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How old is Dennis Quaid? Net Worth, Plastic Surgery, Height



• Dennis Quaid is an American actor known for his role in the 2003 romantic drama movie “Far From Heaven”, which won 102 awards and was nominated for 96 others.
• He was born in Houston, Texas and attended the University of Houston before dropping out to pursue an acting career.
• He has been married four times and has three children with previous wives.
• He is the co-founder of the band The Sharks and has a private pilot's license.
• He has a net worth of over $30 million.

Dennis Quaid Wiki Bio

Dennis William Quaid was born in Houston, Texas USA, on 9 April 1954 – his zodiac sign is Aries and he holds American nationality. He is an actor who has been credited with appearing in more than 100 movies and TV series, while he might still be known best for his portrayal of a supporting character in the 2003 romantic drama movie “Far From Heaven”, written and directed by Todd Haynes, and which starred Julianne Moore and Dennis Haysbert. The story follows a woman living in Connecticut in the 1950s who is facing marriage problems as well as racial tensions in the world. The movie was a hit, winning 102 awards while being nominated for 96 others, including four Oscars – for his performance as the husband, Dennis won a New York Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Childhood and education

Dennis was raised alongside his older brother Randy Quaid who is also an actor, known for his role in the comedy movie “The Last Detail” for which he was nominated for Golden Globe, BAFTA and Academy Awards. Their father, William Rudy Quaid was an electrician, while their mother Juanita B. ‘Nita’ Quaid was a real estate agent.

Dennis studied at Paul W. Horn Elementary School before moving on to Pershing Middle School, and eventually finding himself attending Bellaire High School, where he was interested in studying the Mandarin language, and he also practiced dancing. Upon matriculation in 1972, he enrolled at the University of Houston to study drama under the tutolage of Cecil Pickett, however, Dennis soon decided to drop out and to move to Los Angeles in California in pursuit of an acting career.


Roles in movies

Dennis made his debut film appearance (uncredited) in 1975, when he played a Bellhop in the action comedy “Crazy Mama”, but didn’t gain recognition until 1980, when he portrayed Ed Miller in the western “The Long Riders”, written by Bill Bryden and Steven Smith, directed by Walter Hill, and which also starred David Carradine and Stacy Keach. The movie follows the Jesse James gang of brothers who robbed banks – it won one award and was nominated for one other.

He went on to appear in movies such as the 1981 musical drama “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia”, the 1983 epic historical drama “The Right Stuff”, and the 1985 dark science fiction drama “Enemy Mine”.

The year 1988 saw him play the lead character Dexter Cornell in the neo-noir mystery thriller “D.O.A.”, which also starred Meg Ryan and Charlotte Rampling, and follows a college professor who has to find the killer of girls attending his college – the movie received mixed reviews.

The year 1993 saw him star alongside Kathleen Turner in the action comedy “Undercover Blues”, and he went on to appear in movies such as the 1994 documentary “A Century of Cinema”, the 1996 British-American fantasy action adventure “Dragonheart”, and the 1998 comedy drama “Playing by Heart”.


The following years saw Dennis play lead characters in a couple of very popular and successful movies, including the 2002 sports drama “The Rookie” which follows the true story of a man who joined Major League Baseball after turning 35; the 2005 apocalyptic movie “The Day After Tomorrow”, which also starred Jake Gyllenhaal and Ian Holm; and the 2008 sports movie “The Express: The Ernie Davis Story”, based on the book “Ernie Davis: The Elmira Express” about the first African-American to star in American Football.

The year 2017 saw him star in the comedy drama adventure “A Dog’s Purpose”, which follows several lifetimes of a dog and its owners, and was nominated for three awards.

A couple of Dennis’ most recent roles in movies have been in the psychological thriller “The Intruder”, the comedy drama “A Dog’s Journey” and the epic war movie “Midway”, all released in 2019.

Dennis has recently been cast to appear in five upcoming movies, some of which are the family film “The Tiger Rising”, the biographical drama “On the Line”, and the animation “Saurus City” written and directed by Nathan Smith (voice role).

