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How Paul Teutul Sr. Built a Motorcycle Empire, but Lost His Family Along the Way



Paul Teutul Sr. was one of the most recognized faces in the motorcycle-building industry, and this was made possible through the popularity of his reality television series “American Chopper.” The crowd cheered for him and his son Paulie or Paul Jr., in every bike convention that they participated in, and some of the most high-profile motorcycle enthusiasts around the world ordered a chopper from his New York shop, Orange County Choppers. The business empire that he created from the ground up reached the pinnacle of success, and should have made his family closer and unified than ever, as most of them contributed to the family’s hard-earned triumph, but sad to say, it went the opposite way. Paul Sr. mentioned during the early years of the Teutuls’ success that he would often wonder as to what would be the ultimate cost of that fame.

All about Paul Teutul Sr. and his volatile upbringing

Aside from his amazing bike-building skills, Paul Sr. gained worldwide recognition due to his turbulent relationship with his son, which was witnessed by millions of viewers in their reality TV show. While some insisted that it stemmed from the TV show’s writer’s imagination, those who personally knew Paul Sr. would say otherwise. Some of them weren’t shocked at the level of intensity and ferocity of the fights.

His childhood in a chaotic home

Paul Sr. was born with a middle name, John, which made him an official junior as his father was named Paul John Teutul, but he only found out about it when he applied for a passport. His parents never told him about it, so that they could easily distinguish between father and son; it was quite confusing but he said that was how it had always been with their family. His father was German-Austrian, while his mother was pure Italian, and his grandparents from both sides were European immigrants who lived in New York City before settling down in Yonkers.

Corporal punishment was the norm back then, and his parents took it to the extreme as they used a cat o’ nine tails to beat him and his sisters each time they made a mistake that angered them. He recalled that his stay-at-home mother certainly knew what buttons to push when his father came home from work, and so they ended up receiving more beating. It was always a case of a ‘damn if you do and damn if you don’t’ situation – if he was hit without doing anything wrong that day, his father would just tell him to consider it as punishment for a future mistake.


They invented the word dysfunctional

Paul Sr.’s grandfather was successful, and owned houses in the neighborhood that he’d built with his own hands. His mantra was work, work, and more work, and this was his legacy to his clan. While Paul Sr.’s father was a hard worker too, he wasn’t good in business, and failed twice with his investments. As a result, his father was highly dependent on his grandfather, and that made his mom angry; she hated the control that her father-in-law had over her husband. It created a rift in the family, and his mom forbade them to go near their grandparents, which they often disobeyed, and were caught sneaking to eat with their grandmother who lived a block away.

Their house was a battlefield, a picture of chaos, as he grew up listening to so much yelling and screaming. He and his siblings weren’t close, and didn’t look out for each other because they were all afraid to make a mistake. To make matters worse, his mother was a closet alcoholic, while his father would also drink, although he never once saw him drunk. The vicious cycle in their home was that his mother would drink all night and then fight with his father when he returned from work. When it was daytime, she would be asleep and his father would leave to work only to return home to more fighting with his mother. In 1978, his mother died of cirrhosis of the liver.

Meet the Teutuls

Growing up in such a violent environment, Paul Sr. made a vow that his family life would be different. Despite the miserable marriage that his parents had, he still believed in marriage, and wasn’t deterred at all to build a family when he found the right woman for him.

Paul met Paula

After his nine-month stint in military service with a merchant marine ship called Enid Victory, he reconnected with an Italian high school classmate, Paula Leonardo, and they were married in 1972. While he wanted to settle down and start a family, he continued to mess around for a few years, and did odd jobs. His drinking escalated, and Paul Sr. sported a whiskey buzz while working diligently for Metropolitan Tobacco.

It was also during that time when he learned to ride a motorcycle and was hooked. Paula said that when she met Paul Sr. in high school, he wasn’t as angry then. However, she described him as someone ‘between a lost puppy and the kind of guy you wouldn’t want your daughter to date,’ but he charmed her. They went through many hardships in life, but he never gave up. Back then, she already knew something was wrong with their marriage but couldn’t figure out what it was exactly. She was determined to make it work, however, and took it as her responsibility to fix it.

