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The Untold Truth of Colin Kaepernick’s Mother – Heidi Russo



• Heidi Russo is a nurse and is the biological mother of Colin Kaepernick.
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $100,000 from her career as a nurse.
• She put her son up for adoption when she was a teen and has been trying to reconnect with him since his rise to fame.
• She is involved with organizations such as Linked Thru Love and Three Strands, which help mothers who are struggling or have given up their children for adoption.
• She has been subtly showing support to the African-American community by advocating for proper rights for African-American victims of crime or hate.

Who is Heidi Russo?

Heidi Russo was born in the USA in 1969, and is a nurse, but best recognized for being the biological mother of former National Football League (NFL) player, Colin Kaepernick who is known for his career with the San Francisco 49ers. She rose to fame and controversy following her trying to reconnect with her son after he had become a famous American Football player.

The Riches of Heidi Russo

As of mid-2020, Heidi Russo’s net worth is estimated to be over $100,000, earned through a successful career as a nurse.

She has worked as a nurse for most of her life, and unlike many celebrity mothers, she doesn’t gain financial support from her son, as the two aren’t closely connected.


Heidi became involved in a relationship with an African-American man during her teens, and she became pregnant during this time. After learning that she was with child, the man deserted her and she was left to bear the pregnancy alone. While her parents convinced her that they would support her as a mother, she didn’t feel that she was ready and able to support the child’s needs, so put the child up for adoption – he was adopted by Teresa and Rick Kaepernick, a couple who had lost children through heart defects, and would become Colin Kaepernick.


As the child grew, she remained in contact with the foster parents who consistently sent her photos of her child, however, through some unknown circumstances, they later lost all contact. She continued with her career as a nurse but didn’t bother with reconnecting with her child who was living a happy life. Suddenly, during the start of Colin’s fame, the media caught wind of her due to her efforts to reconnect.

Controversies and Other Endeavors

Once Colin had become the quarterback of the 49ers, Russo make efforts to reunite with him as she regretted not being in contact with him as he grew up; she didn’t regret the adoption as she believes it was the right decision at the time.

Colin refused her advances as he didn’t want to betray the upbringing and love that his foster parents gave him. She also gained a lot of criticism from his fans who felt that she was only trying to use Colin’s status and money. Despite being rejected multiple times, she continues to make efforts to reconnect, particularly on social media. She had attracted criticism once more after she criticized her son for his protest against racial inequality, kneeling during the national anthem prior to games. Many criticized her for dealing with it publicly through social media, instead of personally.

Aside from her reconnection effort, she is a part of a group called Linked Thru Love which was created to help remove stereotypes associated with mothers who gave up their children for adoption.


She is also a part of the organization Three Strands, which aims to help mothers who are struggling, as well as those who’ve just given up their children for adoption.

Son – Colin Kaepernick

Colin grew up as the foster son of the Kaepernicks, with two adoptive siblings – the family moved to California where he became interested in American Football. He played with a youth team, and attended John H. Pitman High School where he established himself as a very athletic player, succeeding in several sports. After matriculating, he received numerous offers to pursue professional baseball, as he had gained numerous accolades as a pitcher. He declined and opted to play American Football in college.

He enrolled at the University of Nevada, Reno which had offered him a scholarship, and during his time in the school, he helped achieve numerous wins. He still considered a career in professional baseball, and was even drafted by the Chicago Cubs in 2009 but opted to stay in college. He extended his senior year and broke numerous school records. In 2011 he entered the NFL Draft, and was selected by the 49ers during the second round of the draft.

NFL Career and Life After – Colin Kaepernick

He spent most of his rookie season as a backup player; he scored his first touchdown in the league during his sophomore season, and was considered to start games for the 49ers, which attracted some controversy.


He helped the team during the post-season, and led them to their appearance at Super Bowl XLVII, competing against the Baltimore Ravens, but losing. He continued to excel in the next few years, leading to a six-year contract worth $126 million. He struggled in the 2015 season due to a new coach, and expressed a desire to be traded. In 2016, his season was filled with multiple injuries including a season-ending shoulder issue that required surgery. After a new coach was added to the 49ers, he was told by the team that he didn’t fit the new system and he dropped out of his contract, becoming a free agent.

