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How Tammy Slaton Moved on with TikToker Greg Morgan After Break-up



Tammy Slaton, a star of “1000-lb Sisters,” was known as Tammy Willingham until a month ago, and her unannounced name change shocked the show’s viewers. After all, she became engaged several months before and married a month after that. Even worse, due to the delay between filming and the air date, TLC broadcast her wedding in an episode on 21 March 2023, meaning that her nuptials were still fresh in everyone’s mind. Unfortunately, the evidence points to the fact that she split with Caleb Willingham, and has moved on to dating a TikToker named Greg Morgan. Here’s the scoop.

Tammy moved on quickly

Tammy met Caleb Willingham at the weight loss center in Ohio. Destiny seemingly brought them together, as although they were both patients, they didn’t see each other. However, as luck would have it, doctors extended her residency because of a trach infection, while Caleb started leaving his room after a year of health problems. They fell in love quickly and passionately, became engaged in October 2022, and married in November.

They enjoyed the marital bliss until February of the following year, when doctors discharged Tammy, and she returned to her home state of Kentucky while Caleb stayed behind in Ohio. Unfortunately, there was trouble in paradise roughly two months later, and the two seemingly separated. However, the speculations about her relationship with Greg Morgan began less than a month afterwards, and an insider confirmed them in early May.


Her relationship with Caleb seemed fine

Tammy and Caleb were all smiles and had much in common when they met in the rehabilitation facility. She was losing a lot of weight, Caleb was becoming healthier, and their romantic spark benefitted both after Tammy checked out. Although her sister Amy initially doubted Caleb’s intentions, she eventually relented and admitted that she felt his love and appreciated his support. Caleb confessed that he loved her regardless of size, and Tammy glowed with pride and happiness. Therefore, it seemed that they were in tune with one another, and would embark on a health improvement journey together. Sadly, things quickly turned sour.

She provided the first clue about the divorce

Discord existed before any news reached the public, and some entertainment websites such as created lists of reasons Tammy would regret jumping the gun. They pointed out that Caleb too is a food addict, and that they would enable each other when the hospital staff couldn’t keep them accountable. Others noted that Caleb wasn’t dedicated to weight loss, and that he would hold her back; luckily, that was pure speculation.

Sadly, Tammy stoked the fire in early April when she changed her name from “Tammy Slaton” to “Tammy Willingham” one morning, giving everyone a reason to worry. An insider filled in the blanks in the story after the news hit viewers who had just seen her wedding play out on TV.

According to the insider, Caleb had gained 30lbs or 14kgs after leaving the hospital, and wasn’t sticking to his program. That was a huge problem; his health was declining, and they were in a long-distance relationship. Tammy felt that she would have to care for him despite barely being capable of caring for herself, making their relationship somewhat pointless. Moreover, the insider revealed that Caleb threatened to divorce her first, but went back on his word. However, Tammy was fed up, and her sisters Amanda and Amy were on her side. Thus, she told him that she would divorce him and felt safe doing so, because they had signed a pre-nup to protect personal assets.


Caleb confirmed the break-up

TLC failed to respond to the rumors; the couple was still working things out, and the production crew likely wanted to film the drama and let it unfold on TV. However, Caleb broke the silence, to put it that way – in an alleged private or deleted Facebook post, he told his followers and friends to ‘delete him from friends if they were there only for his wife,’ revealing, ‘We are married by paper only right now. Her decision, not mine. It was more than that. I’m hurt, mad, confused, and alone even with others around.’

Greg Morgan is a small content creator

Greg Morgan is best known as a TikToker whose account, @sheloveosobaby, has over 2,500 followers. He goes by Greg Tuck, PrinceXtheYGN, and has named his CashApp account $thehirdumphrey. However, it’s unclear how the 25-year-old makes money besides donations to his profile in the finance app. He likely receives revenue from his content, primarily comedy skits, shirtless videos, gym workouts, and his opinions on some trends.

Based on The US Sun article published on 11 May 2023, multiple sources claim that Tammy met Greg on a dating app, and that they immediately hit it off. They also claimed that Greg took a six-hour bus ride from Indianapolis to Kentucky, paid for by Tammy, and that they had seen each other a handful of times the previous month.

Moreover, they claimed that Tammy found him very attractive and that they liked each other, but were having trouble figuring out a meeting time and place because of Tammy’s hectic filming schedule. However, the alleged visit was productive for their relationship; Greg visited Amy and met Tammy’s nephews, Glenn and Gage.

Greg denied the rumors

Tammy’s response, ‘Aww, you love me!’ to one of Greg’s messages, started the rumors. However, many fans get excited about new couples, while ignoring the available information. Greg began with a TikTok video from 13 May 2023, in which a follower accused him of dating Tammy for the money, with ‘For real, though, @Tammy Slaton and I are friends. You’ll need to chill.’ He uploaded another TikTok video the next day, with excerpts from the news about their relationship, and wrote, ‘This is really irritating. Like people just can’t be friends. This is crazy @Tammy Slaton.’