The Teutul children: Paulie, Danny, Mikey, and Cristin

While Paul was determined to keep his habits from his wife, Paula eventually realized that he was addicted to drugs and alcohol. Her motivation to stay together as a family was their children, and she knew she had to be strong for everyone. At that time they already had three sons, six-year-old Paul Jr, four-year-old Daniel, and two-year-old Michael. Their only daughter, Cristin, arrived in 1982 when Paul was already in his sophomore year in recovery. Amidst the pain and the confusion that she underwent during the early years, she relied on the eldest son, Paulie, and this somehow took away his childhood, even if he was known to have been the mischievous child who could get away with everything. He was popular in school, the captain of the football team, and the creative one in the family who loved tinkering and experimenting, like his old man.

Of the four Teutul children, it was Danny who was the most responsible, and the one who did great in school. Just like Paulie, he was also into football and became a quarterback for the varsity team. Mikey was the laid-back son who was contented to be just a part of whatever his brothers were doing. Cristin was the daughter and sister they all prayed for. The boys complained that she was such a spoiled girl, but in reality, they were the ones who really showered her with time and attention. She was a social butterfly in high school, but studied hard in college and was rewarded with a nursing degree.


How Paul Sr. built his bike-building empire

Looking back, Paul Teutul Sr. never thought that it would have been possible for a dysfunctional family of bike builders to end up as popular TV stars.

Started with a welding shop where he customized his first chopper

With all the booze and drugs, most people in their neighborhood including former teachers voted that Paul Sr. would end up as a loser, if not for the welding skills he developed after the elective course he took up in high school. He initially worked at his brother-in-law’s welding shop, but it went bankrupt. He then worked for a few local shops, but realized that he was the type of person who needed to be his own boss, because he couldn’t take orders. He took a risk by investing in welding equipment, and offered his services around the community from his truck. Eventually he expanded, and opened up a shop that flourished, as he kept receiving work until he met a smart guy named Fred who became his partner – the name of the shop was P&F Welding. Aside from being an expert in steel fabrication, Fred was also into motorcycles, so Paul learned so much from him, working with steel frames and building just about every part of a motorcycle. It was then that he customized his own Harley, and felt great about it.

From a small welding shop into a 10,000-square-foot Orange County Ironworks

Paul and Fred had a falling out after their shop burned down due to an accident. When Fred opted out, Paul picked up the pieces and opened up his own shop, Paul’s Welding. Soon, his sons worked in the shop as well, and it was then that he realized that Paulie had a gift for steel fabrication, after he’d finished a vocational course in welding, but all the Teutul children started at the bottom of the company doing odd jobs. The company was renamed Orange County Iron in 1986, after Paul Sr. bought a 7,000-square-foot shop in Montgomery, New York. There was a huge demand for iron-related products, so he expanded again, and relocated to a 10,000-square-foot warehouse to accommodate all the orders that they received. In 2004, the company had another rebranding and restructuring made by his second son, Danny, Orange County Ironworks.

The hobby turned into Orange County Choppers

Paul Sr. and Paulie shared a common interest in motorcycles. When Paul Sr. was caught by the bike-building bug, he took his eldest son with him. At that time, he was already divorced and was living alone in an apartment. When he started building a bike, he would call on Paulie to help him out. Eventually, in 1999, they co-founded Orange County Choppers in Newburgh. Initially, they had a hard time promoting their brand, but through hard work and amazing craftsmanship, their choppers were eventually noticed through word of mouth. While they were slowly becoming recognized in the bike-building industry, it hadn’t translated to profit. They needed a boost, as had happened to Jesse James who paved the way for chopper builders to attract global recognition through “Monster Garage.”


