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Rachel Miner: The Actress Who Married Macaulay Culkin at 18, and Overcame Multiple Sclerosis



Rachel Miner: Wiki

Although she made the headlines after marrying the famous “Home Alone” actor, Macaulay Culkin, Rachel Miner came into the spotlight much earlier. She gained fame starring as Michelle Bauer in the series “Guiding Light”, which earned her numerous accolades and awards, including the Young Artist Awards for Best Young Actress in a Daytime Series, and Best Youth Actress in a Soap Opera.

Besides the aforementioned role, Rachel has nearly 60 acting credits to her name, and some of her movie credits include hit films such as “Bully”, “Penny Dreadful”, and “The Black Dahlia”, among others. However, one more thing apart from her acting talent is admirable, and that is Rachel’s ability to overcome the vicious disease that befell her.

Early life, family, and education

Born Rachel Anne Miner under the zodiac sign of Leo on 29 July 1980, in New York City USA, she holds American nationality and comes from a family of Caucasian descent. Rachel was raised by her parents, Peter Miner a filmmaker, and Diane Miner, an actress and acting teacher. From her father’s first marriage with an actress Mary Margaret Manning, Rachel has four half-siblings, namely Peter Junior, Caroline, Robert and James. Their paternal grandparents are Worthington Miner and Frances Fuller, a director/producer, and actress, respectively.

Being raised in a family of filmmakers and actors, it isn’t surprising that Rachel herself wanted to be an actress. She was just two years old when her family noticed her talent and her wish to perform, so aged eight, Rachel has already worked with an acting teacher, and aged ten she landed her first movie role.

When it comes to her educational background, she attended a local high school, and upon matriculating in 1998, she didn’t go to college but pursued her acting career.


Roles in movies

Rachel made her acting debut as Alice (at 12 years old) in the 1990 romantic comedy “Alice”, written and directed by Woody Allen, which followed the story of a spoiled Manhattan housewife who after visiting a Chinatown healer re-evaluates her life. The stars of the movie were Mia Farrow, Joe Mantegna, and William Hurt, and it was nominated for the Oscar- Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen.

Later that year, Rachel followed with her role as Vickie in the TV movie “Shining Time Station: ‘Tis a Gift”, returning on the big screen in 1997, when she was seen as a Girl in Library in the comedy-drama “Henry Fool”, written and directed by Hal Hartley.

Two years later, Rachel was cast to play Patty in the crime drama “Joe the King”, followed by her most notable movie role as Lisa Connelly in the 2001 biographic drama “Bully”, the true story of a group of teenagers who conspired to kill their mutual friend after his aggressive demeanor becomes too much for them. The movie had four award nominations winning three, including Rachel’s Stockholm Film Festival Award for Best Actress.

Rachel was next seen in “Haven” (2004), “Man of God” (2005), and “Fatwa” (2006) before she landed the lead role in the 2006 drama “The Still Life”, in which she starred opposite Jason Barry and Terry Moore. The movie had 11 wins and nine award nominations; Rachel was nominated for the FAIF International Film Festival Audience Choice Award for Best Actress, and she won the Great Lakes Film Festival Award for Best Actress: Feature Film.

Later in 2006, Rachel portrayed Martha Linscott in the Oscar-nominated mystery crime-drama “The Black Dahlia”, which followed the story of two policemen whose lives fall apart during the investigation of the murder of actress Elizabeth Short, also known as the Black Dahlia. Rachel’s co-stars were Josh Hartnett, Scarlett Johansson, and Aaron Eckhart. The movie had 16 award nominations, including one for the Oscar – Best Achievement in Cinematography, and four wins.


Rachel followed with her lead role as Penny in the 2006 horror “Penny Dreadful”, and then she was seen in “Cult” (2007), “Hide” (2008), “The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations” (2009), and “Life of Lemon” (2011), among others.

In the following years, Rachel was Jane in the 2012 horror “In Their Skin”, and Clair in “Frank the Bastard” in 2013, which was her most recent movie role.

