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What happened to Kowboy in “American Restoration”?



Kowboy was part of the original restoration crew in the reality television series “American Restoration.” He enjoyed a bit of face and name recognition from when the show was launched in October 2010. When it was abruptly canceled after four years without any explanation by its producers, fans wondered what happened to him, especially when the show rebooted two years later and he wasn’t part of the main cast.

What is “American Restoration” all about?

Since the emergence of reality TV, the genre has taken various forms, often met with mixed reviews from traditionalists. However, a unique format emerged that captured the essence of unique and extraordinary businesses and their expertise without the use of re-enactments. This innovative approach led to the creation of a new era in TV programming. “American Restoration” chronicled the daily activities of Rick’s Restorations, where they restored practically anything under the sun.

A spin-off inspired by “Pawn Stars”

The origins of “American Restoration” can be traced back to one of History Channel’s biggest hits, “Pawn Stars.” Rick Dale, the owner of Rick’s Restorations, frequently appeared on that TV show as an expert consultant for vintage collectibles. His extensive knowledge and captivating personality quickly made him a fan favorite, and recognizing the potential, the network offered Rick his own TV series. Rick was unsure about the concept of a reality show centered around restorations, but eventually overcame his reservations and completed filming of the first season.

The original cast of the show

At the forefront of Rick’s Restorations were the dedicated individuals who brought their unique skills and expertise to the table. Many of them were Rick Dales’ family members, such as his brother Ron, and stepson Brettly, who served as the pickers in the team. His daughter Ally, and niece Michelle managed the front office, while his son Tyler was the shop’s foreman, and his wife Kelly oversaw business operations. The specialists were Rick’s core crew, and they made each restoration project doable, no matter how difficult. For instance, when a project needed an assembler and fabricator, Rick relied on Kyle Astorga. If the restoration needed a talented lettering artist to do the design, he called for Ted Hague. Lastly, if the shop needed a master woodworker and expert metal polisher, he trusted Kowboy to get the job done.


Preserving history one project at a time

One of the main reasons why “American Restoration” captured the interest of viewers was that it focused not solely on the transformation of old items but it also delved into the preservation of history itself. Each episode showcased the meticulous restoration process from addressing mechanical issues, to replicating intricate details, including restoring original finishes. The cast and crew tried their best in maintaining the authenticity and historical accuracy of every artifact they worked on. With a deep respect for craftsmanship, they aimed to breathe new life into these items, while preserving their unique stories and cultural significance.

Get to know Kowboy and his six seasons in “American Restoration”

There was little information shared publicly by History Channel about Kevin “Kowboy” Lowery, aside from being the resident grouch in “American Restoration.” Kowboy nor any of his co-stars ever talked about his personal life. The only thing that was certain then was that he was friends with Kyle Astorga, who was in charge of the assembly line in the shop. Initially, he was only seen briefly in each episode during the early seasons of the show but was eventually given more screen time.

The shop’s grumpy, cranky, and testy dude

Ever since the reality TV genre became such a huge hit, the market’s been saturated with too many TV stars, because it gave that elusive chance for people from such a huge range of backgrounds to make an appearance on the small screen. Many character types that aligned with cultural stereotypes were seen in most of the reality shows. Some of them would be known as the scrounger, the screaming bitch, the spoiled manipulative queen B, etc. Kowboy was the grumpy, bad-tempered dude who couldn’t care less what other people think of him. Whether it was a scripted character that he was tasked to play in the show, or he was the real deal, no one would know for sure. Some fans who met him personally said that he was just like that in person. There was one fan who claimed that his “American Restoration” shop tour in Vegas was ruined due to Kowboy’s rude behavior. Apparently, he told the fan that he doesn’t do pictures. However, other fans said that if that was his real personality, they didn’t think he would last in his job at Rick’s Restorations for long. Kowboy may be highly skilled, but not that extraordinarily special to have his irritable personality tolerated just like that.

