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Naked Truth of Elke the Stallion – Who is She? Before Surgery



• Elke the Stallion is a plus-sized model and video vixen from Germany
• She has an estimated net worth of $5.1 million
• She's featured in various magazines and music videos
• Her work has taken her to countries all over the world
• She has an Instagram account with over 1 million followers and a YouTube channel.

Who is Elke the Stallion?

Elke Madler was born on 27 March 1983, in Leipzig, Germany, and is a plus-sized model as well as a video vixen, best known as Elke the Stallion due to her 49-inch hip size. She’s been featured in various magazines as a glamour model, and has also appeared in music videos of several popular artists.

The Net Worth of Elke the Stallion

As of early-2020, Elke’s net worth is estimated to be as high as $5100,000, earned through a successful career as a model. Her work has led her to travel to various parts of the world, feature in magazines and digital publications.

Her regular work in the music industry has also helped in building wealth.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Elke grew up away from the spotlight in Germany, where her family stayed in Leipzig for around six years after she was born before moving to Frankfurt after the unification of the country, where she took up her education. After matriculating from high school, she enrolled at Kriftel’s Konrad-Adenauer School, taking a degree in English, Business, and Economics. Her studies there implies that she may have been connected to a political family in the country, as the school is known for helping young or aspiring politicians with their studies.


After completing her degree in 2005, she decided to move to the US, in hopes of finding success as a model. This proved difficult for her initially, as there weren’t a lot of opportunities for larger women in modeling at the time. Nevertheless, she already had a bit of experience in Germany, and eventually several publications focused on plus-sized models started approaching her.

Traveling, Modeling, and Music

One of Elke’s first features was in “Flava Magazine”, and this led to more opportunities including features in “Urban Curves” and “Thick Magazine”. They were minor publications, but they provided her with enough exposure to help her land a photoshoot for Summer Bunnies and Eyecandy Modeling.

Modeling led her to travel around the world, doing work in Costa Rica, Italy, France and several other countries in Europe. She then settled in Los Angeles where she continued finding regular work with magazine features in “Cheddar” and “Craze”, though some of the magazines she worked for are no longer in circulation.

She also expressed an interest in working in the music industry as a model, mainly fueled by her love for hip hop and R&B music. She accepted work as a video vixen, a model featured or glamorized in music videos, often associated with the hip hop industry. Her first appearance was in the Outkast music video for “I Like the Way You Move”. She also appeared in “Show” by D-12, which led her to work with Eminem in “Straight Stuntin”.


Her connection with Eminem also meant that he would work with close associate 50 Cent, appearing in the music video for “Smooth Girl”.

Television and Social Media

Elke’s work expanded to television programs, as she was already gaining work on websites such as BET and several YouTube channels. She was then featured in the reality television program “LA Ink” which aired on TLC, featuring the employees of the tattoo studio High Voltage Tattoo, though it later switched to American Electric, and ran for around four seasons before cancellation. She was featured on the show due to her love for tattoos, and her status as a celebrity would also help with the show’s ratings.

Her fame has also led her to be noticed by entertainment news companies, with TMZ taking an interest in her from time to time. The website and program is known for its tabloid content, often featuring controversies in the world of entertainment. Her career has been compared with other models and video vixens, and she’s been named among one of the more popular plus-sized models working in the music industry. This has led to a lot of fame online as well, as her account on Instagram would achieve over a million followers in a short period following its creation.

Recent Projects

In recent years, Elke has been busy expanding and promoting her online accounts.


She regularly posts on Instagram, often promoting her large body, wearing clothing to reveal more skin which her fans enjoy. She also set up a subscription plan through the website Only Fans, on which followers can pay a monthly subscription to gain exclusive content, including photos and videos which can be of a more adult or mature nature, as Only Fans has established itself a hub for various sex workers, and models unafraid of showing nudity.

She also created a YouTube account which serves as an outlet for her passion in fashion. She showcases some of her recent hauls, including clothes, accessories, also trying out these items in front of her followers.

She also reviews food, and posts video blog (vlog) content which reveals a little more about her life in Germany, the US, and her recent professional endeavors. She’s been busy promoting her daughter’s career too, who despite a young age, has already signed with a modeling agency and has a bright career ahead of her as a professional model. She is featured in several of her YouTube videos, and she uploads sporadically, with a video a month to be expected.

