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Naked Truth Of Instagram’s Daddy – Anthony Varrecchia



• Anthony Varrecchia is a popular model, Instagram personality and social media influencer
• He holds American nationality, and his zodiac sign is Aries
• He was born into a family of Italian descent, and graduated from New York State University with a BA in business and management in 1985
• He has over 170,000 subscribers on his Instagram account, and launched his own line of beard balms and oils in 2017
• He has a current boyfriend, Mark Frazer, after his first husband’s sudden death in 2008

Anthony Varrecchia is a popular model, Instagram personality and social media influencer, who has recently found the new love of his life after his first husband’s sudden death.

Early life and family

Anthony Varrecchia was born on 24 March 1963, in Staten Island, New York USA – he holds American nationality, and his zodiac sign is Aries. He was born into a family of Italian descent, coming from Auletta, Italy; his parents were Theresa and Edmund Varrecchia, and he has an older sister, Theresa named after her mother. Anthony was into posing and performing from when he was a kid. He shared that he always stood out from the rest, often being the only person to be of such a kind.

He keeps warm relationships with the friends of his childhood, as they unconditionally supported each other since they were toddlers. Anthony wanted to become an actor and practiced in front of the mirror: ‘It’s always fun to play the part… since I was a kid… changing into a character and pretending to be somebody else… it’s the creativity flowing through these veins’, he wrote in one of his Instagram posts. Since 2010 Anthony resides in Shanghai, China.

Educational background

Anthony matriculated form his local high school, Canyon Crest Academy, in 1981. After graduating from the New York State University with a BA in business and management in 1985, he pursued his dream of becoming a model.



Failing to become a model

Anthony’s cousin persuaded him to collect his portfolio and sign up with the local model agencies, as Anthony was a bit shy to take this step, however, by the end of 1985 his portfolio was ready, and he started visiting the agencies, but they all refused to continue the conversation as soon as they heard that he is wasn’t 6ft (1.82m) tall. Anthony was discouraged and down.

For several years he worked in design agencies, and eventually landed the position of an Art Director. In 1991 he took a shoot for Fitness Plus magazine at Jones Beach, organized with a group of friends and relatives, and even had his nieces and nephew join in. The shoot went very well, and a lot of pictures were taken to be posted on various photo stocks.

However, for Anthony it was at a time when he was seriously interested in sports, going to the gym and gaining more experience in training.

Taking the second chance

In 2011 Anthony was offered another try for a modelling career, and to create a set of photos. The only thing the photographer wanted to change was the color of his hair and beard from dark brown to silver-white. The photos turned out great, and Anthony was reached by several agencies with offers for shoots, catwalks, etc. Since 2012 Anthony has been represented by the model agency SilverFox Management in Australia, and two more agencies in London and California.


In 2013 Anthony started his own Instagram account, because when his photographer posted several pictures of Anthony in his profile, the effect was mind blowing – hundreds of people appreciated his looks, especially his silver hair.

In 2017 he got to the list of Attitude’s Bachelors of Year, and in Attitude’s June issue of 2018, he gave a big interview in which he shared details of his past life and career. Subsequently Anthony appeared on many catwalks, modelling for such brands as Underwear Experts, Zues, etc. He also worked for Summer Diary Project, shooting with another popular male model, Gabe LaDuke. During the Brooklyn Fashion Week, he was on the panel of “Age in Fashion”.

Anthony is also a certified personal fitness trainer, but has still recently been practicing photography.

Social media career

As of 2020, Anthony has over 170,000 subscribers on his Instagram account. He says that for him it is a chance to be creative and have fun, but he feels pleased when he meets his followers occasionally, and they thank him for what he does; he says they’re inspirational. He posts his semi-nude pictures almost daily, but states that he’s never been reported for nudity on his profile.

Anthony Varrecchia’s Beard Balm & Oils

In 2017 Anthony launched his own line of beard balms, oils and other hair products: ‘I’ve always had an interest in grooming products, so I was excited when my business partner, Michael Walton-Jones, found me on social media and presented with me with this opportunity’.


The line started with only three products – Bourbon & Smoke and Tequila oils, and a Eucalyptus balm, but has since enlarged with several more items.

Personal life, boyfriend Mark Frazer

Late first husband

Anthony came out when he was around 35 – he had always felt scared and uncomfortable to share details of his sexuality: ‘I cared what family, friends and others would think of me’ he said of his worries in his interview to Attitude in 2017. However, he told his friends and family, and the response was mostly positive. In 2000 Anthony met the person he wanted to marry, and he and his boyfriend registered to be domestic partners in 2001, heading to San Francisco on a plane, and traveling around the country searching for the place where they could legally marry – in 2002, they registered as a civil union in Vermont.

