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The Untold Story of Bradley Nowell’s Addiction and Death



Who was Bradley Nowell?

Bradley Nowell was an American musician, and the lead vocalist of the band Sublime;  he gained fame for his unique fusion of reggae, punk rock, and ska, and left a huge mark on the music genre and the entire industry before his untimely death in 1996.

Bradley Nowell Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Bradley Nowell was born on 22 February 1968, in Belmont Shore, Long Beach, California, USA. He grew up in a musically inclined family, with his father, Jim Nowell being a musician and his mother, Nancy Nowell, an artist. Nowell’s love for music started at a young age – his guitarist father introduced him to artists such as Jim Croce, while his mother, a piano teacher and flautist, further nurtured his musical education, and even taught him  to play the guitar. At the age of 11, during a sailing trip in the Virgin Islands with his father, Nowell was exposed to reggae music, which would later have a profound influence on his musical style.

During his teenage years, Nowell formed his first band called Hogan’s Heroes, alongside Michael Yates and Eric Wilson. Nowell’s passion for reggae initially met resistance from Wilson, but they attempted to cover UB40’s “Cherry Oh Baby”, albeit with little success. Nowell attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School, and later matriculated from Woodrow Wilson Classical High School. He began his college studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz, before transferring to California State University, Long Beach, where he pursued finance. However, he dropped out just one semester away from obtaining his degree, expressing doubts about his return to academia.


Career Beginnings and Sublime Formation

Sublime’s formation can be traced back to 1988, when Bradley, Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh came together. Initially, they performed at small gatherings such as house parties and barbecues, often being asked to leave due to their loud music. Despite their rowdy reputation, they gained popularity and became one of Southern California’s most beloved bands.

Facing skepticism from music venues about their unique fusion of musical styles, Nowell and Wilson took matters into their own hands, and established their own music label, Skunk Records, presenting themselves as “Skunk Records recording artists” to book more shows and appear more accomplished. Sublime released their early recordings through Skunk Records, and sold demo tapes at shows and local record stores.

In 1990, a music student named Michael “Miguel” Happoldt offered the band access to a recording studio at his school, without the school’s knowledge. The band took up the offer and recorded during the night-time, resulting in the release of their cassette tape, “Jah Won’t Pay the Bills”, which helped Sublime gain a grassroots following in Southern California.

It was during this period that Nowell’s involvement with drugs began. Initially hesitant, he eventually tried heroin, believing it would enhance his creativity and maintain a larger-than-life persona. The band continued recording their debut album, “40oz. to Freedom”, secretly at California State University, Dominguez Hills. Despite working under the cover of night and evading security, they managed to produce the album with $30,000 worth of free studio time. It was released in 1992 and sold 60,000 copies.


Rise to Stardom

Despite their local success, Sublime had yet to sign with a major label. However, Nowell collaborated with Gwen Stefani of No Doubt for the song “Saw Red”, which appeared on their self-recorded album “Robbin’ the Hood”, which released in 1994, reflected Nowell’s worsening drug addiction through its songs.

Sublime’s breakthrough came when a copy of “40oz. to Freedom” reached KROQ-FM, a Los Angeles radio station. The song “Date Rape” gained attention, leading MCA Records to sign the band for national distribution. As Sublime prepared for a European tour, Nowell immersed himself in studying European history. Despite the attention from a major label, Nowell’s drug use continued, resulting in the pawning of instruments and involvement in drug selling.

Initially hesitant to experiment with heroin, Nowell’s curiosity grew as he entered his twenties and witnessed the band’s rising fame. He believed that using heroin would help him maintain an image of being larger-than-life and more creative. In his father’s words, Nowell felt the pressure to embody the persona of a band leader, and engage with his fans on a grand scale. Many musicians he admired had claimed that heroin enhanced their creativity, leading Nowell to rationalize his decision to try the drug.

Self-Titled Album, Death and Posthumous Stardom

In February 1996, Sublime entered Willie Nelson’s Pedernales Studio in Austin, Texas, with producer Paul Leary to record their self-titled album, which would become their debut with MCA. During the period leading up to the release of Sublime’s self-titled album, Bradley Nowell’s struggle with heroin addiction intensified. Despite the band’s growing success and attention from a major label, Nowell’s personal demons were taking a toll on his life and well-being.

As Nowell delved deeper into heroin use, his addiction took hold, gradually consuming his life. He struggled with the destructive cycle of addiction, which included selling drugs and pawning his instruments to support his habit. This turbulent period is reflected in the lyrics of Sublime’s songs, notably “Pawn Shop”, which showcases the consequences of his drug dependency.