Following his exit, he was refused multiple times by numerous NFL teams due to his protest actions as a player with the 49ers. After a few years of no signings, he filed a grievance lawsuit with the NFL, demanding pay for collusion between NFL owners to not sign him. The trial ended in an undisclosed settlement. He continues to express a desire to play, and has been attending workouts but has been shunned on most occasions. He was then approached by two other American Football leagues, but he declined as they could not match his pay in the NFL.


Personal Life

While working as a nurse, Heidi met Heath Russo and the two started a relationship, leading to marriage. They have three children together, and the family now resides in Denver, Colorado. In recent years, she has remained silent about her issue of not being able to reconnect with her son. In the meantime, she is supporting various charitable endeavors and expressing her faith online. She has been subtly showing support to the African-American community like her son, by posting various advocacies to give proper rights to African-American victims of crime or hate.

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What is Jamie Lee Curtis’ husband, Christopher Guest, doing now?



Who is Christopher Guest?

Christopher Guest is an American-British screenwriter, director, actor, comedian and musician, perhaps best known as Corky St. Clair in the film “Waiting for Guffman” (1996) and as Alan Barrows in the film “A Mighty Wind” (2003), among many other projects, he’s created and acted in so far in his career.

What is Christopher Guest Doing Now?

Christopher is still active in the industry, and is currently working on the sequel “Spinal Tap II”, in which he will reprise the part of Nigel Tufnel.

Christopher Guest Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Christopher Haden-Guest, 5th Baron Haden-Guest, was born on 5 February 1948, in New York City, USA. His father, Peter Haden-Guest, was a British United Nations diplomat who later became the 4th Baron Haden-Guest, while his mother, Jean Pauline Hindes, was a former vice president of casting at CBS. Guest’s paternal grandfather, Leslie, Baron Haden-Guest, was a Labour Party politician who was a convert to Judaism. Guest’s maternal grandparents were Jewish emigrants from Russia.


Guest’s interests and talents were cultivated during his youth. He attended the High School of Music & Art in New York City, and studied classical music at the Stockbridge School in Interlaken, Massachusetts. There, he took up the mandolin, and became interested in country music. He played guitar with Arlo Guthrie, a fellow student at Stockbridge School, and later began performing with bluegrass bands until he took up rock ‘n’ roll.

Guest continued his education at Bard College for a year, before studying acting at New York University’s Graduate Acting Program at the Tisch School of the Arts. He graduated in 1971, and soon afterwards began his career in the entertainment industry.

Career Beginnings

Christopher Guest began his career in theater, landing one of his earliest professional performances in Michael Weller’s “Moonchildren”, playing the role of Norman for the play’s American premiere at the Arena Stage in Washington, DC, in November 1971. Guest continued with the production when it moved to Broadway in 1972.

Guest’s early career was filled with minor roles in film and television, but it was his work in the comedy genre that brought him to stardom. Guest appeared in his first feature film, “The Hot Rock” in 1972, which starred Robert Redford and George Segal. Although Guest had a minor role as a uniformed police officer, it was his first big break into the film industry.

Two years later, Guest began making contributions to “The National Lampoon Radio Hour”, both performing and writing comic characters and musical parodies. He also played a small role in the off-Broadway revue “National Lampoon’s Lemmings”, which starred Chevy Chase and John Belushi.

The same year, Guest appeared in his first major film role in “Death Wish”, which starred Charles Bronson. The film was a commercial success, and Guest’s performance as a police officer helped establish him as a character actor in the industry.


Rise to Stardom

In 1975, Guest began his long-standing relationship with “Saturday Night Live”, appearing in a few sketches as a guest host and writer for the show. This eventually led to his most famous SNL character, Nigel Tufnel, the lead guitarist for the fictional band Spinal Tap.

The success of “This Is Spinal Tap” in 1984 helped launch Guest’s career as a filmmaker. The movie was a mockumentary about a fictional British heavy metal band, and Guest co-wrote, co-starred, and co-directed the film with Rob Reiner. It was a critical and commercial success, and established Guest as a master of the mockumentary genre.

Guest landed a recurring role in the iconic TV series “All in the Family” in 1977, playing Michael’s college buddy Jim in the episode “Mike and Gloria Meet”, which was a flashback to their first blind date. This guest spot exposed him to a broader audience, and he started getting more substantial roles.

That same year, Guest played a supporting role in the made-for-TV movie “It Happened One Christmas”, a gender-reversed retelling of the classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”. The film starred Marlo Thomas as Mary Bailey and Cloris Leachman as her guardian angel. Guest played Mary’s brother Harry, and his character had a significant impact on the story’s resolution. Although the film received mixed reviews, Guest’s performance was praised by critics.