Roles in TV series

Dennis made his debut TV series appearance in 1977, when he played Scott Martin in the episode “The Sky Is Falling” of the detective drama “Baretta”, but his next role in a series didn’t come un 2009, when he voiced Grandpa Red-Beard in the episode “Grandpappy the Pirate” of the critically acclaimed animated comedy “SpongeBob SquarePants”.


Dennis went on to serve as the executive producer as well as to star as Sheriff Ralph Lamb in the action crime drama “Vegas”, created by Nicholas Pileggi and Greg Walker, and which also starred Michael Chiklis and Carrie-Anne Moss – the series received mostly positive reviews and was nominated for two awards. In 2015, he portrayed Chief in the comedy sketch ‘”Inside Amy Schumer”, and was then invited to star as Lucky Luciano in the episode “Las Vegas” of the education comedy “Drunk History”. In 2016, Dennis portrayed Samuel Brukner, one of the lead characters in the drama “The Art of More”, which also stared Christian Cooke and Kate Bosworth, and follows crimes which involve several auction houses of New York.

Three of Dennis’ most recent roles in TV series have been in ten 2017 episodes of the horror psychological thriller “Fortitude”, the third season of the legal web drama “Goliath” in 2019, and the comedy “Merry Happy Whatever” in which he portrayed the main character Don Quinn in 2019.

Love life and relationships

Dennis is quite open when it comes to talking about his love life – he’s been married four times.

On 25 November 1978, he married the German-American actress Pamela Jayne Soles, but they divorced in 1983 for unknown reasons. On 14 February 1991, Dennis married American actress Meg Ryan, perhaps known best for her starring roles in movies “Sleepless in Seattle”, “When Harry Met Sally” and “You’ve Got Mail”.


On 24 April 1992, Meg gave birth to their son Jack Henry, now also an actor, but Dennis and Meg divorced on 16 July 2001 following a year-long separation. In 2001, Dennis dated the model and actress Shanna Lynn Moakler for several months. On 4 July 2004, he married real estate agent Kimberly Buffington, and on 8 November 2007, the two welcomed their fraternal twins born via a surrogate. In March 2012, Kimberly filed for divorce but then withdrew the papers on 26 April 2012, however, in November 2012, Dennis filed for divorce, but also dismissed his request in September 2013. The two finally separated on 28 June 2016, and their divorce was made official on 27 April 2018.

From 2016 to 2019, Dennis was in a relationship with model Santa Auzina, but on 2 June 2020, he married Laura Savole in a private ceremony attended by only their closest friends and family because of the COVID-19 pandemic – Laura is 39 years younger than Dennis.

As of November 2020, Dennis is married to his fourth wife, Laura Savole, and has three children with his previous wives.

Plastic surgery

Dennis is quite secretive when it comes to the plastic surgery he might have undergone, and hasn’t commented on the rumors circulating the internet that he had something done to his face as it appears to be very smooth, too smooth for his age.

Hobbies and other interests

Dennis is interested in music and is a member of the band he co-founded called the Sharks – he has sung several songs in movies such as “On My Way to Heaven” in the Christian biographical drama “I Can Only Imagine”, and “Closer to You” in the neo-noir romantic thriller “The Big Easy”.

He is a private  pilot’s license, znd once owned a jet Cessna Citation.

Dennis enjoys playing golf, and is somewhat of a professional as he has been named the best golfer in Hollywood by the magazine “Golf Digest”. He likes to watch baseball and his favorite team is the Houston Astros – he has narrated one of their DVD releases.

Dennis has recently become interested in podcasts, and in July 2020 created his own – “The Pet Show with Dennis Quaid and Jimmy Jellinek.

After learning that there was a cat called Dennis Quaid in Lynchburg, Virginia, Dennis flew there to adopt it, and then brought it to his recording studio.