However, not everything is clear-cut. Despite repeatedly telling fans not to congratulate him and to find something else to do, Greg had two mysterious replies, which worked against him. When a TikTok follower under the handle @kimberlythomas181717, told him that she came to the source to see if the rumors were true, Greg replied, ‘Watch the next season!’ Additionally, when In Touch Weekly asked for his comment, Greg said, ‘Tune in to the next season; you might get what you’re waiting for!’

Not everyone liked Tammy’s actions

Whether the rumors were true was irrelevant for some fans; they thought that she mishandled the situation. While Tammy received much praise for knowing what she wanted from romance and following her gut, many viewers felt for Caleb. When we look at the situation objectively, it’s clear that she may have blindsided him, and married him while not being entirely sure of her decision. Although their marriage hasn’t end on paper yet, the emotional connection only lasted four to five months.

Extra proof of her conflicted feelings is that only a month had passed between proposing and tying the knot, and roughly two months between her return home and the apparent break-up. Caleb is justifiably shocked. His alleged Facebook posts suggest that she broke up with him, and his reaction reveals that he felt angry, confused, and lonely after Tammy’s sudden withdrawal from the relationship.

Viewers will get proof in the fifth season

Based on Tammy’s silence and Greg’s hints that everything will be revealed shortly, fans suspect that Greg will appear in season five of “1000-lb Sisters.” Also, based on available information, one of two things will transpire. If the insider’s report is accurate, Greg is working on boosting his social media presence, while waiting for Tammy’s divorce proceedings to finish, before going public as a couple.

Or, as he stated, they were friends from the get-go, and briefly considered a romantic relationship or flirted for fun. Whichever is true, TLC almost undoubtedly made him sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), which is standard practice for their show’s cast members. That would ensure that he doesn’t accidentally spill the beans while the production company builds hype for the upcoming season.

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What is Marty Meierotto from “Mountain Men” doing now? After Leaving The Show



Marty Meierotto’s life and adventures in the wilderness as shown in History Channel’s “Mountain Men”, earned him the admiration and perhaps even the envy of many who longed for such a lifestyle. The long-time Alaskan trapper and hunter had been in the show for eight seasons since it made its television debut in 2012. He was as authentic as they come, giving trappers a positive image, so it was understandable that his absence from the show was felt by many.

Get to know Marty Meierotto

Marty Meierotto was born on 19 July 1960, in Superior, Wisconsin, the second son of four children with the youngest as the only girl. He was six when the family moved to a rural community in Foxboro, 20 miles south of Superior. His father, Thomas, loved the outdoors and turned their 80-acres of land into what he called a ‘hobby farm’ with a few horses, chickens and a garden. He was a patient teacher who exposed Marty to the wonders of nature and the thrill of the hunt, instilling in his son the respect and love of wild places and all that inhabited them.

Marty said, ‘The one over-riding force that shaped my life was my love of trapping, and all things wild.’ He fell in love with hunting when he was a young boy, but it was trapping that set his heart on fire. It was on the small walking trapline for foxes and raccoons that he first realized the course that his life would take, because it was there that he came alive and felt that nothing could compare to that experience.

There might be a lot of distractions growing up, but one thing that remained constant for him was trapping. As he reached his 20s, his trapline, the route in which the traps were set, had become more extensive, encompassing a wider area, and involving a road system and a vehicle. Soon, this wasn’t enough for him, and he felt the call of the wilderness, a place that was more remote, and he believed that the real deal could only be found in Alaska.

He along with his brother Jeff eventually moved to Alaska in May 1985, first in Anchorage, but it was too much of a city for them, and so they went further until they reached Fairbanks. It was more to their liking so they settled in the area, found jobs, and later bought a trapline for sale on the remote Squirrel River. From what was left of their meager funds, they purchased what they thought they might need, and just planned on living off the land. He said that the thrill of the unknown, of what awaited them, and of the adventures that they would have was beyond description.


In 1987, the brothers chartered a plane to get to their new home. They were isolated with no way to contact those from the outside world, but for Marty, this was living his dream. He earned money by selling the furs or pelts of martens, lynxes, wolves and anything else that he caught in his trapline. To make ends meet, he had summer jobs, and was a commercial fisherman before he started working for the Alaska Fire Service in 1988 as a wildland firefighter. He was a “hot-shot” first until 1993 and then a smoke jumper for 21 years, before serving as their pilot in 2015.

