrespectful and abusive behaviour towards him, as she supposedly stole items from his house, damaged his propriety, and tried to defame him through emails. He ultimately obtained a restrictive order against her. There are no public details of Bill having any other romantic associations.


Political Views and Advocacy

Bill Nye has openly shown his approval for the Democrat Party, being a close consultant of the Obama administration, and openly supporting Joe Biden during his campaign for the Presidency in 2020.

During an episode of the podcast “Getting Curious” of Jonathan Van Ness, Nye also expressed his pre-occupation regarding Donald Trump’s administration and its negative ecological impact.

Net Worth

As of late 2020, Bill Nye has an estimated net worth of $8 million, which is largely as a result of his works as a TV show host and other media appearances.

Physical Appearance

Bill Nye is a man of white ethnicity – he has brownish-red hair and amber eyes. He’s 6ft 1in (1.85m) tall, but his current weight is unknown.

Interesting Facts

Bill Nye has made two appearances in the popular long-running sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”.

In 2018 he played baseball in the All-Star Legends event, organized by the National League.

He agrees to criminally charging people who would challenge the international climate change consensus: ‘as a taxpayer and voter, the introduction of this extreme doubt about climate change is affecting my quality of life as a public citizen’.

Although he doesn’t suffer from ataxia, his two siblings have been affected by this illness of the nervous system, inherited from their father’s family. This is the reason Bill Nye never had kids, as he’s afraid they would be affected by it.

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TV Personalities

The Untold Truth Of ‘The Last Alaskans’ Star – Bob Harte



Bob Harte was an American trapper, hunter, fisherman and TV personality, born on 23 January 1951, in New Jersey USA. He was known for appearing in the reality TV show “The Last Alaskans” until his death in 2017.

Early Life

Bob was Vernon and Eleanor Harte’s only son. Growing up in Jersey City, he played baseball and was fascinated by outdoors activities such as hunting and fishing, developing a sense of independence from an early age. In his youth, Bob’s grandfather was in charge of teaching him construction skills, which he utilized later in life.

There’s not much information about Bob’s education, though it’s known he attended college for a short time, dropping out when he chose the Alaskan lifestyle instead.

It’s known Bob was an avid motorcycle rider, experienced firearms holder and ‘plane pilot, though the exact time he learned those skills is uncertain.

Alaskan Adventures

First Years

It’s not certain when Bob became interested in the Alaskan lifestyle. However, his interest was certainly caught by books he read about it, leading him to move definitively to Southeast Alaska at 21 years of age. His first location was in a camping field near Wrangell, where he survived apparently trapping alone for a couple years.

Then he immersed himself into the north in Fort Yukon, setting his home in various places of the area. It was there that he became acquainted with various people with the same lifestyle, including one of his closest friends Heimo Kort, as he declared: ‘March of 1976 that’s when I first met Bob.


After I got into town there were seven of us trappers there, and we all loved hunting and trapping and so we had that in common’.

It’s suspected that during that time Bob met Nancy Becker, who would later become his wife.

Around 1977 and following an abandoned trap line, Bob found the place he would call home for the next 40 years in Brooks Range, an extension of the Rocky Mountains, mostly uninhabited. Harte set his own trap line in the area, exploring it and living off the land for decades.that

Mountain Cabin and Family

It’s uncertain exactly when Bob married Nancy Harte (neé Becker), though it’s known in 1984 they welcomed their first and only daughter, Talicia.

By this time Bob was settled in Brooks Range, the family lived separately and years passed until they finally moved in with him, along Nancy’s first son from a previous marriage named Steve.

Living with his family brought immense happiness to Bob, who recalled those times as his most precious memories: ‘Family is extremely important to me. I wouldn’t want to be somebody with nothing and I have something’.

In the early 1990s Bob Harte travelled to Russia, participating in a trappers exchange between US and the Eastern European countries. Especially proud of such an accomplishment, Harte trapped and hunted with Russian families with the intent to cut the cultural and political gap that had separated the two nations for decades.


Back in Alaska, Harte worked part time as a carpenter in Fairbanks. Unfortunately, his marriage with Nancy ended at a time undisclosed, but despite this his relationship with his daughter remained the same.

TV Debut – The Last Alaskans

Bob Harte’s debut in TV was in “The Last Alaskans”, a reality documentary series which premiered on 25 May 2015 on Animal Planet. The show is centered on various families living in diverse isolated areas of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the biggest natural shelter in the US. Although human occupation in this protected area was banned in 1980 by Government, to protect its delicate eco-system, seven people were granted occupation permits to remain living there.

“The Last Alaskans” was well received by viewers, who were not only impressed bythe  show’s production but also by its stars’ lifestyle and its portrayal, as Neil Genzlinger from The New York Times pointed out: ‘Unlike in other shows, here the quests for sustenance are presented merely as facts of life. The compelling part of the series is the why: why live like this? The answers vary, and though sometimes the subjects address the question directly, for the most part their reasons emerge only slowly, as the patient camera lets you get to know them.’

The show was renewed in 2016 for its second season, now to air on sibling network Discovery Channel. Bob Harte’s last appearance was in show’s third season, aired in 2017.


Personal Life


Talicia Harte suffered a car accident in 2006, leaving her disabled at 22 years old, and requiring extensive hours of physical therapy. Her father Bob, who loved her intensely, did his best to support her afterwards: ‘My daughter is a lot like me. She is a survivor. She’s tough as nails. Talicia was a very active young woman but then she had an accident. She became disabled from some guy talking on his cell phone, going broadside right into her. I’m 64 years old. I don’t know how many years I have left but I’d like to provide for my daughter’, he recalled in an episode of “The Last Alaskans”.

Although Talicia’s romantic life and marital status is unknown, in 2016 she gave birth to Bob’s only granddaughter Cornella. He promised to build a cabin for them to live comfortably.


Surviving by himself in an isolated place in Alaska, Bob Harte’s life was always at risk. However, even before committing his life to live in the wilderness, he defied death in various ways. Bob not only survived being run over on his motorcycle, and crashing his ‘plane twice, he was also lucky to live after shooting himself, and accidentally inundating his boat in freezing water.

His life was at stake again when he underwent brain surgery, and was diagnosed with cancer later in life. In each situation his friends and family’s joke about him having nine lives was proven true.


After spending an entire day celebrating his life with his loved ones, in Fairbanks on 21 July 2017, Bob Harte died peacefully in his sleep at 66 years of age, after battling with cancer for years.


In 2018 Bob’s daughter Talicia and her mom Nancy gave an interview to Monsters And Critics, guiding a tour through his cabin in the mountains while talking on their experience handling his death.

Nancy also offered a heartfelt reflection on his departure: ‘He established his home here and he loved it here. He and his dogs were here… he’s a part of this whole area. It’s not an ownership ‘his,’ he’s a part of it. He’s just a living entity with the land, with everything here. So it was his life. It was his joy, his delight and where he found peace and happiness was right here… it was Bob.’

Net Worth

Bob Harte’s estimated net worth was $600.000 at the time of his death, as a result of his appearances in TV series “The Last Alaskans”.

Physical Appearance

Bob Harte was a man of white ethnicity. He was slender built, had blond hair and green eyes. He was 5ft 9ins (1.75m) tall, and weighted 158lbs (72kg).

Interesting Facts

Bob Harte’s favorite place was a high rock near his cabin in the mountains, which he named “the throne”. He used to spend time there to admire the landscape in solitude.

In Bob’s obituary, his family compared his life to Frank Sinatra’s song “My Way”.

Bob loved his entire family and friends hugely, and was thankful of them at the time of his death.

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