He was once addicted to cocaine, and stating in an interview with the famous radio host Larry King that it was back in the early 70s, when everyone was experimenting with drugs – according to Dennis, he once came to the point when he wasn’t able to have fun unless he took cocaine, but after realizing that he might be dead in five years, Dennis stopped using it on the spot.

Age, height and net worth

Dennis’ age is 66. He has short brown hair and blue eyes, his height is 6ft (1.82m) and he weighs around 165lbs (74kgs).

As of November 2020, his net worth has been estimated at over $30 million.

Started with in April 2023. Previously, Executive Editor at Echoes Media. Holds a Journalism degree from New York University.

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Ian Colletti’s Biography – Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend



Who is Ian Colletti? Wiki Bio

Ian Colletti was born in New Jersey, USA, on 3 March 1997, so his zodiac sign is Pisces and he holds American nationality. He is an actor and a songwriter, perhaps best known for portraying Arseface in the TV series “Preacher”.

Early life and education

Ian was raised in New Jersey alongside his younger sister Zoe Colleti, who is an actress as well and popular for her role in the film “Annie”, while she is also a singer, having sung the “Maybe” and “It’s The Hard-Knock Life” soundtracks of the movie “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”.

Their father is a mailman while their mother is working as a teacher at a local elementary school. Both Ian and Zoe became interested in acting at a very early age – they attended the same elementary school and were members of the school’s drama club, appearing in many plays.

Ian was already an actor when he enrolled at high school, and he went on to appear in school plays while also being physically active playing football and soccer. He matriculated in 2019, and hasn’t enrolled into college, as he wants to focus on his career as an actor.


Career as an actor

Ian acting career was actually launched in 2006, when he was cast to portray Danny in the TV series “Waterfront”, which covered the controversies and corruption surrounding the mayor of Providence, R.I. After being praised for his performance, he was invited to appear in the comedy romance film entitled “Baby Mama” in 2008 – the movie stars Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Sigourney Weaver, and follows the life of a successful businesswoman who wants to have a baby, and after finding out she is infertile, hires a woman to become her surrogate.

In the same year, he was invited to act in the drama film “Phoebe in Wonderland”, which stars Elle Fanning and Patricia Clarkson, and follows a young girl who, after being disappointed by the entire world, seeks comfort in her drama teacher.

In 2011, he appeared in an episode of the TV series “Blue Bloods”, which follows a family of cops living in New York, then in 2012 appeared in a single episode of the comedy TV series entitled “Rake”. which follows criminal lawyer Cleaver Greene as he defends those who can hardly be defended, such as bigamists and cannibals.


The year 2016 saw Ian begin portraying Arseface in the TV series “Preacher”, appearing in all 43 episodes until the show ended in 2019. It starred Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun and Ruth Negga, and follows a preacher who, after a supernatural event occurs at his church, is forced to hire a vampire and his ex-girlfriend to help him find God.

Love life and relationships

There are rumors circulating the internet that the popular actor might be gay due to a lack of details regarding any girls he might have dated.

The actor hasn’t uploaded any pictures with girls onto his Instagram account, while some of his fans have noticed that he rather looks ‘gayish’ in some of his pictures, while some have reported to have seen the actor being too close to a male friend at a club in Los Angeles.

Another rumor has it that Ian is currently in a relationship with a girl whom he met on the set of a TV series in 2017, and that the two have been together since then.


Ian uploaded a picture of them together in 2019, but as many of his fans kept asking whether they were dating and how ‘that is not possible because Ian is gay’, Ian went on to delete the picture, and hasn’t since uploaded any featuring him and the mysterious girl.

Hobbies and other interests

Ian’s main hobby is travelling, and he has been all around the US and to several European countries such as France, Italy and Spain, while his dream travel destination is Miami in Florida.

Summer is his favorite season as he enjoys swimming in the ocean and drinking cocktails at the beach, while he is also keen on playing beach soccer and volleyball. He loves to party, and is a regular guest at several clubs around Los Angeles where he is currently living.

