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Sarah Lind – Measurements, Husband, Net Worth – Biography



• Sarah Lind was born on July 22, 1982 in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
• She is an actress best known for her roles in television series such as "Edgemont" and "Mentors"
• As of 2020, her estimated net worth is over $2 million
• She has appeared in various films, television series, and television movies, including "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" and "Fargo"
• She is married to actor Tygh Runyhan and they do not have any children

Who is Sarah Lind?

Sarah Lind was born on 22 July 1982, in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, and is an actress, best known for her work in various television shows. These include “Edgemont “, “Mentors”, and “True Justice” in which she played the role of Sarah Montgomery opposite Steven Seagal’s character, and stayed for its two-season run.

The Wealth of Sarah Lind

As of early-2020, Sarah Lind’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million, earned thanks to a successful career in the field of acting which she has been a part of since 1998. While she has primarily been in Canadian programming and films, she has also made her way to Hollywood numerous times.

Career Beginnings

Sarah grew up in Regina, and at a young age developed an interest in pursuing acting. She began taking up auditions during her teens, with one of her first roles being the television movie “The Lost Daughter”. She also appeared as a guest in “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show” before gaining her first notable role in the series “Mentors” in which she played the character, Dee Sampson.

The series aired on Discovery Kids and follows the story of a genius who uses his knowledge in computers to help bring back to life key historical figures for around 36 hours.


She portrayed the close friends of the main character Oliver Cates who use the device to learn more about history and fix some of their daily problems. She stayed with the show for two seasons and while doing so, continued making guest appearances in other shows.

In 2002, she then made her foray into film work. Some of her earliest projects include “Fetching Cody”, “A Problem with Fear”, and “Severed”.

Edgemont and Other Projects

In 2001, Lind was cast as one of the series regulars in “Edgemont”. As the show connotes, it deals with the lives of several teenagers living in the fictitious suburb of Edgemont in Canada.

The show aired on CBC for five seasons with the teenagers shown attending McKinley High School. Some of the themes discussed during the show include racism, romance, jealousy, homosexuality, and intrigue. The show received good reviews for its entire run, and even found a bit of popularity in several countries such as France. While with the show, she also appeared in other shows such as “Human Cargo” and “Five Days to Midnight”.

After the show, she continued taking up acting projects and began to take more roles in shows being filmed in the US. She made guest appearances in “Smallville” and “Blade: The Series”, based on the film franchise of the same name which in turn, is based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name.


She also appeared in the film “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” which is based on the Ron Hansen novel of the same name released during the early 1980s.

Continued Acting Work and True Justice

In 2008, Sarah was cast in a small role in “Personal Effects”, based on the short story by Rick Moody “Mansion on the Hill”, and starred Michelle Pfeiffer, Kathy Bates and Ashton Kutcher. The following year she worked on “What Goes Up” playing the role of Peggy Popoladopolous, which starred Hilary Duff, Josh Peck and Steve Koogan, and tells the story of a reporter who tries to create a story of a teacher who makes it into the crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger, only to discover that the teacher’s students are dysfunctional.

In 2010, she then attracted more mainstream attention as she was cast in one of the main roles in the show “True Justice” which ran for two seasons. The show was created by Steven Seagal and also stars him as the leader of a special investigation unit based in Seattle, Washington. The show won a Leo Award for its stunts, and got a bit of attention thanks to its action and stunt work, but was eventually put on hiatus due to a lack of support for another season. Following that work, she made a guest appearance in “Arctic Air” before gaining a role in the film “Wolf Cop”.


Latest Projects

A few of Lind’s latest projects include an appearance in “Fargo”, based on the film of the same name released in 1996. The show was created by Noah Hawley and has been running for at least three seasons, though she was only a guest. She also made an appearance in the series “Taken” which is based on the film trilogy of the same name which starred Liam Neeson. The show’s premise takes place years before the original show, portraying a younger version of Liam’s character, played by Clive Standen, but was canceled after two seasons due to a general lack of interest from the audience.

