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From Two to One: Conjoined Twins’ Extraordinary Transformation into Independent Individuals



In the annals of medical marvels, the story of conjoined twins stands as a testament to both the resilience of the human spirit and the incredible advances in surgical techniques. Conjoined twins, also known as Siamese twins, are a rarity, occurring only once in every 189,000 births. These extraordinary individuals are physically and thus usually mentally connected, sharing some organs, and inevitably facing unique challenges.

One of the most renowned cases of conjoined twins is that of Chang and Eng, whose lives spanned the 19th century. Born in 1811 in Siam (now Thailand), the brothers became famous after embarking on a successful world tour. Chang unfortunately suffered a paralytic stroke while touring the United States in 1870, and four years later, both brothers passed away. An autopsy revealed that their livers, much like their sides, were conjoined.

While the historical account of Chang and Eng highlights the awe-inspiring nature of conjoined twins, more recent stories shed light on the remarkable progress achieved in separating such twins. What was previously considered impossible, ridding young twins of hope for a normal life, has now become a reality for several pairs, now individuals worldwide.


The marvels of modern medicine and technology, as well as the unprecedented expertise and medical skill of today’s doctors, have been able to completely transform the lives of those most unfortunate, condemned to a troubled existence through no fault of their own. The magnificent tale of human triumph over one of the most severe physical impairments in our species’ history began with understanding how it occurs in the first place.

The root of misfortune

The origins of conjoined twins lie in the early stages of pregnancy, during the formation of identical twins or the development of fraternal twins. Contrary to what most may deem logical while pondering the matter, not all twins have a risk of becoming conjoined.

Fraternal twins, also known as dizygotic twins, are produced through fertilization of two completely separate eggs by two different sperm during impregnation. Differing from identical twins, who share the same genetic material, fraternal twins have distinct genetic compositions, just like any other siblings. Consequently, the occurrence of conjoined twins cannot be attributed to the same genetic factors that give rise to fraternal twins.

On the other hand, the development of identical twins holds the key to understanding the origins of conjoined twins. Identical twins, also referred to as monozygotic twins, form when a single fertilized egg, known as a zygote, splits apart to create two separate embryos. This division usually happens within the first two weeks of embryonic development. However, if the zygote division is incomplete during this critical period, it can result in the formation of conjoined twins.

The exact cause of incomplete zygote division leading to the condition is still a subject of scientific investigation. There are two prevailing theories that attempt to explain this phenomenon. The first suggests that if the division occurs after two weeks of embryonic growth, it may result in the fusion of the developing embryos, leading to conjoined twins. The second proposes that the division process may not be complete, causing the embryos to remain partially connected.

Conjoined twins can be classified based on the point of attachment and the body parts they share. The main medical term used to refer to their condition is the suffix ‘-pagus,’ meaning ‘fixed’ in ancient Greek. The most common types include thoraco-omphalopagus, where the bodies are fused from the upper chest to the lower chest, and thoracopagus, where the fusion occurs from the upper chest to the pelvis. The severity of the connection can vary, from shared organs such as the liver or digestive system to more complex unions, such as fusion at the head (craniopagus).

Splitting life from itself – a daunting thought

The tragic history of conjoined twins bears great fame and suffering, with very little to no true respite for the sufferers of this condition. However, it isn’t for lack of trying that humanity had to let them suffer. Separating most conjoined twins who are currently alive is still impossible, considering the unimaginably complicated reconstruction process of vital body parts that would have to be replicated.

Conjoined twins are typically fused along the trunk of their bodies or at the front, side, or back of their heads, and in the case of symmetrical twins, they may have no birth anomalies apart from the areas of fusion. The very nature of their physical union creates complexities that demand specialized skills, equipment, and a multi-disciplinary medical team.

Another disheartening fact is that most sufferers of this condition will never even have a chance to apply for separation. Medical statistics reveal that only a small percentage, approximately 7.5% of conjoined twins survive more than a few days, and the chances are even less for those who share organs. These sobering figures emphasize the tremendous risks associated with their separation, prompting most doctors and sufferers to stray from the very idea of surgery.

Successful separation procedures require meticulous planning, extensive preparation, and careful consideration of each twin’s unique anatomy. The medical team must navigate the delicate balance between preserving vital organs, ensuring the well-being of each twin, and minimizing potential complications.

