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The Untold Truth About ‘Moonshiners’ Star – Jim Tom Hedrick



• Jim Tom Hedrick is an American moonshiner, singer and reality TV star, born in 1940 in North Carolina.
• He left school at an early age and had a variety of jobs, eventually learning the process of making moonshine.
• He gained fame appearing on the Discovery Channel's show "Moonshiners".
• He has released country songs and has an estimated net worth of $100,000.
• He has a deep southern accent and has been featured in various music videos and documentaries.

Jim Tom Hedrick is an American moonshiner, singer and reality TV star, born on 25 December 1940, in Robbinsville, North Carolina USA. He’s known for appearing in the Discovery Channel’s show “Moonshiners”.

Early Life

Marvin ‘Jim Tom’ Hedrick grew up in Graham County. Although there’s no information about his childhood, family and education, it’s known that he left school at an early age, and so started working when he was 15 years old.


Different Jobs

Marvin Hedrick had many different jobs during his youth. Although his principal job was as a plumber, he also worked as electrical technician, radio operator, and the job he hated the most to do: car maintenance.

Moonshiner Profession

There’s no information on who taught Hedrick the process of creating moonshine, though it’s assumed he learned it from a local distiller in the Appalachian Mountains in his early twenties.

Hedrick has worked as moonshiner for almost 60 years, and his specialty is Unaged Rye, winning several awards for it including a bronze medal from American Distilling Institute, silver medals from LA International Spirits Competition and Beverage Testing Institute, a gold medal in San Francisco World Spirits Competition and obtained double gold in Fifty Best.

When Marvin became known as “Jim Tom” is indefinite, though it’s speculated he adopted the nickname as his popularity as a Moonshiner increased in his native North Carolina.


Media Appearances

Jim Tom’s first media appearance was in “Mountain Talk” in 2004, directed by Neal Hutcheson. In this documentary, the audience gets to know the culture and dialect of Southern Appalachia, along with their people’s good humor, music and distilled spirits traditions.

In 2009 Jim Tom appeared in “Shine”, the music video by Matt Stillwell filmed at Fontana Village in Graham, North Carolina; Hedrick participated in 2012’s short “Squzz Corn N’ Ole Scratch” as well.

Moonshiners – TV Show

Centered on illegal producers of Moonshine located in Appalachian Mountains, Discovery Channel premiered this documentary-drama series in 2011, though it was only during show’s second season in 2012 that Jim Tom Hedrick made his first appearance.

Although the show centers on distillers’ efforts to produce moonshine evading law, authorities have claimed there’s no actual production of liquor in the show: ‘If illegal activity was actually taking place, the Virginia ABC Bureau of Law Enforcement would have taken action’.

Authorities of Virginia also declared that “Moonshiners” is misleading its audience, falsely making them believe illicit activities pertaining to distilling are overlooked by police. Discovery Channel has refuted these allegations, assuring everything seen in the show is real, denying its dramatic nature.

In despite of this, “Moonshine” has been a popular show for years, and Jim Tom Hedrick was highly admired by fans for his unforgettable and charismatic personality.


This led him to become a local celebrity in his native South Carolina, where copper stills in miniature autographed by him are being sold.

In 2016, however, Jim Tom Hedrick stop appearing in the series for reasons unknown.


Jim Tom’s a country musician as well. His most famous work, part of “Moonshiners” soundtrack is “Golly that’s Good”, sung by him in collaboration with My Highway.

Why is Moonshine Illegal?

Despite its popularity, Moonshine – commonly known as white whisky, mash liquor or white lightning – it’s illegal to be produced. This liquor is traditionally created by illicit, homemade distilleries, and gets its name in reference to the conditions it was originally made in: underground or under the “moon light”.

Moonshine also plays an important role in Southern history, going back as far as 1791, when protests started as a response to George Washington’s Congress taxing alcohol. Farmers were deeply affected by this law, as many of them became distillers when unable to market and sell all of their grain, and chose instead to refine it to produce various alcoholic beverages, obtaining their principal income from it.

Widely distributed and with the highest consumption rates of the time, whisky’s market was the most affected, so the movement acquired the name “The Whisky Rebellion”, taking place in various states such as Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and of course South Carolina.


The uprising was suppressed by government forces after it became an armed rebellion in 1974, though the tax decree was annulled in 1801.

In 1861 however, another “whisky tax” was instituted during the Civil War causing distillers to hide their activities once again to evade taxes. Moonshiners came to exist as a result of this situation.

