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Who is Billy Brown’s Wife Ami Brown from ‘Alaskan Bush People’?



• Ami Brown is an American TV personality born on August 28th, 1964 in Fort Worth, Texas.
• Ami met her husband Billy when she was 15 and they eloped in 1979.
• The couple has seven children and currently reside in Hoonah, Alaska.
• Ami was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2017 and is currently in remission.
• Ami has an estimated net worth of over $500,000 from her appearances on Alaskan Bush People.

Ami Brown is an American TV personality, born on 28 August 1964, in Fort Worth, Texas USA. She’s known for being an “Alaskan Bush People” star.

Early Life

Amora “Ami” Lee Branson Brown is the youngest child of Eugene and Earlene Branson. There’s no information about Ami’s early education and interests, though it’s known her parents divorced when she was eight years old, leaving her mother working two jobs at the same time to provide for her children.

Ami has stated she comes from an economically underprivileged family with an abusive father. However, her older brother Les has contradicted his sisters’ claims, affirming that Ami was a popular cheerleader in high school and Branson’s family favorite child: ‘She was the baby, so she was kind of spoiled!’

Les has also denied the claims against his father, stating he was never abusive in any way. Ami’s mother Earlene has disagreed with her daughter’s words as well, saying her younger child was ‘spoiled rotten’ during her early years.

Personal Life


Ami met Billy Brown when he was working as plumber in her mother’s house. The meeting was described by Brown as ‘love at first sight’, despite the age difference between the two: Billy was 26 and Ami 15.

Brown and Branson started seeing each other behind her family’s back, and by the time Earlene Branson found out her daughter’s relationship with the older man, young Ami was already deeply in love with Billy.


Threatening to elope with Brown if her mother tried to impede the marriage, Ami was able to marry Billy on 16 June 1979. Despite the circumstances of the union, Ami’s family wasn’t worried about him: ‘I wasn’t really that concerned about it, because I assumed Billy was an honest, reputable person. And that he wouldn’t keep Ami from us’.

The Branson family’s good opinion of Billy changed for the worst sometime after the couple’s wedding, when Brown’s deception about his background was discovered: ‘He lied about his age! He gave the impression that he was very wealthy, and came from a wealthy family. He seduced us with the trappings of wealth’.

Billy allegedly didn’t inform his bride’s family that he was a divorced man with two children, and Ami apparently didn’t finish her studies due to her premature marriage.


Ami and her husband Billy welcomed their first child Matthew Jeremiah in 1982, when she was barely 18 years old. One year-and-half later in August, their second child Joshua was born.

Despite the family’s apparent happy life, Billy found himself discontented with his plumbing company and his 9-to-5 job. Informing Ami of his desire to leave Texas and change his lifestyle, she agreed with him and the little family left their hometown to roam as nomads throughout the country.

In an interview with People, Ami declared her feelings at that time of uncertainty: ‘We didn’t really know where we wanted to go, but we knew we weren’t where we wanted to be’.


The couple sold their truck and boarded a ship to Alaska, where a friend of Billy offered the couple and their two sons to stay at his abandoned cabin, located on Mosman Island, miles away from Wrangell.

Isolated and with no means of communication, the young family remained stranded on the remote place for more than 18 months, until a skipper offered to return them to the city. However, neither Ami nor her husband wanted to live in civilization anymore, apparently smitten with the detached-from-society lifestyle: ‘After we realized we weren’t going to die, we fell in love with everything.’

The couple settled in the Alaskan wilderness, and welcomed another five children, whose names are: Solomon Isaiah, Gabriel Starbuck, Noah Darkcloud, Amora Jean and younger daughter Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop.

The family lived in various places in Alaska, including Haines, Hoonah and Juneau.

Although the couple and children apparently lived off hunting and fishing, it’s known Ami’s husband Billy took small jobs around the city, also publishing various kids books to provide for his family.

The family eventually settled in Haines, where they lived for severalyears, and allegedly build a cabin that ultimately burned down. They currently live in Hoonah.