His wife, Dominique

Marty was all praise for Dominique for her countless sacrifices just so he could pursue his passion in life, even if it meant being separated for months, saying, ‘How many women would stand for a kiss on the cheek in October and a promise that I might be back for Christmas?’ She had no way of knowing if he survived the arctic wilderness until his return. For most women, he wasn’t a good bet – he had no full-time job and was away during the holidays. It boggled his mind how and why she did it, and said that he was humbled by her faith in him.

Dominique was the first woman he brought with him to his happy place. He thought that since they had been dating long enough, it was time for her to see how bad his lifelong addiction to the bush lifestyle was, and what being with him really meant. She must have been so into him that even if she wasn’t used to roughing it, she stuck with him. He let her into his world and adapted to the changes she brought into his life. She spent her winters with him in the wilderness, at least until she gave birth to their daughter, Noah Jane.

Learned to fly a plane for Dominique

Getting sick in the bush was said to be life-threatening, especially if a first aid kit or over-the-counter medication was not enough to treat the condition, because there was no way for a person to ask for help from the outside world. Marty and Dominique landed on Squirrel River in mid-October, and the days passed by smoothly until about mid-November when Dominique fell ill, and was worried that it might be a bladder infection.

The responsibility of bringing her to the bush weighed heavily on him – ‘I had finally found that special person to be with, and I have taken her to this place and it was killing her. I was killing her.’ The plane was expected to return for them in the first week of December, and he feared it would be too late for her. He only had a handheld aircraft radio, but its range was line of sight. Dominique was getting worse each day, and despite his efforts to head to the hills whenever possible, he couldn’t contact anyone. Finally, an aircraft passed by and he was able to ask for help via the radio. Dominique was taken to the hospital on Thanksgiving Day. This ordeal made him realize that he needed to own a plane and learn how to fly it, especially if he would be bringing Dominique with him here. He bought one in 1994.

Came close to dying in the Bush

Marty was fully aware of the dangers that living in the bush entailed. However, it never occurred to him that he would come close to dying not by hypothermia or an encounter with a bear or other predators, but by pancreatitis. It began with a stomachache, and thinking that it was a case of food poisoning, he took medication to induce vomiting. However, the pain intensified to the point that he was screaming out loud. Despite the excruciating pain, he drove his snowmobile to ask for help from his friend Jay and his girlfriend who were staying at one of his trapline cabins, 15 miles from the main cabin, before he became incapacitated.

The couple did all they could to make him as comfortable as possible, and at the same time figure out how to get him to a hospital. As several days passed with no hope in sight, Marty asked his friend to write something for him – his last will and testament. He didn’t have much, but he wanted to give his girlfriend, Dominique, what he had. When they heard on the radio that Dominique and Marty’s brother Jeff were coming over, Jay and Amy created a big S.O.S. sign on the snow. Finally, when the plane taxied on the strip by the cabin, Marty knew he would make it. He was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, bowel obstruction, and dehydration. He underwent surgery, and was released from hospital after 20 days, and 40lbs lighter – Dominique nursed him back to health.


Saved a reporter’s life and it led to his being cast in the show

Warm Springs Productions of Montana reached out to the Alaska Trappers Association, as they wanted to cast Marty Meierotto in a reality show for an accurate portrayal of a mountain man. This interest was brought on by a 12-page feature article on Marty written by Bill Heavey for “Field and Stream” magazine, which had a circulation of 1.5 million. It was about his life in the most remote part of Alaska, and running a trapline.

Marty ran a 120-mile trapline, and had one main cabin and four smaller ones situated at various points along the line, using a snowmobile to travel his line. He brought Bill along with him as he covered about 20 to 30 miles, and left the writer in a cabin to wait for him while he ran spur lines. On the third day, Bill could no longer keep up with Marty, and just wanted to get back to the main cabin, following a map drawn by the expert trapper, but took a wrong turn and got lost on a trail that was quite steep. After falling off his ride twice, the snow machine got stuck, and he was too exhausted to move it.

In the three hours that he was alone at 30 degrees below zero with only a small fire to keep him warm, he couldn’t help but think that he would be dead by the time Marty found him. Marty, who was more amused than alarmed by Bill’s situation, had said, ‘It wasn’t a life or death thing; I was going to find him regardless, but from his perspective it was.’

Marty Meierotto in “Mountain Men”

The reality TV series featured mountain men, and Marty Meierotto was one of them. He was around 5ft 9ins, about 170cms with a medium-stocky build, shaggy red-gray hair usually corralled by a bandana, and sporting an unruly beard. He wore eyeglasses that others said made him look a bit on the goofy side. Marty lived in a small community in Two Rivers, about 23 miles or 40kms outside of Fairbanks. Come wintertime, he would fly his two-seater mono-plane to his cabin on the Alaska North Slope, as he made a living as a fur trapper.

