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About Tyler Perry’s Wife – Gelila Bekele – Son, Age, Net Worth



• Gelila Bekele is a model, documentary maker and social worker from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
• She was scouted by an advertising art director in 2006 and became a Ford model.
• She has produced the movie "Full" and directed several documentary films.
• She has partnered with Charity Water and Glimmer of Hope for humanitarian projects.
• Her net worth is estimated at $2.5 million.

Early life, family, educational background

Humanitarian, model, documentary maker and social worker, Gelila Bekele was born on 4 September 1986, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She was raised in a conservative, middle-class family with her younger sister, Anna Wrossetti; from a young age, she dreamt of becoming a model. She posts photos of her parents, so she seems to be close with them, but her grandmother, Almaz, raised her. She moved around a lot in her childhood, including her family’s move to Europe when she was nine-years-old. She currently resides in America.

When looking back on her childhood, she has said that living between rural villages and then cities, really helped shape her adulthood.

She added that moving when you’re very young is easier because children quickly adapt to new surroundings. With regards to how it has affected her, in an interview with The Cattwalk, she said, ‘… I connect to places, what makes me feel at home and myself. Very free, climbing trees, drinking goat milk straight from the goat.’

She is proud of her Ethiopian heritage,e and often writes her captions on social media in the official language of Ethiopia, Amharic.

Who is Tyler Perry?

American songwriter, producer, actor and director, Tyler Perry – born Emmitt Perry Jr. on 13 September 1969 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA – is best known for creating and portraying the character, Madea, a headstrong black woman.


In 2011 he was listed as one of the highest-paid men in entertainment by Forbes; from May 2010 to May 2011, he reputedly earned $130 million. He enjoys acting in stage productions, and his film differs from the usual filmmaking techniques; most of his stage productions have been adapted as movies. He wrote a good portion of his stage plays in the 1990s and early 2000s.

He has also worked on television too – “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” premiered on TBS on 21 June 2006, and lasted for eight seasons, wrapping-up on 10 August 2012. For the series, Tyler made a deal with Oprah Winfrey and the Oprah Winfrey Network, mainly for Oprah’s benefit, as her network did not yet have a scripted television show.

For her network, Tyler has created a few other series, including “The Haves and the Have Nots,” which received the network’s highest rating in 2014. Critics called the show, Oprah Winfrey Network’s ‘… biggest success stories with its weekly do of Soapy fun, filled with the typical betrayals, affairs and manipulations.’ In 2009, he played Admiral Barnett in “Star Trek”, the titular character in the 2012 “Alex Cross,” and Baxter Stockman in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows” in 2016. His net worth as of early 2020 is estimated at over $600 million.


In 2006, Gelila was scouted by an advertising art director, and became a Ford model – she was a freshman at the University of California, Berkeley, and was on her way to class when she was scouted.


Her modeling work was mainly done in New York and Paris. Within a few years, she was featuring in major worldwide advertising campaigns, and posing for several of the world’s most famous fashion designers. She mostly works in and around the US and Europe, for international brands such as Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Nespresso and Anna Sui. She has also appeared in multiple magazines and media publications, and graced the covers of several, including Essence, Marie Claire and Allure. Gelila has worked with, or currently works with modeling agencies such as Model Management and W360, both of which are based in New York, and Premium Models, based in Paris.

She has appeared in a few films, and in 2009 produced the movie, “Full” on which she worked with Dino Antoniou. She has directed several documentary films too, her most famous documentary film was released in 2015 and is entitled, “Mai: Life is not Honey.” The short movie follows the life of young Ethiopian girls living in a rural village, and also touches on topics such as gender inequality, the importance of educating girls, and climate change.

Her book “Guzo” was published in 2016, and became a bestseller after receiving an abundance of positive reviews. It deals with the complex traditions, culture, customs, occupations and religious beliefs of the six major Ethiopian tribes: Afar, Lasta Lalibela, Hamar, Raya, Tigray and Harrar. The book also contains stunning photographs of historical monuments, crafts, traditional art and observations of the tribes.