Personal Life

Elke is single and while she has a daughter she doesn’t talk about her daughter’s father who seems to be no longer present in their life.


In 2015, it was reported that she was dating college football player Justin Brent. Aside from his adult film work, Justin was known for previously dating adult film star, Lisa Ann. The two later broke up, and there have been no reports of any new relationships on her end.

While Elke has been a supporter of natural beauty and body acceptance, many of her critics accuse her of being hypocritical. As many of them posted, photos suggest that she underwent enhancements to increase her hip size as they were nowhere near what they looked like when she was first starting as a model. She has not acknowledged the criticisms, preferring to ignore them and go about her way.

Started with in April 2023. Previously, Executive Editor at Echoes Media. Holds a Journalism degree from New York University.

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Who is Luis Fonsi’s Wife? Águeda López’s Biography



Águeda López is a famous Spanish model, who rose her fame even more with her marriage to Luis Fonsi, the Puerto Rican singer, who rocked the whole world with his hit music track “Despacito” in 2017.

Early life and family

Águeda López was born on 21 August 1981, in Cordoba Spain, so her zodiac sign is Leo and she holds Spanish nationality. Agueda has shared few details about her family, but it’s known that she took dancing classes from when she was four years old. However, when she turned 13, she focused on other spheres of her life and education, and dropped these classes.

Educational background

After her matriculation in 1999, Agueda moved to Madrid to study journalism. However, she couldn’t graduate from her college, as she dropped out from studying to pursue her modelling career.

As of 2020, Agueda is taking accounting classes to handle the budget of her own  clothing brand for children – “Mikaboo” – as she wants to manage her business working from home, designing the clothes herself at the same time.


First steps

Agueda reached her first success in 2000, when she won the Miss Toledo pageant, being crowned queen of the contest when she had just turned 19. In 2000 she became a finalist in another beauty pageant, Miss Spain, so from that moment Agueda became pretty serious about building a modelling career, so left college and signed her first contract with a local Spanish model agency.

In 2009 she signed another contract with the Miami Caroline Gleason model agency, as she moved to Miami to find more job offers, and to develop her career worldwide.


Television appearances

Since her moving to the US, she’s made several appearances on TV. In 2013 she appeared in an episode of the morning talk show “Despierta America”, aired on Univision channel, and even hosted several segments of the program, including the one entitled “Mom to the Rescue”. In that program Agueda shared useful tips with other mothers that helped her a lot when she started to dive deeper in her conscious motherhood.

In 2014 Agueda co-hosted the Show Business Extra, aired on VME Network, joining another model, actress and TV-presenter Gaby Acuña, who came from Venezuela. The same year Agueda continued conquering the world of television, broadcasting her own show “Vital”, aired on Mundo Fox for several months.

At the end of 2014 she also made an appearance on the show “Nuestra Belleza Latina”, and gave some useful tips to starting models, who participated in the reality show contest. Her fellow-model and another beauty queen, Denise Quiñone, invited Agueda to help the participants of the show during the photo shoot.

Further modelling career development

Since 2017 Agueda has received more offers to appear on the catwalks of various fashion designers. She’s worked with Julian MacDonald and  Johana Hernandez, and is also a permanent modelling representative of the fashion designer Juana Martín. She’s been featured in multiple magazines and other publications, such as “Image”, “Sun Post”, “Blush”, “Magacin”, etc.


She’s also modeled for the covers of several issues of “Vogue”, adding to her successful appearances on the pages of “International Connections”, “BuenHogary” and Hello! Puerto Rico”. She is also famous for her fruitful co-operation with Versace and Fuera de Serie in 2019. On 5 February 2020 Agueda graced the cover of the latest issue of the Mirame Siempre, becoming even more famous for her work in this respected magazine.

Having a very successful and popular Instagram profile, Agueda uses this opportunity to promote her own portfolio and to secure commercial contracts, including with Urban Decay Cosmetics to advertise their new make-up palette “Naked Cherry”. She is also an official ambassador of the brand of hair products, Kerastase.