Tragically, Nowell’s battle with heroin addiction reached its devastating conclusion. On 25 May 1996, just two months before the release of Sublime’s self-titled album, he succumbed to a heroin overdose in a hotel room in San Francisco. Nowell’s untimely death marked the abrupt end of a promising career, and left a void in the music world.

The self-titled album was released posthumously in July 1996. It showcased the band’s musical versatility and captured the essence of Nowell’s lyrical brilliance. The album included hits such as “What I Got” and “Santeria”, which further propelled Sublime’s popularity and cemented their place in music history.

Lou Dog

Lou Dog was the beloved Dalmatian dog and mascot of the band Sublime. Lou Dog, whose full name was “Louie”, was adopted by Bradley Nowell and became an integral part of the band’s image and lifestyle. Often seen accompanying the band during performances and appearing in their music videos, Lou Dog became an iconic symbol associated with Sublime.

Net Worth

According to reports, Bradley Nowell’s net worth was estimated at $5 million at the time of his death.


Personal Life, Marriage, Wife, Children

During Sublime’s touring years in the early 1990s, Bradley Nowell entered into a relationship with Troy Dendekker. Their connection deepened over time, and in October 1994, Troy discovered that she was pregnant, and on 25 June 1995, they welcomed their son Jakob James Nowell into the world.

Despite the challenges they faced, Nowell and Troy remained committed to their relationship. In a Hawaiian-themed ceremony held in Las Vegas, they exchanged vows on 18 May 1996, just a week before the tragic event that would forever change their lives.

She has continued to honor his legacy and memory of him.

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How Eden Brolin Followed Her Father’s Footsteps in Hollywood



Who is Eden Brolin?

American actress and musician Eden Brolin was born in Los Angeles, California USA, on 30 November 1994, making Sagittarius her zodiac sign. She’s appeared in 16 TV series and movies, and is perhaps known best for playing Charlie in 15 episodes of the popular fantasy mystery series “Beyond”, which Adam Nussdorf created, and which starred Jonathan Whitesell, Dilan Gwyn and Burkely Duffield. It follows a young man who’s just woken up from his 12-year coma, and the series won three of its eight award nominations.

Education and early life

Eden and her brother Trevor were raised in Los Angeles by their father Josh James Brolin who’s a popular actor, and mother Alice Adair who’s also an actress; Eden has two half-sisters from her father’s third marriage with American model and his former assistant Kathryn Boyd.

Eden studied at a local elementary school in Los Angeles, and was 13 when she made her debut film appearance, playing the lead character Jasmine in the 2008 short drama “X”, written and directed by her father, and which also starred Eleanor Lambert and Vincent Riverside. It tells the story of a convict who’s escaped prison so that he could go on a trip with his 13 years old daughter. Eden’s since been active in the film industry.

She studied at a local high school, and upon matriculating in 2013, continued acting rather than pursuing a college degree.


Roles in movies

Eden portrayed Party Goer in the critically acclaimed 2012 fantasy comedy “Ruby Sparks”, directed by Jonathan Dayton, and which starred Paul Dano, Zoe Kazan and Annette Bening. It follows a novelist who’s created a female character which has now come to life, and the film won one of its 12 award nominations.

In 2015, Eden starred as Dora in the comedy “I Dream Too Much”, written and directed by Katie Cokinos, and which also starred Chelsea Lopez and Casper Andreas; it follows a recent college graduate who’s volunteered to take care of her aunt – the film was nominated for an SXSW Film Festival Gamechanger Award. Some of Eden’s following roles were in the crime thriller “Manson’s Lost Girls”, the short drama “Live Forever”, and the drama “Emerald City”, all released in 2016.

The year 2019 saw her play the lead character Kerry in the horror thriller “Blood Bound”, written and directed by Richard LeMay, and which also starred Justiin Davis and Eric Nelsen; it follows a family with supernatural powers who made a pact thousands of years ago, and now have to sacrifice four human lives, including one from their own family.

Eden’s also known for playing Tammie in the 2019 romantic adventure western “Tyger Tyger”, written and directed by Kerry Mondragon, and which starred Sam Quartin, Dylan Sprouse and Nekhebet Kum Juch. It follows a woman and her mute friend who’ve robbed a pharmacy, and are now distributing the medication they’ve stolen to those in need.

Eden’s three most recent film roles have been in the 2020 crime thriller “Arkansas”, the 2021 crime action “The Cleaner”, and the 2022 horror thriller “Candy Land”; she’s currently shooting for the upcoming movie “Montauk”.


Roles in TV series

Eden’s appeared in only three TV series, including “Beyond”.