As a precaution, he gave Dominique a rundown of his plans, so if she didn’t hear from him at a certain time, she would know that something was wrong, and had a good idea of where to send a search party for him. After he landed his plane, he had a 30-minute walk ahead of him to reach the cabin, and had his rifle ready in case he encountered wolves or bears. He checked on the cabin and the snowmobile before he chopped down dead trees for firewood, and hauled in fresh water from the Squirrel River. Next, he geared up to cover 150 miles to set up his trapline. He would later check on those traps to see if he caught anything, or if he had to reset them. After three months of running the trapline, he would bring the furs for auction.


Marty didn’t have a quit bone in his body. He taught himself everything he needed to know to survive the isolation and the wilderness in Alaska. When faced with obstacles, he found ways to overcome them. Upon realizing that his life depended on a snow machine, he learned not just to operate it, but also to fix it. He learned carpentry, welding, and electrical skills, and studied wildlife biology so he knew the best ways to catch them. Marty prepared for worst-case scenarios because he said that it would happen eventually – out there, one couldn’t afford to make a mistake or overestimate one’s abilities, because it was always a matter of survival as the cold made everything more difficult and dangerous.

Marty’s exit from the reality TV series

In season eight of “Mountain Men,” Marty said that it was time for his 13-year-old daughter to learn the family business hands-on. He would teach her all about trapping full-time, and surviving in the wilderness. It was important for him to show Noah this lifestyle; however, what she did with her life in the future would be totally up to her. She might not become a trapper, but at least she would better understand it and him.

He had been preparing to head out to his trapline with his daughter when he suddenly told someone from the production team that for Noah’s sake, he didn’t want cameras following them. He thought a lot about this before making this decision, and felt that this was best for Noah. Marty explained that he’d been doing this his whole life, and for the past eight years, he’d had cameras on him, but he wanted this experience to be just a special time between father and daughter. He figured that if he was lying on his deathbed, he wasn’t going to think about how much money he made, but what he’d done with his life.

His fans were saddened by this unexpected development, but at least they knew the reason why he opted to not be part of the show any longer. He was last seen in season eight’s “Final Farewell” episode – many wondered what happened to him after that.


Retired from the Alaska Fire Service

Marty retired from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Alaska Fire Service after 31 years, and flew his last mission on 30 July 2019. His family, friends, and co-workers had a surprise for him at the tarmac in Fairbanks. As he was taxiing on the runway after landing, he was given a water salute by two fire-fighting vehicles. He could only laugh, as he was embarrassed by all the attention he was receiving.

Published a collection of his stories

Some said that Marty could easily pass off as a bumpkin, but he was far from it. He’s a voracious reader and a good writer. Over the years, he submitted articles related to trapping and the outdoors to the Fur-Fish-Game and Alaska Trapper magazines. His book, “In the Land of Wilderness,” published in 2020, is a collection of stories of his adventures in the Alaskan Bush that previously appeared in those magazines. Marty credited his ‘book team’ from the Alaska Trappers Association for this project, with special mention of its president, Randy Zarnke, who could decipher what he called his rough ‘trapper speak’, and make it more intelligible to the readers. Randy said that his old friend had an engaging writing style, and had given a great insight into the world of trapping and hunting in the wilderness.

To live the life of a mountain man was never easy, and the work was never done. The price of fur has its ups and downs, and when it’s too low, many put their operations on hold to wait for better days, but not Marty; fur trapping was more than just a means to earn money for him. Regardless of the financial gain or loss, he carries on as this lifestyle is part of who he is, of the very fiber of his being. At times out of frustration he would say that it wasn’t worth it, but upon reflection, the experiences he had from the challenges, which tested the limits of what he could endure, to the unexpected thrills, still fired up his blood after years had passed.

Alaska is still his home, and when not in the wilderness, he lives with his wife and daughter in a log cabin they built in Two Rivers. His joys in life remain the same – his family, hunting and trapping.

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$6 Million Lawsuit against Richard Rawlings by Gas Monkey Bar



Reality television star and businessman Richard Rawlings was embroiled in a $6 million defamation lawsuit filed by Gas Monkey Bar, a restaurant that he reportedly co-founded. Many were befuddled by the situation, but it seemed that Richard had only licensed his trademark to the owners of the restaurant and bar. Even before the establishment opened, accusations were hurled by the two parties, including allegations of missing financial records, reneging on a contract, and construction disruption, among other things, that led to the defamation suit.

Meet the major players in the lawsuit

When the lawsuit hit the headlines, most people were confused about how Richard Rawlings was sued by the business which he was known to have started. To understand the situation better, meet the major players in the legal battle.

Who is Richard Rawlings?

