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The Sphere Hunter’s Biography: Trans? Age, Face, Real Name



• Sue Kalergi is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer, born on 7 March 1993 in California, USA.
• She is best known as The Sphere Hunter and sometimes as Sue Lightning, for her gaming videos and reviews.
• She is a former trans pornstar who retired from the porn industry in 2017.
• She has an estimated net worth of around $1 million.
• She has criticized censorship and disregard of trans characters in video games and media.

Sue Kalergi is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer, born on 7 March 1993 in California, USA. As The Sphere Hunter – also sometimes as Sue Lightning – she’s known on the internet for her gaming videos and reviews. She is currently 27 years old.

Early Life

Details about Suzi The Sphere Hunter’s education and hobbies are unknown. though she’s. The identity of Suzi’s family hasn’t been disclosed, as well as information about her childhood.



Suzi The Sphere Hunter started her YouTube channel in February 2016. However, she apparently deleted her earliest content, so the first video found on her channel “Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age A Good Remaster?” dates back to September 2017.

Although at first she focused on posting content related to “Final Fantasy”, she slowly added more variety to her channel, and uploaded videos of other video games such as “Resident Evil”, “Parasite Eve” and “Devil May Cry”,

In June 2019 she attended E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), where various people told her she looked like Motoko Kusanagi, the protagonist of the video game “Ghost in the Shell”. She later posted a video of the event, commenting her experience on it.

In only three years Suzi’s channel has steadily grown, gaining over 280,000 subscribers and millions of views.


Suzi The Sphere Hunter also has over 270,000 views on her Twitch channel, on which she often streams video game plays.


Personal Life

Is The Sphere Hunter Trans?

Although Suzi The Sphere Hunter doesn’t talk about her personal life on her YouTube channel, it’s a known fact that she is Sue Lightning, a former trans pornstar.

Suzi opened up about her past in a live stream, stating the reason that she left the porn industry was because she wasn’t comfortable working in it anymore. She also confessed that her involvement with a man named Cristian – who was allegedly also involved in the porn industry – was a drain on her self confidence, as he often told her she wasn’t ‘good for anything’.

The reason which led Sue Lightning to enter the porn industry is unknown, though it’s rumored she was in a relationship with Natalie Mars, who allegedly convinced Sue to become an actress in adult movies.

Suzi has confessed that she wasn’t happy in that industry and is more comfortable with her YouTube channel, posting videos of her passion for video games instead: ‘it feels great not having to get naked to get money’. She officially retired from the porn industry in 2017.

Controversy – Anthony Cumia

In 2018 various pictures of Suzi The Sphere Hunter – at the time still known as Sue Lightning – in Anthony Cumia’s house while holding one of his guns was posted on the internet.


This caused an uproar as people speculated that the pair was romantically involved. At first Cumia denied he knew Sue, though he later contradicted his words, admitting that Sue visited his house, but insisting that he and Sue were only friends on Twitter: ‘Sue was really fun and a good person to hang out with.’ he affirmed, also discarding the speculation that he had a sexual relationship with Sue.

Cumia is a former radio MC and comedian, who rose to fame with the show “Opie and Anthony”. He has faced various controversies regarding his political views and allegedly racist Tweets.

Net Worth

Suzi The Sphere Hunter has an estimated net worth of around $1 million, which is a result of her work as a YouTube and Twitch content creator, including sponsorships resulting from it.

Physical Appearance

Suzi The Sphere Hunter often dyes her hair black and styles it shoulder length. She weighs approximately 145lbs (65kgs) and is 5ft 8ins (1.72m) tall.

Interesting Facts

Although the caption of her videos often shows a fanart of her instead of her real picture, she has revealed her face several times. She often posts pictures on her Instagram account as well.


Suzi The Sphere Hunter has cosplayed various video games characters. However, she has confessed that she doesn’t dress-up as often as she would like, as it’s very expensive to buy custom-made outfits, and it takes too long to make those clothes herself.

Although she likes horror-themed video games, she doesn’t like “Slenderman” and prefers survival-type stories.

As a kid, she liked the Red Hot Chili Peppers video for the song “Califonication”, as she commented on a Tweet: ‘I used to get excited as a kid when this video played on MTV because I thought it was going to be a real videogame.’