Educating the younger ones

It was interesting to note that while Kowboy projected a grumpy personality and made statements intentionally or accidentally that were designed to irritate people around him, more often than not, he would impart his knowledge to the younger members of the restoration crew. When Tyler couldn’t get the metal right as it kept on bending when he was sandblasting it, Kowboy told the teen to use Walnut powder instead of sand. There were also many instances when he would remind them to be extra careful, taking out parts of the vintage objects that they were fixing. He also advised them that it would be best to be quiet on someone else’s property, when retrieving artifacts that they would be restoring.

An expert in tearing things apart

Rick said that one of Kowboy’s reliable skills aside from being great in woodworking projects was that he was exceptional in tearing things apart. It complemented well with Kyle Astorga’s talent, which was to ensure that no part would be lost so they could re-assemble it easily. Since Kowboy had excellent carpentry skills acquired through years of experience, he could easily see how an object was put together, which made it simple for him to figure out how to deconstruct it. This ability helped Rick in working on tedious projects but with strict deadlines.

Interesting restored pieces in “American Restoration”

“American Restoration” had one of the highest TV ratings on the History Channel. It achieved the record of having 6.5 million viewers of an episode entitled “Pick, Pawn, and Polish.”  It averaged close to three million views per week, and was seen in about 90 countries. Clearly, restoring objects from the past was a huge thing for many people around the world. Here are some of the most notable ones that were restored in the show:

The Vintage Coca-Cola Vending Machines

These iconic vintage Coca-Cola machines, which had been a recurring theme on the show, often dating back to the mid-20th century, underwent a meticulous restoration process to reclaim their former glory. Every aspect from intricate mechanical repairs to expert repainting and rebranding was carefully executed, breathing new life into these treasured artifacts. The restoration not only revived the nostalgia and enchantment associated with these beloved pieces as part of the American culture, but also paid homage to the amazing craftsmanship of skilled workers of the bygone era. When the shop hosted a sale, most buyers went and bought these vending machines.


Colorful Neon Lights and Historic Signs

Kowboy had embraced the challenge of restoring historic signs and neon lights, rekindling the vibrant glow of bygone times. Whether it’s a timeless neon “Open” sign or a grand vintage advertisement, the crew undertook a painstaking restoration process. They expertly repaired the electrical components, provided tedious metalwork through refurbishment, which was one of Kowboy’s expertise, and applied fresh coats of paint to revive the signage’s original allure. These thoroughly restored signs served as tangible reminders of a nostalgic era. Some businesses still prefer to use this type of signage today!

Antique Toys, Bicycles, and Food Stands

The restoration of these intricate and often whimsical pieces demanded fastidious care to ensure their proper functionality while preserving their original aesthetics. Even if Kowboy rarely smiled in “American Restoration,” all the restored projects brought some sort of delight and sentimentality in him. Some people thought that they never really took anything seriously, but most of the clients they had in the show were happy with the outcome. The crew had a great time restoring toys, particularly those three-wheeled bicycles, which they all wanted to be the ones to test drive.

The cancellation of “American Restoration”

There was a popular proverb, ‘All good things must come to an end,’ but many fans were shocked that “American Restoration” was canceled back in 2016. There was considerable speculation on why it happened, as most people believed that it was doing well. Since most TV executives wouldn’t take the time to release an official statement about it, here are some of those possible reasons that the fans talked about on different social media platforms:

A declining viewership and production costs outweigh the revenue

One of the most logical reasons for canceling a TV series is if it experiences a significant drop in viewership. Ratings play a significant role in the continuation of a TV series, as networks rely quite heavily on advertising revenues, and a higher viewership would mean more advertisers paying for commercials. Network executives use ratings to determine the popularity of a program, and set advertising rates accordingly. The audience size of “American Restoration” had probably declined significantly over recent seasons, which led for History Channel to fire the original cast including Kowboy, as it would no longer be financially feasible to continue.