In 1979, Guest starred in the short-lived sitcom “The Last Word”. The show revolves around a newsman who becomes the host of a talk show. Guest played the role of Dick, the show’s producer, and was praised for his comedic timing and delivery. Although the show was canceled after only one season, Guest’s performance was well-received, and helped establish himself as a comedic actor.

In 1986, Guest continued his success in the film industry, with his role as the sadistic dentist in “Little Shop of Horrors”, a musical comedy horror film. The film was directed by Frank Oz and starred Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene and Steve Martin.


Continued Success

Guest’s work in the late ‘80s and ‘90s cemented his status as a comedic star and a beloved figure in Hollywood. In 1987, he played the role of Count Rugen in the classic fairytale adventure film, “The Princess Bride”, directed by Rob Reiner, in which he starred alongside Cary Elwes and Robin Wright. This movie remains a beloved classic among audiences of all ages, and Guest’s performance as the sneering, scheming villain added to the film’s appeal.

The following year, he starred in the crime-comedy “Sticky Fingers”, which also featured Helen Slater and Melanie Mayron, followed by the satirical comedy “The Big Picture” (1989), which he co-wrote with Michael McKean. The film follows the journey of a young film student who gets his big break in Hollywood but quickly learns that the movie industry is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Guest’s work in the 90s continued to showcase his talent for improvisational comedy, and his ability to create quirky and memorable characters. In 1996, he wrote, directed, and starred in “Waiting for Guffman”, a mockumentary that follows the efforts of a small town to stage a musical production. This movie featured a stellar ensemble cast, including Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara and Parker Posey, and is widely regarded as one of the best examples of the mockumentary genre.

In 1998, Guest co-starred with Chris Farley in “Almost Heroes”, a comedy that follows the adventures of two bumbling explorers trying to beat Lewis and Clark to the Pacific Ocean. While the film didn’t perform well at the box office, it remains a cult favorite among fans of both Guest and Farley.

The 2000s and Later Work

Christopher Guest’s career continued to soar in the 2000s, with his involvement in several hit movies and TV shows. In 2000, he directed and starred in the mockumentary film “Best in Show”, which follows the lives of various owners and handlers as they prepare their dogs for a national dog show. The film was a critical and commercial success, and further established Guest’s reputation as a master of the mockumentary genre.

He followed up with another successful mockumentary, “A Mighty Wind” in 2003. The film revolves around the reunion of a fictional folk music group, and features an ensemble cast that includes many of Guest’s frequent collaborators.

Guest also starred in “For Your Consideration”, a 2006 comedy he also wrote and directed.

He returned to voice acting in 2007, lending his voice to the character of Nigel in the popular children’s animated series “SpongeBob SquarePants”.

He then starred in the science-fiction comedy “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian” in 2009, alongside Ben Stiller and Robin Williams. Guest also appeared in the Ricky Gervais comedy “The Invention of Lying” the same year.



As the new decade began, Christopher’s level of activity in the industry decreased, resulting in only a few credited projects to his name. He directed the film “Mascots” (2016), and in 2020 he reprised the role of Count Tyrone Rugen in the film “Princess Bride Reunion”.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Christopher Guest’s net worth is estimated at $60 million, as of mid-2023.

Personal Life, Marriage, Wife, Children

Christopher Guest has been married to actress Jamie Lee Curtis since 1984. The couple has adopted two children, Annie born in 1986, and Ruby in 1996.

Appearance and Body Measurements

Christopher Guest has grey hair and brown eyes. He stands at a height of 5ft 11ins (1.8m), while he weighs approximately 150 lbs (69kgs). His vital statistics are 43-32-18.

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How much is Stephanie Courtney worth? Children, Husband,  Age



Who is Stephanie Courtney?

Stephanie is an American actress and comedian, best known for her role as “Flo” in a series of popular television commercials for Progressive Insurance, and as a member of the improv comedy group Groundlings.

Stephanie’s Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Stephanie Courtney was born on 8 February 1970, in Stony Point, New York, USA. She was raised in a family of three children, by their parents a high school history teacher and a singer/voice teacher. However, there’s no information available publicly about her siblings.

She matriculated from North Rockland High School then enrolled at Binghamton University. While there, she played Elizabeth Proctor in “The Crucible”, then after graduating with a degree in English, she moved to New York City, where she studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse.