“American Chopper”

The Teutul’s time to shine came when Discovery Channel offered them a reality TV show of their own, “American Chopper.” After they watched the pilot episode, they couldn’t help but blame each other for doing something that they believed would ruin their reputation and eventually their business – they were annoyed that the producers hadn’t editing out all the fights and intense yelling between father and son in the episode that aired. Paul Sr. threatened the producer that he would go to Los Angeles just to beat him up – the producer said to wait for the result. The next day, they were shocked at the high TV ratings the pilot episode achieved; even the servers of their website broke down, because they couldn’t handle the influx of messages they received because of the TV show. From then on, each Monday night millions of viewers would tune in to Discovery Channel to see their work on building beautiful customized choppers, and at the same time be fascinated with the family drama that rivaled popular daytime soaps.

What had been the ultimate cost of the Teutul fame?

Paul Sr. already knew back then that the kind of popularity and success that his family achieved would surely cost him something valuable. It was just too late when he realized that fame would break his family apart.

The very public termination of his eldest son’s services

Discovery Channel executives salivated in their offices when Paul Sr. and Paulie unleashed their infamous tempers in one of the episodes in the sixth season of “American Choppers”, as they imagined the kind of boost it would gain them in the ratings; other members of the Teutul family were worried that it would be the last time they would see the two together.

Many viewers thought that it was scripted, because they found it unthinkable that Paul Sr. would fire his only son, who co-founded the customization shop business that put the Teutul family on the bike-building map. Father and son argued about work attitude and habits. They yelled at each other at the top of their lungs. Paulie Sr insisted that his son Paulie follow his way of doing things such as being early coming to the shop. The son justified his tardiness, as he said that it didn’t matter if he came in late because, at the end of the day, he didn’t go home without finishing his work. The moment that led to his firing was after he uttered the line, ‘the shop would have been burned to the ground without me,’ and then he threw a chair in his father’s office out of frustration. He also reminded his father that he technically didn’t work for him since he co-founded the shop, and so was a business partner.

Lawyers made some modifications to the Teutuls’ contract, so Paulie could still appear in the TV show after he was fired by his father. It allowed father and son to continue working and filming, but never together, so avoiding more problems. However, after that season, Paulie left the show.


Paul Sr. and Paulie filed lawsuits

When the Teutuls’ contract was modified and made Paulie an independent contractor, it also affected the 20% shares that the father gave his son when they co-founded Orange County Choppers; Paul Sr. was given the option to buy him out. In May 2009, he had the shares appraised at zero percent value, and tried to have them returned by his son, but Paulie ignored his demands, which led him to file a lawsuit against his son. Paulie countersued, and to his delight, the lower court ruled in his favor. The case was elevated to the Court of Appeals, and his son won the appeal too – the appellate judge declared that the buyout was invalid.

Mikey tried to fix the rift in the family

After joining the business as the assistant general manager, Mikey witnessed the deterioration of the relationship between his father and eldest brother. He tried his best to fix the problem by mediating between them, but it was futile. He had enough problems of his own to deal with, because he’d checked into a rehabilitation facility to work on his alcohol addiction – apparently, he’d inherited this Teutul problem. Sometime before “American Chopper” ended, Mikey was forced out of the business by Paul Sr., stating that he had been given many options to be successful, but he never did. He later on joined Paulie’s company.

The lawsuits that were filed affected the family in many ways. Paul Sr. didn’t attend the wedding of his son Paulie, even though invited. Everyone thought that the drama between the Teutul family wouldn’t end, but time heals all wounds, and eventually they all moved on. Father and son even worked together in a spin-off series called “American Chopper: Sr. vs Jr.” but never on any bike-build project, to avoid confrontations. It lasted for four seasons, and when they did a reboot called “American Chopper: The Last Ride” in 2020, everyone had mellowed down. Paulie just wanted to enjoy quality time with his father for one last time, so he agreed to everything that Paul Sr. wanted, just as when they’d created their first bike together.

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What happened to Tonya on “Little Women: LA”?



“Little Women: LA”

Known as the show that spawned the “Little Women” franchise, “Little Women: LA” is a Lifetime reality series that premiered in May 2014. The principal cast members are women who were born with dwarfism and live in Los Angeles; to date, the show has run for eight seasons and boasts over 135 episodes.