The defendant in the lawsuit was Richard Rawlings; every car nut or gearhead who loved watching reality TV shows would have known or heard of him. He was the man behind the success of “Fast N’ Loud” aired on Discovery Channel, the popular series which featured the lives of people in an auto customization and restoration shop that he owned and managed called Gas Monkey Garage, situated in Dallas, Texas. His name became bigger and bigger as his show lasted for 16 seasons, with close to 160 episodes. There were spin-off series created too, including “Mistfit Garage,” which ran for six seasons, and “Garage Rehab,” which lasted for two seasons.

Over the years after establishing the auto shop, Richard turned it into a lifestyle brand complete with apparel and other merchandise sold at his online shop. He even created alcoholic and energy beverages, as well as co-founded restaurants, bars, and venue halls. Richard was a certified crowd drawer wherever he went, especially at car conventions and shows, due simply to his magnetic personality. After not renewing his contract with Discovery Channel in 2020, he opted to create content for his official YouTube channel, which gained more than a million subscribers, and his uploaded videos accumulated over 130 million views. Essentially, he continued most of what he did in “Fast N’ Loud” on his online channel.

Who are the Gas Monkey Grill N’ Bar owners?

Richard Rawlings was the face of Gas Monkey Grill N’ Bar since he owned the brand and made it popular. However, in reality, through a contract that was drawn-up back in 2013, he gave the license to use the Gas Monkey trademark and logo to a group of investors who were the plaintiff(s) in the lawsuit, including brothers Daniel and Mike Flaherty of United Commercial Realty, Peter Ore of Talent Live Nation, and Alex Mendonsa.


Reasons behind the $6 million lawsuit

From the photos of the opening of the Gas Monkey Grill N’ Bar, most people would think that there wasn’t any tension between the key players in the business. It was a surprise to many to learn that when the lawsuit was filed and documents were presented in court, stories about their disputes were revealed, dating back to the construction of the building of the restaurant. Here are the events that led Gas Monkey Grill N’ Bar owners to sue Richard Rawlings:

Disruption at the construction site

Owners and Richard Rawlings apparently already had a feud way back during the construction phase of the restaurant and bar in 2013, just after Richard gave the restaurant owners the license to use his brand. A bar employee named Tim Hinkhouse shared an incident about it through an email he sent in May 2013, writing, ‘Richard has been extremely disruptive. His treatment of the construction workers was beyond unacceptable. His behavior is that of a spoiled 13-year-old.’ The plaintiff also claimed that the incident wasn’t just a one-time thing, as there were several instances in which Richard intentionally made a scene on the construction site that halted the building process. Daniel Flaherty didn’t have a choice back then but to ban him from coming to the site, and said that if he didn’t do that, the construction of the restaurant wouldn’t be completed in time for its scheduled opening.

Accusations of missing or incomplete financial records

Sometime in 2015, Richard sent an email to Daniel Flaherty et al, stating that the latter was stealing money from him by not having proper financial records, and even accused them of not setting-up one to begin with. Daniel told Richard that he could check the records of the restaurant in the accounting department anytime, so that he could verify for himself the financial state of the business. Even worse, they found out that Richard had been spreading lies to other people as well. In June 2016, Daniel formally emailed him that he’d heard of his allegations, and reminded Richard that he’d told him on several occasions that he was welcome to audit the books anytime he wanted. Richard replied via email, and apologized for hurling accusations publicly in the bar, writing, ‘My mistake for mixing drinking and emotions. Sorry for that.’ However, it seemed that the defamation lawsuit wasn’t resolved, as new allegations were hurled at the owners of the business.

Richard Rawlings countersued for $1 million

The legal battle continued, and in April 2019, Richard countersued for $1 million, as his official answer to the defamation lawsuit that was filed against him; this time, he cited claims of copyright infringement.

Using intellectual property without permission

According to his lawyer, his client claimed that the Gas Monkey Grill N’ Bar was operating for a few months without a license, and that the original license granted to them by his client was terminated on its own. They’d already sent a letter of notice to the owners but it was allegedly ignored. It turned out that the restaurant and bar continued operating, using Richard’s intellectual property. They presented pieces of evidence in court that affirmed their claim that Daniel Flaherty and his group used his trademark logos when they promoted events and products on their official social media accounts. without seeking permission from Richard. For instance, Gas Monkey Bar entered into an agreement with an alcoholic beverage, Jameson Whiskey, and tied the Garage Monkey brand to it.

Using his trademarked logo in promoting sexually provocative acts

Another thing that earned Richard’s ire was that the Gas Monkey Bar owners violated a clause on the license agreement in which they used his brand in promoting activities in the bar that had highly sexually suggestive content. Some people associated this claim with the strip tease/burlesque show entitled “The Suicide Girls- Blackheart Burlesque” that the Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill had featured in September 2018. It was not something he wanted his brand to be associated with especially since he made a conscious effort in making his reality TV series, “Fast N’ Loud,” family-friendly.