More often than not, the sheer amount of excruciating mental concentration required to perform what is nothing short of a medical miracle, even by today’s standards, proves too great for a team willing to attempt the procedure. Such a congregation of experts is rarely present in the same premises, and it’s even rarer that the twins or their loved ones are able to afford the surgery.

The few times that these unthinkably complex medical masterpieces take place serve as a beacon of hope and faith in humanity, proving that our race is truly capable of taming the nature of the world and ensuring our triumph for millennia to come.


Separating the conjoined

Opposing common sense and even the most reasonable expectations, the first recorded case of conjoined twin separation dates back to the Byzantine Empire in 10th century AD. Famous historian Leo the Deacon detailed in his opus magnum the appearance of male twins joined at the sides, ‘from the armpit to the hip.’

It was revealed from several other chronicles that they arrived in Constantinople (today’s Istanbul) all the way from present-day Armenia, while emperor Romanus I Lecapenus (919-944) was on the throne. The twins captivated everyone who had set eyes upon them, becoming the subject of many myths perpetuated by the diverse beliefs of the Byzantine capital’s inhabitants.

These grown men were of outstanding physical and mental health, embraced around the shoulders at the joined side and using the free hands to walk with two sticks. After being expelled from the city due to many believing they were a bad omen, they proceeded to travel around the empire and garner significant attention.

In the 950s one of them succumbed to an unrecorded ailment, but the other was still alive and well. Various skilled doctors gathered around the twins and took on the challenge of saving the other’s life, performing the first known separation surgery. In spite of their best efforts, the remaining twin died three days later.

Elisabet and Catherina were the first conjoined twins to undergo successful separation surgery, performed by the renowned German surgeon Johannes Fatio in 1689. However, aside from the fact that they survived, not much else is known about their state before or after the surgery.

A much better documented case, and arguably one of history’s most famous in this regard, is the 1955 procedure by neurosurgeon Harold Voris at Mercy Hospital in Chicago, Illinois USA, whereupon craniopagus twin girls had their heads separated from one another. Although they both survived, it was determined eight years later that the shorter sister suffered severe and permanent impairment.

John Nelson and James Edward Freeman (Johnny and Jimmy)

Born on 27 April 1956, in Youngstown, Ohio, Johnny and Jimmy entered the world as omphalopagus twins, sharing a liver while possessing separate hearts. Up until that point, it was quite possible to imagine separating conjoined twins who shared some skin and bones together, but not a vital organ.

They became a new world record guided by the skilled hands of Dr. Bertram Katz at North Side Hospital in their birthplace, undergoing ground-breaking separation surgery. The procedure was successfully executed, giving both boys a chance at a normal life previously thought outside the realm of possibility.


It no exaggeration to say that Bertram’s achievement opened a new door to the treatment of this debilitating condition, prompting numerous medical experts around the world to put their minds to the issue. Almost a century down the line, it’s evident that significant progress has been made in this field.

Ladan and Laleh Biljani

Despite being some of the most famous names within the umbrella of this particular birth defect, the lives of the Iranian conjoined twins tragically ended on the operating table. Instead, they’re a testament to just how difficult such procedures are to perform, and most definitely an inspiration to the doctors who came along in the years that followed, pushing themselves to the limit of human capability so as to avoid another pair of children suffering their fate.

Born with an extraordinary condition that saw them conjoined at the head – craniopagus – Ladan and Laleh Bijani became international figures, showcasing both the wonders of medical advancements and the inherent risks involved. Their desire for independence and the pursuit of individual lives led them to Raffles Hospital in Singapore, where renowned surgeons from around the world attempted to separate them.

Against the advice of the lead surgeon in 2003, the inseparable sisters underwent a grueling and indescribably complex 52-hour operation. The procedure sought to sever their shared blood supply to the brains – something never achieved before in the history of medicine. The world watched with bated breath, holding on to the hope that medical science had advanced just far enough to allow a miracle.

What perhaps exacerbates the tragedy to its utmost is the fact that the surgery almost succeeded, as the blood supply had been nearly entirely separated by the time Laleh Biljani’s heart stopped beating due to severe blood loss. Even with massive stocks of appropriate-type blood, the doctors just couldn’t supply enough to keep her alive. Ladan passed away shortly after her sister.

Bernardo and Arthur Lima

The seven surgeries performed on two three-year-olds from Brazil in 2022 are perhaps the greatest proof that Ladan and Laleh’s sacrifice changed the world for the better. The case of Bernardo and Arthur Lima was perhaps an even harder challenge for medical experts, as, unlike the Iranian twins, their brains were deeply fused within the conjoined skulls.