Alaskan Bush People – TV Debut

In 2014, Ami along her family debuted on TV in Discovery Channel’s “Alaskan Bush People”. Focused on the Brown family’s journey as they survived apparently alone and away from any civilization even in Alaska, the show was well received by audiences attracted to the family’s out-of-the-mold lifestyle.


Although the series was primarily promoted as reality TV, the show is reportedly scripted, and has been filmed in various locations including in Washington State, and it was revealed that the Browns didn’t reside in the Alaskan bush, when in 2015 Billy and his family were found guilty of second degree theft and falsification, regarding forms filed by them to obtain Permanent Fund Dividends available to permanent residents. The family apparently spent more than 180 days per year outside Alaska, thus they didn’t qualify for the funds received. Furthermore, the family reportedly only occupies their small forest cabin during show shootings, living in a local hotel the rest of the time.


In 2016’s Ami started experiencing intense back pain: ‘There were days I was just bedridden, but I just thought it was my arthritis. We were filming the show and at times it was all I could do to just stand there. I was in so much pain.’

In December that year, she went to a dentist to obtain teeth impressions. Instead she discovered her life was in serious danger, as in early 2017 she was diagnosed with lung cancer, and subsequently received chemotherapy treatment for six weeks in a Los Angeles’ hospital. Despite the harsh treatment and after being given a chance of survival of only three percent, Ami remained hopeful: ‘I realized early into this that it’s very easy to want to give up and just die.


And on the pessimist side, it could be my last days. But I have the will to fight’.

Ami’s husband Billy supported her during the severe treatment: ‘She’s the strongest person I know, so if she’s saying it hurts, it really hurts. She tries to hide it from everybody, but four or five times a day she bends over like a baby and cries’.

Fortunately in December 2017 Ami was officially declared cancer-free, though she has to undergo medical checks for the rest of her life, as doctors didn’t find the cause of her cancer: ‘It’s going to be a part of my life forever. But I want to encourage people to enjoy every moment and walk every moment with God because he knows what it’s about. Never give up faith’.

Estranged Family

According to Ami’s family, they have not been able to see her for almost four decades since her departure from Texas in the early ‘80s. Earlene apparently travelled to Alaska to see her daughter in 2016, her efforts were wasted as Ami was vacationing in Hawaii with her family at the time.

Still hopeful of seeing her daughter once again, the Branson matriarch sent a message to her daughter in 2017 through Radar Online: ‘Right now I would say, ‘I love you very much. I have always loved you’. I want to see you before I die!’ At the time the 84 years old woman had frail health, due to a stroke she suffered in 2012.

Earlene Branson declared the cause of Ami’s estrangement was her daughter’s husband Billy: ‘We thought that he would provide for Ami, that he would keep her in school, and never keep her from seeing us.

And we never saw her again!’

Ami’s older brother Les Branson, blamed Billy for his sister’s distant attitude towards her family: ‘Billy started acting very controlling of Ami from the very beginning. I realized that Ami never spoke, Billy did all the talking. She would just kind of sit there beside him smiling. I didn’t realize it then, but she wasn’t allowed to speak. She couldn’t speak without his permission!’

Unfortunately, Ami’s mother Earlene died in 2018. Although Ami was allegedly heartbroken by this, she didn’t attend the funeral.

Net Worth

Reportedly, Ami Brown has an estimated net worth of over $500,000 as of mid-2020, as a result of her appearances in “Alaskan Bush People”.

Physical Appearance

She’s a woman of white ethnicity, with grey hair and blue eyes. According to old photos, in her youth she had blondish-brown hair and gorgeous features. Her weight and height are unknown, but she’s noticeably slim.

Interesting Facts

Ami’s husband Billy was born in an economically privileged family. However, he lost his family in a ‘plane accident, and lost his riches when he was tricked into emancipating.

Her husband’s first wife was named Brenda, and they married when Billy was 16 years old.

Texas’ laws allowed the union between Ami and Billy, despite her young age.

During her stay in California to treat her lung cancer, her family rented a Beverly Hills mansion apparently valued at $2 Million.

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Suzy Kolber: Woman Behind the Scenes of ESPN’s NFL Coverage



Who is Suzy Kolber?