She hopes that her book will encourage all Ethiopians, including those living overseas, to embrace their culture and be proud of their heritage. She wants her work to reflect how rich the country is in culture, and to emphasize the country’s need for humanitarian efforts.

Being a social activist and humanitarian herself, she knows what she is talking about; she has won accolades for her philanthropic work in and around Ethiopia. Entrepreneur and photographer Scott Harrison founded Charity Water, an organization which Gelila has partnered with on numerous humanitarian projects. She also often works with Glimmer of Hope, with her main focus being on helping people with their livelihoods and rights when living in developing countries.

She also focuses on providing clean water to rural villages in Ethiopia, and quality education to the girls in the country. In an interview with The Other Festival, she shared, ‘I have a duty to people on the other side of the world, especially young girls who often have no chance or access to education.’ She has also spoken out against bullying and body-shaming in interviews, stating that throughout her modeling career, she has learnt to love and embrace her body and femininity.

In 2018, she was listed in Okay Africa’s 100 Women, which celebrates meaningful work done by African women across the globe.

Personal life

Gelila met Tyler Perry at a Prince concert in 2007, and the two began dating soon after.


In an interview with Jess Cagle, Tyler recalled when Gelila facetimed him in 2014 with a big surprise, ‘… she’s holding up the pregnancy stick. I’m like ‘I guess this is happening.’’ Their son, Aman Tyler Perry was born on 30 November 2014, and was Christened in November 2015, thrown a Christening bash by his godmother, Oprah Winfrey.

Gelila has spoken out about wanting to raise her son with the knowledge of his Ethiopian heritage, but will not include all of the customs in her parenting. In an interview with The Cattwalk, she candidly shared, ‘… it [Ethiopian culture] can be very silencing to children because it’s like ‘I’m the adult, and I know everything.’

She expressed that she feels that her son teaches her who he is as an individual, and that traditional discipline is not always the best route to go. She prefers to parent her son according to what works with him, and not what and how she was taught when growing up.

Gelila and Tyler have been together for many years, so there have been a lot of marriage rumours – neither has denied or confirmed these claims. However, on 11 June 2017, singer and Grammy Award winner, Stephanie Mills, uploaded a photo to Instagram and referred to Gelila as Tyler’s wife. Although it may sound like a hint that the two secretly married, Stephanie could have called Gelilia Tyler’s wife because the pair have been together for so many years, that they are practically if unofficially married.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

She is a vegan and encourages her followers to join her green lifestyle.


Gelila has black hair and brown eyes. She is 5ft 9in (1.75m) tall, weighs about 134lbs (61kgs), and her vital statistics are 33-24-35.

Net worth and salary

According to Payscale, models earn between $22,206 and $739,782, but Gelila’s experience spanning over a decade would put her in the higher margin of the scale. As of early 2020, her net worth is estimated at $2.5 million.

Started with in April 2023. Previously, Executive Editor at Echoes Media. Holds a Journalism degree from New York University.

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Naked Truth: Valeria Orsini – IG Star with over 4.2M followers



Who is Valeria Orsini?

Valeria Orsini is an American fitness model and coach, who achieved stardom by posting pictures of herself on Instagram in swimsuit and lingerie. She has worked with several fashion brands, and in addition to modeling, she has become an influencer, thanks to her advice on fitness in general including dieting.

Valeria Orsini Wiki- Age, Childhood, and Education

Valeria Orsini was born on the 19th January 1990, in Atlanta, Georgia USA, of mixed Puerto Rican, Italian and Colombian ancestry.

She spent her childhood in Miami, Florida as the family moved there when she was just two years old. She attended a local high school, and upon matriculation, enrolled at the Keiser University for Occupational Therapy. While at the university she developed other interests, which got her career going; she was training to be a boxer and attended several fitness training sessions, which sparked the interest of photographers. It was then that she started her Instagram page, and began uploading pictures and videos of herself.