It doesn’t suffice to say that such a medical procedure is pretty much sci-fi, but it was still undertaken after careful deliberation of various experts. Doctors from Rio de Janeiro thought that perhaps something could be done for the boys, and they contacted one of the world’s leading children’s health facilities, the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, England.

They brought the boys in and acted with strict adherence to every word of Ormond’s pediatric surgeon Noor ul Owase Jeelani, who guided his colleagues in one of the most fascinating medical achievements to date.

It wasn’t all going to be done in one attempt, however, and the boys had to be operated on seven different times, with the final two lasting a total of 33 hours and involving nearly 100 medical staff. The procedure was also guided by Dr Gabriel Mufarrej, who headed the hospital where it took place.

In order to even prepare for this practically unattainable achievement, the two experts consulted with one another for months leading up to the surgery, exploring various ideas in extremely accurate virtual reality models.

It wasn’t just the doctors who made this possible though, as the entire operation was funded by Gemini Untwined, the world’s leading charity organization focused on the research and treatment of twins conjoined at the cranium.

The unprecedented success in Rio de Janeiro has now paved the way for many similar procedures, as the invaluable information of how something so complex had been successfully achieved for the first time in human history is widely available to all future doctors. The coming decades look brighter than ever for conjoined twins, and the world has their admirable resilience and the medical experts’ unwavering dedication to thank for that.

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Chantel & Pedro Jimeno Are Divorcing – Won’t Be Season 5



“The Family Chantel”

While news of Chantel and Pedro Jimeno’s imminent divorce may not have come as a surprise to many viewers of “The Family Chantel”, who witnessed their marriage break down in real-time, that hasn’t stopped news outlets from constantly reporting the story, and every development ever since.

The couple, who became public figures during their time on “90 Day Fiancé” before Chantel was granted her own reality show, have been on the way out for at least a year, with Pedro officially filing for divorce in late May 2022, a month after their initial separation. Since then, the former lovebirds have been busy posting cryptic messages about the situation on social media, but it appears that the divorce has yet to be finalized.

In happier times, Chantel and Pedro starred in “The Family Chantel” with their friends and family. With Chantel being mixed-race and Pedro hailing from the Dominican Republic, their intercultural marriage and the drama that came with it was the focus of the show for four seasons. The series, which premiered in July 2019, became popular for being the first “90 Day Fiancé” spin-off to focus on a single couple instead of large groups.


Chantel and Pedro met online and hit it off immediately, with Chantel flying over to the Dominican Republic to meet her boyfriend. The couple became engaged in secret, until Pedro could obtain his K-1 visa and travel to Chantel’s birthplace of Atlanta, Georgia. The main cast members of “The Family Chantel” were Chantel, her family – Karen, Thomas, Riverknight and Winter Everett – and Pedro’s mother and sister, Lydia Morel and Nicole Jimeno.

Naturally, almost all the storylines on “The Family Chantel” focused on Chantel’s life, and it’s not clear if Pedro was happy to be in her shadow. The model and TV personality, who was born in February 1991, has never had a good relationship with her in-laws either, which has been the cause of plenty of friction. The same can be said for Pedro, who was never quite welcomed into the Everett clan.

Even so, the pair exchanged vows in an intimate wedding ceremony in July 2019. Three years later, the husband-and-wife duo officially confirmed their separation and divorce proceedings shortly after the season four premiere of “The Family Chantel” aired. Although some netizens believed that the announcement was a publicity stunt to combat low viewing figures, months passed and there was no reconciliation between the now famous couple.

As Chantel is fond of sharing risqué photos on her Instagram feed, and her and Pedro have often gone months at a time without posting each other, there have been many rumors of marital woes pertaining the “90 Day Fiancé” alums in the past. However, it’s been said that the reality TV personalities don’t post or discuss each other on social media, unless they’re filming for the show.


Although Chantel and Pedro are still legally married, it’s clearer than ever that they don’t plan on getting back together – so much so that “The Family Chantel” has possibly been cancelled by TLC. If the show does return for a fifth season, the main storylines will certainly be the former couple’s complicated divorce proceedings, and how their respective families are reacting to the news.

If there is a season five, fans of the show are hoping to see less of Pedro. The social media influencer and licensed real estate agent is known for his ambition and cold personality. Despite Chantel having a full-time job, filming for the show, and taking on all the household responsibilities, he would often call her lazy, and seemingly tried to spend as little time with her as possible.