Her debut role was playing Dana Albright in the 2016 episode “1.0 Bodies” of the drama “Code Black”, created by Michael Seitzman, and which starred Marcia Gary Harden, Harry Ford and Benjamin Hollingsworth. The series follows the staff of Los Angeles’ County Hospital, it aired from 2015 through 2018 and won three of its 10 award nominations.

Since 2020, Eden’s been portraying Mia in the hit western “Yellowstone”, which stars Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly and Kevin Costner, and was created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson. It follows the lives of members of a Montana ranch family, the series has been airing since 2018 and has won seven of its 40 award nominations.

Other credits

Eden performed the songs “Hand in Hand” and “Calling Your Name” in the 2016 crime thriller film “Manson’s Lost Girls”, and wrote the song “Roadblock (Six Weeks)” for the 2019 romantic movie “Five Feet Apart”.

Her two most recent talk-show appearances have been in “Hollywood and Beyond with Steven Brittingham” and “Entertainment Tonight”.

Awards and nominations

Eden and her colleagues were nominated for a 2022 Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, for “Yellowstone”.


Love life and husband

Eden avoids speaking about her love life in public, but it’s known that she’s been a married woman for a year now. Eden and American actor and cameraman Cameron Crosby met either in 2020 or 2021, and exchanged vows in a private ceremony on 1 May 2022. Cameron’s appeared in 24 TV series and movies, and is probably known best for his performances in the 2018 romantic comedy movie “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”, the 2020 short film “Cake Day” and the 2023 action thriller “One Day as a Lion”; for his performance in “Cake Day”, Cameron won a Leo Award for Best Performance by a Male in a Short Drama.

Eden’s yet to speak of other men whom she’s perhaps been with, she’s married to Cameron Crosby as of May 2023, and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Eden’s brother Trevor is today an actor, film producer and director, and is probably known best for starring in the 2011 short movie “Felt”, which follows a group of men telling tales at a bar.

Her father Josh has appeared in 76 TV series and movies, and has won 21 of his 83 award nominations; he was nominated for a 2009 Oscar for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, for “Milk”.

More than 70,000 people are following Eden on Instagram today, and she’s uploaded over 500 pictures and videos, with most being related to the movies and TV series in which she’s appeared.

She works out at the gym at least once a week, and also likes to do yoga and go for a run nearly every morning.

Eden has a tattoo on her left arm.

She loves animals, with horses and elephants being her favorites.

Eden’s favorite actresses are Amanda Seyfried and Angelina Jolie, and some of her favorite movies include “In Time”, “Things Heard & Seen” and “The Art of Racing in the Rain”.


Height, eyes and wealth

Eden’s age is 28. She has brown hair and eyes, is 5ft 8ins (1.73m) tall and weighs about 145lbs (65kgs).

Eden’s net worth’s been estimated at close to $1 million, as of May 2023.

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About Randy Rhoads: How Plane Crash Shook the Metal World



Who was Randy Rhoads?

The late American guitarist Randall William Rhoads, was born in Santa Monica, California USA, on 6 December 1956, meaning that Sagittarius was his zodiac sign. He’s probably remembered best for having been a co-founder and the guitarist of the American heavy metal band Quiet Riot, while he also played the guitar and co-wrote the songs on famous British singer-songwriter John Michael ‘Ozzy’ Osbourne’s first two albums “Blizzard of Ozz” and “Diary of a Madman”, released in 1980 and 1981, respectively.

Education and early life

Randy was raised alongside his two older siblings in Santa Monica, solely by their mother Delores Violet Rhoads, as their father William Arthur Rhoads abandoned the family when Randy was less than two years old; both William and Delores were music teachers, thus Randy’s interest in music from a very early age. His brother Kelle was also a musician.

The siblings grew up without owning a stereo, and thus entertained themselves by creating their own music; Randy’s favorite bands while growing up were The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. He was eight when Scott Shelly began teaching him rock guitar, however, less than a year later, Scott approached Randy’s mother admitting that he was no longer able to teach him, as Randy’s knowledge of the guitar had surpassed his own.


He studied at Jon Muir Middle School, and there met his future bandmate and best friend American hard rock musician and photographer Kelly Garni; they then formed their first band The Whore, thus launching their career as musicians.

Randy didn’t share many details about his education, but it’s known that he matriculated from Burbank High School in 1974.

Randy’s career and band Quiet Riot

The Whore rehearsed at the Hollywood nightspot Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco, and performed at backyard parties in Los Aneles, California in the mid-‘70s.