Roles in series

Rachel made her first TV series appearance playing Michelle Bauer in the long-running romantic drama “Guiding Light”, which began airing back in 1952, and is centered on the middle-class Bauer family. Rachel was seen in 71 episodes between 1991 and 1995, and as mentioned, this role brought her two Young Artist Awards, but she was also nominated for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Leading Actress in a Drama Series, and two Soap Opera Digest Awards for Outstanding Child Actor in 1993, and ’94.

Rachel’s next notable TV series role came in 2004 when she was cast to play Astrid in the TV mini-series “NY-LON”. From 2007 through 2008, Rachel was seen as Dani in the comedy-drama “Californication”, starring David Duchovny, which followed the story of a narcissistic writer who struggles with his addictions (sex, alcohol, and drugs) while trying to be a good father to his teenage daughter as well as a good partner to his girlfriend.

Between 2009 and 2020, Rachel had the recurring role as Meg in the series “Supernatural”, starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackless, concurrently making guest appearances in “Army Wives” (2010), “Criminal Minds” (2011), and “Sons of Anarchy” (2012).

Most recently, she was seen as Jennifer Davis in an episode of the series “Chicago Fire” in 2020.


Marriage with Macaulay Culkin

Rachel met her future husband, Macaulay Culkin, while they were both attending New York’s Professional Children’s School. They fell in love, and decided to marry – since they were 17 years old, they needed a notarized statement of parental consent for a marriage license. Their wedding was held on 21 June 1998, at a small church in Washington, Connecticut in the presence of their closest family members and friends.

In one of her interviews, Rachel said that this marriage was a choice of heart not a choice of head, and while the two separated after two years of marriage, they’ve stayed close friends. Their divorce was finalized in 2002. After she separated from Macaulay, in 2000, Rachel briefly dated her co-star from “Bully”, Brad Renfro.

In the following years, Rachel hasn’t shared any information regarding her private life. As of June 2023, it is assumed that she’s single, was once married, but doesn’t have children.

Multiple Sclerosis- how Rachel overcome her Illness

In 2010, Rachel has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a condition with a wide range of symptoms, including problems with arm or leg movement, vision, balance, and sensation. Sadly, it’s a lifelong condition that sometimes causes serious disabilities.

When Rachel spoke publicly about her condition, many assumed that she would stop acting, however, although she paused for a few years, she returned. When she was diagnosed, Rachel hid her condition for several years, and even her closest friends didn’t know. While she was filming “Supernatural”, Rachel battled with loss of feeling in her legs, her back hurt, and she was taking medication that made her face swell.

As her Multiple Sclerosis became more debilitating, Rachel chose to stop taking roles, since she was feeling that she had no strength to pursue her acting career. She took some time to understand how to deal with her condition.


Her fans reached out to her through her social media asking her to keep appearing, and as Rachel put it, she realized that she has the power to be an example of strength to those who are in similar circumstances, so she decided to be a visible disabled woman who can interact with people, and show them that being a disabled doesn’t mean that you’re less of person.

Rachel today constantly figures out the new rules of her life, following a strict physical regime to combat symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. To walk short distances, she uses sticks, while in public she uses a mobility scooter. Her condition doesn’t stop her attending various conventions to speak about her experience with this disease, and how she’s learning to live with it.

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Naked Truth Of Jazmine Lucero – Age, Height, Biography



Who is Jazmine Lucero?

Jazmine Lucero is an American multi-talented celebrity, as she is a singer, dancer, actress, and social media star. She is best known to the world for her YouTube channel, and the channel she had with her ex-boyfriend Nick Pallauf. Also, Jazmine is a star on Instagram and TikTok, while she’s also tried herself as a singer and performed with several bands, including Why Don’t We, and JCity, among others.

Jazmine Lucero Wiki- Age, Childhood, and Education

Jazmine Lucero was born on the 16th August 1992, in Long Beach, California USA; she is of Latin ancestry and was raised in a large family with three brothers – Justice, Jaden and Jacob – and a sister, Paulina.