He is very sporting, often playing football and soccer with his friends, while he also knows how to ride a skateboard and how to ski and snowboard. He has his own favorite actors and actresses, who are Al Pacino, Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, while some of his favorite movies include “Scarface”, “The Terminal”, and “The Deer Hunter”.


He is also interested in music, with his favorite bands and performers being Kurt Cobain, AC/DC, and ZZ Top, while he released his own song in 2017 called “This Girl’s Bee Changing”, which can be heard on his Spotify channel.

Appearance and net worth

Ian is 22 years old. He has short brown hair and blue eyes, is 5ft 10ins (1.77m) tall, and weighs around 159lbs (72kg). As of early 2020, his net worth is estimated at over $500,000.

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All Truth Of Ed Westwick’s Ex-Girlfriend – Jessica Serfaty



Who is Jessica Serfaty, Ed Westwick’s ex-girlfriend? Wiki Bio

Jessica Serfaty (nee Michel) was born in Little Rock, Arkansas USA, on 4 April 1991, so her zodiac sign is Aries and she holds American nationality. Jessica is a model, actress, and a social media star, but perhaps best known for being the ex-girlfriend of Ed Westwick, a famous British actor and musician.

Childhood and education

Jessica was raised in Little Rock by her father who is a businessman, and her mother who is teaching at a local high school. She grew up wanting to become a model and an actress, with her parents paying for her acting lessons.

She attended a high school in Little Rock, where she was physically active playing soccer and being a cheerleader, and upon matriculation she didn’t enroll at college, but rather decided to focus on her modelling career. Jessica had a lot of fun while attending high school, often going to parties, and her parents could not stop her from coming home late at night, as she wasn’t listening to them most of the time.

Career as a model and actress

At the age of 19 in 2010, Jessica decided to compete in the 14th season of the show “America’s Next Top Model”, finishing the competition in fifth place.


The show helped her gain recognition, and many invitations came for Jessica from brands and agencies who wanted her to pose and work for them. In 2011, she was featured in the music video “Justify Sex” by Dan Balan, and was then cast to appear in the reality TV series “Axe: Dirtcathlon”. She is currently signed to Nous Model Management which is considered to be one of the top three modelling agencies in Los Angeles, and has appeared in commercials for famous brands and companies such as McDonald’s, Toyota, and Doritos. She launched her acting career in 2011 appearing in the short film entitled “Faith”, and then in 2017 appeared in the horror film called “Ryde”.

Love life and relationship with Ed Westwick

In 2007 while at church, Jessica met property manager Ididia Serfaty, and the two began dating shortly afterwards (Ididia was 22 at the time). A year later on 2 September 2008, she gave birth to their son they named Roman, and after being pressured by their parents, Jessica and Ididia married in the same year. In 2010, Jessica moved to Los Angeles to pursue a modelling career, and Ididia moved with her in support, however, the job required Jessica to spend a lot of time away from home, making Ididia very jealous. Jessica initially wanted to file for divorce, but her husband convinced her to go back to Arkansas with him to work on their marriage, but this didn’t last long as Jessica soon wanted to go back to modelling, so filing for divorce in 2013.


She let Ididia have full custody of their son, and although it is believed that she sees her son often, Ididia has accused her of being a bad mother, and of seeing Roman only once or twice a year. After their divorce, she dated Niall James Horan for around a year before dating Joe Jonas, an American actor and a singer. She was also been seen spending time with Justin Bieber and Logan Paul, and it’s believed that she’s dated them as well.

In 2017 she started dating actor Ed Westwick, after they were seen holding hands at the BAFTA Awards event that year. When Ed was accused of sexual assault, she defended him claiming Ed would never be able to do anything similar, however, when the charges were dropped in August 2018, the two split for unknown reasons, and Jessica currently appears to be single.