The main cast members are Terra Jolé, Tonya Banks, Elena Gant, Christy McGinity, and Briana Manson. Secondary cast members include Traci Tsou, Jasmine Sorge, Brittney Guzman, and Mika Winkler.

Tonya Banks

Tonya Renee Banks hails from Carson, California, and was born in July 1964. Prior to starring in “Little Women: LA”, Tonya was already a seasoned actress and stuntswoman with decades of experience in the industry.

Some of Tonya’s notable projects include “Bad Santa”, “Death to Smoochy”, and “The Internship Games”; after appearing in the last film, she made history as the first little person to be the female lead of a movie.

Although Tonya isn’t doing much acting these days, she’s successfully switched over into the entrepreneurism lane with her own activewear line, “Lil Boss Body Activewear”. The “Little Women” alum also has a wine line, “L’Tonya Renee Red Blend Wine”.


The multi-skilled reality star recently started her own production company, One Bossey Productions LLC., and is also the CEO. In 2017, Tonya was thrilled to accept the MCPA Award for Most Diverse TV Moment; in the past, she also opened up about her difficulties in becoming one of the first little black women to break out in Hollywood.

If that wasn’t enough, Tonya is also a budding author, with one book to her name: “It’s Not What You’re Called, It’s What You Answer To”. The savvy businesswoman has also recently started to sell her own angel cinnamon spread via her website; however, it remains to be seen whether Tonya will delve deeper into the world of cuisine by releasing more food products.

The star’s multiple revenue streams guarantee that, even if she were to leave the “Little Women” franchise, she wouldn’t be hurting for money. For a while, Tonya has been accepting bookings for personal appearances, public speaking gigs, and even the occasional hosting.

However, Tonya sparked concern amongst her fanbase after she revealed that she had been battling Bell’s palsy, which is paralysis or weakness of the facial muscles. The reality star had previously been seen out and about sporting an eye patch; blaming her condition on stress, she spoke on the isolation that she felt as a consequence.

Treatment for Bell’s palsy normally involves taking steroids; those suffering from the condition can take up to two months to make a full recovery. In one episode of “Little Women: LA”, Tonya and her costar Elena Gant went for a cryotherapy session, thinking that it might help. Though Tonya hasn’t provided fans with any health updates recently, internet sources report that she has since made a full recovery.


As for Tonya’s love life, she was in an on-and-off relationship with Kerwin Johnson for close to three decades, and share a daughter named Angelique Johnson who was born in 1992 and prefers to stay out of the limelight. Fans rejoiced when Tonya and Kerwin became engaged in the sixth season of “Little Women: LA”, but sadly they revealed in the season seven premiere that they’d called the engagement off, and eventually broke up for good.


The cast members of “Little Women” have been embroiled in several scandals over the years. Briana Renee’s estranged husband, Matt Grundhoffer, was accused of sexual assault in 2018. The assault allegedly took place while he was working at the Child Study Treatment Center, when Matt’s patient was a minor.

During court proceedings, the court ordered Matt’s medical records and other personal information. News outlets claim that the defendants – namely, the Department of Social and Health Services and the Child Study and Treatment Center – filed for a protective order against the plaintiff. Matt’s alleged victim, who preferred to remain anonymous, claims to have been an underage patient when Matt was working at the treatment center as a counselor from September 2009 to November 2010, when the assault allegedly took place.

According to the plaintiff and her legal team, she was groomed by Matt during their counseling sessions, progressing from a romantic relationship to a sexual one. Based on his “position of authority and trust”, the plaintiff allegedly became emotionally dependent on Matt, which is when she was taken advantage of by him.


Months earlier, Briana had already filed for divorce from Matt after news outlets began reporting on his horrifying sexting scandals. She also requested a domestic violence restraining order against him a fortnight after the incident. Apparently, Briana found graphic texts on her husband’s phone in which he and other women spoke of bestiality and proposed sex acts with minor children. A few months later, a judge granted a five-year restraining order.