Creative differences between the stars and the producers

The most buzz-worthy rumor that came out when it was reported that American Restoration” was no longer coming back after its seventh season, was that Kowboy’s boss, Rick Dale, had creative differences with the producers of the show. That was a polite way of putting it, but there were talks that Rick became difficult to work, with and the network didn’t want to put up with it any longer. The producers could easily replace them with a new cast, which they eventually did after its two-year hiatus. However, some TV insiders said that sometimes the show just reached a natural conclusion and that they’d explored all the storylines or reached the threshold of concepts that they liked to tackle.

Concerns arise over restoration work quality

As loyal fans of “American Restoration” continued discussing the cancelation of the show online, more interesting rumors came out – one of them highlighted the dissatisfaction of certain clients, who claimed to have received sub-standard and shabby restoration work from Rick’s Restoration. Even those observant viewers at home noticed a decline in the level of quality control evident in the work carried out. Online comments from fans indicated instances of chipped paint on restored items and improperly installed parts on certain machinery. Many viewers expressed the belief that Rick’s crew had taken on projects that exceeded their capabilities. At times, it appeared that they approached their work carelessly, neglecting the seriousness it demanded, or that they were so pressed for time that they thought it would be close enough. A former client who was featured in the show was rumored to lodge a complaint, but Rick’s crew failed to address it until it gained traction on social media.

Rick Dale uploaded a video about it

With all the rumors that came out, no-one in the cast including Kowboy ever talked about it, even on their social media pages, until its main star broke his silence and uploaded a video talking about the whole thing. It was triggered by a reboot of the show in 2018, which featured a new cast. They were caught off guard since they all thought that the TV show was canceled for other reasons, and were shocked that all this time History Channel was cooking up a reboot. Rick detailed the emotions that he felt when he learned about it, and even encouraged their fans to leave messages on the official social media pages of the show, to support the outrage that they also felt about the whole debacle.

The show wasn’t canceled but the cast was fired

A lot of speculation was cleared up after the reboot was announced – Rick and his crew had been let go by the TV network. Rather than the show being canceled, the cast were simply replaced. Reports suggested that the production company responsible for the TV show, Leftfield Pictures, failed to reach a favorable agreement with Rick Dale – allegedly, Rick was determined to secure a new contract with a substantial increase in appearance fees. With no resolution in sight to kickstart a new season, the production company reportedly proposed a solution to the TV executives by introducing a new cast, ultimately approved by the cable network.

Advertisement petition failed

The decision to upload the video proved to be unwise, as it didn’t bring any benefits to Rick and his crew, similar to what occurred with the petition allegedly started by their devoted fans, to convince History Channel to bring back the original cast. Regrettably, the petition failed to gather even 20 signatures, delivering a clear message to Rick Dale and his crew. It became evident that the public’s interest had waned considerably. It seemed that the rebooted show also didn’t capture viewers’ attention, probably because of the negative controversies surrounding it, or because people wanted something new.

2023 update on Kowboy’s whereabouts

After the cancelation and reboot controversy died down, there were no more Kowboy sightings on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter. The last time that he was featured on the official Instagram page of Rick’s Restoration was in January 2016. Initially, people thought that he was no longer part of Rick’s crew, but on the tours that were offered to fans of their Las Vegas shop after the TV show was canceled, Kowboy’s name was still in the marquee. Fans were convinced that when “American Restoration” started, he was somehow reluctant to be part of the show, but didn’t have any choice since he was truly working for Rick Dale, so was automatically included in the cast.

Kowboy was seen again in 2019 via Rick Restoration’s Facebook page. He looked a little bit slimmer, and fans were ecstatic to see that he was still part of the crew. His boss, Rick Dale, announced on his Facebook page that he was to make a comeback on History Channel with a new show entitled “American Restoration Truck Edition”, but sadly, it didn’t take off. When the Vegas shop tours stopped, and Rick’s shop was officially closed, no one heard of Kowboy again. Fans could only speculate that he was probably still doing metal polishing and carpentry for another shop, since Rick was no longer in the restoration industry.