Agueda shared that one of the main benefits she gets from being a model is an opportunity to travel around the globe.

Mikaboo, the clothing line for kids

In 2013 Agueda launched her own clothing line of children’s clothes entitled “Mikaboo”, the name inspired by Agueda’s elder daughter, Mikaela. The line offers fancy dresses for girls and smart suits for young gentlemen. The brand’s main store is located in Miami, where Agueda now resides with her family of two kids and her husband.

Personal life, husband Luis Fonsi

Agueda married the popular Puerto Rican singer, Luis Fonsi, on 10 September 2014, having already lived together for more than four years, with Agueda giving birth to their first daughter, Mikaela, on 20 December 2011. The couple welcomed their second child, a son named Rocco, on the very same date but in 2016.


Agueda enjoys her motherhood, embracing all the difficulties and challenges of being a working mom. In her interview to Hoy in 2017 she shared her thoughts on parenting, saying: “As a mother, you are always worrying on doing things better, like avoiding a fight with your child and you want to help them have a better development. In the segment we talk about useful and educational subjects’.

In 2017 the family of Luis Fonsi had to defend themselves from his ex-wife, Adamari López, who accused him of leaving her during her cancer treatment period, and also claimed Luis was cheating on her with Agueda. However, the case was dismissed, as Luis had already officially separated from Adamari when he started dating Agueda.

Who is Luis Fonsi?

Luis Fonsi was born on 15 April 1978, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the eldest child of Delia López-Cepero and Alfonso Rodríguez. His brother Jean Rodríguez is also a singer, and his sister Tatiana Rodríguez is a talented artist. Being inspired by such famous music bands as Menudo and San Juan Children’s Choir, Luis knew from his childhood he was going to be a performer. He enrolled at Florida State University in 1995 to study music, and sang in the college’s choir – “Florida State University Singers” – and had a chance to perform with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. However, he eventually dropped out from college to pursue his music career, and recorded his first studio album “Comenzaré” in 1998. He has since released nine more albums, including such successful ones as “Fight the Feeling” (2002), “Paso a Paso” (2005) and “Palabras del Silencio” (2008).


His world famous hit “Despacito”, released in January 2017, exploded the internet, TV music channels and radio stations, as the song was sung all around the world. The official music video has more than 6.6 billion views on YouTube as of February 2020, and counting! In 2019 Luis released his latest studio album “Vida”, which not only included the original version of the song “Despacito”, featuring Daddy Yankee, but also had the English cover of the song, featuring Justin Bieber performing the English lines.

Luis Fonsi’s previous relationship and the controversial book “Viviendo” by his ex-wife, Adamari

Agueda had to deal with rumors and gossip about Luis’ previous relationship, and did quite well, but when his ex-wife Adamari Lopez published her memoirs in a tell-all book entitled “Vivendo” in 2013, the challenge had just begun. Agueda had to defend her and her husband’s reputation, proving in the court that the private details Adamari described in her book were exaggerated or simply made up.

Luis married Adamari Lopez in 2006 after a long cancer treatment she had to undergo after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, canceling a lot of his shows and a tour to get back home and be with Adamari;bBy the end of 2006 she was in remission. On 8 November 2009 Luis and Adamari announced their separation, and the divorce was finalised on 8 November 2010. Right after the divorce, Luis officially started dating Agueda.


Agueda takes active participation in multiple charity events, and works with various charity foundations. She joined her husband and helps St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which does a lot of research on children’s cancer. She’s also donated to the victims of Hurricane Maria, which damaged massive areas of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. For the contributions Agueda and Luis made, they were both honored with the Global Gift Philanthropy Award.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

  • One of Agueda’s favorite sports is yoga – she does a lot of it.
  • She also likes working out in the gym, weight lifting and doing cardio.
  • She often shares photos of her doing yoga, and her children spending time around her, witnessing her sports sessions.
  • Among her other favorite sports there are scuba diving and other water sports, ice-skating and skiing.
  • One of her favorite books is “Warrior of the Light: A Manual” by Paulo Coelho.
  • Her favorite cities and travelling destinations are Madrid and Miami – whenever she is out of the city she now resides in, she misses it much.
  • One of her favorite TV series is “Game of Thrones”.
  • She enjoys Spanish and French cuisines, particularly on a calm evening with a glass of champagne.
  • If Agueda was not a model, she would be happy to become a lawyer.