Mixed reactions on the $6 lawsuit between Richard Rawlings and Gas Monkey Bar

Many people were left bewildered as to why there was even a legal battle to begin with, between Richard and the owners of Gas Monkey Bar when they had a contract that tackled the licensing issue. While Richard had many fans due to the popularity of his reality TV show, he also accumulated haters over the years – television host Joe Rogan even described him as someone whom people loved to hate. He had this persona that it’s ‘either you love him or you hate him’, this certain confidence that attracted many people but some felt that it was bordering on arrogance, making him a douchebag.

At online gearhead sites, people had different views about it. The pro-Richard group generally said that the guy worked hard for many years to create a successful business and developed it into a lifestyle brand, so it was only natural for him to protect it. His name and his brand were being used, and it was just right for him to ensure that others did it appropriately – after all, one mistake could ruin everything. However, those who didn’t like him said that it was plain and simple greed that urged him to make false accusations against the owner of Gas Monkey Bar. They concluded that Richard probably realized too late that he wanted to establish a restaurant and bar that he 100% owned, but that he couldn’t do anything about it since he’d already given Daniel Flaherty et al the license to use his brand.

Caught up in various scandals

Richard certainly had his share of negative press, which was mostly related to his business ventures. The Fort Worth native was a risk taker, and most people were shocked that even before he turned 21, he’d already been a police officer, firefighter, and paramedic. He had this brazen personality to try to do what others perceived to be unthinkable, and that was probably what made him an easy target for scandal.

Counterfeit booze complaint

It seemed that Richard’s fans were indeed correct when they said that whatever issue that would come out of his brand, whether he owned it or gave someone the right to use it, would reflect badly on him – it would be his name that would be dragged into the headlines. Sometime in 2015, the Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill in Dallas was the subject of an investigation.

Apparently, some clients filed a complaint that they were served with cheaper versions or what they assumed to be replicas of top-quality liquors that they ordered. The Texas Alcoholic and Beverage Commission (TABC) launched an undercover operation inside the Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill, the agents ordering several alcoholic beverages to check if the bar served fraudulent drinks. It turned out that only one drink didn’t live up to its expectations. because it was already watered down by the time it reached the TABC testing facility in Austin. The establishment only received a warning from the commission, but Richard’s brand took a hit, and he needed to assure everyone by going public to explain what happened.


Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufmann in string bikinis

One of the reasons why there were people who hated Richard was due to his audacity in using every means possible to promote his business, which made them doubt his sincerity. There was a time before he became popular that he along with his chief mechanic Aaron Kaufmann posed for a promo photo wearing only string bikinis and sunglasses. It was done just to irritate their rivals in a competition that they were a part of, but it was mostly the public who were disgusted by it. Up to this day, this photo can still be found online, and fans shuddered just at the thought of it. Most of them said they couldn’t unsee it, and advised others not to look for it.

How did the $6 million legal battle end?

Both the plaintiff and the defendant in the lawsuit were pretty confident that the court would decide in their favor. They both claimed that the problem started at the beginning.

Dan Flaherty et al stated in their complaint that as early as 2016, Richard was already trying to buy back the license that he gave to them, but didn’t have sufficient money to do it. They said that the allegations regarding the finances only started when there was a third party in 2017, that was interested in obtaining the rights to the Gas Monkey Bar, and would have been a done deal if not for Richard spreading false stories about them.

Austin Champion, one of the lawyers representing Richard in the lawsuit, said, ‘It’s obvious that this is nothing more than a fabricated claim as a last-ditch effort to try to get back the license.’ His client said that Gas Monkey Bar had already violated the license agreement since the first day, and that Richard had tried many times to resolve it since then. Eventually, Richard decided to terminate his relationship with them, when he realized that the group was unwilling to fulfill the obligations that were agreed upon in the contract.

According to court records, sometime in August 2021, both parties decided to resolve the issue by entering into a joint dismissal of the lawsuit, then announced that they’d settled everything between them – Dan Flaherty and his group would no longer be using Richard Rawling’s Gas Monkey brand in their restaurant and bar business. Since both parties never said anything ill about each other after the cases were discontinued, it could only mean that they also entered into a non-disclosure agreement. It was a smart decision from both sides, as they could proceed to pursue other business endeavors without getting negative press from then on.


What happened to Gas Monkey Bar after the case was dismissed?

Prior to the joint lawsuit dismissal, the Gas Monkey Garage Grill N’ Bar had already ceased operations due to the Covid-19 pandemic that shut down businesses globally. After the case was settled, all of Richard’s Gas Monkey trademark logo and name were stripped from the venue, including all the automotive tchotchkes that used to adorn the walls of the bar. The owners had a makeover, and one of its managing partners, Alex Mendonsa, shared, ‘We’ve updated the look and vibe of the venue, and eliminated a lot of the garage feel.’ The owners said that it was like breathing fresh air once again, as they focused more on music and food, which was why they named it Amplified. On their official website, they made sure that they posted a warning that the business was no longer affiliated with Gas Monkey Garage and Richard Rawlings. They boasted that they’d upgraded the place with a better sound system, and the bands that played there since it was re-opened attested that the customers experienced concert-quality performances no matter where they were in the venue.