Ultimately, she moved to Los Angeles, where she lived with her sister, actress Jennifer Courtney, and the two created the sketch “Those Courtney Girls”, which they performed at the Aspen Comedy Festival.


Career Beginnings

Ultimately, she joined the training program of the improvisational and comedy sketch group The Groundlings, and in 2004 she officially became a member of the 30-person main company. Before her career got going, she held several odd jobs to support herself, including catering.

Her first on-screen appearance was in the TV series “Mr. Show with Bob and David” in 1998, and in 2002 she was in the TV comedy series “Everybody Loves Raymond”. In 2003 she starred in the comedy film “Melvin Goes to Dinner”, while in 2007, she starred as Sara in the comedy film “The Brothers Solomon”, directed by Bob Odenkirk.

Rise to Prominence

The same year, Stephanie appeared in the romantic comedy film “The Heartbreak Kid” as Gayla, the best friend of the female lead, Miranda.

Moreover, she was seen as Marge in the popular series “Mad Men”, while in 2008, she rose to stardom when she originated the role of Flo in the series of commercials for Progressive Insurance. Stephanie’s portrayal of Flo in television and radio commercials has become one of the most recognizable and successful advertising campaigns. Since 2008 when she first appeared, Stephanie has made more than 100 appearances as Flo, and become known for her comedic timing, upbeat personality, and distinctive retro hairstyle.


Over the years, the commercial has expanded and now includes a number of other characters, including those played by Natalie Palamides, Holly Austin, and Jim Cashman, various storylines, and spin-offs, but Flo is still the central figure of the campaign.

Her success in the role has led to numerous accolades, including a nomination for a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series in 2012.

In addition, Stephanie has portrayed several other notable characters. She’s mainly guest-starred in a number of popular TV series. In 2010 she was seen as Denise in the TV series “Sons of Tucson”, and also appeared in “House” as Claire, while in 2014, she played Eleanor in one episode of the TV series “2 Broke Girls”.

The same year, Stephanie appeared in four episodes of the critically acclaimed TV romantic comedy-drama series “You’re the Worst”, about two toxic people who fall in love, starring Chris Geere, Aya Cash and Desmin Borges, and continued with one-time appearances in “In-Between” in 2015, “Major Crimes” in 2016, while in 2017 she was Cathy Gile in the TV comedy-drama film “Girlfriend’s Day”, starring Bob Odenkirk, Amber Tamblyn and Stacy Keach.

In 2018 she secured the role of Essie Karp in the popular ABC sitcom “The Goldbergs”, and has so far appeared in 31 episodes of the critically acclaimed series, set in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, that follows the antics of the titular family, which consists of the overbearing matriarch Beverly Goldberg played by Wendi McLendon-Covey, her husband Murray played by Jeff Garlin, and their three children, Erica (Hayley Orrantia), Barry (Troy Gentile), and Adam, portrayed by Sean Giambrone.

She is currently working on the upcoming TV comedy series “Wags to Riches”.


Work with Groundlings

Since becoming an official member of the famous improv comedy group, she has worked on a number of shows and plays, including “The Not Inappropriate Show”, which also features Bob Odenkirk, Greg Worswick, Ashley Padilla and others, then “Hofoco Show” in which she appears alongside Jordan Black, Cedric Yarborough, Andrew Friedman Kyle Mooney among others, and the puppet show “The Glorious Ladies of Puppetry meet The Glorious Ladies of Groundlings”, which features an ensemble cast of Peggy Maltby Etra, Candace Brown, Sarah Sarang Oh, Roxana Ortega, and others, directed by Colleen Smith.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Stephanie Courtney’s net worth is estimated at over $6 million as of early 2023.

Personal Life, Dating, Married, Husband, Children

During her early years at the Groundlings, Stephanie met her future husband, Scott Kolanach. He works as a lighting director for the aforementioned improve group, and his credits include the drama film “Janeane from Des Moines”, which starred Michele Bachmann, Jill Bartlett, and Zachary Barton.

Stephanie and Scott married on 25 November 2008 and since then have welcomed a son born in 2010, but they haven’t revealed his name.

Appearance and Body Measurements

Stephanie Courtney has dark brown hair and blue eyes. She stands at a height of 5ft 8ins (1.73m), weighs approximately 130lbs (60kgs), with vital statistics of 34-26-34, and bra size 38B.