It’s rumored that Anthony Cumia paid for her breasts implants.

The Art on Suzi The Sphere Hunter’s media accounts and channels is made by the artist DrossDrawings on Twitter.

Suzi currently has a Patreon page, on which her fans can subscribe to obtain special rewards of her content.

The artist Jessica Luna and Suzi have released two packs of collectible stickers. The illustrator has also made various fanarts of Suzi.


Suzi has criticized the censorship and the disregard of trans characters in video games and media. On a Tweet, she answered a fan’s comment regarding this issue while picturing a future setting similar to a futuristic game: ‘I imagine being a trans person in 2077 would probably mean next to nothing when people are walking around with chainsaw arms and big bug eyes.’

Although Suzi is relatively active on her Instagram account, she has deactivated the comments on her posts.

Started with in April 2023. Previously, Executive Editor at Echoes Media. Holds a Journalism degree from New York University.

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Who is Twitch streamer Becca Tilts? @Beccatilts’ Biography



Who is Becca Tilts?

Rebecca Cho was born on 19 November 1992, in California, USA, and is a gamer as well as a Twitch streamer, best known from gaining fame on the streaming platform by playing the video game “League of Legends” (LoL). She has hundreds of thousands of followers on the platform, and like many streamers, also has a channel showcasing highlights of their stream.

The Riches of Becca Tilts

As of early-2020, Becca Tilts has a net worth estimated to be over $700,000, earned through a successful career as an online video game streamer.

She’s gained a lot of income through donations and subscriptions to her channel, as well as earning advertising revenue from YouTube and in partnerships with several companies.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Rebecca is of Korean and American descent. She grew up in California, USA, though spent some portion of her youth living in Las Vegas, Nevada, before returning to her home state. Growing up, she loved playing video games though she didn’t initially intend for it to become her career. After matriculating from high school, she enrolled at Boston College.


BC is a private university located in Massachusetts, and has over 10,000 active students every semester. It offer numerous programs in various fields, and is also known for competing in sports in NCAA Division 1. Some of their alumni include government officials, professional athletes, and Hollywood personalities.

While a student, she discovered the video game “League of Legends”, the game that would change the direction of her life. Eventually she tried her hand at streaming, which at the time was just starting to gain a bit of popularity.

Numerous content creators turned to streaming as a main source of income, because of the potential to earn as your followership increases.

League of Legends

LoL was launched in 2009, and was intended to popularize the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre which was started by the “Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne” mod called “Defense of the Ancients” or DotA. In LoL, players take on the role of a summoner who can control various heroes and villains from the lore of the game. It was created by Riot Games and developed by people who previously worked on early iterations of DotA.


It became one of the most popular PC games in the Western world, and during its peak had over eight million concurrent users.

It has been praised for its character design, music, art direction, production, and the expansion of its universe. It also has one of the most active competitive scenes of any online game in the world, with annual competitive tournaments and championships held annually. It is also one of the most popular video games to be streamed on Twitch, and since its launch has been one of the most-watched video games on the platform. Their tournaments are one of the most viewed online, competing directly with the likes of “DotA 2” and “Fortnite”.

Twitch and YouTube

Becca decided to settle on Twitch as it was the most popular option for video game streaming, meaning that it would be easier for her to find an audience. However, it was also one of the most competitive platforms, with a lot of streamers vying for attention, especially in the LoL environment, one of the most viewed on Twitch. She gained a lot of attention both for her attractive looks and her dedication to the game. Over the years, she steadily gained popularity until she became one of the most well-known streamers of the game, and her fame has lead her to be invited to several events.


To help supplement her income, she started a YouTube channel of the same name. She started an online series called “TL; DW” – or Too Long; Didn’t Watch – as a way to help other viewers watch her content from a different platform. Her increasing fame also meant that she could earn additional income through advertising revenue. Eventually, her channel evolved to showcasing more prominent games, highlights or moments of each stream.

Teamfight Tactic

In 2019, Riot Games started producing spin-offs of LoL, one of which was the auto battler game called “Teamfight Tactics”.