Career Beginnings

Valeria now has over 3,100 posts on her Instagram page, with over four million followers.


She decided to focus on swimwear and lingerie edition pictures, her follower numbers increaed at a rapid pace, and she began attracting famous brands. As her career developed and her body became a fantasy for millions, she was offered a calendar deal with Latin Mix in 2010 and 2011. Since then, she has graced the cover pages of several magazines, including the Chronicle, South Florida, Nine5Four Magazine, and Mixed Magazines, among others.

Rise to Prominence

Valeria continued taking steps forward in her career, mostly thanks to Instagram as she started endorsing a number of popular lingerie and swimwear brands on this social media platform.

In recent years she has collaborated with such brands as Happy Tea, Lotus Couture, and of course, Mercedes, which made her an international star. She is also known for her appearance in the music video for the song “White Girl”, performed by Trina, Florida, and Git Fresh. Valeria has also collaborated with Southdadetoyata, among other brands that increased her wealth and popularity. The number of her followers is now 4.2 million.

Valeria Orsini Diet, Nutrition, Fitness Coach

In addition to her success as a model, Valeria has also aspired to be a fitness coach, and is known for her special workouts.


She has used the knowledge she has acquired in the gym to pass on to other young girls who aspire to become models and fitness trainers. She has often spoken about her workouts and what they consist of, and has said that they can be different, based on what she wants to achieve and how she wants to look. She is fond of martial arts too, and enjoys doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, while to achieve a leaner look she does a daily cardio of 45 minutes alongside weight training. She spends five days of the week in the gym and has different exercises every day, sometimes focusing on cardio, other times strength training through weight lifting three times a week.

When it comes to her diet and nutrition, she has said that she eats a lot of meat and vegetables, while she tends to avoid complex carbs, which includes brown rice and sweet potatoes.

Valeria Orsini Net Worth, Height, Weight, Body Statistics, and Appearance

Valeria is not only an Instagram star but a supermodel and fitness coach. Her success in all these fields has increased her wealth by a large margin. So, if you wondered, Valeria Orsini’s net worth is estimated at over $1 million as of early 2020; her annual income is estimated to be around $250,000.


Valeria’s perfect measurements have made her extremely successful, so let’s look into them; she stands at 5ft 9ins (1.75m) tall, weighs approximately 136lbs ~ 62kgs, and her vital statistics are 34-24-34 – an hourglass-shaped body. Valeria has brown hair and blue eyes.

Valeria Orsini Personal Life, Dating, Boyfriend, Single

Valeria is very reserved when speaking about her private life and hasn’t shared much information about it. Nevertheless, she has spoken about how she is waiting for Mr. Right, and until she meets him, Valeria has said that she will be single. The media hasn’t linked her to anyone specifically, and we are out to believe her words.

Though she has made a video in which she has talked about what she wants in a man, and in the same video said that she doesn’t kiss on the first date, and that the worst place to meet someone is a club.

Valeria Orsini Facts, News, Influence

Since becoming super popular and acquiring over four million followers on Instagram, Valeria has been followed by a number of popular magazines that spoke of her beauty on their pages.


One of those magazines is the Inquisitr, as it often shares Valeria’s pictures from Instagram, which has also helped to increase her popularity. Valeria has used her experience to help other models and has shared with them her training routines. She has continued to inspire a new generation of fitness models and is still promoting all of her work both as a model and as a fitness trainer.

Valeria is a dog person, has one named Positive Penny and has started his Instagram page with the name Pawsitive_penny, as a play on words.

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Laneya Grace – Who is the famous child 15-years-old model?



Who is Laneya Grace?