In recent years, a few of her latest projects include “The Exorcism of Molly Hartley” which was released direct to video, in which she portrayed the titular victim. In 2017, she worked on the film “The Humanity Bureau” which stars her alongside Nicolas Cage, and follows the story of a fictional bureau in a future dystopian US, where inefficient citizens are deported to a place called New Eden. The film received generally negative reviews. She has been more focused on television movies, appearing in “Last Night” and “A Beautiful Place to Die: A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery”.


Personal Life

Sarah married actor Tygh Runyhan in 2008 after years of dating. He is known for his roles in various films and television shows, mostly as a supporting character – some of his notable projects include “Road to Nowhere”, “Stargate Universe”, and “Versailles”. It is not known if the couple has any children as they don’t talk to the media about their relationship. She doesn’t post a lot about her personal life on social media, keeping her Instagram account mostly artistic in its theme, posting some photographs she’s taken and only posts there sporadically. Her husband is featured in a few of her posts.

Started with in April 2023. Previously, Executive Editor at Echoes Media. Holds a Journalism degree from New York University.

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Naked Truth Of Corie Rayvon: Who is Khalil Underwood’s GF?



Coria Rayvon is a popular fashion YouTuber, who is also known for her relationship with Khalil Underwood, a rising actor and YouTube personality. Even though they broke-up in 2018, they still make videos together, supporting their friendship.

Early life and family

Corie Rayvon Smith was born on 2 July 1996, in Houston, Texas USA, so holding American nationality, and a zodiac sign of Cancer. Corie hasn’t shared much information about her parents or siblings, saying that she is quite a private person and doesn’t like people to know too much about her family. From her early years she enjoyed dancing and singing, and in 2015 she moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue her social media and modelling career.

Educational background

Corie matriculated from Pearland High School six months earlier than her classmates, as she passed her exams externally. Right after her matriculation in 2014, Corie enrolled at a nursing school, studying there until moving to Los Angeles in 2015. She had to drop nursing school, however, she shared that she would love to eventually accomplish her tertiary education in order to have a back-up profession.


YouTube career

Corie created her YouTube account in 2016, developing her social media portfolio. Since her first video – “My Curly Hair Tutorial | Corie Rayvon” she posted on 19 May 2016 – she has been doing hair tutorials, make-up videos and fashion reviews, collaborating with rising singer Jilly Anais several times, as they made friends right after Corie’s matriculation. Corie has also uploaded a lot of challenge and prank videos. As of 2020, her YouTube channel is verified at almost 600,000 subscribers.


Among her most popular videos there are “NEW LOUNGEUNDERWEAR TRY ON HAUL!”, (2.7 million views – uploaded on 6 June 2019), “MY 21st Birthday!” (over 1.4 million views since 7 July 2017) and “VALENTINES TRY ON HAUL FT FASHION NOVA”, (over 1.3 million views in a year, and sponsored by Fashion Nova brand). In one of her videos she shared that she would love to have her own TV show, whether it would be a reality show or talk show with guests.

Instagram career

Corie started her Instagram profile in 2015, and soon attracted many subscribers by posting her photos in bikinis and short skirts and shorts. By 2020 she signed multiple commercial contracts with numerous brands and companies she now works for as a model. She is the official ambassador of the brand Icon Swim, and also publishes sponsored posts for Fashion Nova clothing brand, SugarBearHair vitamins, she advertises a honey cleanser by Pure Tropix. Corie is also a model for Brighter White teeth whitening system she has been using for more than two years.

She has recently started dealing with At-Home Laser Hair Removal system Hey Silky Skin Co, sharing her experience of using the gadget. As of February 2020, she has almost 900,000 subscribers on her Instagram account, and counting.

Controversy with Solluminati, another YouTube personality

A popular YouTuber nicknamed SOLLUMINATI (real name – Javonaty Baynes) made a video of Corie on 23 June 2018, stating that he’d admired her for more than a year, while those around him kept saying that she was no good. Javonaty then admitted that the day he finally agreed with his friends he was not interested in Corie anymore, she became single and broke up with her boyfriend, Khalil. Javonaty also stated he would love to have Corie on his channel, and wanted her to be in his videos, as he believed she would help him to attract millions of subscribers: ‘Corie is one of a kind, she is really beautiful. Feels like I love you, Corie’, Javonaty said in his video.