In the early 1900s, the consumption of Moonshine increased exponentially, as alcohol was made illegal in many places, particularly during the period of prohibition from 1920 to 1933. Having this immense growth on demand, distillers opted for distilling large amounts of moonshine without taking into consideration its quality.

For this reason, moonshine and other illicit liquors were contaminated by various factors related to its production process, resulting in serious health problems for consumers, including poisoning.

Nowadays homemade distilleries are strictly prohibited not only in US but also in many countries, as they have been deemed dangerous for evading sanitary regulations, causing prejudicial consequences in many cases.

Moonshine is only permitted to be made by registered distilleries, therefore Hedrick has partnered with Sugarlands Distilling Co., to commercialize his own brand of this alcoholic beverage.

Personal Life

There’s not much personal information about Jim Tom.


His relationships, possible children and other family are unknown, as he prefers to stay away from social media. However, it’s known that he was married at least two times in his youth.

Despite the lack of information, Hedrick has shared some aspects of his past adventures in various interviews during the show “Moonshiners”.

In 1962 Jim suffered an accident on Halloween night while riding a Starliner 390 bike. He was left with a broken leg and a serious head injury after hitting a Ford Station Wagon at 115mph, allegedly flying through the air for 300 feet. Fortunately he survived said accident, and feverously narrates the story now.

In his youth he was locked up several times, and in 2015 he held DUIs record in North Carolina.

Net Worth

Jim Tom Hedrick has an estimated net worth of $100,000 as of 2020, which is a result of his work as moonshiner and as reality TV star.

Physical Appearance

Jim Tom Hedrick is a man of white ethnicity, with blue eyes and white hair, which was speculated to be blond in his youth. Regardless of his old age, he’s a healthy man with a slender build who is approximately 5ft 9ins (1.75m) tall.

Interesting Facts

His bio on describes him as ‘legendary moonshiner, master storyteller, and still maker’.

Discovery Channel’s official YouTube Channel shared a video of Jim Tom being asked the things he can’t live without, to which he answered: ‘The women. Now, you just can’t hardly make it without them. Now I get around. People don’t know that I get around. Yes sir. Women and booze. Ain’t never been nothing that matches like that together.’

Jim Tom allegedly partied a lot during his youth, once waking up in a tent with two women he didn’t know.

Despite his age, Jim Tom drives a 50cc Cruiser Chopper bike.

Even before his appearances in “Moonshiners”, he was already popular in his hometown. However, it was the show that made him well known across the country, but regardless of his fame, he remains humble.

He has a deep, characteristically southern accent, hence he was subtitled during his appearances in “Moonshiners”, as it was hard to understand his words for non-native English speakers and people from other states.

Though his most famous song is “Golly that’s Good”, he released many other country songs during his time as a radio operator.

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1 Comment

  1. Roy

    February 6, 2021 at 2:37 am

    Just bought a jar of Sugarland’s “Jim Tom’s rye” whisky. 100 proof of smooth tasty white whisky. Thank you Jim Tom

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He is a 23 years old co-ordinator and UI/UX and website designer, currently working for, while also the lead designer for Vuabov, and a website designer at The two were together for over two years, while it’s believed that they split in November 2019, when Kylee stopped uploading pictures of them together onto her Instagram account.

Rumor has it that Kylee started dating a mysterious boy in January 2020 after the two were seen walking hand in hand in streets of Los Angeles. Some of her fans have even recognized the boy as an actor, but neither of them have confirmed the rumors.


Hobbies and other interests

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  • Some of her favorite movies include “Enemy of the State”, “Seven Pounds”, and “Patch Adams”.
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  • She prefers to go to jazz and blues pubs rather than to clubs and discos.
  • She is physically active, as she dances and goes to the gym several times per week, and is doing yoga.
  • She is also following a strict diet.
  • She is keen on travelling, and has been to several states in the US, and to several European countries such as France, England, and Germany.
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Kylee is interested in music having released her debut song “Make The Grade” in 2016, which was followed by the songs “Rock ‘n’ Roll Reindeer” and “Home For Christmas”. In 2018, her songs “Fired Up”, “Sleeping Beauty”, and “Flower Girl” came out, and also wrote a song for the film “Zombies” entitled “BAMM”. She was then invited to write and perform songs for the “Zombies 2” film; some of these are “I’m Winning”, “One for All”, and “Like the Zombies Do”.