“American Restoration” enthralled audiences with its captivating exploration of the art of restoration. Through the dedicated efforts of Rick Dale and his talented team including Kowboy’s woodworking/metal polishing skills, historical artifacts were revived, and their stories were shared with the world. With its mix of family dynamics, skilled craftsmanship, and a deep respect for history, the show inspired and reminded viewers, even for just seven seasons of the importance of preserving our collective past.

As the Managing Editor at The Legit, I direct a dynamic team dedicated to creating rich content that profiles the lives and accomplishments of influential figures. My commitment to detail and storytelling drives the production of biographies that truly engage our audience. I manage all aspects of the editorial process, from conducting thorough research to crafting vivid narratives, all while ensuring the accuracy and quality of our work. At The Legit, our goal is to offer our readers comprehensive profiles that provide deep insights into the realms of business, entertainment, and more. Through diligent research and engaging storytelling, we highlight the exceptional journeys and achievements of those who both inspire and intrigue us.

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The Saddest Stories Ever Featured in Paternity Court



About “Paternity Court”

“Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court”, which ran from 2013 to 2020, was a non-traditional court show starring Lauren Lake, a respected family lawyer and legal analyst. The series was a 79th & York Entertainment and Orion Television production, and received a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program in 20019. Unfortunately, MGM was forced to discard all courtroom programs due to financial struggles in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and changes in ownership of the network.

With court programming being the second highest-rated genre on daytime television as of 2012, the inception of “Paternity Court” was also helped by the success of “Maury”. Nevertheless, there was a marked difference between the two shows, as “Maury” was more focused on drama and shenanigans, whereas “Paternity Court” worked towards using the test results as a way for the participants in the show to build healthy and long-lasting relationships. Ultimately, the goal of the program was to reinvigorate the court show genre by reaching the widest possible audience.

The format of each episode sees Lauren Lake speak to the show’s litigants and decide cases based on the results of DNA tests. Probate disputes over wills were also an integral part of the show; in early 2013, the show’s creator, David Armour, shared more of what happened on set – “We don’t take any of this lightly. There is a responsible side to the show where we help families get on the right path,” he shared. “We want to dig into these stories much deeper than any other court show does. We’re dealing with resolutions about how families can move forward now that they have results.”


Before and after the results, Lauren would take time to speak with her litigants. Most episodes of “Paternity Court” only focused on one case, unlike other present-day court shows which focus on two. However, it’s unclear just how involved MGM or the production team were with each family when filming wrapped up.

The doomed court series spawned two sister shows: “Personal Injury Court”, which was hosted by Gino Brogdon, and “Couples Court with the Cutlers”, which was hosted by Keith and Dana Cutler and used testing and evidence to prove – or disprove – infidelity. Sadly, all three shows were cancelled after ending production due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Saddest Moments

“Paternity Court” regaled its viewers with truly heart-breaking moments over the years, such as the episode in which Donna Andrews asked for a paternity test to prove that the man who had raised her was her biological father. Donna, who had gone out to dine with some friends in Atlanta one fateful evening, was shocked when a man approached her out of the blue and showed her a tattoo of her name on his leg. Obviously, this caused her to doubt everything about her childhood and the man she believed to be her biological father.

William Glenn, who claimed to be Donna’s biological father, said that he’d kept it a secret for thirty years because Donna had been raised in a loving household and he didn’t want to turn her life upside-down. Roger Andrews, the man who raised Donna, was deceased, as well as Donna’s biological mother. The plot thickens, as it turns out that Donna was aware of William’s existence due to him being the father of one of her younger sisters.

Although Roger and Donna didn’t actually live together, perhaps due to him being separated from Donna’s mother, he did everything a supportive father does, and was even present during Donna’s high school graduation ceremony. When Roger passed away on the due date of Donna’s second child, she was understandably traumatized; when she was approached by William at the restaurant that fateful night, she was still mourning Roger’s death, but made it clear that she wasn’t looking for a replacement by taking the case to “Paternity Court”.