Although Briana was lucky in love the second time round and married her boyfriend just two months after divorcing Matt, she was forced to leave the “Little Women” franchise due to the negative effect Matt’s behavior was having on her brand. Even before the sexting incident and alleged assault of a minor, Matt was a well-known philanderer, and Briana had already broken up with him at least twice.

Terra Jolé, who is white, also made headlines after announcing that she’d partnered up with the Black Girl Moscato brand. The reality star was hesitant to tell her friends about it due to the brand’s controversial name, and an inter-racial discussion ensued almost as soon as she announced the big news. Tonya, in fact, walked out of the room as soon as Terra revealed her new partnership, despite Terra herself asking her to be the face of the wine. African-American viewers also lambasted Terra online, with Tonya’s strong reaction causing Terra to walk away from the business deal shortly afterwards.

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What happened to Kirsten Storms? Health Update



Kirsten Storms

The talented Kirsten Storms, who is known for her work in the “Zenon” trilogy, “Johnny Tsunami”, and “Kim Possible”, was born in April 1984 in Orlando, Florida, USA. During her childhood, she and her family moved between Casselberry, Sanford, and Kissimmee, together with Kirsten’s three siblings: half-brother Chris, brother Austin, and sister Gretchen. Her parents are Karen and Mike Storms, a WKMG-TV sportscaster.

According to Kirsten herself, she always dreamed of being a soap opera actress, and told one of her first agents so when she was just five years old. “No one took me seriously,” she reminisced in an interview years later. “But I knew, even though I hadn’t actually watched one, it was something I always wanted to do.”

Kirsten was discovered by a talent scout at aged five, after convincing her parents to enroll her in acting classes. She was inspired to try her luck in the entertainment industry after visiting her father at work, and her parents were evidently more than happy that she pursue her dreams. The talent scout then suggested that Kirsten enroll in an intensive New York-based acting camp aimed at children.


Work was scant at first, with Kirsten in minor roles in a handful of commercials. Eventually, she scored a lead role in “Sing Me a Story with Belle”, and a recurring role in “Second Noah”. In 1996, she and her family moved to Los Angeles for better work opportunities, and soon afterwards, she was cast as Laura Cummings in “7th Heaven”.

However, the turning point in Kirsten’s career was when she was cast as the title character in “Zenon: Girl of the 21st century”. At the time, the movie made history by having the largest rating for any Disney Channel original movie. From then on, TV movies and family shows became the Floridian’s forte, although she appeared in other Disney projects doing voiceover work or in supporting roles.

In August 1999, Kirsten auditioned for the role of Isabella “Belle” Black in “Days of Our Lives”. Despite the initial backlash from viewers due to how rapidly Isabella’s character had aged – which is a common phenomenon in soap operas when it comes to babies or young children – she soon became a fan favorite, who enjoyed many high-profile storylines with major characters within the show. Nevertheless, Kirsten decided not to renew her five-year contract, in order to focus on other opportunities.

The other projects in mind included “Clubhouse”, a CBS series that aired in late 2004, but was cancelled after just five episodes. The series was produced by Aaron Spelling and created by Daniel Cerone, with Kirsten having one of the leading roles as Betsy Young, the protagonist’s sister. Despite the show not being successful, Kirsten enjoyed the experience of playing Betsy, a troubled teenager grappling with decidedly adult issues that included sex, drugs and alcohol.


In May 2005, Kirsten joined “General Hospital” as the third actress to play Mariah Maximiliana Jones, receiving an Emmy nomination for her role four years later. Mysterious medical reasons meant that she had to vacate the role in late 2011; despite being scheduled to return in February 2012, her illness – which was revealed to be endometriosis – prevented her from doing so until September of the same year.

In early 2013, the relationship between Kirsten and her former co-star Brandon Barash was confirmed. The couple gave a rare interview in August of the same year, and dropped the bombshell news that they had secretly tied the knot, and were expecting a baby girl. Their daughter, Harper Rose Barash, was born in January 2014. Sadly, the lowkey couple filed for divorce in April 2016, citing irreconcilable differences. As the split was amicable, the couple have been successfully co-parenting for years, and have yet to slander each other in the press.