Agueda has long light-brown hair which is half-blonde from the middle of her ears-line. She has blue eyes. Agueda is 5ft 8ins (1.73m) tall and weighs around 130lbs (59kgs); her vital statistics are not available at the moment.

Net worth and salary

As of 2020, Agueda’s net worth is reported to be around $1 million – she earns up to $2,340 per sponsored post on her Instagram account, which has over 470,000 subscribers.

As to her husband, his net worth is estimated to be around $16 million. He benefits a lot from his live shows, world tours and album sales, while his Instagram account with over nine million subscribers is also a stable income source, as he can earn up to $30,300 per sponsored post on his social media account.

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Instagram Stars

Instagram Model With Over 4 Million Followers – Chantel Zales



Chantel Zales is an Instagram sensation and fitness model, who can often be seen in music videos and various commercials.

Early life and family

Chantel Zales was born on 6 July 1990, in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA – her zodiac sign is Cancer, and she holds American nationality, although born into a family of Costa Rican and Mexican descent. When she was four years old, her parents moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where Chantel spent all her childhood and youth. She was into sports from her early years, including soccer and swimming at school. She also enjoyed her music lessons, taking saxophone and violin classes. Little is known about her family, as she keeps the details of her private life low-key.

Educational background

Chantel matriculated from her local high school in Phoenix in 2008, then enrolled at Arizona State University, graduating in 2011.


First steps in modelling career

Chantel started her career as a fitness and bikini model, appearing in the background in such movies as “Middle Man” (2009) and “Piranha” (2010). She was interested in developing her acting career, but couldn’t get any offers and didn’t land even minor roles, so she had to change her direction and stick to pure modelling.

The decision to focus on one thing was very practical, as Chantel soon started getting invitations for photoshoots for such magazines as FHM, Maxim and Men’s Health, and so moved to Los Angeles, California, to have even more job opportunities.


Chantel was a huge fan of boxing and followed the latest news of the sport, so in 2012 she joined one of the boxing companies in the position of an account executive, with her responsibilities including hiring ring girls and models for ESPN fights, plus other human resource activities. Later she had another a similar contract with cable TV network HBO.

Becoming a spokesperson for Shredz Supplements and other commercial contracts

In 2014 Chantel became the official spokesperson for Shredz, which is a fitness supplements brand. Along with Kamil Hage, the Director of Talent at Shredz, Chantel appeared at the fitness event called Rehab Bikini Invitational in 2015, and was also featured in the work out video along with the athlete Daphne Joy, in which they demonstrated some useful tips for exercises which one can include to a cardio routine workout.

In 2018 Chantel signed a contract with BPX Sports, another company dealing with supplements, fitness goods, sports apparel, etc. During her successful modelling career, Chantel appeared in commercials for such brands and companies as Acura, Pepsi and many others. She was featured in the pin-up style shooting for Transworld Motocross Magazine in 2014, and was the guest model star of the commercial video “Mustang GT x Shelby Cobra Verde Wheels Verde V99 Axis Chantel Zales AudioCityUSA”, filmed for the American tires and wheels store located in La Puente, California.

Music video appearance

On 31 May 2017 the music band Black Oxygen released their music video “A Step Away”, featuring Chantel as a guest star.


According to the plot of the video, Chantel impressed the band with her sudden appearance on the shooting set where she forgot her book. All the members of the band fell in love with her, following Chantel wherever she went – to the gym, to the pool, etc. The song was included in their album “The Times of Our Lives (Deluxe Edition)”.

Instagram sensation

As of 2020, Chantel has well over four million subscribers on her Instagram channel. However, in her interview with Brian Sebastian at Coachella in 2018 she mentioned she was heading to the five million subscribers milestone by any means, working hard and taking the challenge. Her Instagram account is flooded with her photos in lingerie, swimsuits and bikinis, but it wasn’t easy for her to build her career on social media – Chantel still thinks that the hardest part of being a social media personality is dealing with negativity.