Hobbies and other interests

Jessica is, as she has described herself, ‘a crazy french Cajun gal based out of sunny California with a passion for adventure and a good laugh. I’m constantly on the prowl for activities.’ She loves to travel and to explore new locations – she’s been all around the US, while she has also been to Europe while dating her ex-boyfriend Ed Westwick, to England, France and Spain. She is very sporting, as she goes skiing and snowboarding in the winter, and snorkeling in the summer, while she is also keen on beach soccer and volleyball. She likes to watch comedy movies in her spare time, with her favorite actors being Robin Williams, Jim Carrey and Eddie Murphy, while her favorite films include “Patch Adams”, “Liar Liar” and “Coming to America”.


Jessica is a big lover of animals and has a pet dog, while her favorites are swans.

Appearance and net worth

Jessica is 28 years old. She has long brown hair and blue eyes, is 5ft 9ins (1.75m) tall, and weighs around 134lbs (61kgs). As of early 2020, her net worth is estimated at over $2 million.

Who is Ed Westwick?

Edward Jack Peter Westwick was born in Hammersmith, London, England, on 27 June 1987, so his zodiac sign is Cancer and he holds British nationality. He is best known for portraying Chuck Bass in the CW series “Gossip Girl”.

Ed was raised in Stevenage, Hertfordshire alongside his two older brothers, by their mother Carole Blenkiron who is an educational psychologist, and their father Peter Westwick who is a university lecturer. He enrolled at a music school when he was six years old, and then attended The Barclay School, later enrolling at North Hertfordshire College, while he worked on his acting skills at the National Youth Theatre.

He made his debut film appearance in “Breaking and Entering” in 2006, and then starred in the TV series “Doctors”. Ed was cast to portray Chuck Bass in the teen drama series entitled “Gossip Girl” in 2007 when he went to Los Angeles on a holiday – he was praised for his performance, and “Gossip Girl” was a huge hit, so in 2008 Ed was named ‘one of the sexiest men alive’ by the magazine” People”.


He has appeared in many other TV series and movies, such as “The Commuter” in 2010, “Romeo & Juliet” in 2013, and “Freaks of Nature” among many others.

Three women accused Ed of sexual harassment in November 2017: Kristina Cohen and Aurelie Wynn accused him of rape, while Rachel Eck accused him of sexual assault, the alleged assaults occurring in 2014. However, all the charges were eventually dropped, with the prosecutors stating that ‘witnesses identified by the first two alleged victims were not able to provide information that would enable the prosecution to prove either incident beyond a reasonable doubt’.

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The Untold Truth Of Will Smith’s Ex-Wife – Sheree Fletcher



Who is Sheree Fletcher, Will Smith’s ex-wife? Wiki Bio

Sheree Elizabeth Zampino was born in New York City USA, on 16 November 1967, so her zodiac sign is Scorpio and she holds American nationality. She is an actress known for her role in the “Our Journey” short drama film, while she came to wider attention after marrying (and later divorcing) noted American actor Will Smith.

Early life and education

Sheree was raised in New York, and had somewhat of a rough childhood as her parents divorced when she was seven years old. She spent a lot of her time travelling from her father’s to her mother’s house, as she wanted to stay close to both of them, however, she eventually started living permanently with her mother, and saw her father only once in a while.

She has no siblings and she found comfort in acting at a very early age joining her elementary school’s drama club and appearing in many of the plays performed at the school. She enrolled at a local high school in New York, and after matriculating began appearing in theatre plays, eventually landing her first role on TV screens, thus not immediately enrolling at college but focusing on her acting career. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology several years later, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

Career as an actress

Sheree launched her acting career in 1985 at the age of 18, but was winning only small roles and thus had to work several jobs to financially support herself. Her first notable performance was in the short drama movie “When the Time Comes” released on 14 February 2000, which starred Byron Andrews and Shaun Baker, and follows five siblings who get into a fight about who is going to be taking care of their aging father.


Sheree then appeared in the “Our Journey” short drama film released on 4 February 2001, which stars T.D. Antoine, ND Brown, and Jaqueline Fleming and is a story of a group of friends who start sharing their personal secrets after their loved one dies. Her last notable performance was in the “Oh Drama!” talk show released in 2001, which starred Vanessa Bell Calloway and Kym Whitley, however, the show ended after airing only four episodes. Sheree is currently focused on her career as a film producer.