In the past, Kirsten has been in trouble with the law for tossing a lit cigarette out of her window while driving on an L.A freeway. The incident occurred in September 2007; she was promptly pulled over by California Highway Patrol, and subsequently arrested on DUI charges after failing sobriety tests.

News outlets reported that Kirsten’s blood alcohol content was 0.13, with the legal limit in the state of California being 0.08. In November 2007, the actress pleaded no contest to the charges and was fined $1,643, ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and complete a three-month alcohol education program. She was also placed on probation for three years and had her license suspended for six months. Kirsten has kept on the straight and narrow ever since.


Health Update

Kirsten has always been candid about her experiences living with anxiety, depression, and endometriosis, and frequently provides her social media followers with well-received health updates. The 2020 pandemic took a toll on her mental health, and in an Instagram post from the same year she told fans: “Even though I wanted to get better without returning to the hospital, my body didn’t have it. Since April, I’ve been struggling with serious pain concerns.”

As it happens, Kirsten had undergone a procedure to eliminate endometriosis-related scar tissue, which left her in pain for many months. One of the side effects of her condition includes weight gain or weight fluctuations, which have often led to unwelcome pregnancy rumors.

In June 2021, fans were alarmed to discover that Kirsten had been forced to take a break from her role in “General Hospital” following brain surgery. It appears that the star had been suffering from random health issues over the last few years, which she had written off as side effects of her medications.

After months of severe neck pain and migraines, Kirsten’s “amazingly thorough” orthopedist ordered an MRI scan which revealed a fluid-filled cyst in the lower portion of the actress’s brain. “I feel very fortunate that my situation wasn’t more serious, and that I had a wonderful neurosurgeon who immediately knew how to fix it,” she wrote on Instagram, after undergoing and recovering from the surgery.


Thankfully, Kirsten’s cyst wasn’t cancerous and she was able to spend more time than ever with her friends and family while taking a break from acting. In early January 2023, it was reported that she would be returning to her “General Hospital” role; however, a rep for ABC stated a couple of weeks later that she would be unable to return to the series as soon as originally announced. For the time being, Jen Lilley is playing Kirsten’s role, with Kirsten presumably still on the way to recovering fully.

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Are the Merrifields from ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Still Together?



About “Seeking Sister Wife”

TLC added “Seeking Sister Wife” to its roster of programs in January 2018, since when viewers have come to love or loathe famous polygamist couples such as the Joneses, the McGees, and the Snowdens. As the title implies, these couples are actively seeking to add new sister wives to their family unit, which at first glance appears simpler than it really is.

Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield, who we’ll be focusing on today, have been one of the show’s most controversial couples to date, and have somewhat become the villains of the series. We’ll be answering the burning questions that everyone’s been asking: are the couple still together? What happened with Roberta? Did Garrick and Dannielle work through their jealousy and trust issues?

Garrick and Dannielle

Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield hail from Colorado, and share two sons named Solomon and Geremiah. The couple joined “Seeking Sister Wife” in its third season, and became polygamists after being in a happily monogamous relationship for over a decade; unsurprisingly, Garrick was the one who suggested the change – well, there’s almost no such thing as ‘brother husbands’.


Both adults appeared happy at first to practice polygamy, albeit for different reasons. As Garrick said in the season four premiere, he and Dannielle felt that God had “led” them towards polygamy, whereas Dannielle is interested in having a big family with plenty of love and babies to go around.

Although their outlook on polygamy was a positive one, the Merrifields’ experience with Roberta was anything but. Garrick and Dannielle met Roberta on an online dating site during the filming of season three. The glamorous Brazilian native and the Colorado couple got on like a house on fire, so much so that the Merrifields put their children and jobs on the backburner, and travelled to Brazil on several occasions during the courtship phase.

Trouble arose when Roberta accepted Garrick’s proposal, as she could only enter the USA with a K-1 visa, which viewers of “90 Day Fiancé” will be familiar with. A K-1 visa is necessary for the fiancés of American citizens to enter the country, but only if the couple become legally married within three months; if not, then the foreign fiancé is forced to return to their home country – permanently.