She once said that if one was not ready to deal with negative comments, hate and other not so pleasant things which people can accumulate feeling jealous or angry, then the person shouldn’t step into the sphere, at least until some inner work was done to make the skin a little bit thicker. Chantel rarely responds to negative comments, mostly just ignoring them, but when she does, she always replies in a positive way.

Chantel is now the ambassador of the Revolve brand; she often posts sponsored publications, tagging the brand and wearing Revolve apparel. Chantel has her account at OnlyFans service, on which she posts her nude and semi-nude photos and videos for paid subscribers.

Personal life

Chantel has always been very secretive about her private life, so nothing at all is known about her previous or current romantic affairs.


Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

  • Chantel’s favorite movie is “Gattaca”, starring Ethan Hawke, having watched this film many times and still enjoying it.
  • One of her favorite dishes is pizza with salami. She also loves sushi, pasta and vegetable salads.
  • Her favorite colors are light-blue, black and pink.
  • Her favorite animals are cats.
  • Her favorite wild bird is the flamingo.
  • Her favorite fruits are oranges and watermelons.
  • Chantel likes playing beach volleyball from time to time.
  • She enjoyed travelling to Dubai, and was impressed by the local culture and architecture.
  • Chantel likes reading; the latest book she has been inspired with is “From Rock Bottom To Rock Star” by Ryan Blair. She shared on her Instagram account that it was the book that motivated her a lot to move on, achieve more goals and learn as much as possible.

Appearance, clothing style

Chantel has long blond hair, which is naturally dark brown – she always wears hair extensions. She has hazel eyes. Chantel is 5ft 7ins (1.70m) tall, weighs around 120lbs (54.4kgs), and her vital statistics are 37-25-36. She has a navel piercing. As to her clothing style, she likes wearing light long dresses made of silk or cotton, which emphasize her long legs and curvy hips. She impressed her fans and other audience with her deep hips turquoise dress with lace waist and Swarovski crystals, in which she appeared at the opening ceremony of the KandyShop lingerie and bikini boutique; she also wore a small purse in the form of a candy machine.


She’s undergone several plastic surgeries, having her breast and hips implants done. She also had rhinoplasty, and lip fillers.

Net worth and salary

As of 2020, Chantel owns a fortune estimated at $5.36 million. She has recently bought a Mercedes Benz jeep which cost around $125,000. Her annual income is reported to be around $150,000. As to her Instagram account, she earns up to $13,500 per sponsored post.

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Instagram Stars

Naked Truth Of Bruna Lima – IG Star With Over 3.4M followers



Bruna Lima is an Instagram sensation and a popular fitness model, who has over 3.4 million subscribers on her social media account. Even though she is well-known, she manages to keep her private life out of everyone’s eyes.

Early life and family

Bruna Rangel Lima was born on 2 March 1996, in Espirito Santo, Brazil, so holds Brazilian nationality and her zodiac sign is Pisces. Shen Bruna was four years old when her parents moved to Pompano Beach Highlands, South Florida, where Bruna was raised – as of 2020, Bruna resides in Miami, Florida. She is often asked if she is a relative of another super popular model, Adriana Lima, the former star of Victoria’s Secret Angels Show, but Bruna only has the same surname and same homeland, Brazil, and they aren’t relatives.

Educational background

Little is known about Bruna’s educational background, except that she matriculated from her local high school in Florida in 2014.


When did Bruna start doing fitness on the professional level?

While still at high school, Bruna worked on the juice bar at the local gym, when a lot of people noticed her fit physique and advised her to become a fitness model, as they saw in her everything one needed to do modelling.

In fact, Bruna started training when she was 16 years old, but she actually began structuring her work out when she turned 18. While training with her first personal fitness coach, Bruna met her future best friend and business partner Brianna Naranjo, as she also trained with the same coach.


Both girls decided to go into bikini competitions – Brianna was more successful than Bruna, who eventually dropped off the competition as she felt it was not for her. However, both of them started to develop their Instagram accounts to raise their fame.

Instagram sensation

As Bruna was very consistent with uploading new photos on her Instagram account on a daily basis, her profiles became more and more popular, attracting hundreds of new subscribers every week. In a year of her social media activities, she gained over 1.5 million followers. Bruna shared that in 2015 it was a lot easier to grow one’s account as there were less people doing it. So she started with posting her workout photos and videos, diet tips and healthy recipes, eventually ending up modelling.