Telling his side of the story, William shared that he and Donna’s mother began dating in 1976 and that Donna was born when William “left” for eight months. When William asked Donna’s mother about her pregnancy, she didn’t give him any clear answers or indicate that he could be the biological father.

Before the restaurant incident, other odd things happened to Donna that made her doubt Roger being her real father. While on a plane, she was somehow seated next to someone who claimed to know who her biological father was. When this person gave Donna a description, she was confused because it didn’t match Roger at all. Then, a few months after Roger died, one of Donna’s cousins confessed that she wasn’t really his daughter.

“You waited until my mother passed away. We don’t have nobody’s word but your word now,” Donna reproached William. When the DNA results revealed that William was indeed Donna’s biological father, she was blown away, and broke down in tears. Donna, who had brought a framed picture of Roger with her to the courtroom, also showed William the photo and doubled down on her stance: she considered Roger her father, not him.

The next case we’ll be discussing is equally depressing. Siblings Hector Hunt and Precious Raysor decided to sue their parents for a paternity test after a huge argument in which it was revealed that the man that they believed to be their father, Richard Jacobs, wasn’t after all. Despite being the only father figure in the siblings’ life, Richard allegedly revealed that the siblings weren’t his biological children while arguing with his wife. However, Richard claimed that he only said that in the heat of the moment, due to a hurtful comment his wife, Daisy Hammonds, had made.

“This is the only man I’ve known for all my life,” an emotional Precious berated her mother. “He’s been there for my kindergarten graduation, my sixth-grade graduation, how many men do you know sit in the delivery room with their daughter while they’re having a baby?” When Precious’s mother confessed that she didn’t really know who their father was, Precious exploded, as she had planned on Richard walking her down the aisle at her wedding, which would take place a few months after the episode.


As it happens, for years there had been rumors in the neighborhood of a man named Tommy Farmer being Precious and Hector’s biological father. When Tommy was shown on the screen for a videocall, Precious was so incredulous that she walked out of the courtroom. Daisy confessed to having had a sexual relationship with Tommy around the time of her pregnancy with Precious, and refused to look her children in the eye, which made her appear guilty.

When it was revealed that Richard wasn’t Precious or Hector’s biological father, he and the siblings broke down in court. Tearful hugs were shared between the three and Daisy also appeared visibly devastated. The episode ended on an even worse note, when Daisy shared that she wasn’t Hector’s biological mother, but rather a woman that had died shortly after childbirth was.

For the first 33 years of her life, Jazmine St. James was a daddy’s girl and was even walked down the aisle by the man she believed to be her father, Kenneth Esaw. However, six months before appearing in the show, Kenneth revealed during an argument that she wasn’t his biological daughter. Stunned, Jazmine and her brother opened a paternity case to get the answers they needed.

Kenneth always believed that he wasn’t Jazmine’s biological father but never found the right moment to tell her the truth. Apparently, he agreed to take a paternity test so that the truth could set him free, as the secret had been haunting him for over three decades. The argument between Jazmine and Kenneth started when Jazmine confronted her father as to why he wasn’t more present in his grandchildren’s lives.

After discovering the truth, Jazmine began suffering from depression and anxiety. “I feel like I’m going to die of heartbreak,” she confessed tearfully, sharing that she hadn’t been eating or sleeping since Kenneth dropped the bombshell.


Kenneth then shared that, shortly after getting into a relationship with Jazmine’s mother, they learned she was pregnant. However, when they went to the doctor, they realized that he couldn’t be the father because she was too far along. Kenneth’s mother was also present in the courtroom and corroborated his version of events.

When the DNA results proved that Kenneth wasn’t Jazmine’s biological father, he looked somewhat relieved, whereas she looked completely heartbroken. Even so, she thanked Kenneth for raising her as his daughter.

We can all agree that, although “Paternity Court” was never picked up by another network following its cancellation, Lauren Lake and the production team did a great job at sharing these people’s stories, and helping some families find the closure they needed to move on in their lives.