Laneya Grace is an American teen model, who has conquered the world at just 12 years of age, and become a famous face everywhere she appears. She is signed to several high profile fashion modeling agencies, including Je Model Management, Wilhelmina Models and others. She is also popular on Instagram, which she uses to promote her career.

Age, Childhood, and Education

Laneya Grace was born on the 23rd June 2004, in San Francisco, California USA; her father is Stevenson Thomas, while the name of her mother hasn’t been shared with the media.

Laneya is the older child of her parents, having a younger sister, Kay. From an early age, Laneya was thrown into the modeling world, which she accepted, and since then has become immensely popular.

Career Beginning

Her career started when she was just three years old, when her parents signed her up with Ford Models, and for the next four years, Laneya was working with the agency until it dropped its childrens’ division. She was picked up by JE Modeling agency, though she waited for a while to get another professional contract as she was wearing braces.


Laneya’s career was improving as she was receiving work steadily, and was slowly turning into a modeling star. She began working with high profile brands, agents, and photographers, and started her Instagram page and began uploading pictures of herself, which caught the attention of more fashion brands, photographers, and other important people in the fashion industry, which resulted in numerous collaborations.

Rise to Stardom

She she has now uploaded almost 2000 pictures and videos onto Instagram, and has worked with many photographers such as Amy Wenzel, Joe Lee and Tina Maliga among others.

She was making giant steps forward when named one of the most beautiful children several times, which only encouraged her to continue her career.

It was in 2013 that she became a world star as she was featured in the music video for the song “Wake Me Up”, performed by Avicii, which became extremely popular, and launched young Laneya to stardom. Laneya was just 12 years old at the time, and apparently had the world at her feet.


She has since worked with numerous popular fashion brands including Guess and Disney’s Maleficent Toys, among numerous others. Laneya has become very popular on Instagram, on which she now has more than 350,000 followers, which also helped her become what she is today. She now has deals with several modeling agencies, in addition to Wilhelmina Models and JE, she is also signed to Osbrink Agency, Henderson Represents Inc., Luber Roklin management, and others.

Net Worth, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, and Appearance

Laneya is still a child to many, but a successful model too, and she has used her great looks and beauty to acquire a decent amount of money. Although she is 15 and her parents manage her accounts, according to authoritative sources, Laneya Grace’s net worth is as high as $500,000 as of early 2020.

Laneya is in the years when her body is still developing so her measurements aren’t final; she stands at 5ft 2ins (1.57m) tall, while she weighs approximately 88lbs ~ 40kgs, and her vital statistics are 31-25-33.


She has green eyes and light brown hair. Her sharp and defined jawbone is yet another of her assets that make her admired as stunningly beautiful.

Personal Life, Dating, Boyfriend, Is She Single?

As a 15-year-old teen girl, she certainly has some crushes in her mind, but so far she hasn’t revealed anything. Also, the media hasn’t linked her to any of the celebrities her age or a bit older, so we can speculate that Laneya is single and focused entirely on her promising career as a model.

News, Facts, Trivia

Laneya is often featured in the news and magazines, and so far a number of popular publications have written about her and her stunning beauty. She has influenced a lot of young beautiful girls to follow her steps into modeling.Although young, Laneya is a gym fan and you can see her working out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She also enjoys Muay Thai training and likes boxing style workouts. When she is not working, Laneya is out swimming, while also spending free time with family and friends.


Her career started by chance; just a few months before her sister was about to be born, her parents started thinking about what would occupy Laneya and make it easier for the whole family, once the new baby was introduced. As a result, they decided to take several pictures of Laneya, and send them to the Ford Modeling Agency,  which accepted her, and the rest is history.

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Instagram Stars

Bri Teresi – ‘Maxim’ Model and Snapchat Star – Who is she?



Who is Bri Teresi, Maxim model and Snapchat star? Wiki Bio

Bri Teresi was born in Auburn, Alabama USA, on 8 October 1994 – her zodiac sign is Libra and she holds American nationality. She is a model, Instagram celebrity, and a Snapchat star, who is mostly famous for the pictures she uploads onto her Instagram and Snapchat accounts.