He also suggested a date, since as he stated in his own video, he changed a lot and was ready to make ‘something more’ from an ordinary relationship between a man and a woman due to his high spiritual intentions.

Corie kept silent for a long time, but her fans insisted on her answering Javonaty, leaving a lot of comments under her videos and Instagram posts about his message. Eventually she uploaded a video in which she watched the whole video from Javonaty and commented on it, pausing it and sharing her thoughts on his words. In the end, she admitted she would never date him, as she was not at all interested in his personality. Javonaty later uploaded another video saying that he was in fact just hiping over Corie’s break up with Khalil, and didn’t mean it when he asked her to date him. Solluminati started his YouTube channel in 2012, and is in fact famous for his controversial videos and pranks. His channel has more than 1.35 million viewers.

Personal life, ex-boyfriend Khalil Underwood

Corie started dating Khalil in 2015, when she met him in Los Angeles. Both rising stars, they had a lot in common – they shared their dreams, life visions and both enjoyed eating snow crabs. They created their mutual channel “Khalil and Corie”, uploading vlogs about their daily life. Corie made many appearances in Khalil’s videos, but Khalil never showed up in hers. By the end of 2017, the couple had decided to break up. Corie and Khalil made a video entitled “WHY WE BROKE UP!!! | CRAB LEG & SHRIMP ALFREDO MUKBANG” in which they explained the reason of their breaking-up. They stated that they started fighting a lot, their attitude to each other changed, and it felt like they would be better apart. Corie also shared that Khalil always had something to say, wanting to have the last word, and she didn’t give him a chance to behave like that, fighting back and battling a lot.


On 2 January 2018 they posted a video in which they announced that they were starting their mutual channel all over again, removing all previous videos. However, they added one more video about their travelling experience on one of the islands in the Greater Los Angeles Area, and haven’t uploaded anything else on that channel. As of 2020, Corie remains single, but still does mutual videos with Khalil. The latter posted several fake news on having a new girlfriend, presenting his friend Ambrie, a rising K Pop singer, as his new belle, but it turned out to be a joke.

Who is Khalil Underwood?

Khalil Underwood was born on 29 August 1993, in New Jersey USA. He created his YouTube channel on 8 September 2017, before which he tried himself as an actor, voice actor and singer, however, his performing career didn’t develop as fast as he wanted it to.

He only appeared in the short video “I Don’t F*** You” by Big Sean Feat. E-40. He also signed a commercial contract with the clinic Bright Ocular, where he permanently changed his eye color, posting a video about his experience stating that he liked his natural eye color, but wanted it to pop up a little bit more, so his eyes are bright grey now.

Khalil released several music tracks, among them “All About You”, “Get Away” and “Be Mine”. As to his YouTube channel, it has almost 90,000 subscribers, and Khalil has posted more than 90 videos of himself eating various dishes, such as hamburgers from McDonalds and KFC, chicken nuggets and snow crab’s legs. While eating in front of the camera, he is reasoning about various life issues, or giving his opinion on the latest news from the world of celebrities and social media.


Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

  • Corie cites Amber Rose as her biggest inspiration as a model.
  • She is also motivated and inspired by music videos of Beyoncé, Rihanna and Zendaya.
  • One of her favorite dishes is crab legs; she enjoys Mexican food.
  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • Corie’s dream destination that she hasn’t been to yet is Bora Bora.
  • She likes drinking red wine and champagne.

Appearance, clothing style

Corie has naturally curly black hair and bright hazel eyes. She is 5ft 2ins (1.57m) tall, weighs around 154lbs (70kgs), and her vital statistics are 36-25-37. Her passion for short tops uncovering her tummy played a bad joke with her; she was once followed by a stranger in the mall who eventually told her she had a very unique belly button – Corie was half scared half amazed by the weird compliment she got, but went away as soon as she could.

Net worth and salary

As of 2020, Corie’s net worth is reported to be around $600,000. As to her Instagram account, she earns up to $4,300 per sponsored post, and also benefits from her YouTube channel with more than $1,470 per month, with overall net worth of the channel at $65,000.