However, Garrick and Dannielle had already been legally married for years. After much persuasion, Dannielle reluctantly divorced Garrick – and rescinded all her legal rights as his spouse – so that Roberta could obtain her visa and legally marry Garrick. Although Garrick and Dannielle remained spiritually married, she found it hard to get used to the sudden shift in the dynamics of their relationship, and began having regrets about the decision she’d taken: so much so, that many were waiting for the couple to split up.


Despite the rumors, Garrick and Dannielle are still together. In fact, her Instagram handle is @wifey_merrifield and her bio on the social media platform proudly describes her as a wing woman to her husband and mother to two amazing boys. The couple brought in the new year together with a celebratory video in which they shared a romantic kiss and toasted with champagne – but Roberta was nowhere to be seen.

As it happens, Roberta pretty much ghosted the naïve Merrifields after getting her K-1 visa. In season four, the Brazilian native’s mother began having health issues, and Roberta stayed in her home country to take care of her. After over a year passed without seeing their sister wife, Garrick and Dannielle decided to look for another one – although they had no intentions of replacing Roberta.

However, Roberta was anything but pleased to hear that a third wife would be joining the family, especially before she’d had a chance to settle into her new life with the couple. It appears that Roberta wanted to get used to the US and living with the Merrifields first, and when Garrick revealed that he was courting a new woman and had even gone on dates with her, she was furious.

The situation took a turn for the worse when the Merrifields returned to Colorado and received a text message from Roberta which was addressed to Dannielle. Roberta spoke of feeling excluded, and strangely cited cultural differences as the reason for her negative attitude towards a third sister wife. It’s also possible that she felt that Garrick and Dannielle replacing her, but whatever the case, she ceased all communication with the Merrifields from then on.


Ironically, it was Dannielle’s idea to introduce a third wife to the family so that there would be more balance. When things with Roberta didn’t work out, the couple began courting Lea, a nurse and single mother residing in California. Lea had been brought up in a polygamous family, and was also in a polygamous relationship with one of her previous partners… but when Garrick and Dannielle flew to California to visit her, all parties realized that their expectations were incompatible.

During a dinner date, Lea said: “I work in the hospital for 8 to 12 hours. I don’t feel like I should have to come home and do laundry and cook.” Obviously, Garrick liked the idea of being taken care of by another wife, whereas Dannielle wanted help around the house and with her children. As Lea had no intentions of doing so, she promptly ended the courtship.

Many viewers of “Seeking Sister Wife” are hoping that Garrick and Dannielle split up, as since they began practicing polygamy, she’s become jealous and insecure despite immersing herself into her new plural marriage as best as possible. Viewers also think that Garrick doesn’t care about Dannielle, as he remained impassive when she broke into tears after signing divorce papers, so that he could marry Roberta.

Both Garrick and Dannielle have also been accused of being controlling, as Lea said that she didn’t feel that she had any choice in the relationship, adding: “It didn’t feel as genuine as I was hoping for. It was kinda really your way or the highway.”

There has been much speculation about the Merrifields’ possible return to “Seeking Sister Wife” for a fifth season, but for now, nothing has been confirmed regarding the definitive cast members.

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Looking for treasures on a desert island sounds similar to a childhood fairytale for many, yet it’s a reality for...

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How did Daneliya Tuleshova’s life change after AGT? What is she doing now?

While there’s no shortage of incredibly talented people who have set foot on “America’s Got Talent” stage, very few times...

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Where are the “Crocodile Dundee” cast members now?

The light-hearted action-comedy “Crocodile Dundee” released in 1986, became Australia’s most commercially successful film ever made, and the top-grossing non-American...

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What happened to Shin Lim? How is he doing now?

There’s no way of denying that “America’s Got Talent” has done an exceptional job at bringing incredibly talented people to...

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What happened between Chumlee and Rick Harrison?

It’s been a long ride for the guys at “Pawn Stars”. Ever since the show’s premiere in 2009, Rick, Corey,...