Suzy Kolber is a sports journalist and television personality, best known for her work as a reporter and anchor for ESPN, covering various sports events, including the National Football League (NFL). Kolber gained significant recognition for her sideline reporting and hosting duties on ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

Suzy Kolber Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Suzy Kolber was born on 14 May 1964, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. She grew up in a sports-loving family, with her father being an avid football fan and her mother a passionate tennis player. From an early age, Kolber developed a keen interest in sports, often attending games with her family and immersing herself in athletics.

Kolber attended the University of Miami, where she pursued her academic and professional aspirations. She graduated with a degree in telecommunications, having begun honing her skills in sports journalism through internships and part-time jobs during her college years. Kolber had the chance to be mentored by renowned sportscaster and journalist Dick Schaap, whose guidance and expertise had a significant impact on her, further cementing her dedication to the field and inspiring her to strive for excellence in sports reporting.


Career Beginnings

She initially worked as a sports director at Dynamic Cable in Coral Gables, Florida, from 1984 to 1986. During this time, she also showcased her athletic prowess as a member of the University of Miami water ski team.

In 1986, Kolber landed a position as a videotape co-ordinator at CBS Sports in New York City, where she gained valuable industry experience. Building on her skills and knowledge, she joined WTVJ-TV in Miami, Florida, from 1985 to 1989, where she produced the 5:30 p.m. ET sportscast program. Her exceptional work earned her a local Sports Emmy in 1988, highlighting her talent and dedication.

Kolber continued to expand her repertoire by freelancing as a specials producer for WPLG-TV in Miami in 1989 and 1990, working on several projects. One of them was “Greyhound Racing America” in Miami from 1988 to 1990, and then joined “Cowboys Special Edition” in Irving, Texas, from 1990 to 1991. These roles allowed her to showcase her versatility and further establish her credibility in sports journalism.

She started working as a freelancer in the early ’90s; as a result, she was a reporter and producer for Breeders’ Cup Newsfeed in Greenwich, Connecticut. Moreover, she was named the field producer for “Inside Edition” in New York City. She also served as a sports specials producer for WCIX-TV in Miami, and as a producer/director for NFL Films.

December 1991 marked a significant milestone in Kolber’s career, as she joined WPEC-TV in West Palm Beach, Florida, where she served as a weekend sports anchor and weekday feature reporter, which further solidified her skills and helped her gain visibility in the industry.


Joining ESPN and Rise to Stardom

In 1993, Kolber’s talent and dedication caught the attention of ESPN, leading to her transition to the network. Her extensive experience, coupled with her undeniable passion for sports journalism, allowed her to make a name for herself and establish credibility as she embarked on this new chapter in her career.

During her tenure at ESPN, Suzy covered a wide range of assignments, showcasing her versatility as a sports journalist. She made notable contributions to the network’s coverage of the NFL, hosting shows, reporting on games, and conducting interviews.

Kolber’s most recognized role was as a sideline reporter on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football”, where she worked alongside Michele Tafoya, and her reporting skills were highly regarded, as she provided live updates, conducted interviews, and offered insightful analysis during the games. Kolber’s presence helped make “Monday Night Football” the most-watched program in cable television history. She is still on the show, while she’s also contributed to “Monday Night Countdown” and was seen at the 2023 NFL Draft.

In addition, Kolber hosted ESPN’s pre-race “NASCAR Countdown” program in 2007, expanding her repertoire beyond football. She also hosted ESPN’s year-round “NFL Live” news and information show, contributing to the network’s comprehensive coverage of the NFL Draft.

Kolber’s role has extended to other sports events too – she served as an anchor on “SportsCenter”, and covered tennis events such as the French Open and Wimbledon. She also hosted ESPN’s coverage of the X Games, both the Summer and Winter editions.

Kolber’s earlier contributions to ESPN included hosting “Sports Figures”, a show that used sports celebrities and analogies to teach math and physics.

It’s worth noting that during the 2011 NFL Draft, Kolber faced criticism for an interview with Mark Ingram II, in which he became emotional upon hearing an email from his imprisoned father. The interview was perceived by some as manipulative, although it showcased Kolber’s ability to handle sensitive moments on live television.