Facts and Trivia

Stephanie Courtney isn’t active on social media and rarely talks about her personal life in the media.

Portraying Flo has garnered her massive financial gain – according to some reports, she earns around $500,000 a year just from her engagement to Flo, who although Flo known for her quirky personality, Stephanie has said that she isn’t like that at all, and is quite the opposite of Flo. The popularity of Flo has brought the unbreakable duo into the video game “ModNation Racers” (2010).

She has said that seeing the play “The Pirates of Penzance” on Broadway for Christmas as a child inspired her to pursue acting.

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The Life and Laughter of Dudley Moore: A Comic Genius with a Tragic Flaw



Who was Dudley Moore?

The late British actor, comedian and musician Dudley Stuart John Moore, was born in Charing Cross Hospital, London, England, on 19 April 1935, meaning that Aries was his zodiac sign. He appeared in 49 movies and TV series prior to his death in 2002, and is perhaps still remembered best for playing the lead character Arthur Bach in the 1981 romantic comedy movie “Arthur”, written and directed by Steve Gordon, and which also starred Liza Minnelli and John Gielgud. It follows alcoholic Arthur Bach who has to marry a woman whom he doesn’t love if he wants to inherit the $750 billion fortune, however, he’s now fallen for a poor waitress; the movie won 11 of its 17 award nominations, including two Oscar wins for Best Music, Original Song and Best Actor in a Supporting Role (John Gielgud).

Education and early life

Dudley was raised alongside his older sister Barbara in Dagenham, Essex by their father John Moore who was a railway electrician, and mother Ada Francis (nee Hughes) who was a secretary.

Dudley was bullied at elementary school because of his short stature and club feet; he underwent corrective treatment, and his right foot was ‘fixed’ by the time he turned six, however, his left foot remained twisted, and his left leg withered below the knee for the rest of his life. He was only six when he joined a school choir, and was 11 when awarded a scholarship by the Guildhall School of Music; Dudley played a number of instruments during his time at the school, including the violin, organ and harpsichord – he was only 14 when he began playing the organ at church weddings.

Dudley studied at Dagenham County High School, from which he matriculated in 1953; he continued his education at Magdalen College, Oxford on an organ scholarship, and it was during his time there that he became interested in acting, as well as in jazz music.

Dudley graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1957, and then ventured into acting and comedy; one of his first notable performances was starring in the comedy act “Beyond the Fringe”, which was performed in the UK and the USA from 1960 through 1964, and was even attended by the late US President Kennedy on 10 February 1963.


Roles in movies

Dudley’s debut film role was playing Piano Accompanist in the 1961 thriller “The Third Alibi”, while some of his following roles were in the 1964 short animated comedy “The Hat” (lead voice role), the 1965 short animated drama “Flatland” (voice role) and the 1966 crime comedy “The Wrong Box”.

He gained recognition in 1967, when cast to star as Stanley Moon in the romantic fantasy comedy “Bedazzled”, directed by Stanley Donen, and which also starred Peter Cook and Eleanor Bron. It follows a man who’s sold his soul to the devil for seven wishes, but still can’t win the love of his crush.

The first half of the ‘70s saw Dudley appear in several movies, including the 1971 comedy “Behind the Fridge”, the 1972 family fantasy “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and the 1974 mystery comedy “’Rameau’s Nephew’ by Diderot (Thanx to Dennis Young) by Wilma Schoen”. The year 1979 saw him play the lead character George Webber in the hit romantic comedy “10”, written and directed by Blake Edwards, and which also starred Bo Derek and Julie Andrews. It follows a Hollywood composer who’s fallen for a recently married woman, and the film was nominated for 12 awards, including an Oscar for Best Music, Original Score.

Some of Dudley’s most notable performances in the ‘80s were perhaps in the 1984 romantic musical comedy “Unfaithfully Yours”, the 1985 adventure family fantasy “Santa Claus: The Movie”, and the 1988 romantic comedy “Arthur 2: On the Rocks”.

In 1992, he starred as Melvyn Orton in the comedy “Blame It on the Bellboy”, written and directed by Mark Herman, and which also starred Bronson Pinchot and Bryan Brown; the film follows a bellboy whose bad English has led a group of strangers staying at his hotel to clash.

Dudley’s final three film roles were in the  comedy “The Disappearance of Kevin Johnson”, and the romantic comedy “A Weekend in the Country” both I 1996, and the 1998 animated family adventure “The Mighty Kong” (voice role).