Her mother, Monica deals with the chronic disease lupus on a daily basis, while her father, whose name is not known, was a football player at Montana State University. She hasn’t disclosed her education, except that she matriculated from a local high school in Long Beach.

Career Beginnings

From an early age Jazmine liked to dance and sing, and she incorporated her talents in short videos which she started posting on the social media app TikTok, which picked up attention from numerous talent scouts. Jazmine’s popularity started increasing at a rapid pace, and the number of her followers rose to 500,000.


She also became popular on Vine, but once the service was shot down she focused more on TikTok, and YouTube as well.

Rise to Prominence

Gradually, Jazmine became more popular, and on TikTok numbers grew to over 2.5 million followers, which helped in her career as a musician, as she was noticed by numerous groups and bands, and has collaborated with several successful musicians. Her career progressed and she began working with the bands MoZaiK and JCity, while she also had a major part in the band Why Don’t We”, as a back-up dancer and singer. She even went on tour together with the band in 2017.

Since then, Jazmine has worked on her own music and released several songs and music videos, including “Vamos a Bailar”, and “You Wanna Go”. Thanks to her dancing skills, she has also worked as a dance trainer, including as an in-house choreographer at ‘Kimberley’s Dance Studio’ in Paramount, California.

YouTube Popularity

In addition to her popularity on TikTok, Jazmine has become popular on YouTube, on which she has been uploading videos that display her daily life, from her romantic relationship to her morning routine and other details.


She started the channel in 2012, and uploaded her first video in 2014, since when she’s acquired over 30,000 followers on her official channel, and has just under one million views on her channel, which has also contributed to her wealth. Furthermore, Jazmine has a YouTube channel started with her ex-boyfriend Nick Pallauf, which has been active despite the two breaking-up over two years ago. They have around 200,000 subscribers and over 16 million views, which has in large part contributed to her wealth.

Jazmine Lucero Net Worth, Height, Weight, and Appearance

Jazmine has become very popular on several social media platforms, and her success as a musician and dancer has also increased her wealth.

According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Lucero’s net worth is close to $1 million, as of early 2020. Jazmine Lucero is known for her good looks, which she owes to weekly workouts and a healthy diet. She stands at 5ft 1in (1.55m) tall, while she weighs approximately 110lbs ~ 50kgs, and her vital statistics are 32-21-36, bra size 32B. She has black hair and hazel eyes.

Jazmine Lucero Personal Life, Dating, Boyfriend

Jazmine has displayed her life on her social media pages, and has shared many juicy details about herself. From 2015 to 2017, she was in a relationship with Nick Pallauf with whom she started her presence on YouTube.


He is also a YouTube star, though he hasn’t been active for a while now. Following their breakup, the two made a video together about their romance and reason for ending it, stating that they had no time for themselves, and decided that it was better to end things. Despite the breakup, Jazmine and Nick have remained good friends. Jazmine has moved on, and is now in a relationship with a man named Colton Altier; she posted a video “Meet My Boyfriend”, in which Colton spoke about himself and their relationship on the whole.

Jazmine Lucero News, Facts, Influence

Jazmine has come out forward about her health problems, saying that she has obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). She has also said that she had a nose job, admitting that her nose made her insecure about her looks, before the procedure. Whenever she is not working, Jazmine is traveling and spending time with her boyfriend and family. She has visited differing destinations around the world such as Bali, and also numerous destinations across the US, especially California.


Jazmine is a foodie and enjoys almost every cuisine, but her favorite is Italian food – she likes making her own meals and experimenting with recipes.

Jazmine has become popular on Instagram and has promoted her work and that of other models who enjoyed collaborating with her. She has over 100,000 followers on her official Instagram page and has become a FashionNova partner, while she also worked with other brands including doing a campaign for FlattummyCo.

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Naked Truth Of Kara Killmer – Measurements, Husband, Bio



Kara Killmer is an American actress best known as Sylvie Brett, her character in NBC Drama Chicago Fire.