Joe Namath Interview

One iconic moment in Kolber’s Monday Night Football career occurred during a game between the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins in 2003. She interviewed Jets quarterback Joe Namath, who became emotional and famously said, “I want to kiss you” to Kolber. It was a spontaneous and unexpected moment that showcased Kolber’s ability to handle unexpected situations with grace and professionalism.

Brief Stint with Fox Sports

After her initial stint at ESPN, Suzy Kolber left the network in November 1996 to join Fox Sports, where she took on various roles and responsibilities, anchoring “Fox Sports News” for the fledgling Fox Sports Net, delivering sports updates and analysis. She also reported from NFL games, providing on-site coverage and insights into the action on the field. Her extensive knowledge and experience in football made her a valuable asset to the network’s coverage of the NFL.

In addition, Kolber served as the lead reporter for Fox’s coverage of the National Hockey League (NHL), hosting studio segments and providing analysis during the network’s coverage of the Stanley Cup Finals in 1999.

In March 1999, she co-hosted a non-sports presentation on Fox with Maury Povich called “Opening the Lost Tombs: Live From Egypt.” The event focused on archaeological discoveries and featured a live excavation on Egypt’s ancient Giza plateau. Suzy ventured into the tomb and made a live report from the grave, adding her expertise and reporting skills to this unique event.

However, Kolber’s time at Fox Sports was relatively short-lived, as she returned to ESPN in August 1999, her decision likely stemming from her previous success, and the opportunities available at the network.


Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Suzy Kolber’s net worth is estimated at $19 million, as of mid-2023.

Personal Life, Dating, Married, Husband, Children

Suzy Kolber has been married to Eric Brady since 2008. The couple has been together since the early 2000s and have one child together, daughter Kellyn Brady.

Appearance and Body Measurements

Suzy Kolber has blonde hair and blue eyes. She stands at a height of 5ft 7ins (1.7m), weighs approximately 130lbs (58kgs), with vital statistics of 32-23-33, bra size 34C.

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How Monica Crowley Went from Fox News to the White House



Who is Monica Crowley?

Monica Crowley is an American conservative political commentator, author and television personality. She worked for Fox News. and is known for her work as an Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs for the US Department of the Treasury under Donald Trump.

Monica Crowley Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Monica Elizabeth Crowley was born on 19 September 1968, at Fort Huachuca, an army base just outside of Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA. There’s no information on her mother, but is the daughter of Lawrence Anthony Crowley and has a sister Jocelyn.

Monica spent her childhood in Warren Township, New Jersey, and went to Watchung Hills Regional High School, from which she matriculated in 1986, after which she enrolled at Colgate University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in political science. Later, she was awarded a Ph.D. in International relations at Columbia University. However, it was later discovered that she plagiarized parts of her dissertation.



Monica Crowley started her career as a research assistant for former President Richard Nixon. In this role, she assisted Nixon during his post-presidential years, contributing to his projects and providing research support. This experience allowed her to gain firsthand exposure to the world of politics, shaped her understanding of the political landscape, and gave her the foundation for her future endeavors in media and commentary.

Transition to Media

Monica Crowley’s transition into the media industry included writing for notable publications, using her expertise and insights to author articles on politics, foreign policy, and other relevant topics. Her writings were featured in publications such as The Washington Times and The New Yorker.

Commentary and Analysis on Television Networks:

Monica Crowley expanded her media presence by appearing on television networks, providing commentary and analysis on political matters. In 1996, Monica joined the Fox News Channel as a foreign affairs and political analyst, her role involving providing expert analysis and commentary on international affairs, political events, and related topics. This marked her entry into television news.

After years of successful work with Fox News, Monica was recruited by MSNBC’s Connected: Coast to Coast as a co-host alongside Ron Reagan, focused on discussing current events and politics. As a co-host, Crowley engaged in insightful discussions and shared her perspectives with the audience, further establishing herself as a media personality in 2004. Following a successful nine-month run, Crowley concluded her time on MSNBC’s Connected: Coast to Coast, on 9 December 2005, wrapping up her co-hosting role. This experience allowed her to broaden her viewership and gain exposure on a different network.