It’s interesting to note that the same day Pedro filed for divorce, both parties filed restraining orders against the other. Pedro sensationally claimed that Chantel was withdrawing large sums of money from their shared bank account, whereas Chantel accused her estranged husband of domestic abuse and infidelity. Days before the couple formally separated in late April 2022, Chantel moved $257,000 from her and Pedro’s joint account to an account she shares with her sister.

Over the years, Chantel has often complained about Pedro practically funding his mother and sister’s lifestyles in the Dominican Republic. Although Lidia is a lawyer, she claims not to earn much, and would often ask her son for money and gifts whenever he visited. Pedro has also made no secret of the fact that he pays their rent, which has always been a bone of contention in his marriage. It’s possible that Chantel took the six figures from their joint account to avoid any of it going towards Lidia or Nicole.


Another strain on their doomed marriage was the bad relationship between the Everetts and Jimenos. One memorable family trip ended with Lidia and Nicole fighting Chantel, Winter and Karen, to the point that glasses were thrown and people were almost injured. Pedro and Chantel each defended their family members, while criticizing their in-laws.

The infidelity rumors concerning Pedro have also been brewing for a long time. In a season four episode of “The Family Chantel”, the real estate agent was accused of engaging in an affair with co-worker Antonella Barrenechea. During an informal meeting with a lawyer present, Chantel mentioned how much time Pedro was spending with his female colleagues. Pedro denied being inappropriately involved with Antonella and accused his wife of not being supportive of his demanding job.

Most viewers of “The Family Chantel” have taken the Atlanta native’s side. With that said, the Everetts have a long history of alienating married-ins; when Chantel’s brother, Royal became engaged to his long-term girlfriend Angenette, the family practically descended into chaos. Chantel and Karen suspected that Angenette, who is Filipina, was only marrying Royal to obtain American citizenship, and gave her the cold shoulder from day one.

Following his sister’s footsteps, Royal met Angenette online, and soon caught a flight to meet in her home country, proposing during their very first face-to-face meeting. The nine-year age gap and Angenette’s foreign roots were cause of concern for Chantel and the rest of the Everetts, who spent most of season two ostracizing the newcomer and meddling during the wedding plans.


The season two finale of “The Family Chantel” saw Royal and Angenette officially become husband and wife. Soon afterwards, Angenette became pregnant and the lovebirds focused on building their own family unit while distancing themselves from the Everetts: so much so that Royal is barely on speaking terms with his mother and siblings to this day. The couple also refused to return for season three of the show, citing social media commentary and public scrutiny as the causes.

It remains to be seen whether there’ll be a fifth season of “The Family Chantel”, as none of the cast members have divulged any details. Nevertheless, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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What happened to Tonya on “Little Women: LA”?



“Little Women: LA”

Known as the show that spawned the “Little Women” franchise, “Little Women: LA” is a Lifetime reality series that premiered in May 2014. The principal cast members are women who were born with dwarfism and live in Los Angeles; to date, the show has run for eight seasons and boasts over 135 episodes.

The main cast members are Terra Jolé, Tonya Banks, Elena Gant, Christy McGinity, and Briana Manson. Secondary cast members include Traci Tsou, Jasmine Sorge, Brittney Guzman, and Mika Winkler.

Tonya Banks

Tonya Renee Banks hails from Carson, California, and was born in July 1964. Prior to starring in “Little Women: LA”, Tonya was already a seasoned actress and stuntswoman with decades of experience in the industry.

Some of Tonya’s notable projects include “Bad Santa”, “Death to Smoochy”, and “The Internship Games”; after appearing in the last film, she made history as the first little person to be the female lead of a movie.

Although Tonya isn’t doing much acting these days, she’s successfully switched over into the entrepreneurism lane with her own activewear line, “Lil Boss Body Activewear”. The “Little Women” alum also has a wine line, “L’Tonya Renee Red Blend Wine”.


The multi-skilled reality star recently started her own production company, One Bossey Productions LLC., and is also the CEO. In 2017, Tonya was thrilled to accept the MCPA Award for Most Diverse TV Moment; in the past, she also opened up about her difficulties in becoming one of the first little black women to break out in Hollywood.

If that wasn’t enough, Tonya is also a budding author, with one book to her name: “It’s Not What You’re Called, It’s What You Answer To”. The savvy businesswoman has also recently started to sell her own angel cinnamon spread via her website; however, it remains to be seen whether Tonya will delve deeper into the world of cuisine by releasing more food products.