Richard Rawlings reinventing the Gas Monkey restaurants

The entrepreneur in Richard Rawlings wouldn’t pass the opportunity to take advantage of the lifestyle brand that he’d created. After the $6 million lawsuit was settled, he lined up his plans for reinventing the Gas Monkey restaurant and bar business by expanding it to something unique. It wouldn’t just focus on offering food and music, but would be a venue with diverse ways of entertaining people.

In August 2022, he announced that he planned to launch Gas Monkey Dallas in Farmers Branch at Mercer Boardwalk, and the food would be Tex-Mex cuisine including lots barbecued and burgers. The 40,000-square-meter restaurant was scheduled to open in the spring of 2023, and the hot rodder claimed that it would just be the first of many. He already talked with some investors about having a Las Vegas branch, while another mega restaurant branch was being built in Lewisville. Some of these restaurants will also include playgrounds catering to those who love go-karts, miniature golf, and amusement rides. Some of his classic cars will also be on display for gearheads, as the venue is just a mile away from his Gas Monkey Garage.

Richard Rawlings never backed out of the challenges that life had to offer. While he never enjoyed being embroiled in legal battles, he realized that they were part and parcel of doing business, since he became a prominent figure through the success of his reality TV show. He made mistakes along the way, but never had a problem pivoting from them and exploring other interests. It was this resilience and perseverance that made him who he is today.

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What happened to Adam from “Below Deck Med”?



Adam Glick, known as “Adventure Chef,” which is a title he gave himself and later his brand, was a prominent reality TV personality for a few years. He gained fame by appearing in the second and third seasons of “Below Deck Mediterranean,” better known as “Below Deck Med.” Although viewers demanded to see more, despite his mean and condescending attitude, Adam chose not to return.

Instead, he debuted in the first season of the spin-off show “Below Deck: Sailing Yacht,” but again realized that his goals didn’t align with appearing in the show for another season. Thus, he disappeared from TV screens in 2021, and shifted his focus to other projects. We covered his on-screen journey, and studied what happened to him afterwards.

He won’t return as a “Below Deck” cast member

Since Adam tried to find his footing in two shows in the reality TV media franchise, and quit despite the show’s success, viewers assumed that he wouldn’t make a comeback. There was also a glimmer of hope that he may work on his relationships with Malia White, or Jenna MacGillivray.

Still, Adam didn’t want to keep his fans guessing, and confirmed that he plans to devote his time and energy to other things during the reunion for the spin-off show. Moreover, he clarified that he was single and would likely remain that way, but neither he nor Jenna explicitly said that they wouldn’t get back together. Sadly, Adam disappeared from social media and his website in late 2022, and his fans don’t know much about his life today.


Adam was in a love triangle in 2016

Something about Adam captivated the viewers from the moment in the second season., when he boarded SIROCCO, a charter superyacht with a Heesen-built motor At first, it was his piercing blue eyes, a somewhat overconfident attitude, and chef skills. However, once new information came to light, his love affair with Malia took center stage. They met when the superyacht was in Split, Croatia, where Adam boarded it to work in the kitchen. Malia had just joined the show and was working as a main deckhand, and the two quickly hit it off, slowly falling in love at the beginning of the season.

However, things took a massive turn once Malia began getting close to one of the higher-ups on the vessel, bosun Wesley Walton. Unsurprisingly, Malia’s feelings for both men and their surprise when they learned that they had a simultaneous romantic interest caused discord.

Malia caused him to act weirdly

After fights and arguments between the two men became frequent, Malia deliberated on her conflicted feelings, and ultimately chose Wesley. Adam mostly stopped fighting physically, although he attacked Wesley during one of his days off. After realizing that he was losing his cool and that physical assault would get him into trouble, Adam shifted to passive-aggressive things.

Many viewers remember the scenes of him putting ingredients the guests did not want into their meals. For example, two to three times he put onions into dishes against the guests’ wishes. That behavior earned him a bad reputation even among his loyal fans; although they knew he was hurting, he stopped being laid-back and displayed anger toward innocent people.

Captain Sandy Yawn stated that she would have fired him if shed known that he had done it more than once. Additionally, she complained that finding a chef mid-season in Croatia was impossible, and that Adam was otherwise calm, consistent and talented.


Charter guest Kenny Novotny, who received one such dish, posted on Twitter that he’d forgiven him. Adam retweeted it, and replied with, ‘Thank you, Kenny. I lost my cool and went down a rough road, being an ass. I’m sorry, lesson definitely learned.’