Early life, education

Kara Killmer was born on 14 June 1988 in Crowley, Texas USA. After she finished high school, she attended Baylor University in Waco, Texas and in 2010 earned bachelor’s degree in fine arts. She has two siblings, a sister and a brother, both older than her.

They were raised by her mother who worked as a music teacher in an elementary school. As an eight year old, she was performing in local theater productions and that is when she fell in love with this job. She lives in Los Angeles, California.


Killmer started her career in 2010, as part of the reality show “If I can dream”. It lasted only one season with 32 episodes. It was about a group of performers living together in a house in Hollywood, California. Killmer was teaching acting in the show by John Kirby. In 2011 she was Rapunzel in the first season of “Scary Tales” at Discovery Channel.


The fourth episode was written and directed by Luke Ellis and Matthew P.Hickey. The next year, Kilmmer was the blond girl in the first episode of comedy-drama series “Jane by Design” aired on ABC Family. In 2012 she acted in two short films “Prank” and “Remnant”. The following year she appeared in an episode of the web series “Rosa the Imposer”. Her movie debut was in 2013 in the movie “Horizon” where she worked along with Ruth Bradley and Cary Elwes.

In 2014 she was Athena True in the science fiction crime thriller “Tin Man”, which was NBC TV pilot, but the network didn’t put it on the schedule for the next year.

Killmer is best known for her role of Sylvie Brett in “Chicago Fire”. She joins the crew in third season, aired on 23 September 2014, as replacement of paramedic Leslie Elizabeth Shay on Ambulance 61. Her character appeared also in “Chicago P.D” and “Chicago Med”. In 2017 she starred as Sylvie Brett in an episode of series “Chicago Justice”. “Chicago Fire” episodes from the season eight are still being broadcast. Killmer is now veteran among the actors, with five seasons behind her.


When asked in an interview last year how different she is from her beginnings in the series, Killmer said: ‘Now I feel like I’ve got it down. I know what I need to do, and that’s actually broadened my perspective. Now that I feel secure in what I bring to the table, it’s helped me to appreciate and open my eyes to what everyone around me is doing—not just the cast but the crew as well. I’ve gotten more interested in how we’re shooting things and special effects and the wardrobe and special effects makeup.

I don’t really think I understood the extent of all the moving parts and all of the skills that go into making this show work. That’s something that, for me, has been a revelation’.

Killmer got the leading role in the movie “Beyond the Mask” in 2015 along with her future husband Andrew Cheney and John Rhys Davies and Alan Madiane. The movie was directed by Chad Burns. In an interview before the movie promotion she explained her favorite scene: ‘My favorite scene to shoot was also my least favorite scene.


Andrew and I were asked last minute if we’d be willing to dive into the pond with a running start down the peer to get this one shot of us going into the water. I did not know how to dive, so Andrew had to teach me right before we started shooting. It turned out looking amazing, but the water was FREEZING!!!’.

In 2018 Killmer got the leading role in the thriller movie “Sleeper” directed by Philippe Gagnon. She was playing Jennifer Jones, a happily married woman who finds out that her husband is a Russian spy with threatening motives.

Personal life

Killmer is married to the actor Andrew Cheney since 14 May 2016. The couple exchanged wedding vows on a private ceremony at Jones Barn at Willow Creek Ranch in Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas. They met on the set of the movie “Beyond the mask” in 2015 and shortly after started a relationship. They don’t have kids.

Husband Andrew Cheney

Andrew Cheney is an American actor known by the following movies: “Season of Gray”, a drama from 2013, “Beyond the Mask” in 2015 and “Champion” in 2017.



Kara Killmer is 5ft 5ins (1.65 m) tall and weighs 123lbs (56 kg). She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her vital statistics are 35-25-36 inches. She wears dress number 6 US.

Net Worth

As of early 2020, Kara Killmer net worth is estimated not less than $ 1 million.

Social media

Kara Killmer is on Instagram since 2016 reaching 223,000 followers. In 2010 she opened a Twitter account and has almost 60,000 followers.