Randy, Kelly and Randy’s brother Kelle then formed the cover band Violet Fox, but which dissolved five months later; Randy then formed several bands which disbanded in less than two months, including Mildred Pierce and The Katzenjammer Kids. He knew what kind of musician he wanted to be, after watching American rock ‘n’ roll singer Alice Cooper perform live.

Randy and Kelly were 16 when they formed their band Little Women, and then renamed it to Quiet Riot when they were 18, after the band was joined by drummer Drew Forsyth and vocalist Kevin DuBrow. Randy didn’t initially like Kevin, as he’d envisioned a different frontman for their band, someone similar to David Bowie or Alice Cooper, however, Kevin performed well and was loved by the audience.


Quiet Riot signed with Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) in 1977, and their first two albums “Quiet Riot” and “Quiet Riot II” were released only in Japan, and never in the US. Kelly was fired from the band in 1978, after he’d got into a fistfight with Randy and threatened to kill Kevin – he was replaced by Rudy Sarzo.

Disappointed by not being able to sign a US recording deal, Randy quit Quiet Riot and became a guitarist in Ozzy Osbourne’s band; Quiet Riot then disbanded in 1980, but began playing again in 1982. Randy didn’t initially want to attend the audition for Ozzy Osbourne’s band, and had to be convinced by American musician Dana Strum; Ozzy was drunk when Randy performed for him, and he was instantly hired.

Ozzy and Randy then founded their band The Blizzard of Ozz, and released their eponymous debut album on 12 September 1980, which spawned hits “Crazy Train” and “Mr. Crowley”. Their second album “Diary of a Madman” was released in October 1981, and the same year saw Rudy Sarzo (previously the drummer of Quiet Riot) join the band.

Although Randy and Ozzy were good friends, Randy was determined to leave The Blizzard of Ozz once his contract had expired, because Ozzy’s drug and alcohol addiction had made it difficult for the band members to tour and perform live; he was once so drunk that he fired the entire band, but had no memory of it after sobering up.

Randy was still a member of The Blizzard of Ozz at the time of his death.


Love life and relationships

Randy rarely spoke about his love life in public, but there are still two girls whom he dated that his fans know about.

He was once in a relationship with American singer and model Jodi Vigier; it’s believed that they were together for two years before breaking up in 1980.

Randy was then in a relationship with American singer, actress and model Jo Jo Laine, and they were together at the time of his death; he didn’t marry, and had no children.

There are rumors circulating the internet claiming that Randy had an affair with American TV personality Sharon Osbourne in 1981, a year before she married Ozzy.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Randy was 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, and weighed only 110lbs (48kgs).

He was a collector of toy trains, and travelled around England searching for toy trains the first time he arrived there.

Randy wasn’t a fan of partying, rarely drank alcohol – his favorite drink was Anisette – and didn’t use drugs, but was a heavy smoker.

Randy’s brother Kelle described him as a ‘fairly devout Lutheran’.

His mother died at the age of 95 on 11 November 2015.


Death and wealth

Randy’s final performance was at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum on 18 March 1982; he died the next day, aged 25, when the bus driver and private pilot Andrew Aycock crashed a single-engine Beechcraft F35, with Randy and make-up artist Rachel Youngblood on board. Andrew played with the plane, trying to fly as close as possible to their bus which was on the airstrip, wanting to wake up drummer Tommy Aldridge who was sleeping in it; Andrew hit the bus with the plane’s right wing on his third pass, and then crashed into a pine tree. All three passengers were killed instantly, and their bodies burned beyond recognition.

Randy’s net worth was estimated at over $1.3 million at the time of his death.

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About Wes Borland: From Limp Bizkit to Black Light Burns



Who is Wes Borland?

American rock ‘n’ roll musician Wesley Louden ‘Wes’ Borland was born in Richmond, Virginia USA, under the Aquarius zodiac sign on 7 February 1975. He’s probably known best for being the backing vocalist and guitarist of the rock ‘n’ roll band Limp Bizkit, while he’s also a co-founder of the metal band Big Dumb Face, and was the guitarist and lead vocalist of the industrial rock ‘n’ roll band Black Light Burns.

Education and early life

Wes and his brother Scott Borland were raised in Richmond by their mother Sally and father Tom Borland, however, not a lot is known about them as Wes respects his parents’ privacy. His brother’s today also a musician – they founded the band Big Dumb Face together in 1998.

Wes began playing the drums while still attending a local elementary school, but chose to switch to guitar because his parents didn’t allow percussive instruments in the house; looking up to his brother, Scott took on the bass guitar, and the two then began playing together.

The family eventually moved to Jacksonville, Florida, and Wes enrolled at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts; because his parents were deeply religious and forced Wes to go to church with them, he left home at the age of 18, but matriculated at around the same time, and then chose to pursue music rather than a college degree.