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Kavan Smith’s Biography – Wife Corinne Clark, Family, Wealth




Even though today you may recognize this handsome face from the Hallmark Channel’s romantic TV series “When Calls the Heart”, Canadian actor Kavan Smith started his career performing primarily in science fiction genre.

How did this shift happen? Was this the first time Smith’s life changed paths? And who is his mysterious wife?

Early life

Kavan Joel Smith is a TV actor, born on 6 May 1970, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where he and his brother were raised by their father after the divorce of their parents. Although the name of their father remains unknown, their mother’s name is June Hawk. He always had an affinity for sports – chiefly football and martial arts, and he spent 15 years training and perfecting the latter one.

He discovered his love for performing at a young age, and as he stated in one interview, he and his friend would often skip school classes to go rehearsing comedy skits that they would later perform on local busses and malls.

Switching Universities

After high school, he moved from Edmonton to pursue education at the University of Calgary, Canada, as he wanted to graduate in economics. However, he himself stated multiple times that he didn’t find himself too skilled in the field, and after a year and a half the University asked him to withdraw before going under review, so he dropped the college. He took a year-long break contemplating whether or not to risk and pursue his childhood dreams of acting and comedy, and finally he went to Mount Royal University where he enrolled in the performing arts program.


This controversial shift proved to be the decision that changed his life for the better. Also, it was there and then that he started to write, and decided to take his love of acting into a more serious path.

Career in Sci-Fi Series

Kavan Smith started his acting career in 1993, when he moved to Vancouver and landed a leading role in the television show called “Destiny Ridge”. In the following years, he performed in a plethora of series and TV movies, most famously in “Alibi”, “Escape from Mars”, “Fearless”, “Smallville” and “The Twilight Zone”. This was a sign, in a way, of him becoming the face of Vancouver’s sci-fi scene. He played five different characters in five episodes of “The Outer Limits”, and after catching the eye of Brian DePalma in 1999, he was cast in the role of the American Pilot in “Mission to Mars”.

However, the role which was his true breakthrough was as Major Evan Lorne in two episodes of “Stargate SG-1”, one of the biggest fiction series in the early 2000s. When “Stargate: Atlantis” was announced, Smith was offered a role of a completely new character, but they eventually decided to scrap that draft, and bring back Major Evan Lorne for another 29 episodes. This recurring role made him a new fan-favorite and brought him into the limelight and international fame.

Soon after, Smith got a recurring role in the series “The 4400” as Agent Garrity, another prominent character, and similar projects included guest starring in “Supernatural”, “Battlestar Galactica”, “The Guard”, “Reunion” and “Jeremiah”. He was also noticed as Deputy Andy in Syfy’s “Eureka” and “Red: Werewolf Hunter”, a modern horror version of “Little Red Riding Hood”, in which he co-starred with Felicia Day.


He was also supposed to bring the character of Major Evan Lorne to the big screens in “Stargate: Extinction”, but the script for that movie was eventually dropped.

Other Acting Roles

After years of sticking to sci-fi roles, Smith got the call to join the cast of Hallmark Channel’s “When Calls the Heart” in the second season of the series. He declined at first since it was outside of his niche, but when he heard that the director of his first episode would be Neill Fearnley who he had worked with on numerous occasions, and that his character would be the love interest of Pascale Hutton, his real-life friend and “The 4400” colleague, he changed his mind. So, the role of Leland “Lee” Coulter was born. Proving him to be more versatile in his acting than was previously thought, this series helped Smith land parts in several more non-science fiction titles, most notably in the Hallmark Channel’s original movie “The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells”, and “Love on the Menu”.

Apart from “getting out of the box” when it comes to the type of characters he plays, Smith now also hosts his own TV show, “Home and Family” for Hallmark Channel, and is also one of the faces of “June Weddings Preview Special” on the same channel.

Secretive Marriage

For years, Kavan Smith had been decisive about keeping the identity of the woman of his life private. It was even unclear whether or not he had a spouse until he announced on his Twitter in February 2017 that he would be late for an interview because he has to pick-up his wife from an airport ,and that his two children – later revealed to be boys – were upset. He posted several more tweets regarding his wife, including from June of the same year where he stated that his wife disagreed with his desires to post his wedding photos publicly.