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All About Emma Tremblay – Age, Height, Parents, Net Worth



Who is Emma Tremblay? Wiki Bio

Emma Tremblay was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on 21 April 2004 – her zodiac sign is Taurus, and she holds Canadian nationality. She is an actress, best known for starring in the “Supergirl” TV series.

Early life and education

Emma was raised in Canada alongside her younger brother Jacob, and younger sister Erica by her father Jason Tremblay, an actor best known for starring in movies such as “Afraid of the Dark?” in 1990, “Power Rangers” in 2017 and “Wonder” in 2017, and her mother Christina Candia Tremblay.

Emma became interested in acting after attending many of her father’s photoshoots, and as soon as she was old enough she joined her school’s drama club, and began appearing in school’s plays, then making her debut film appearance at the age of nine. She is physically very active as it is important for the roles she has been portraying, and plays soccer and volleyball, also runs track, and goes to the gym two to three times per week. After matriculation, Emma is planning on enrolling at college and obtaining her bachelor’s degree in English literature.


Career as an actress

She made her debut film appearance in the “Elysium” science fiction drama film shot in 2013, which stars Matt Damon, Jodie Foster and Sharlto Copley, and follows the story of a man living on a man-space space station in 2154. After being praised for her performance, Emma was invited to appear in “The Giver” drama romance movie shot in 2014, which stars Brenton Thwaites, Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges, and revolves around a young boy who is learning about the ‘real world’ rather than about the ‘fake’ world which he is living in, seemingly without pain, war, and suffering.

In 2014, she won a role in “The Judge” crime drama film, in which the lead character is played by Robert Downey Jr. who is a lawyer, and who returns to his hometown to find out that his father is the main suspect in a case of murder; he works on the case and gets closer to his family. In 2016, she won a role in the “Wayward Pines” TV series, appearing in seven episodes while the story follows a secret agent who goes searching for two missing agents in Wayward Pines, and realises out he might also end up dying in the city.


Her latest role and the one that made her somewhat famous is of Ruby Arias in the “Supergirl” TV series in 2017 and 2018, appearing in 15 episodes. The series stars Melissa Benoist (the Supergirl), Chyler Leight and David Harewood, and follows the story of Superman’s cousin who is having her own Supergirl adventures.

Friends, love life and relationships

Emma is still very young to be dating, but rumor has it that she is very close to her best friend from high school, who has been seen spending time with her on several occasions, as well as attending some of her photoshoots.

Emma is generally a very sociable person who has many friends at school, and what people seem to like the most about her is that she is a down-to-Earth person, as hasn’t let fame get to her. She is very close to her family, especially to her younger brother and sister, and when her parents are not around, she takes the role of a big sister and cares for them. She also enjoys taking care of the household, including cleaning the house and preparing food. She often takes pictures with two of her best female friends, and uploads them onto her Instagram account.


Hobbies and other interests

Emma is a huge fan of the film industry, and some of her favorite actors and actresses are Tom Hanks, Adam Sandler and Jessica Alba. Some of the movies she enjoys watching the most are “Saving Private Ryan”, “50 First Dates”, and “Groundhog Day”. She also likes Disney movies including “Wall-E”, “How To Train Your Dragon”, and “101 Dalmatians”. Emma is keen on listening to pop music, while some of her favorite bands and performers are Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, and One Direction.

Emma began travelling at the age of nine as it was necessary for her acting career, and it has since become her main hobby, she has been to many US states, while she has also been to Switzerland, England and France. She is a huge lover of animals, and volunteered at an animal shelter for the first time at the age of 10, while she has worked with several non-government organizations over the years.


She likes practicing sports such as kickboxing, ice-skating and snowboarding, so winter is her favorite season as she also enjoys both skiing and snowboarding. Emma is interested in fashion too, and often uploads pictures of her clothing combinations onto her Instagram account.

Appearance and net worth

Emma is 15 years old. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, and weighs around (55kgs). As of early 2020, her net worth is estimated as already being over $300,000.

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