The laws changed, and they eventually officially married in 2008 in Canada, however, Anthony’s husband died in a car accident a few weeks afterwards – Anthony was devastated, his heart totally broken, thinking that he couldn’t live, and would never love again. ‘It was so traumatic that many years after his passing it still affects me today. The accident turned my life upside down. I believed it was impossible to love again’, he reflects on those days. He later admitted that fitness helped him a lot to find another sense in living his life.

Current boyfriend Mark Frazer

It took Anthony 10 years to recover from his first husband’s death. At one of his shoots he met a hairstylist named Mark Frazer, and they started dating in 2018. Mark does all the grooming for Anthony now, and they travel a lot around the globe. Anthony shared that it’s his first relationship after his husband.


Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

  • Anthony’s favorite singers are Madonna and Donna Summer.
  • His favorite actress is Bette Davis; he considered the movie “Now, Voyager” (1942) to be the best film of all times (Bette played Charlotte Vale there).
  • Anthony wants to learn how to play the piano, and hopes his boyfriend Mark will teach him, as he’s an experienced piano player.
  • Anthony’s style icons are Tony Ward and Tom Ford.
  • He never leaves his house without a moisturizer.
  • He always wears the Rolex and the ring his late husband gave him, as they are two material possessions that mean the most to him.
  • One of his favorite songs he listens to when he is in good mood is “Nasty Girls” by Vanity 6.
  • During his high school years, he did a lot of carpentry.
  • He owns a dog named Golda; he and Mark manage the dog’s Instagram account.
  • Anthony owns a November 1985 issue of the Interview magazine with the signatures of Andy Warhol, Richard Bernstein and Harris Glenn Milstead known as Divine, a popular American actor, drag queen and author.
  • Anthony enjoys spending time in the sun, so a park or a beach are the perfect places for him.
  • When he has a calm evening, he enjoys a glass of red wine, olives and cheese.

Appearance, clothing style

Anthony has silver grey hair, moustache and beard, and dark brown eyes. He is 5ft 9ins (1.79m) tall and weighs around 187lbs (85kgs). As to his clothing style, his visiting card is his big furry hat. He likes wearing white T-shirts with denim overalls, but also fur coats.

Net worth and salary

As of 2020, Anthony’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Started with in April 2023. Previously, Executive Editor at Echoes Media. Holds a Journalism degree from New York University.

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Instagram Stars

Who the hell is Rae Kanoa? Untold Truth You Need To Know!



Who is Rae Kanoa?

Rae Kanoa is an Asian-American social media star, YouTube personality and Instagram model, who achieved stardom by working closely with Fine Brothers Entertainment on their web-show “Teens React”, which gave her instant popularity. She has since started her own YouTube channel, and is building her online fame on her own. Here is the untold truth about the young star.

Rae Kanoa Wiki- How Old is She? Parents, School

Born Rachel Wang on the 26th January 2000 in Las Vegas, Nevada USA, she is of Asian ancestry.

After living for a couple of years in Las Vegas, the family moved to Los Angeles, California. She has a younger sister, named Sophia, and Rae has featured her in her videos and pictures on YouTube and Instagram. Information about her education is scarce, as she’s said that she matriculated from Palos Verdes High School, and that she has enrolled into a college, but hasn’t said which one, and what her field of study is.

Career Beginnings

Rae never thought about a career online, but once she was chosen by the Fine brothers, Rafi and Benny, to feature in one of their “Teens React” videos, Rae fell in love with the online community.


She was to appear in only one episode, but she and the brothers decided to make her one of the main stars. From her first appearance in 2014, Rae made over 30 appearances in the “Teens React” show. Some of the episodes include “Teens React to Harry Styles”, “Teens React to Viral Videos: Used Car Commercials”, and “Teens React to Green Day”, among other popular episodes from the award-winning web show. This made her very popular among other YouTubers and viewers, and as a result, she started being featured in other shows.

As her business relationship with the Fine brothers developed, Rae started appearing in “Advice” (2014-2016), “Gaming” (2014-2016), “People vs. Food” (2016-2018), and other popular shows of the FBE YouTube channel.

Rise to Stardom

Encouraged by her success on YouTube, Rae decided to start her own YouTube channel and began uploading in 2015. Since then, she has reached out to 11,500 subscribers, and her videos have been viewed more than 265,000 times.


She has made the channel a bit more personal, uploading videos that display events from her life, talking about herself multiple times, from how she chose the name Rae Kanoa, and what happened on “Teens React”, among other interesting events from her life. Some of her most popular videos include “Talking sh**!? Feat. Jeannie Mai”, which has more than 60,000 views, then “Trying Poppin Cookin! Feat. Rachel Fenton and Labib Yasir” with over 30,000 views, and “The Failure Tales EP !: Groaning”, which has been viewed just under 30,000 times.