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Michael Ilesanmi’s Toxic Relationship With Angela Deem



Michael Ilesanmi

Viewers of the “90 Day Fiancé” franchise are more than familiar with Michael Ilesanmi, who has been in a turbulent relationship with wife Angela Deem since 2018. Michael became a fan favorite in the second season of “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days” due to Angela being such a controversial character in the show; the blonde, who is in her late 50s, doesn’t let Michael work or have social media accounts and has made it clear on many occasions that she doesn’t trust him.

With that said, Michael hasn’t done much to build that trust either. Things were going well at the beginning of the relationship, when the couple connected on social media in 2018 – so well, in fact, that Angela soon flew out to Michael’s home country of Nigeria to visit him. The glaring age gap and cultural differences between the two soon became evident. At the time, Angela was 52 years old and already had grandchildren, whereas Michael was two decades younger.

Angela’s daughter and friends began voicing their concerns, and when the interracial couple began having disagreements in Nigeria, she wondered if her younger boyfriend was secretly embarrassed to be seen with her. At the beginning of the relationship, Michael also admitted that he had cheated on Angela by engaging in sexual acts with a local woman. Since then, the tenuous trust between the couple was broken.


Angela’s first trip to Nigeria ended with Michael handing her an engagement ring wrapped in an American flag. Almost as soon as she returned to the US, the TV personality accused her Nigerian lover of draining her bank account, and proceeded to scream at him over the phone, which many viewers considered verbal abuse. Angela had given Michael her debit card for him to make a $300 withdrawal, but somehow he took out three times as much – allegedly by mistake.

In the third season of “Before the 90 Days”, the duo was reunited and waiting for him to obtain his K-1 visa. After yet another onscreen argument, Michael tried to apologize to Angela for cheating on her by giving her a cake… Which Angela promptly threw at his face. The relationship became even more chaotic when the couple discovered that there were little to no chances of Angela getting pregnant; when she asked her daughter, Skyla, to act as a surrogate, Skyla was outraged and refused.

Unfortunately for Michael, his visa was denied, which Angela discovered when she returned to the US during the seventh season of “90 Day Fiancé”. Even so, the couple tried to put aside their cultural differences and work on their trust issues, before celebrating their grandiose Nigerian wedding in season five of “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?”.

Days after the nuptials, which took place at the beginning of 2020, Angela had to unexpectedly return home due to the death of her ailing mother. The newlyweds were put to the test yet again when coronavirus-related travel restrictions were implemented before Angela could fly back to Nigeria, with both parties struggling to keep the flame alive.


While Angela waited for Michael’s spousal visa to come through, she put her baby search on the backburner and began dieting and exercising instead. However, her husband was vehemently against the idea of Angela slimming down or having a breast reduction. When Angela flirted with the doctor responsible for her weight loss surgery, Michael – who, by now, had become a minor celebrity thanks to his affable personality and hilarious on-screen moments – felt hurt and insecure. All this helped Angela become the villain of the relationship, despite Michael having cheated on her.

While healing from her surgeries, Angela tried to remotely track Michael’s activity and location via his phone, after he’d stopped communicating with her. This led to another explosive row that left the couple on the verge of a split; nevertheless, they gave things another go at the request of Tracey, Angela’s psychic.

In an attempt to win Michael back, Angela went under the knife for new breast implants, as her chest was his favorite feature of hers. During the season six Tell-All episode of “Happily Ever After?”, Angela began arguing with Michael’s aunt, Lydia, when the latter judged her for undergoing weight loss surgery instead of trying for a baby. Angela was so incandescent with rage that she flashed her breasts at the cameras; she also argued with Michael for taking his aunt’s side during the heated verbal argument.

The on-screen spat spiraled out of control and ended with Angela announcing that she would be acting single and flaunting her new, slimmer body until Michael could come to the US. During her “90 Day Fiancé” spin-off, the American met up with a former love interest, and was also seen destroying Michael’s car during a visit to Nigeria, which caused him to break up from her.