She also shared that as her account grew, she found it more and more difficult to generate new ideas for posts and shootings, and it is still her biggest struggle. As of 2020, Bruna has over 3.4 million followers on her Instagram account, and has signed multiple beneficial contracts with such brands as Fashion Nova, Oh Polly and Adore Me Swimsuits. She is also an elite model for VPX Sports corporation, which owns such products as BangDrink, Power Push and Redline Energy Drink. She also advertises such products as skin care & IPL hair removal system Bliss Rejuvenation, and the at-home cryolipolysis/fat freezing device Freeze N Melt, getting the gadgets for free.


Along with actor Nicolas Giassi, Bruna appeared in a comedic advertisement for Chi men shampoo and deodorant, and was also hired as a model for the Knockout watches series, and appeared in the shooting project “The Greek Lightning”, along with another popular model, Metisha. Bruna is now assigned to Heavyweight Factory Models MGMT.

Other social media activities

Bruna has her own YouTube channel which she started on 15 April 2017, but there are only nine videos on her profile. She doesn’t feel interested in developing it at the moment, satisfied with almost 30,000 subscribers, as she has millions on her Instagram profile, which is her highest priority now.

However, Bruna used her YouTube channel to share some facts on her life, such as her story of developing her Instagram profile in the video “WHAT THEY DON’T TELL YOU ABOUT INSTAGRAM…….”, appearing in the video with her best friend, Brianna Naranjo. Bruna has also posted a couple of make-up tutorials and some pranks and challenges. Bruna also posts lip sync and dancing videos on her TikTok profile, often featuring her friend and business partner, Brenda Silva in her short videos.

Bruna founded her own bikini brand – Brukinis

Having experience of bikini modelling, she understood that she wanted to create her own bikini line. She united with her friends Brenda Silva and Brianna Naranjo to start their own business – the Brukinis brand. The main idea of the new bikini line was to provide girls with curvy bodies, beautiful and comfortable swimsuits.


The line is produced in Brazil, which was very important for Bruna; all the bikinis are handmade. ‘I often struggled trying to find a perfect bikini, and was often disappointed with the way they look at me. So I decided to create my own brand for the girls like me, who want to look beautiful in any beach situation’, Bruna shared her thoughts on creating her own bikini brand.

Personal life

Bruna has been keeping her private life low-key ever since she entered the world of social media. She doesn’t like to share details of her affairs.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Bruna likes all kinds of animals, and often posts her pictures with dogs, cats and other pets. She has a special sports diet, according to which she eats from four to six small portions of food, not to feel hungry during the day, and keep fit.

She is a fan of cosplay and video games; thus, she cosplayed Princess Kitana, the character from the famous video game Mortal Kombat. Bruna can play ping-pong/table tennis very well.

Appearance, clothing style

Bruna has long blonde hair (which is naturally dark brown) and hazel eyes. She is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, weighs around 110lbs (50kgs), and her vital statistics are 32-23.5-39. A lot of her followers on Instagram and YouTube question her about the procedures she underwent to make her buttocks look as they do. In her video “IS MY BUTT FAKE?!?!?” Bruna revealed that she has never done anything with her body, just sticking to her regular workout routine. She stated that she didn’t decry anyone for using plastic surgery to obtain the body of one’s dreams, but it was not the way she wanted herself.


She also mentioned that she inherited the curvy body from her mother, who is Brazilian, and mentioned that her cousins also have plump shapes. As a proof, Bruna showed her pictures from the age of 14 to the present day which were all taken from behind her, and the difference between her looks was very minor, as she always had ‘a nice body’, as she said herself. Bruna also states that some of her schoolmates protect her with comments, writing that they know her from school and she has always had a body like this. However, she admitted she had some surgery done on her breast. Bruna has a tattoo of the icon of her zodiac sign, Pisces, on her left ribs.

Net worth and salary

As of 2020, Bruna’s net worth is reported to be around $2 million. She benefits a lot from her super popular Instagram account, earning up to $11,500 per sponsored post.

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