She has also become very popular on Instagram, with more than 110,000 followers, and has used her popularity to launch her modeling career. With what has been described as a great body, and sense for modeling, Rae has attracted attention from various fashion brands, including PrincessPolly Boutique, Uoobox, among others. Furthermore, Rae has also launched her own bikini line in 2016, named Kanoa Kinis, and since then has become one of the popular swimsuit and lingerie brands.

Rae Kanoa Net Worth, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, and Appearance

Rae Kanoa has multiple enterprises under her thumb and all of them have contributed to her wealth.


According to sources, Rae Kanoa’s net worth has been estimated to be as high as $6 million, as of early 2020. Rae Kanoa stands at 5ft 4ins (1.62m) tall, while she weighs approximately 110lbs ~ 50kg; her vital statistics are unknown, but she has a slim figure. Rae has brown eyes, while her natural hair color is dark brown, but she often dyes it in different colors, from red to green, blue, silver, and pink.

Rae Kanoa Personal Life, Dating, Boyfriend, Is She Single?

Rae Kanoa hasn’t been seen much in public with persons of the opposite sex, but has shared some insights into her personal affairs.

According to reports, Rae dated Reece Scarpignato in 2017, and the two attended her prom night together, however, they have since broken up, and she has moved on. Rae is apparently in romantic relationships from time to time, but she hasn’t revealed the name of her current boyfriend, though there is a picture of the two from Valentine’s Day on her Instagram page.

Rae Kanoa Interests, Facts, News, Influence

Rae is so much more than just a YouTube personality and an Instagram model; she is also a businesswoman and a fashion designer. However, being in her 20s, she loves exploring the world and has still retained those childlike characteristics.


You can see Rae visiting Disneyland very often and she also enjoys watching Pokemon. She also likes the theatrical production of “The Phantom of the Opera”, among other productions.

For work and for pleasure, Rae has traveled the world and has shared photos and videos with her fans, from Paris, Athens, Dubrovnik  in Croatia, and Maui in Hawaii, among other world destinations. She has also used her popularity on various social media platforms to promote and encourage other young women who aspire to become models, and since launching her Instagram account, has done photo sessions with models who are yet to sign their first professional contract.

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Instagram Stars

Naked Truth About Italian IG Influencer-Model Silvia Caruso



Who is Silvia Caruso?

Silvia Caruso is an Italian Instagram model, who achieved fame by uploading pictures of herself onto the popular social media platform, and has reached more than two million followers, with the number is still growing. She has collaborated with numerous fashion brands, which has also increased her popularity.

Siliva Caruso Wiki- Age, Childhood, Career Start

Silvia Caruso was born on the 24th August 1996, in Italy, and this is all we know about Silvia and her childhood, as she hasn’t revealed anything about her life before career.

However, her career has made her quite successful and rich.

Career Start

Silvia started her Instagram page and with that her career in July 2014; following her first picture she began uploading more provocative photographs, which brought increasing numbers of  followers to her page. She also attracted attention from various modeling agencies, and signed with Marvin Models, based in Rome, Italy. She started traveling around the world for work, and with more photo sessions, new pictures were uploaded onto Instagram.


The number of her followers increased and within a couple of years she hit her first million followers.

Rise to Stardom

From Brazil to Bali, Singapore, and the whole of Europe and other countries around the world, Silvia has been conquering the world at a rapid pace. In 2016, Silvia reached stardom when she was selected as the Lovely Lady of the Day by Sports Illustrated magazine, after which more offers came her way, and she started collaborating with other models and brands.

She did a campaign with model Viki Odintcova for Badoo Russia, among other campaigns, and was featured in other magazines, such as Maxim Italia, which made her even more popular. Silvia became a national star thanks to her beauty and numerous Italian magazines writing about and featuring pictures of her. Silvia has since expanded her popularity across the world, and she now has more than two million followers on her official Instagram page.


She is now stationed in Dubai, and is collaborating with a number of popular brands, including Revolve, Luna-Ex World, IceQueen Design, Verge Girl, MissyEmpire, El Vaquero, AYM, CinderellasCloset, and numerous others, for which she’s done advertisement and campaigns, which have steadily increased her popularity and wealth.

Silvia Caruso Net Worth, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, and Appearance

Silvia Caruso is becoming more popular with every new day, and her success has only benefited her wealth.

According to sources, Silvia Caruso’s net worth has been estimated at around $300,000, as of early 2020. Silvia Caruso stands at 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, while she weighs approximately 110lbs ~ 50kgs, and her vital statistics are almost perfect for a classical model at 35-24-35 – her bra size is 40C.  Silvia has dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Silvia Caruso Personal Life, Dating, Boyfriend, Single

Silvia is very secretive and hasn’t said anything about her personal affairs, not sharing even a minor detail about her love life.