The idea for the game also came from DotA, though this time its modern predecessor “DotA 2”, as a fan-created a mod called “DotA Auto Chess”. In “Teamfight Tactics”, players choose between a pool of champions, and must strategically place them on their board for maximum efficiency each round. They are then paired with either computer-controlled enemies or other players. With each loss, a player loses his overall life, and one is eliminated when their health falls to zero. The remaining player after all others are eliminated is declared the winner.

From this base point, numerous strategies are then expanded upon such as items, champion combinations, economic decisions, different strategic placements, and so forth.


Its basic simplicity but subsequent complexity have made it another one of the more popular games online. Since the launch of this game, Becca has decided to solely focus her attention on TFT. Her fame coupled with her increasing skill in the game has led to her attracting even more followers. She has also been invited to numerous events, including “Twitch Rivals”, an event held on a semi-regular basis featuring various popular online games. As the name denotes, a Twitch Rivals tournament features popular Twitch streamers or professionals who battle it out to determine a winner for the tournament. The winner often goes home with a large cash prize.

Personal Life

It is known that Rebecca is single though she has had potential romantic partners in the past. On one occasion she accidentally started streaming through her ‘phone, leading to viewers seeing her hanging out with a friend and a potential boyfriend. She has not commented on the video nor has she revealed a lot of information about her dating life. The lack of proof and her current activity suggests that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. She loves staying fit, exercising and keeping herself on a steady diet. She has recently adopted a keto diet to help her gain a better body, and she often shows the results through her online posts.

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Who is youtuber Soviet Womble? Wiki, Real Name, Age, Wealth



SovietWomble is a British YouTuber, born on 6 July 1986 in Brighton, England. Currently he’s 34 years old and has become well known for his gaming videos on YouTube, and his Twitch streams.

Early Life & Education

Despite being a well known content creator in the internet gaming community, SovietWomble has kept personal details about his life in secrecy, so his real name and childhood hobbies are unknown. Regarding his family, it’s only known he is of Scottish and German origin, and has a brother named Jack. When asked what his username SovietWomble means, he explained that it doesn’t have a deep meaning: ‘It was just a throwaway account which I forgot to throw away’.

Although he has kept his identity mostly anonymous on the internet, SovietWomble revealed on Reddit that he studied in a public school, and majored in Computing, which allowed him to work in a company’s software development department. He describes his educational background and career as ‘rubbish’.



SovietWomble started his YouTube channel in 2011, when he posted a short gameplay of “Bad Company: 2”. Although initially the video didn’t have many views, but was described by his fans as ‘where the legend was born’, his most recent subscribers have visited the clip several times out of curiosity. As a result, the video has over 190,000 views as of today.

After his YouTube debut, SovietWomble frequently posted gaming videos.


However, he focused on playing “Battlefield 3”, and completely disregarded other video games until 2013, when he posted a DayZ video, which marked the beginning of his “Random Bulls**tery” video series, and was when SovietWomble’s quick rise to fame started.

What makes his content attractive to his subscribers is not his ability to play video games though, but his sense of humor and effortless gags which are continuously inserted into his videos. He also invites other YouTube gamers to appear on his channel, which has become beneficial not only for him but for his video partners as well.

SovietWomble’s work as a YouTuber doesn’t end at filming content though, as he usually edits it himself, with a personal and unusual style which has become his trademark. When asked why he prefers to edit his own content instead of hiring someone to do it, he explained that he tries to keep the essence of his videos intact.

As he described it, his videos are ‘footage that has been cut through the lens of my own sense of humour. If you add more lenses, then the whole thing changes’. Trusting his own judgment when it comes to his content preference, SovietWomble has pointed out he doesn’t feel the need to change the way he creates and edits his videos: ‘I fear fucking around with the elements that have made the videos successful thus far. I fear trying to fix what isn’t broken.’ (…) ‘It’s not worth the risk.’

It takes him 100 hours on average to edit a video.

Although SovietWomble has been primarily regarded as a gaming channel by his subscribers, he’s known for his dark humor and somewhat offensive comments. Usually joking about sensitive issues, his content is often described as ‘not for everyone’.