Sometime later, it was revealed that his wife’s name is Corrine Clark, the casting director for “Stargate Atlantis” and “Stargate Universe”, and that they met for the first time when Smith was volunteering at a treatment center years before. Still, the couple keeps a low profile low, and not much more information has been made a public knowledge, however, the two apparently enjoy their married life while residing in Vancouver with their family.

Personal Life

Smith also prefers to keep the details of his private life a secret. One of the few known facts is that he loves to cook. As he told International Business Times, when he was asked what he wanted to film next after the movie “Wedding Bells”, he replied: ‘I really like to cook in my spare time, so they asked me what kind of ideas I would pursue. So, I had this idea of a chef, and I pitched it to them, and they bought it. (…)So, I wrote a script based on me faking [cooking] really well, and we’ll see what happens.’

This is how the movie “Love on the Menu” was born.

Smith also used to bartend for a brief time, while waiting in between acting projects. He owned a place in Los Angeles, California USA, but sold it in 2007 because he realized that he couldn’t move in-between countries that much once he had a family. He claims to be an avid sci-fi lover, and his favorite science fiction movie and inspiration is “Star Wars”.

Relationship with Pascale Hutton

Despite him being married, rumors started to circulate about his possible affair with his “When Calls the Heart” on-screen partner, Pascale Hutton.


The gossips only escalated when the two announced that their chemistry would be brought to another feature on Hallmark Channel, “The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells”, that premiered in the middle of 2018. The two fueled the rumor even more by being widely considered one of the best couples on TV, but as Hutton has been in a happy marriage with the fellow actor Danny Dorosh since 2002, it is most likely that this so-called romance is just a rumor, especially since both have stated numerous times that they are (just) great friends in real life and that their partners are really comfortable with their relationship.

Net worth

As someone working in the entertainment industry, Kavan Smith has earned a little fortune by working in dozens of films and series, which is his main source of income. Despite not winning many awards for his acting skills, his success comes from his huge fan base, as he is loved by many devoted sci-fi fans. All of this leads his net worth to be estimated at around $800,000, as of early 2020.

Physical characteristics

Kavan Smith holds Canadian citizenship, is a Caucasian male with dark eyes and black hair, stands at 5ft 8ins (1.72m) tall and weighs around 175lbs (80kgs). Smith has an athletic build and keeps a healthy frame, which is no surprise if we take a look at his roles and love of martial arts.

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Naked Truth Of Catherine Bach (aka Daisy Duke) – Net Worth




If you grew up in the ‘80s, you have probably seen her face. Or at least her legs, with nothing but ripped jean shorts and high heels. Yes, we are talking about Daisy Duke, or rather about Catherine Bach, as is her real-life name. You recognize her for her famous, sexy role in the action-filled series “The Dukes of Hazzard”, but how much do you really know about this hot brunette?

Early life and Education

Catherine Bachman was born on 1 March 1954, in Warren, Ohio USA. Her mother was an acupuncturist, Norma Jean Kucera, and her father was a rancher Bernard Bachman. She is of German-Mexican descent, and her mother comes from one of the earliest families that landed in California, the famous Verdugo family.

Her parents met in Europe, but divorced a couple of years after Catherine was born. Catherine mostly grew up in Faith, South Dakota, USA, on her grandparents’ ranch. She matriculated from Stevens High School in Rapid City, South Dakota, in 1970, and enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), choosing drama as her major. Because her allowance wasn’t enough to pay her tuition, she made clothes for theatre groups for money, and that was her way of survival at the time, indicating that her family had a very low income, despite once being notable and famous.

Starting Her Career

She debuted her acting career at a very young age, as one of the children in a production of “The Sound of Music”.


However, her first appearance on television screens was in “The Midnight Man”, Burt Lancaster’s murder mystery that was shot in upstate South Carolina in 1973 – Bach played the small role of Natalie Claiburn, the murder victim. In the next year she landed the role of Melody in Michael Cimino’s “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot”, next to Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges.

Daisy Duke

The role that skyrocketed her career was that of Daisy Duke in “The Dukes of Hazzard”, that aired from 1979 to 1985. She first heard of the audition for the main role in this action-comedy TV show through her then husband, David Shaw; the producers were looking for a woman who resembled Dolly Parton, which sounded nothing like her, but she decided to try due to her love of motorcycles.