As a result, there is no reliable information about Silvia in the media, only rumors, which also don’t say much, as she hasn’t been linked to anyone romantically from the celebrity world. She has another Instagram page on which she has around 140,000 followers, and has used it to share minor details from her personal life, such as spending time with her friends, and also her work-out routine. Hopefully, she starts speaking more about her love life.

Silvia Caruso Interests and Facts

Silvia is much more than just a model; she has used her popularity to speak about world problems, and has contributed to the community collaborating with a few philanthropic organizations. She likes traveling, shopping, and enjoying free time with her close friends and family. She is regular at the Coachella festival. For now, this is all we know about Silvia but will update once new information surfaces about this popular model.

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Instagram Stars

Naked Truth Of Spanish Model & IG Star – Eva Padlock



Who is Eva Padlock?

Eva Padlock is a Spanish fashion model and social media star, with over 1.5 million followers on her official Instagram page. She has achieved stardom by uploading pictures of herself on the aforementioned platform, and has collaborated with a number of fashion brands and magazines, including FashionNova, and Guess, among others.

Eva Padlock Wiki- Age, Childhood, and Education

Eva Padlock was born on the 13th May 1984, in Barcelona, Spain; she hasn’t revealed many details from her early life, keeping the names of her parents a secret, and if she has siblings or not.

At first, she had interests other than modeling, as after matriculation from high school, Eva enrolled at Barcelona’s Escuela Massana, which is a visual art and design college, where she studied interior design.

Career Beginnings

Still with no intention of becoming a model, after college Eva started working as an interior designer on several projects in the next couple of years, before she created an Instagram page. She first started uploading pictures of her decorations, but on the suggestion of her friends, she began posting eye-catching pictures of herself.


This brought the attention she sought, and so she continued to upload provocative pictures. The number of her followers increased, and she was also attracting people from the modeling world, and was approached by Monster Energy and invited to become one of their Monster Girls. This pushed her career forward in a different direction, and she was able to strike deals with other brands. She became the brand ambassador for the Monster Energy and began promoting them during Moto GP events.

Rise to Prominence

It was in August 2016 that she was named the Lovely Lady of the Day by Sports Illustrated, which immediately launched her to stardom, and this brought new offers to her door. From Sports Illustrated she moved on to Thrill Bender, which named her Babe of the Day. With her popularity on the rise, Eva’s Instagram page was soaring high and she started collaborating with numerous fashion brands, including Plumeria Swimwear, Oh Polly, and others, before she was named the brand ambassador for Fashion Nova.


This had put her career onto a new level, and since then Eva has become one of the most popular models of the brand. She has acquired a mass following online, and has promoted numerous creations of the brand. Furthermore, she has worked with several other fashion brands, designers, and magazines, and been named the sexiest Moto GP promoter by several magazines. She’s worked closely with Paul Marciano several times, and done campaigns for Guess, among numerous other accomplishments.

Eva Padlock Net Worth, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, and Appearance

Eva has become very popular since pursuing a career in modeling, and moving away from focusing on her career as an interior designer. Nevertheless, she has taken the world by storm and is now enjoyinga life of luxury. If you wondered how rich Eva Padlock is, according to sources, it has been estimated that Padlock’s net worth is over $1.3 million, as of early 2020. Eva Padlock stands at 5ft 7ins (1.71m) tall, while she weighs around 134lbs ~ 61kg, and her vital statistics are 33-24-35, while her bra size is 42D.


She has brown eyes and naturally brown hair. Eva has had surgery to improve her looks, including breast augmentation, which has apparently benefited her career.

Eva Padlock Personal Life, Dating, Boyfriend, Is She Single?

Although she is always in the media and constantly present online, Eva hasn’t said much about her personal endeavors, and as a result there is no information about her relationships.

Some sources state that she is in a relationship, while others claim that she is single. However, until Eva comes out with more information, all we can do is speculate; she doesn’t have children and isn’t married.

Eva Padlock Interests, Facts, Influence

Eva’s interests are many; she has remained true to her interior design aspirations, and although she hasn’t continued to pursue it professionally, she still occasionally does some designing in her free time.


Eva is an animal lover, and has a dog and a cat as pets, but hasn’t shared their pictures on her Instagram page, only using it for promoting her career.

As Eva gains popularity, she started being featured in numerous magazines; most recently The Inquisitr wrote about her stunning looks, and Code List has published an article about this Spanish beauty. She herself has promoted other models in some of her pictures, working closely with other Fashion Nova girls, among others.

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