Two years later, Monica returned to Fox News Channel as a contributor, resuming her role as a political analyst and commentator. Her contributions to Fox News included offering expert insights, participating in panel discussions, and providing commentary on a wide range of political topics.

Later in 2007, Monica became a regular participant in The McLaughlin Group, a political talk show that featured a panel of experts discussing current events and political issues. Her involvement in this long-running program allowed her to engage in lively debates and share her perspectives alongside other renowned commentators, further bolstering her reputation as a political analyst.

Further Career, Trump Administration

Monica Crowley served as panelist on Fox News Channel’s late-night satire show “Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld”, hosted by Greg Gutfeld, and featuring a panel of guests discussing current events and injecting humor into the discussion.

Starting in 2009, Monica Crowley became a guest host for Bill O’Reilly on his popular Fox News show, “The O’Reilly Factor”. This gave her the opportunity to fill in for O’Reilly and present her perspectives on the news of the day to a broad audience. Additionally, she appeared as a guest host on the daily Fox opinion show, “The Five”, in which a panel of commentators discussed current events and political topics.

Monica also made an appearance in the Netflix original series “House of Cards”, in which she portrayed herself, adding a touch of realism to the political drama.

During the presidential election in 2016, she provided election-day commentary on Fox News. She famously referred to Donald Trump’s impending victory as “a revolt of the unprotected class against the protected elite class”. This statement encapsulated a sentiment that resonated with many of Trump’s supporters, and attracted attention to Crowley’s analysis and insights on the political landscape. Her commentary further solidified her reputation as a conservative voice, and helped establish her as a recognized figure in political media coverage.

In March 2017, Monica Crowley joined the firm of Douglas Schoen as a part-time consultant, providig “outreach services” for Ukrainian industrialist and political figure Victor Pinchuk; this involved engaging with stakeholders, building relationships, and facilitating communication on Pinchuk’s behalf. Additionally, Crowley registered as a foreign agent in accordance with the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, which mandates disclosure of such activities.


Following Donald Trump’s election victory in December 2016, it was announced that Monica Crowley would join the Trump administration as a deputy national security advisor, assisting with the formulation and execution of national security policies and strategies. As a member of the national security team, Crowley was have been responsible for providing expertise and advice on various security-related matters. While she was appointed to this position, Crowley later withdrew from consideration due to plagiarism allegations surrounding her previous work.

On 16 July 2019, President Trump announced Monica Crowley’s appointment as the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs in the Treasury Department. In this role, she became the top spokeswoman for Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, responsible for overseeing and co-ordinating the department’s public relations activities, managing communications, and conveying the Treasury Department’s messaging to the public and the media.

Conspiracy Theories Against Barack Obama

Monica Crowley has made several statements and shared conspiracy theories regarding former President Barack Obama’s religion and alleged dual loyalties. In 2010, she suggested that Obama had dual commitments to Islam and the United States by supporting the construction of the Islamic community center Park51 near the World Trade Center. She also claimed in 2013, that the Muslim Brotherhood had an ally in Obama. Monica pointed out that in 2009, Obama used his full name during his inauguration, ordered the closure of the Guantánamo Bay detention camp, and granted an interview to Al Arabiya, which she implied indicated his sympathies. In 2011, she expressed support for birth conspiracy theories about Obama. In 2015, she shared an article describing Obama as an “Islamic community organizer” who was aligning US policy with Islam and Sharia.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Monica Crowley’s net worth is estimated at $4 million as of mid-2023.


Personal Life, Dating, Married, Husband, Children

Monica is very secretive about her personal life. She was linked to Bill Siegel in 2017, a producer and director, but she didn’t address these rumors.

Appearance and Body Measurements

Monica Crowley has blonde hair and blue eyes. She stands at a height of 5ft 2ins (1.57m), weighs approximately 115lbs (52 kg)., with vital statistics of 35-25-35, and bra size 40B.

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Faye Hadley’s Biography – Age, Husband, Net Worth – Wiki



Who is Faye Hadley?