Appearance and net worth

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Nick Mara was born in Englishtown, New Jersey USA, on 8 November 1997, so his zodiac sign is Scorpio and he holds American nationality. He is a singer and a dancer, best known for being a member of the music band PrettyMuch.

Early life and education

Nick is of Irish and Italian descent, and was raised in Englishtown alongside his two older brothers Rob and Chris, and his sister Mia, who is currently working as his manager. His father owns a small shop, while his mother is a psychologist currently working at a local high school in Englishtown.

Nick became interested in dancing at the age of six, and after his parents noticed his passion, they paid for his dancing lessons, while soon noticing that Nick was also a talented singer. He began singing while at high school, where he was also physically active playing soccer and football, mostly because these interests helped him to matriculate. Upon finishing high school, he focused on his singing and dancing career, and didn’t enroll at college.

Career as a singer and a dancer

Nick launched his dancing career in 2011 when he competed in MTV’s competition show called “America’s Best Dance Drew”, performing with the ICONic Boyz hip-hop dance group.


He was praised for his skills, and was then invited to appear in the shows entitled “Made” and “Saturday Night Live”, also  airing on the MTV channel, however, most of his popularity came after his appearance in the Disney show called “Shake It Up”.

He started uploading videos of himself dancing and singing onto his Instagram account, which today counts over 555,000 followers, and in 2016 Nick was noticed by Simon Cowell, one of the creators and judges in the competition show “Britain’s Got Talent”. Nick competed against other singers, and was eventually chosen to join the PrettyMuch band, and moved to Los Angeles, California where they are currently working together.

PrettyMuch consists of Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Austin Porter, Zion Kuwonu, and Nick. They were all solo performers before Simon Cowell decided to unite them, and they released their debut single entitled “Would You Mind” in July 2017 and their second single “Open Arms” followed on 27 October 2017, with their third single “No More” just a month later. Their debut extended play (EP) was released on 19 April 2018 entitled “PrettyMuch an EP”, and they then went to work on new singles such as “Real Friends”, “Jello”, and “BliND” which came out on 25 January 2019.


Their second – “Phases – EP” – was available for download on 24 May 2019, and is made-up of six songs, four of which were new at the time.

Nick is also an actor having appeared in the short film entitled “Freeman Velocity” in 2014, which stars Jacob Berger and Carmen Cantore, and follows two boys as they chase after their stolen book to confront the thieves. Nick also appeared in the off-Broadway show called “Me and Casear Lee”.

Love life and girlfriend

Nick was in a relationship with his high school sweetheart for three years, but they split after matriculation as they wanted different things out of life.

In 2018 he began dating Alexys Cruz, who was born in the USA on 2 September 1999 – her zodiac sign is Virgo and she holds American nationality. She has an older sister named Isabella, and the two were raised in Los Angeles by their parents who are both into law businesses. Alexys became active on the internet in September 2015, when she uploaded her first picture onto her Instagram account. She attended Mount St. Mary Academy, and was then a cheerleader for the University of Miami in 2017 and 2018.


Alexys and Nick met at a party for dancers, and begun dating, often uploading pictures of themselves together onto their social media accounts, however, it appears that the two split in mid-2019, as they stopped uploading pictures in July.

Nick is currently officially single, although a rumor has it that he is back together with Alexys.

Hobbies and other interests

Nick likes to listen to old school rock bands such as AC/DC and Guns ‘n’ Roses, while his favorite performer was Kurt Cobain – Nick was heartbroken when he heard about his suicide.

He enjoys watching movies in his spare time, with two of his favorite actors being Heath Ledger and Russell Crowe, and some of his favorite movies are “The Dark Knight”, “Gladiator”, and “Robin Hood”. He is also likes new Disney movies such as “Minions”, “How To Train Your Dragon”, and “Despicable Me”.

Nick is taking good care of his appearance, and has several training sessions at the gym each week, while also following a strict diet, which means zero intake of sugar and no fast food.


He enjoys skateboarding and riding a bicycle, while his favorite hobby is travelling, and he has been all around the US with his band, while he’s also visited Spain and England. His dream travel destination is Miami in Florida, and his favorite cuisine is Mexican.

Appearance and net worth

Nick is 22 years old. He has short brown hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 8ins (1.73m) tall, and weighs around 150lbs (68kgs). As of early 2020, his net worth is estimated at over $1 million.