The star’s multiple revenue streams guarantee that, even if she were to leave the “Little Women” franchise, she wouldn’t be hurting for money. For a while, Tonya has been accepting bookings for personal appearances, public speaking gigs, and even the occasional hosting.

However, Tonya sparked concern amongst her fanbase after she revealed that she had been battling Bell’s palsy, which is paralysis or weakness of the facial muscles. The reality star had previously been seen out and about sporting an eye patch; blaming her condition on stress, she spoke on the isolation that she felt as a consequence.

Treatment for Bell’s palsy normally involves taking steroids; those suffering from the condition can take up to two months to make a full recovery. In one episode of “Little Women: LA”, Tonya and her costar Elena Gant went for a cryotherapy session, thinking that it might help. Though Tonya hasn’t provided fans with any health updates recently, internet sources report that she has since made a full recovery.


As for Tonya’s love life, she was in an on-and-off relationship with Kerwin Johnson for close to three decades, and share a daughter named Angelique Johnson who was born in 1992 and prefers to stay out of the limelight. Fans rejoiced when Tonya and Kerwin became engaged in the sixth season of “Little Women: LA”, but sadly they revealed in the season seven premiere that they’d called the engagement off, and eventually broke up for good.


The cast members of “Little Women” have been embroiled in several scandals over the years. Briana Renee’s estranged husband, Matt Grundhoffer, was accused of sexual assault in 2018. The assault allegedly took place while he was working at the Child Study Treatment Center, when Matt’s patient was a minor.

During court proceedings, the court ordered Matt’s medical records and other personal information. News outlets claim that the defendants – namely, the Department of Social and Health Services and the Child Study and Treatment Center – filed for a protective order against the plaintiff. Matt’s alleged victim, who preferred to remain anonymous, claims to have been an underage patient when Matt was working at the treatment center as a counselor from September 2009 to November 2010, when the assault allegedly took place.

According to the plaintiff and her legal team, she was groomed by Matt during their counseling sessions, progressing from a romantic relationship to a sexual one. Based on his “position of authority and trust”, the plaintiff allegedly became emotionally dependent on Matt, which is when she was taken advantage of by him.


Months earlier, Briana had already filed for divorce from Matt after news outlets began reporting on his horrifying sexting scandals. She also requested a domestic violence restraining order against him a fortnight after the incident. Apparently, Briana found graphic texts on her husband’s phone in which he and other women spoke of bestiality and proposed sex acts with minor children. A few months later, a judge granted a five-year restraining order.

Although Briana was lucky in love the second time round and married her boyfriend just two months after divorcing Matt, she was forced to leave the “Little Women” franchise due to the negative effect Matt’s behavior was having on her brand. Even before the sexting incident and alleged assault of a minor, Matt was a well-known philanderer, and Briana had already broken up with him at least twice.

Terra Jolé, who is white, also made headlines after announcing that she’d partnered up with the Black Girl Moscato brand. The reality star was hesitant to tell her friends about it due to the brand’s controversial name, and an inter-racial discussion ensued almost as soon as she announced the big news. Tonya, in fact, walked out of the room as soon as Terra revealed her new partnership, despite Terra herself asking her to be the face of the wine. African-American viewers also lambasted Terra online, with Tonya’s strong reaction causing Terra to walk away from the business deal shortly afterwards.

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What happened to Kirsten Storms? Health Update



Kirsten Storms

The talented Kirsten Storms, who is known for her work in the “Zenon” trilogy, “Johnny Tsunami”, and “Kim Possible”, was born in April 1984 in Orlando, Florida, USA. During her childhood, she and her family moved between Casselberry, Sanford, and Kissimmee, together with Kirsten’s three siblings: half-brother Chris, brother Austin, and sister Gretchen. Her parents are Karen and Mike Storms, a WKMG-TV sportscaster.

According to Kirsten herself, she always dreamed of being a soap opera actress, and told one of her first agents so when she was just five years old. “No one took me seriously,” she reminisced in an interview years later. “But I knew, even though I hadn’t actually watched one, it was something I always wanted to do.”

Kirsten was discovered by a talent scout at aged five, after convincing her parents to enroll her in acting classes. She was inspired to try her luck in the entertainment industry after visiting her father at work, and her parents were evidently more than happy that she pursue her dreams. The talent scout then suggested that Kirsten enroll in an intensive New York-based acting camp aimed at children.