As things between Angela and Michael are so volatile, we just don’t know if the couple have broken up for good, or are planning to get back together. However, we can tell you more about Angela’s former flame, a handsome Canadian named Billy Sotiropoulos who also happens to be one of her close friends. Angela flew over to Canada to support Billy at his fundraising event, and was warmly welcomed when she touched down in Toronto.

Not everyone was pleased with Angela visiting Billy, with many followers of the couple reminding her that she would go crazy if Michael did the same. Anyone who keeps up with Angela and Michael’s exhausting marriage knows that the blonde has forbidden him from having female friends; meanwhile, she has no intentions of toning down her controversial online content, such as her provocative dancing videos.

In any case, it appears that Michael is now in the States after finally getting his green card. There have been rumors of Michael planning to leave Angela to be with his anonymous 30-year-old American girlfriend, with whom he allegedly cheated on his wife. These rumors have led to people thinking that Michael was only playing a waiting game with Angela, until he could obtain American citizenship. Nevertheless, only time will tell if the warring couple make things work or go their separate ways for good.

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Jacob Roloff: The Rebel Roloff Who Left Reality TV Behind



About Jacob Roloff

As one of Matt and Amy Roloff’s four children, Jacob Roloff made something of a name for himself in the reality TV world, thanks to the family’s series, “Little People, Big World”. Since the show’s 2006 premiere, the Roloff clan have become household names, and fans were surprised to see Jacob walk away from it all.

Jacob was raised alongside his siblings Zach, Jeremy and Molly in the Oregon-based Roloff Farms, which Matt and Amy purchased in happier times at the beginning of their marriage. The farm, which originally boasted 36 acres and many luxurious features which Matt implemented throughout the years, held many happy memories for the second-generation Roloffs. Sadly, it would later become a sore point when Matt boldly decided to put part of it on the market, after being encouraged to do so by his new girlfriend.

Nevertheless, Jacob stopped living with his family many years before Matt tried to sell part of the property – many fans of the show wondered why the elusive Roloff had suddenly stepped away from the limelight. Although the show mainly focuses on Matt, Amy and Zach, as the only three members of the Roloff family who are little people, it appears that Jacob has never been interested in the entertainment industry, and prefers to keep a low profile.


The truth behind Jacob’s decision was revealed in late 2020, when the former reality TV personality shared his sexual abuse testimony on social media. Just 23 years old at the time, Jacob had walked away from the show a year prior, much to viewers’ dismay. His thousands of Instagram followers were horrified to read about the alleged abuse Jacob suffered at the hands of Chris Cardamone, who worked on the show from 2007 to 2010.

“It is often much easier to think about things than it is to talk about them. As a child, after what I realize now was a long grooming process, I was molested by an executive field producer of ‘Little People, Big World’, Chris Cardamone,” Jacob wrote. At the time of sharing his harrowing story, Jacob was bombarded by news outlets who wanted him to give a tell-all interview, but he turned down all such requests.

Nevertheless, Jacob’s Instagram post resulted in an immediate backlash against Chris, especially when the youngest Roloff shared that the executive field producer had been in touch with him in late 2015. PEOPLE magazine and other publications all tried and failed to extract a statement from Chris, but even more questions were raised when journalists began digging into his murky past.

Two months after Jacob shared his side of the story, The Sun explosively revealed that Chris had been arrested in October 2008 for child sex crimes. A Public Information Officer working at the Santa Clara Sherriff’s Office confirmed that Chris had been arrested and booked into jail, for the heinous offence of felony lewd and lascivious acts with a minor.


Ultimately, Chris was charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 with force, two counts of lewd and lascivious acts on a child under 14, and one count of cruelty to child with possible injury or death. Sadly perhaps, he accepted a plea deal in December 2010 and served just 73 days in jail and four years of supervised probation. Some of the conditions of his probation included submitting to chemical testing, completing substance abuse counseling, and submitting to a property/person search.