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Who is Park Seong-hwa, member of the band ATEEZ?

Park Seong-hwa was born in Jinju, South Korea on 3 April 1998 – his zodiac sign is Aries and he holds South Korean nationality. He is a K-pop singer, best known for being a member of the band ATEEZ, previously known as KQ Fellaz.

Childhood and education

Park was raised in Jinju as an only child by his father who is a lawyer, and his mother who is a secretary at an insurance company.

His parents noticed that he was a talented singer when he was six, and enrolled him at an arts school at which Park practiced both his acting and singing skills, but soon learned he wasn’t very talented in acting. Upon finishing elementary school, Park enrolled at Myungshin High School where he joined his first band, and he was also physically active, as he played soccer and volleyball. He soon learned how to play both the guitar and the drums, and upon matriculation in 2016, Park decided not to attend college, but to focus on his career as a musician.


Career as a singer

Park worked several jobs for two years to financially support himself, before he launched his singing career in 2018 when he was signed to KQ Entertainment, and on 24 October joined KQ’s first boy band, ATEEZ, while their debut mini-album “Treasure EP.1 : All To Zero” came out shortly afterwards.

The band currently consists of eight people – Park is the lead vocalist, while Hongjoong is the band’s leader, main rapper and their composer. Yunho is the band’s dancer and vocalist, while Yeosang is a dancer and sub-vocalist, and San is the vocalist and the face of the band.

Mingi is a rapper and dancer, Wooyoung is a dancer and vocalist, while Jongho is a vocalist as well.

On 15 January 2019, the band released their second mini album – “Treasure EP.2 : Zero To One” – which counted six songs, while the song “Say My Name” served as the title track. The album was followed by their third mini-album “Treasure EP.3 : One To All”, which came out on 10 June 2019, and which counted six songs, some of which are “Wave”, “Dancing Like Butterfly Wings” and “Utopia”.


Their debut studio album, “Treasure EP.Fin : All To Action”, came out on 8 October 2019, with their song “Wonderland” serving as the title track of 11 songs – some of the most popular among these are “Dazzling Light”, “If Without You” and “Thank U”. Their debut remix album “Treasure EP.Extra : Shift The Map (Remixx!)” was released in the same year, while the band also worked on their first Japanese album, “Treasure EP.Extra : Shift The Map”, later in 2019.

On 6 January 2020, the band released their fourth mini-album “Treasure Epilogue : Action To Answer”, which counted five songs while two of the most popular were “Star 1117” and “Outro : Long Journey”.

On 12 February 2020, they released their Japanese mini album “Treasure EP. Map To Answer”, made-up of six songs such as “Declaration”, “Answer (Japanese Ver.)” and “Wonderland (Sean Oh’s Skrt Mix)”.

ATEEZ has appeared in several TV shows, such as “Code Name Is: ATEEZ” in 2018, “ATEEZ Wanted” in 2019 and “ATEEZ Treasure Map” in 2019 as well.

Love life and relationships

Park is very secretive when it comes to his love life, and hasn’t talked about any girls he might have dated, but there are rumors circulating the internet about the popular singer being gay, mostly because of his appearance and the way he dresses, also because he hasn’t been seen spending time with any girl.


There are also rumors that he is dating one of his band members, but this hasn’t been confirmed by Park, and not a single band member has talked about Park’s relationships nor about his sexual orientation.

There is also a rumor on the internet that the popular actor is currently seeing a mysterious girl, as two of his fans have stated to have seen him spending time with the girl at a local café in Jinju. As Park hasn’t commented on this, he currently appears to be single, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

Park is interested in fashion and is following the latest trends, while he often uploads pictures of his clothes and his outfit combinations onto his Instagram account. He likes to travel, and has been to several Asian countries to perform with his band, while he has also been to Europe on two occasions, visiting England and France, and has been to New York USA once, when he was 20 years old. He is hoping to launch his acting career in 2020, and has already attended several auditions for roles in movies, but so far hasn’t been given an opportunity to act.


He is keen on watching Hollywood movies in his spare time, and his favorite actor and actress are George Clooney and Angelina Jolie, while some of his favorite movies are “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life”, “Mr. and Mrs Smith”, and “The Descendants”.

Park’s net worth

Park’s net worth is estimated at over $200,000 as of June 2020. His hair and eye color is brown, while his height is 5ft 10ins (1.78m). Park is 22 years old.

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