As it turned out, she charmed the casting crew and was hired instantly. She also brought numerous changes to the character’s original draft, for example, Daisy Duke was supposed to wear a white turtleneck, poodle skirt and go-go boots. Bach had other ideas, so she brought her own homemade outfit, which was a T-shirt, a pair of cut-off denim shorts and high heels – a style which later became iconic.

The poster of her posing as a Daisy Duke that she designed later sold over five million copies. In fact, her Daisy Duke character got her so much recognition, especially due to Bach’s good figure, that she decided to insure her legs for $1 million! All in all, Catherine appeared in a total of 145 episodes and stole the hearts of many, becoming the face many will remember for the age to come.


“The Dukes of Hazzard” Aftermath

Bach’s acting career continued featuring in a number of smaller films and TV shows, such as “You Again”, “Chapman”, “Hawaii Five-0” “African Skies” and “Monk”. She also did the voice acting for Daisy Duke in the 2004 video game “The Dukes of Hazzard: Return of the General Lee”, but when she was asked to cameo in the 2005 film remake of “The Dukes of Hazard” that starred Jessica Simson, she refused the offer for reasons unknown.

However, she still happily talks about her Daisy Duke days, as she once declared: ‘Sure it was a lot of fun, couldn’t you tell? It was great to come to work every day. I’m friends with everyone to this day. John Schneider is probably my best friend of all.

He’s like my brother.’ Still, she claims that she’s never seen the “Dukes of Hazzard” movie from 2005. Bach finally found her place in the acting world again when she joined the cast of “The Young and the Restless”, the CBS daytime soap opera, in the 2012. She plays the recurring role of Anita Lawson to the present day. Bach also launched her own independent diamond jewelry line at Debenhams in 2002.


In 1976 Bach married David Shaw, who is the step-son of the actress and singer Angela Lansbury. The marriage lasted until 1981, when the couple filed for divorce for unknown reasons,  but apparently there was never any drama involved.


In 1990 Bach remarried, and her new spouse was entertainment lawyer Peter Lopez, the founder of the law firm “Kleinberg Lopez Lange Cuddy and Klein”. Lopez worked with many famous names, most notably pop star Michael Jackson, even saving Jackson from bankruptcy at one point! His other clients included Julio Iglesias, Michael Buble, Andrea Bocelli and The Eagles.

The marriage seemed to be a happy one, and the couple had two daughters, Sophia and Laura. However, everything changed on 30th of April 2010, when the 60-year-old Lopez was found shot dead. His death was proclaimed suicide, which shocked everyone in and out of the family, as Lopez never even hinted towards depression.

In an interview, Bach said that ‘Peter was happy to the very last second. Something terrible happened to him – I just know him so well. He did this to protect my daughters and myself. There must have been some bad business, and he saw this as his only way out of my life and the daughters that we created together.’ To this day, Bach holds the same belief about her late husband and misses him dearly, often going to church to pray for him. She had a few relationships after his death, but so far she hasn’t tied the knot again and claims she doesn’t plan to.

Personal Life

Bach is fond of hot rods, growing-up with the car culture of South Dakota. She thoroughly enjoys watching car shows, and loves playing with her own motorcycles in the garage during the cold winter days.


She even visits the Midlands often so she could open the Motorhome and Caravan Shows at the NEC. Apparently her models cost somewhere between $350,000 and $500,000. She is best friends with ex-Beatle member Ringo Starr and his wife Barbara Bach (despite the surname, the two are unrelated, as Barbara was born a Goldbach), as well as Barbara’s sister Marjorie, and the trio helped her tremendously after the passing of her husband.

Net worth

It’s said that she makes around $2,000 per episode from “The Young and the Restless”. Bach’s net worth is estimated at around $10 million as of February 2020, a big leap forward from the time when she had to hand-sew clothes to survive and get through college.

Physical characteristics

Bach has a height of 5ft 8ins (1.75m), her weight is around 150lbs (68kgs), and her vital statistics are 38-28-37. Her hair is light brunette and her eyes are brown. She is considered a very beautiful woman, who is rarely seen without a smile on her face.

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