Early life and education

Bri was raised an only child in Auburn in a middle-class family – her father is a salesman while her mother is working at a local market. She was very active while attending high school, as she played soccer and ran track, and later decided to focus on fitness and started going to the gym as well.

Upon matriculation, she enrolled at San Jose State University, California, where she studied alongside Richard Ayala, an Instagram star, and the two dated for two years. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science in 2016, but then decided to focus on her career on the internet, rather than become involved in politics.

Career as a model and a Snapchat ‘Queen’

Bri is mostly famous for the career she has on the internet.


She launched her Snapchat account sometime in the ‘10s, and considers herself to be the ‘Snapchat Queen’ – the platform was created by Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy while they were studying at Stanford University, and is mostly used for sending multimedia messages. It’s popular for its unique style of messaging – after a message or video is sent to another user, it is only visible for around 10 to 15 seconds. Her career as a model was launched after her Instagram account was noticed by a modelling scout, who invited her to attend her first photoshoot.

She is currently signed to L.A. Models in Los Angeles where she is currently living, and she’s posed for several popular brands such as Gucci and Zara, and has been featured on cover pages of several magazines including “Maxim”.

Bri is also an Instagram star, and her account is followed by nearly 800,000 people; she mostly uploads pictures in which she is wearing lingerie and underwear, and although there are many pictures in which she is topless, she is taking extra care not to violate Instagram’s terms of usage, as her account was once banned for a month.


She launched her YouTube channel on 12 June 2016 with Katie Teresi, and even though they planned to upload a new video every day, it seems as they have stopped using their channel, which now counts over 14,000 subscribers.

Love life and boyfriend

According to the “GUY KISSES VITALY EX GF BRI TERESI ON A DARE | ICE POSEIDON” video which was uploaded onto YouTube on 13 September 2018, Bri was in a relationship with Vitaly Zdorovetsky, a Russian-American YouTuber, for several years before their split in the second half of 2017.

The two met on the internet, and after chatting for a while met in person to starting their relationship in 2015.

Vitaly was born in Murmansk, Russia on 8 March 1992 – his zodiac sign is Pisces and he holds both Russian and American nationality. He was raised in Odessa in Ukraine, where he tried to become a professional skateboarder, but after hurting himself badly, he gave up on that dream. He worked as a garbage collector when he was 15 years-old, earning $5 per hour, before switching to work as a sign-spinner making $20 per three hours.


He then moved to Miami in Florida, USA, where he began working as a bus boy at a local restaurant; at the age of 18, he starred in a pornographic movie. He is popular for his “VitalyzdTv” YouTube channel, which he launched on 7 August 2011 and which is today subscribed to by over 20 million people, and counts nearly 1.7 billion views combined of all his videos.

Hobbies and other interests

Bri’s main hobby is travelling and she has been to several USA states and to a couple of European cities such as London – where she is signed to a modelling agency – Berlin in Germany, and Paris in France.

She is a big lover of animals and has a pet dog Jack who is occasionally featured in the pictures she uploads onto her Instagram account. She is a shopaholic, and goes shopping for clothes on a daily basis – while her favorite two colors are red and black. She likes watching movies, with her favorite actor and actress being Morgan Freeman and Natalie Portman, while some of her favorite movies are “The Shawshank Redemption”, “Yes Man”, and “V for Vendetta”.

Bri is physically very active as she has several training sessions at the gym every week, and offers advice on exercising on her Instagram and Snapchat accounts.


She is also offering lessons for those who are willing to pay for her fitness instructions. She enjoys spending her free time in nature such as on hills and in parks, and is keen on hiking and camping in the woods.

Appearance and net worth

Bri is 25 years old. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes, is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, and weighs around 136lbs (62kgs). As of early 2020, her net worth is estimated at over $500,000.

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