Faye Hadley is an American television personality and automotive technician, probably best known to the world for her appearance in the reality show “All Girls Garage”, which she joined in 2019. She specializes in repairing Toyota cars, and has shown her skills in the aforementioned show. She is the owner of the Piston & PixieDust repair shop.

Faye Hadley Biography- Age, Childhood, and Education

Faye Hadley was born on the 25th September 1986 in the USA – she hasn’t revealed her birthplace.

Her father, who has a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), had a lot of influence on her career, as under his wing, she took an interest in mechanics, and was more of a tomboy than a lady. As she was grew-up her interest in the automobile industry intensified. While at the university she took a road trip in a Volkswagen GTI which had its engine die, and as she didn’t have enough money to pay for a new engine, she entered a car repair shop as a volunteer to learn all about engine repairing. This turned useful for her later career, but before she started living off repairing cars, Faye studied at Harvard University, from which she obtained a degree in psychology in 2010.


Career Beginning

Faye was a psychologist before she switched hospitals and private offices for garages and repair shops – she moved to Portland where she joined a repair shop on an unpaid internship. After a while, she was employed  a Toyota dealership, where she earned a few certifications which enabled her to move further in her career. She joined a garage that specialized in older vehicles, and eventually started her own auto repair and education foundation, Piston & PixieDust. Based in San Antonio, Texas, it is a repair shop but also an educational course about cars for women by women.

Rise to Prominence

Her career progressed and she was becoming more successful – numerous people heard about her work, and she started teaming up with other women car repairers. This earned her stardom in the US, but she broke to international fame in 2019, when she joined the reality TV show “All Girls Garage”. The show was hosted by Jessi Combs, who sadly died in a car crash in August 2019 while trying to break the women’s land-speed record which she had set in 2016. Teaming up with other female mechanics, Faye worked on such vehicles as BMW 325i, Ford Mustang GT, Chevy Camaro 1971, GOT Convertible from 1967, and many others in the 15 episodes in which she appeared in the popular show.


YouTube Popularity

In addition to her success on television, Faye has also launched her online career with a YouTube channel. Although she opened her channel in 2013, her first video was uploaded just four years ago, since when she has claimed more than 50,000 subscribers, and has around three million views. Her channel features videos related to her profession, which often feature her classes and advice to various car problems.

Some of her most popular videos include “How to Service a Sealed Toyota Transmission”, which has around 350,000 views, then “I Bought my Work Truck from a Junkyard!!… Here’s Why.”, (280,000 views), and “How I Started my Mobile Mechanic Business, and How I Market Myself?”, with just over 200,000 views, among others with thousands of views that have contributed to her wealth and popularity.

Faye Hadley Net Worth, Height, Weight, and Appearance

Faye Hadley has become a well-known car mechanic and is not the only woman to do so. Her wealth has increased in the last few years accordingly, and it is estimated that Faye Hadley’s net worth is over $5 million as of early 2020.


Faye Hadley’s body measurements are unknown, as well as her height and weight. She has dark brown eyes and black hair.

Faye Hadley Personal Life, Boyfriend, Dating, Single, Married?

Faye has rarely spoken about her personal life, but some information about her love life has come to surface. Faye is taken; she has been married to Brandon Hadley since 2016, having held the wedding ceremony on the 25th September. The two started dating in 2015, and in less than a year became engaged and then married. They don’t have children.

Faye Hadley News, Facts, Influence

Faye Hadley has become an international star in the last few years and is continuing to build her career and fame. Numerous magazines have written about her and conducted interviews, including the San Antonio Mag, and Hot Cars also did a review on her and the rest of the “All Girls Garage”, in addition to other magazines.

Faye is also one of the founders of the #WomenAndMachine, which is an organization of women who host workshops about cars for other women across the USA.


Faye has launched a website for her repair shop, and you can book an appointment if you have problems with your vehicle.

Faye is also building fame on Instagram, on which she uploads her newest work and adventures from various workshops. She has certainly helped a lot of young women who have an interest in cars, and might have inspired them to become car mechanics.

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