Despite the negative opinions, SovietWomble’s channel hasn’t stopped growing, and he now has over three million subscribers on the platform. His favorite video game is “Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis”, and he’s played several others, including “Counter Strike”, “Left 4 Dead”, “XCOM: Enemy Unknown” and “Grand Theft Auto”.

InvisionCommunity listed SovietWomble as one of the best Gaming Influencers of the UK.


SovietWomble joined the streaming platform Twitch in July 2014. On it he usually plays video games with his friends and associates.

His series “Random Bulls**tery” on YouTube was also continued on Twitch, with a live stream format.

However, his content on the platform is different from YouTube, as his streams are longer and offer his fans a closer and more interactive experience.

Who Are His Collaborators?

What makes SovietWomble’s interactions with his gaming associates and friends, characterizes his content and sets it apart from other YouTubers and Twitchers. His gaming squad is known as Zero F*cks (ZF), and was described by him as ‘We’re not a “community” in any sense of the word. We’re a small clan’.

Some of the most well-known members of his clan or squad include Cyanide, of Singaporean and Indian origin but actually residing in the United Kingdom. He has been collaborating with SovietWomble more closely and frequently than anyone else. Cyanide also has his own YouTube channel, on which he has over 190,000 subscribers and more than two million views. His Twitch audience is even bigger though, as he has over nine million views on the platform.


Nep has become popular in the gaming community due to her collaborations with SovietWomble and the rest of ZF squad. She’s not an active streamer though, as her main occupation is singing, and she’s only an occasional gamer.

Edberg is a frequent streamer and fixed member of the ZF squad. Although Edberg has achieved huge success on his YouTube channel, he’s mostly active on Twitch.

Nevil – initially known as Holynevil – was a frequent game streamer with SovietWomble and fellow collaborators. What sets him apart from the other team members is his particular way of writing, and his strong Vietnamese accent. Nowadays Nevil is no longer part of the ZF’s squad, as he was accused of making racist comments on his Twitter account, which caused his indefinite banning from the team.

Personal Life

SovietWomble is a very private person and doesn’t reveal details about his personal life, relationships and friendships on his social media. Despite being a prominent YouTuber, SovietWomble doesn’t offer interviews.

Face Reveal

Although SovietWomble hasn’t revealed his real name, in 2017 he revealed his face to his fans during a Twitch live stream with fellow ZF’s squad collaborator Cyanide.

Despite this, SovietWomble doesn’t usually show his face during his gameplays, as he considers that it distracts his audience from the content. Beside this, he feels not showing his face on Twitch sets his content apart from other users of the platform: ‘Firstly, I consider myself a YouTuber and not a streamer. So I don’t feel I need to follow any streaming trends.’


Nowadays SovietWomble shares several pics of himself on his social media accounts.

Net Worth

As a result of the sponsorships he has obtained as a Twitch streamer and YouTuber, SovietWomble has an estimated net worth of over $850,000 as of 2020.

SovietWomble has deactivated advertisements on his YouTube videos, thus he doesn’t profit from his videos’ views.

Physical Appearance

SovietWomble is a man of white ethnicity. He has short blonde-reddish hair and blue eyes. He’s 5ft 10 ins (1.80m) tall, and weighs around 190lbs (86kgs).

Other Interesting Facts

SovietWomble has a dog pet named Lulu. The little French bulldog has appeared in several of his videos, and he often shares pics of her on his social media accounts.

Fellow ZF’s squad member Edberg described SovietWomble as a “massive, massive over-editor”.

While burritos are his favorite food, he strongly dislikes burritos with cheese, as he feels said ingredient ‘overpowers’ the flavor of the food.

He’s a fan of “Star Wars” movies, though he dislikes the saga’s prequels movies.

Although Holynevil is no longer a member of ZF’s squad and their relationship as collaborators supposedly ended, SovietWomble still follows him on social media.

He used to be a cosplayer of Imperial Stromtrooper from “Star Wars”.

SovietWomble has an Internet Movie Database (IMDB) page, on which he’s listed as the director, writer and producer of his video series “Random Bulls**tery”. This is unusual, as YouTubers usually don’t appear listed on said website.

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Who is DizzyKitten? Real Name, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Wiki



What is DizzyKitten’s real name?