He changed the impression that others had of him

During the third season, Adam took a giant leap in how viewers saw him, since resolving the romantic issues made him refocus on his favorite things, including cooking. He was back to being cool, relaxed and a great chef, all things the yacht guests paid good money for. However, the lack of drama didn’t necessarily benefit his popularity, and he decided to accept appearing in a spin-off instead of returning for season four.

That’s when Jenna unintentionally changed Adam’s life for the better. Adam was back to being unkind and patronizing, which made for good TV, but he also showed how a monogamous, harmonic relationship affected him.

Jenna was a steward chef in the first season of the yacht sailing show, and they bonded over a shared love for preparing food; they had many touching moments, but also caused tension. Unfortunately, fellow interior crew members, steward chefs Georgia Grobler and Madison Stalker, were caught in the middle of the latter. Jenna didn’t let it bother her, and poked fun at the show’s montage of her previous boyfriends with faces blurred, saying, ‘If my dating history is any indication, clearly I move quickly. One day, there’s a chance that he might be in a picture with me with his blanked-out face.’

He went on an adventure afterward

Although the chance that his relationship with Jenna would succeed was high, when the first season of their show ended, the audience was uncertain about what the future held for the couple. Adam gave a worrying statement, telling Jenna that after the charter ended, he would ‘get the hell off this boat, hop in his van, and drive away.’ Jenna cried, and fans didn’t know whether Adam implied that she could join him.

Luckily, their social media presence provided an insight; they rented a van after leaving the Parsifal III yacht, and began long trips to explore various countries, documenting their journey with mesmerizing pictures and videos. Adam and Jenna started their trip in Greece, but then drove a van with Adam’s dog Tex across the US before reaching Canada. During that time, they met and spent time with each other’s family members. Therefore, it seemed that their relationship would have a fairytale ending.


The reunion episode explained a lot

Unfortunately, the reunion episode for the show’s first season that connected them brought terrible news to their fans. Adam and Jenna announced their break-up before confirming that they would not return to the show that brought them together. They clarified that there was no bad blood, and that they were looking forward to pursuing new goals. Jenna confirmed the news during the “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen @ Home” segment shortly after, adding that they are still on good terms, and ‘were speaking earlier that day.’ She then in mid-2022, became engaged to an unnamed man, who physically resembled Adam, and both remained active on social media.

Adam began working on a personal brand

Adam used the influence of his TV show personality to promote his brand, primarily through his website, He introduced newsletters, letting his fans stay up-to-date with his adventures. Additionally, in partnership with Messermeister, he started promoting products such as a knife set, and clothing merchandise such as t-shirts, trucker caps, tank tops and beanies, with his “Adventure Chef” branding.

Adam also began advertising his self-titled YouTube channel, and posting adventure reels of outdoor survival adventures with his dog, and cooking in the wilderness. He also answered frequent fan requests – for instance, he demonstrated how he forages for mussels. In other videos, Adam showed his vehicles, an F-250 super duty 6.7 power stroke flatbed truck, which he uses for camping with family in off-road activities, and his primary Four Wheel Campers van, which he uses as a mobile residence for long periods.

He was involved in other productions

Adam also used his website to broadcast the news about upcoming projects. He revealed in 2021 that he would host a cooking show, “STOKED” on OutsideTV, and invite famous outdoors people and athletes to compete and learn about cooking. Moreover, Adam claimed that he was working on two digital series based on the “Adventure Cooking” model, to be aired by late 2022. However, those were seemingly in production, and he removed the references from his website.

Adam has moved on

After Adam dropped out of college to pursue his passion for cooking, appearing in the first episode of “Cutthroat Kitchen” on Food Network got him going. He appeared in several talk shows, including “Today Show,” “Kelly Clarkson Show,” and “Ellen’s Roundup” for Ellen DeGeneres. However, after three seasons in reality TV shows and two failed relationships, Adam seems to have had enough of living and performing in front of the cameras, and decided to work as a chef in private. After all, he’s been a chef on dozens of yachts for over two decades. Moreover, he’s traveled over 100,000 nautical miles and visited more than 30 counties as a chef de cuisine. His outdoorsy style also led him to collaborate with brands such as BFGoodrich, Toyota, Traeger, and Unisom.


His love for the sea pushed him to inspire others through a charity, A Walk on Water, which provides surf therapy to kids and adults. When asked about it, he said, ‘My first day helping to teach these kids how to surf in Malibu, California, I was hooked, inspired, and relieved. The smile on these kids’ faces is priceless and makes you feel amazing.’

Sadly, Adam deleted his Instagram and Twitter accounts under the handle @chefadamglick in November 2022, and shows no indications of returning to uploading on YouTube.

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