Obviously, Jacob’s parents and siblings showed their support in the aftermath of the scandal, but for some netizens, that just wasn’t good enough. Viewers of “Little People, Big World” demanded to know why TLC and the production company allowed Chris to keep working on the show after being arrested for sex crimes, whereas others suspect that Matt and Amy knew what was going on but looked the other way so that their show wouldn’t get cancelled. However, Jacob has made clear that he doesn’t blame any of his family members for what he suffered.

These days, Jacob has over 360,000 Instagram followers and is focusing on being the best father possible to his son, Mateo. Jacob is also a fur parent to his beloved pet dog Luna, and frequently shares snaps of his tight-knit family unit on social media. Sadly, some of Jacob’s followers have been turned off by his parenting decisions, such as teaching Mateo sign language, but not showing his face on social media.

Nevertheless, Jacob’s day-one supporters aren’t going anywhere. “Am so so so stoked you broke away from the ‘image’ and shadow of your family and reality tv BS dynamics… you are one cool, intelligent, INTROSPECTIVE and insightful dude. THANK YOU”, one Instagram user commented under a recent post.

It’s true that Jacob can express himself more freely now that he’s not under any contractual obligations. Since leaving the show, he’s started working on his own greenhouse and growing marijuana – which is legal in the state of Oregon – sharing every step of the process with his fans.


As for Jacob’s siblings, Zach is the only one who remains on “Little People, Big World”. It makes sense, as the other Roloff siblings didn’t inherit dwarfism, and the show focuses on how little people such as Zach and his parents cope with everyday tasks and struggles.

Zach has been married since 2015 and has three children, all of whom were born with dwarfism. His wife, Tori, is a former kindergarten teacher and keen amateur photographer of average height. Unfortunately, Zach and Tori have been lambasted for choosing to keep having children despite Zach’s condition.

Jeremy, Zach’s twin brother, has his hands full between parenthood, marriage, and the number of projects he and his wife Audrey have on their plates at any given time. The handsome reality TV star, who studied at Brooks Institute of Photography and has a Bachelor of Arts degree, has two children named Ember Jean and Bode James.

Audrey and Jeremy are trying to make names for themselves in the creative industry, and have done so with a number of ambitious ventures such as co-authored books, their own podcast, and several small businesses.

Meanwhile Molly Roloff, Matt and Amy’s only daughter, is even more reclusive than her brother Jacob. Molly walked away from the show years ago for unspecified reasons, but is believed to be on good terms with the rest of the family. Jacob and Molly have openly supported each other throughout the years, especially in the wake of Jacob’s confession regarding the sexual abuse he suffered.

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Youtube Stars5 mins ago

Durv – English YouTube vlogger – Facts You Need To Know

Durv, or Dylan McEvoy, is the infamous YouTuber who had his channel suspended at the platform due to multiple community...

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Hope Beel – Who is she and why is she famous?

Hope Beel is a famous fitness model, who develops her career with the help of social media platforms. Her Instagram...

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Everything You Need To Know About Jack Kesy – 2020 Update!

Contents1 Who is Jack Kesy?2 How rich is he, as of now? Jack Kesy Net Worth3 Early Life, Nationality, Ethnicity,...

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22 Years Old American Model Sofia Jamora’s Biography

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Ayla Woodruff – Who is she? Relationships, Height, Boyfriend

Ayla Woodruff became famous for working with the YouTube personality, Logan Paul, as his personal assistant, but left the job...

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Lance Stewart’s ex- Lizzy Wurst’s Wiki. Who’s she dating now?

Contents1 Who is Lizzy Wurst?2 How rich is she, as of now? Lizzy Wurst Net Worth3 Early Life, Nationality, Ethnicity,...

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Story of Marcheline Bertrand and Jon Voight’s Turbulent Marriage

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Michelle Thomas: A Biography of Courage, Faith, and Resilience

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All Truth Of Johnson Dwayne Johnson’s daughter – Jasmine

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From Calvin Klein to Broadway: The Journey of Martha Plimpton

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The Rise and Fall of Miss Elizabeth: A Tragic Story of Fame and Addiction

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How Micky Ward Overcame Adversity and Became a Boxing Legend

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