DizzyKitten was born in Arkansas, USA on 23 October 1992 – her zodiac sign is Scorpio, and she holds American nationality. She is a Twitch star, YouTuber and a social media personality, who might be known best for her Twitch channel, onto which she mostly livestreams while playing video games such as “Super Hexagon” and “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”.

Her real name is Brandi, while she is yet to revea her last name.

Early life and education

DizzyKitten was raised in Arkansas alongside her older brother, by their father who was a construction worker, and their mother who was a teacher.

DizzyKitten’s brother started playing video games at a very early age, and when she was 11 years old, introduced her to then one of the most popular games in the world “World of Warcraft”. She was soon playing on a daily basis, eventually becoming better than her brother, but still focused on her studies. DizzyKitten matriculated in 2010, and then enrolled at a nursing school, but it’s not known whether she dropped out, or obtained her degree.


Career as a Twitch star and her presence on social media networks

DizzyKitten launched her Twitch channel on 12 August 2013 and it’s today followed by more than 630,000 people, while she has an average of 1,610 viewers per livestream, with her record being 17,111 – she has gathered close to 30 million views, has streamed for around 5,300 hours, and has been active for over 1,021 days.

Now that she has become popular on the network, DizzyKitten often just spends time chatting with her fans who she calls ‘DizzyCats’, while she also plays games such as “PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds”, “Apex Legends” and “Overwatch” – she livestreams nearly every day.

She has two YouTube channels – her first, “DizzyKitten” was launched on 27 February 2014, and numbers over 27,000 subscribers and close to 400,000 views of all her videos combined – she has uploaded 15 videos onto it, all of which are related to video games. DizzyKitten launched her second YouTube channel – “DizzyKitten ASMR” – on 9 May 2018, and it numbers more than 17,000 people subscribed to it, as well as over half a million views of all her videos combined – there are 19 videos uploaded onto the channel, with the most popular being “Earmuffs ASMR (no talking)”, as it has been viewed more than 110,000 times since 26 June 2018 (it is also her first ASMR video).


DizzyKitten is quite active on Instagram on which she’s followed by more than 100,000 fans, while she’s uploaded over 320 pictures, most of which have been taken during her everyday life. She’s been active on Twitter since August 2013, and is followed by close to 80,000 people, while she tends to tweet at least once a day, mostly to tell her fans that she will be livestreaming later that day. Her Facebook page is followed by close to 20,000 people.

Love life and boyfriend

DizzyKitten hasn’t talked about any men she might have dated, as she prefers to keep the details of her love life to herself, but there are many rumors concerning her alleged past and present boyfriends circulating the internet.

It’s believed that she’s been in a relationship with the same man since she enrolled at college, and that the two have been living together for many years, while she’s been very successful in hiding this from her fans – the rumors started after a man wrote on that he is the boyfriend of a streamer, but isn’t allowed to show his face nor be heard in her livestreams, while the two also have to split at parties so no one would think they are in a relationship.


DizzyKitten hasn’t commented on these rumors, and has only stated that she doesn’t have time for relationships because of her streaming obligations, and that she is usually happy when she finds time to go out with her friends. As of November 2020, she appears to be single, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interest

DizzyKitten is a huge fan of plush toys, and has gathered over 120, while she also enjoys other kinds of toys, mostly those representing characters from video games.

She loves to eat delicious food, and is keen on tasting various cuisines – amongst those she has already tried, her favorite is Italian cuisine as she is a huge fan of pizza. She combines her interest in food with her love for travelling, and DizzyKitten has been to many US states and has visited several European countries, including Italy and France.

She is a lover of animals with cats being her favorites, and DizzyKitten has a pet cat which can often be seen featured in her Instagram pictures.


In her spare time and usually late at night, DizzyKitten enjoys watching movies starring some of her favorite actors and actresses, such as Jim Carrey, Will Smith and Natalie Portman, and some of her favorite movies are “Bruce Almighty”, “Ace Venture: Pet Detective” and “Bad Boys”.

Age, height and net worth

DizzyKitten’s age is 28. She has long brown hair which she often dyes blonde, her eyes are blue and she is around 5ft 6ins (1.67m) tall while she weighs around 130lbs (59kgs).

As of November 2020, her net worth has been estimated at over $800,000.

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