Roles in TV series

Dudley’s debut TV series appearance was in the 1964 episode “A Trip to the Moon” of the drama “Chronicle”, and the remainder of the ‘60s saw him appear in an episode of the drama “Love Story”, the drama “Five More” and the family drama “Film Review”. From 1965 through 1970, he portrayed various characters in the comedy “Not Only… But Also”, starring alongside Peter Cook and Chris Karan; the series follows Pete and Dud as they’re discussing various matters, and it won two awards.


Dudley had only a single TV series role in the ‘70s, playing Sheik Achmed in the 1975 episode “Those Wedding Bell Blues” of the adventure comedy “When Things Were Rotten”, and didn’t appear in any series in the ‘80s.

His following role came in 1992, when cast to play Special Guest in an episode of the musical comedy “Noel’s House Party”, while the following year saw him star as Dudley Bristol in the comedy “Dudley”, which follows the life of a divorced cabaret pianist; the series was nominated for two Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Graphic Design and Outstanding Individual Achievement in Lightning Direction.

His final three TV series roles were in three episodes of the 1994 comedy “Daddy’s Girls”, all the 39 episodes of the 1996 animated adventure comedy “Oscar’s Orchestra” (lead voice role) and 13 episodes of the historical documentary “Really Wild Animals” from 1993 through 1998.

Other credits

Dudley had 14 writing credits, which included the 1971 comedy movie “Behind the Fridge”, the 1978 crime horror comedy film “The Hound of the Baskervilles”, and the 1979 comedy film “Derek and Clive Get the Horn”.

He received special thanks for the 1984 family movie “Tale of a Tiger” and the 1990 episode “Los Angeles” of the documentary series “Clive James’ Postcard from…”

Some of Dudley’s final talk-show appearances were in “Very Important Pennis”, “The Rosie O’Donnell Show” and “E! True Hollywood Story”.

Awards and nominations

Dudley won six of his 17 award nominations. Some of his wins included a 1975 Grammy for Best Spoken Word Recording for “Good Evening”, a 1982 Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical, for his performance in “Arthur”, and a 1985 Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical, for “Micki + Maude”.

Dudley received his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on 23 September 1987.

He was also nominated for a 1982 Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role, for “Arthur”.


Love life and relationships

Dudley was married four times. His first wife was British retired actress Suzy Kendal (born Freda Harriet Harrison); the two married on 15 June 1968 and divorced on 15 September 1972.

Dudley’s second wife was American actress Tuesday Weld; they exchanged vows on 20 September 1975, and Tuesday gave birth to their son Patrick on 26 February 1976. Their divorce was finalized on 18 July 1980.

He and his third wife Brogan Lane married on 21 February 1988 and divorced in 1991.

Dudley’s fourth wife was Nicole Rothschild; they married on 16 April 1994, and she gave birth to their son Nicholas on 28 June 1995; Dudley and Nicole divorced in 1998.

He also dated American actress Susan Ellen Anton in the first half of the ‘80s, and it’s interesting to note that she was 21cm taller than him; Dudley’s height was 5ft 2ins (1.59m) and Susan’s 5ft 11ins (1.8m).

Dudley was single at the time of his passing.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Dudley was arrested in 1994 after his wife-to-be Nicole accused him of assaulting her.

American musician and author Rena Fruchter was holding Dudley’s hand at the time of his passing, and later revealed that his final words were ‘I can hear the music all around me’; she wrote a memoir about their friendship “Dudley Moore”, published in 2004.

He was appointed a Commander of the Order of The British Empire in November 2001, and attended the ceremony in a wheelchair.

Dudley and American actor and producer Gerard Anthony ‘Tony’ Bill were owners of a restaurant in Venice, California which opened in 1983 and closed in November 2000.

Dudley’s favorite actor was Gene Kelly, who passed away six years before him; some of Dudley’s favorite movies were “On the Town”, “Inherit the Wind” and “An American in Paris”.


Death and wealth

Dudley spent five days in hospital in April 1997, and was then informed by doctors that he had irreversible frontal lobe damage and calcium deposits in his brain’s basal ganglia; he suffered four strokes and underwent quadruple coronary artery bypass surgery.

He revealed on 30 September 1999 that he was suffering from progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), which is a terminal degenerative brain disorder; he died from pneumonia caused by PSP on 27 March 2002, aged 66.

Dudley’s net worth at the time of his death was estimated at over $25 million.

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