Career as a musician

Wes joined Lip Bizkit in 1994, only a couple of months after it was formed by John Otto, Sam Rivers and Fred Durst; they quickly established a cult following, and became popular in Florida.

When American turntablist DJ Lethal joined the band in 1995, Wes left because of a disagreement with other members, but returned only a couple of months later, after Limp Bizkit was signed to MCA Records through its record label Mojo. The band was dissatisfied with Mojo, eventually leaving the label and signing with Flip, an Interscope Records’ subsidiary.

Their debut album “Three Dollar Bill, Y’All” was released on 1 July 1997, and its eponymous lead single became a radio hit. The band’s second album, “Significant Other” was released on 22 June 1999, and made them popular in both the US and Europe – it ranked #1 on the Billboard 200 chart, and sold close to 650,000 copies in its first week. Limp Bizkit’s third album, “Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water” was released on 17 October 2000, again topping Billboard 200, selling more than a million copies in its first week, and was the 18th best-selling album in the US in the decade.

Wes and his brother released Big Dumb Face’s first album, “Duke Lion Fights the Terror!” in March 201; Wes quit Limp Bizkit by the end of the year, citing ‘creative differences’, and in the same year, Wes and his brother formed their new band Eat the Day, with Adam Yas joining as their lead vocalist in January 2003.However, as Wes and the band’s producer Bob Ezrin were dissatisfied with Adam, they continued their search for a lead vocalist, but disbanded without releasing any songs, because they were unable to find a suitable vocalist.


Wes had another failed project, his 2003 rock ‘n’ supergroup The Damning Well, and this led him to return to Limp Bizkit in August 2004. The band’s fifth album “The Unquestionable Truth” was released in 2005, but they went on an hiatus following the release of their 2005 compilation album “Greatest Hitz”.

The year 2005 also saw Wes launch his new project, Black Light Burns, and they released their debut album “Cruel Melody” in June 2007. He became the American rock ‘n’ roll band Marilyn Manson’s guitarist in August 2008, and in the same year played the bass guitar on The Color of Violence’s album “Youthanize”.

Wes and Limp Bizkit reunited and began touring around the USA in 2009, and Wes quit Marilyn Manson in May of the same year. Limp Bizkit’s new album “Gold Cobra” was released on 28 June 2011, and reached #16 on Billboard 200. Wes then spent a couple of months focused on his band Black Light Burns, and they released their second album “The Moment You Realize You’re Going to Fall” on 13 August 2012 – their ‘concept album’ “Lotus Island” followed in January 2013.

Wes began working on his solo career in the first half of 2016, and released his debut album (instrumental) “Crystal Machete” on 3 May; the same year saw the disbandment of Black Light Burns.

He revived Big Dumb Face after 16 years in June 2017, and their new album “Where Is Duke Lion? He’s Dead” was released on 31 October of the same year; the band’s third album “Christmas in the Cave of Gadoth” was released on 11 December 2021.

Most recently, in April 2022, Wes performed with Danny’s Elfman’s band at Coachella Festival.


Love life and relationships

Wes has been married thrice. He and his long-term girlfriend, American non-celebrity girl Heather McMillan exchanged vows in April 1998, but their divorce was finalized in 2001.

Wes’ second wife was another American non-celebrity girl, Anna Carlisle; the two married in March 2009, but divorced four years later.

Wes and his third wife Carre Callaway exchanged vows in October 2016; she’s an American singer and lead vocalist of the indie rock band Queen Kwong. The two lived in Detroit, Michigan and divorced in 2019; Wes filed a defamation lawsuit against Carre in January 2023, but it was dismissed by the judge.

Wes is yet to mention other girls whom he’s maybe been with, he seems to be unattached as of April 2023, has been married thrice and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Wes is recognized by his unique on-stage appearance, as he likes to wear uniforms, masks and body paint.

He and his third wife Carre rescued numerous abandoned cats from Detroit, and renovated their house to make a special room for them.

Wes is an atheist, meaning that he doesn’t believe in God or heaven; he’s also stated that he hopes that he’s wrong.

He’s followed by nearly 300,000 people on Instagram, and has posted over 1,700 pictures onto the network, with most of these being related to music.

Wes’ favorite actor is Tom Cruise, and some of his favorite movies include “Risky Business”, “Vanilla Sky” and “Jerry Maguire”.


Height, eyes and wealth

Wes’ age is 48. He has brown eyes and hair, is 6ft (1.85m) tall and weighs around 170lbs (77kgs).

Wes’ net worth’s been estimated at over $10 million, as of April 2023.

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