Love life and marriage with Will Smith

Sheree met Will Smith in 1990 before he became a famous actor and the two dated for two years before marrying on 9 May 1992.

Will was steadily making his way up in the film industry, and rumors have it that Sheree was jealous of all the attention Will was getting, while this was suffocating Will, and it eventually led to their divorce on 10 December 1995. They have one child together, a son named Willard ‘Trey’ Smith III who was born on 11 November 1992.

On 26 May 2007, Sheree married Terrell Fletcher, an actor best known for starring in “Solo” and “Canal Street” in 2018, but they divorced sometime in the 10’s. They have one child together who has been kept away from the media’s attention.


Will went on to marry actress Jada Koren Pinkett in 1997, and she gave birth to their two children named Jaden Christopher Syre Smith in 1998 and Willow Camille Reign Smith in 2000. Jaden has become an actor, and is mostly known for starring alongside his father in “The Pursuit of Happyness” film released in 2006.

Hobbies and other interests

Sheree is a fan of the film industry – some of her favorite actors and actresses are Johnny Depp, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway and some of the movies she likes the most are “Edward Scissorhands”, “Gladiator”, and “50 First Dates”. She enjoys travelling, and has been all around the world, while her dream travel destination is London, England.

Sheree enjoys buying clothes and is a bit of a shopaholic, while her two favorite colors are blue and black. She likes tasting various cuisines, with her favorite being Mexican. She is a lover of animals and is a philanthropist who has donated money to charity organizations on several occasions, while she is also a supporter of the LGBT community. In her spare time, she enjoys sitting in her garden and reading a book – her favorite writer is Agatha Christie, and her favorite book is “Murder on the Orient Express”.

Appearance and net worth

Sheree is 52 years old. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, is 4ft 11ins (1.5m) tall, weighs around 106lbs (48kgs), and her vital statistics are 35-27-34; she wears shoes size six. As of early 2020, her net worth is estimated at over $1 million, while Will’s net worth is reputedly over $350 million.


Who is Will Smith?

Willard Carroll ‘Will’ Smith Jr. was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, on 25 September 1968 – his zodiac sign is Libra and he holds American nationality. He is an actor, rapper, producer, and a writer, best known for starring in films such as “The Pursuit of Happyness”, “Seven Pounds”, and “Ali”.

He was raised by his father Willard Carroll Smith Sr. who was a US Air Force veteran, and his mother Caroline who was a Philadelphia school board administrator. Will has an older sister named Pamela, and twins younger brother and sister named Harry and Ellen. He attended Our Lady of Lourdes elementary school before enrolling at Overbrook High School.

He had an opportunity to enroll at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), but didn’t attend college because he wanted to become a rapper. Rather than becoming a famous rapper, he was invited to star in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” TV series in 1990, which became popular worldwide, making Will famous as well.

His first big role in a movie came in “Six Degrees of Separation” in 1993, followed by his performance in the film “Bad Boys” in 1995, which also stars Martin Lawrence. In 1996, Will starred in another huge movie hit entitled “Independence Day”, which is still popular today. The following year saw him star in the first film of the “Men in Black” trilogy, portraying Agent J., while he launched his solo music career at the same time, creating the theme song for “Men in Black”.


His debut album – “Big Willie Style” – released not long afterwards, is certified nine times platinum. In 1998, he appeared in the film “Enemy of the State”, and was then invited to play Neo in “The Matrix” trilogy, however, he declined and the role went to Keanu Reeves – the movie became a huge hit. Will starred in the “Ali” biographical film about Muhammad Ali in 2001, and in 2006 played the lead role as Chris Gardner in “The Pursuit of Happiness” biographical drama.

He has appeared in numerous movies over the years, while some of his most recent appearances have been in the “Gemini Man” film released on 11 October 2019 and in the “Spies in Disguise” animated movie in December 2019. He has recently been cast to appear in the film “Bad Boys for Life” set to be released in 2020.

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