Work was scant at first, with Kirsten in minor roles in a handful of commercials. Eventually, she scored a lead role in “Sing Me a Story with Belle”, and a recurring role in “Second Noah”. In 1996, she and her family moved to Los Angeles for better work opportunities, and soon afterwards, she was cast as Laura Cummings in “7th Heaven”.

However, the turning point in Kirsten’s career was when she was cast as the title character in “Zenon: Girl of the 21st century”. At the time, the movie made history by having the largest rating for any Disney Channel original movie. From then on, TV movies and family shows became the Floridian’s forte, although she appeared in other Disney projects doing voiceover work or in supporting roles.

In August 1999, Kirsten auditioned for the role of Isabella “Belle” Black in “Days of Our Lives”. Despite the initial backlash from viewers due to how rapidly Isabella’s character had aged – which is a common phenomenon in soap operas when it comes to babies or young children – she soon became a fan favorite, who enjoyed many high-profile storylines with major characters within the show. Nevertheless, Kirsten decided not to renew her five-year contract, in order to focus on other opportunities.

The other projects in mind included “Clubhouse”, a CBS series that aired in late 2004, but was cancelled after just five episodes. The series was produced by Aaron Spelling and created by Daniel Cerone, with Kirsten having one of the leading roles as Betsy Young, the protagonist’s sister. Despite the show not being successful, Kirsten enjoyed the experience of playing Betsy, a troubled teenager grappling with decidedly adult issues that included sex, drugs and alcohol.


In May 2005, Kirsten joined “General Hospital” as the third actress to play Mariah Maximiliana Jones, receiving an Emmy nomination for her role four years later. Mysterious medical reasons meant that she had to vacate the role in late 2011; despite being scheduled to return in February 2012, her illness – which was revealed to be endometriosis – prevented her from doing so until September of the same year.

In early 2013, the relationship between Kirsten and her former co-star Brandon Barash was confirmed. The couple gave a rare interview in August of the same year, and dropped the bombshell news that they had secretly tied the knot, and were expecting a baby girl. Their daughter, Harper Rose Barash, was born in January 2014. Sadly, the lowkey couple filed for divorce in April 2016, citing irreconcilable differences. As the split was amicable, the couple have been successfully co-parenting for years, and have yet to slander each other in the press.

In the past, Kirsten has been in trouble with the law for tossing a lit cigarette out of her window while driving on an L.A freeway. The incident occurred in September 2007; she was promptly pulled over by California Highway Patrol, and subsequently arrested on DUI charges after failing sobriety tests.

News outlets reported that Kirsten’s blood alcohol content was 0.13, with the legal limit in the state of California being 0.08. In November 2007, the actress pleaded no contest to the charges and was fined $1,643, ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and complete a three-month alcohol education program. She was also placed on probation for three years and had her license suspended for six months. Kirsten has kept on the straight and narrow ever since.


Health Update

Kirsten has always been candid about her experiences living with anxiety, depression, and endometriosis, and frequently provides her social media followers with well-received health updates. The 2020 pandemic took a toll on her mental health, and in an Instagram post from the same year she told fans: “Even though I wanted to get better without returning to the hospital, my body didn’t have it. Since April, I’ve been struggling with serious pain concerns.”

As it happens, Kirsten had undergone a procedure to eliminate endometriosis-related scar tissue, which left her in pain for many months. One of the side effects of her condition includes weight gain or weight fluctuations, which have often led to unwelcome pregnancy rumors.

In June 2021, fans were alarmed to discover that Kirsten had been forced to take a break from her role in “General Hospital” following brain surgery. It appears that the star had been suffering from random health issues over the last few years, which she had written off as side effects of her medications.

After months of severe neck pain and migraines, Kirsten’s “amazingly thorough” orthopedist ordered an MRI scan which revealed a fluid-filled cyst in the lower portion of the actress’s brain. “I feel very fortunate that my situation wasn’t more serious, and that I had a wonderful neurosurgeon who immediately knew how to fix it,” she wrote on Instagram, after undergoing and recovering from the surgery.


Thankfully, Kirsten’s cyst wasn’t cancerous and she was able to spend more time than ever with her friends and family while taking a break from acting. In early January 2023, it was reported that she would be returning to her “General Hospital” role; however, a rep for ABC stated a couple of weeks later that she would be unable to return to the series as soon as originally announced. For the time being, Jen Lilley is playing Kirsten’s role, with Kirsten presumably still on the way to recovering fully.

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