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Who is Nicole Tuck? DJ Khaled’s Wife, Son, Net Worth, Wiki



• Nicole Tuck and DJ Khaled met in the 90s and got married in 2016
• Tuck is of Palestinian-American-African decent and has a BFA and MBA
• She founded her apparel line ABU Apparel in 2011 and manages Khaled's musical career
• She is estimated to have a net worth of $20 million and her eldest son's funds are worth $300,000
• Tuck is involved in charity work and tries to instill her charitable instinct in her children from a young age

Nicole and Khaled met years before his rise to fame. Since then, DJ Khalid has made enormous waves in the music and entertainment industry. Aside from releasing albums of his own, Khaled is now a record executive and producer, and more recently has dabbled in the acting world,  lending his voice to “Sipes in Disguise”, alongside Tom Holland in 2019, and appearing in “Bad Boys for Life” in 2020. While it is logical to conclude that Nicole Tuck is merely famous by association, with no involvement in the entertainment industry, she is a successful businesswoman in her own right. She has worked alongside her husband in multiple ventures, acting as his manager, supporting his career, and raising their two children.

Early Life and Family

Information about Tuck’s life before she rose to fame is sparse. However, we do know that she was born on 7 December 1975, in New York City, USA, into an affluent family of entrepreneurs. She is of Palestinian-American-African decent, indicating a colorful family history. Her father, Elwood Tuck, and her mother, currently unnamed, have two more children – Jonathan Tuck and a daughter, Freshie Tuck. After her brother was murdered in an altercation while buying marijuana in 2018, she made it clear to the judge that she would advocate for capital punishment in his case, completely distraught by the situation.


Tuck maintains a close relationship with her family, although they prefer to remain out of the limelight. She often travels with her mother, and expresses her affection for her father.


Nicole Tuck is certainly no fool. She has both a Bachelor of Fine Arts, from Marymount Manhattan College, graduating in 2003, as well as a Master of Business Administration, following her graduation from Fordham University in 2005.


ABU Apparel

Tuck founded her apparel line in 2011, utilizing her education to begin her career in the business industry.

The brand was inspired by the hip hop life Tuck witnessed in New York, and was aimed at providing a forum for self-expression (Always Be U). Despite the endorsements of her then-boyfriend Khaled, and other iconic names such as Ace Hood and Aken, the apparel line soon began to register losses, and Tick was forced to close the brand. This was the end of her work in the conventional business field, and signaled an end in her family tradition of business moguls.

Khaled’s Manager

After that, Khaled engaged her in what was supposed to be a brief venture, managing certain business aspects of his career. As their romantic relationship grew and the two became even closer, this was soon made official.


Tuck is the official manager of Khaled’s musical career, managing all things business. This aspect of the relationship does not appear to have impacted their marriage in any way – at least as far as the public is aware.

Personal Life

Nicole Tuck and DJ Khaled met sometime in the ‘90s at an event, which immediately escalated into a courtship, and the years saw them only getting closer. The only hiccup in the relationship came in 2013 when Khaled proposed to Nicki Minaj. This raised multiple eyebrows as his committed relationship with Tuck was very much in the public eye.

Minaj and Khaled later confirmed that the proposal was merely a publicity stunt to promote the song that they had collaborated on. The ‘prank’ was undoubtedly in poor taste; however, Tuck has not made any comment or revealed her personal feelings about the stunt.

It was not until 2016 after Tuck fell pregnant that the two became engaged. Khaled was ecstatic about having a child, telling the media “This is my first boy and I’m excited and I want more.” A little while after the birth of their son, Asahd Tuck Khaled, an event that Khaled streamed live on his Snapchat, on 23 October 2016 the two celebrated a quiet and private courthouse wedding.


Khaled’s desire for more children was satisfied when Nicole gave birth to their second son, Alam Tuck Khaled on 20 January 2020.

Nicole and her husband are not at all shy when it comes to spending money. Tuck drives a Bentley valued at approximately $70,000 and expensive designer clothes. The couple purchased the mansion of the late comedian and actor, Robin Williams in Mulholland Estates, Los Angeles, where they currently reside. In addition, Khaled reputedly spent a further $25.9 million on a Miami waterfront home.

While the couple cannot be said to be thrifty, Nicole Tuck maintains a steady interest in charity work. She promotes causes on her Instagram, as well as donating and collecting funds for charity organizations.


Tuck’s mixed ethnicity is apparent in her features – she has a darker complexion, almond-shaped brown eyes, and ringleted brown hair. Tuck weighs approximately 145lbs (65kgs) and stands tall at 5ft 8ins (1.73). She keeps her hair at shoulder length and often appears with it in its natural state, managing to keep the curls from becoming completely unruly.


Net Worth and Salary

Nicole’s salary is directly relative to the success of her husband. It is unknown exactly how much she earns for her efforts as his manager, but ads of mid-2020, Tuck’s net worth is estimated at $20 million. While this is a significant amount, it’s completely overshadowed by her husband’s impressive $65 million. Nicole is presumed to oversee her eldest son’s funds, $300,000 is a virtual small fortune for a four-year-old. 75% of Asahd’s so-called income is donated to underprivileged children. Evidently, Tuck is trying her best to instill her charitable instinct in her children from an early age.

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Celebrity Spouses

Who is Ruby Rose’s ex-fiancee? Phoebe Dahl’s Biography



Who Is Phoebe Dahl?

Phoebe Patricia Faircloth, better known as Phoebe Dahl, is a British-American philanthropist, fashion designer, and activist. She comes from a well-known family of writers, artists, actors, screenwriters, and lawyers, among other respected professions.

Phoebe Dahl Early Life, Education, and Family

Phoebe was born on 4 November 1988, in Los Angeles, California; she is a granddaughter of British author Roald Dahl and American actress Patricia Neal. Her grandfather was born in Wales to Norwegian immigrant parents, and during the Second World War, he served in the Royal Air Force as a pilot and an intelligence officer.

During the late 1940s, he became one of the bestselling authors of books for both adults and children, and eventually in 1983, he was rewarded with the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement, and in 1990 the British Book Awards’ Children’s Author of the Year. His work for children includes “Matilda”, “James and the Giant Peach”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Fantastic Mr. Fox” among many more. Roald also wrote pieces such as “Tales of the Unexpected”, “The Gremlins”, “The Smoker” – also known as “Man from the South,” and the screenplay for the James Bond movie “You Only Live Twice”, and for “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” and others.


Patricia Neil was born in the USA, and is best known for her roles as Helen Benson in “The Day the Earth Stood Still” in 1951, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in 1961, and the worn-out housekeeper Alma Brown in “Hud”, for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress. She gave birth to five children with Roald Dahl during their 30 year marriage, which ended in divorce in 1983,  including Phoebe’s mother, Lucy Dahl.

Lucy Neal Dahl was born on 4 August 1965, and she is a British screenwriter. She married in 1987 Michael Faircloth, a water-ski instructor, with whom she has two daughters, Phoebe and Chloe Michaela. The couple divorced in 1991, and Lucy’s second marriage was in 2002, to John LaViolette.

Phoebe has a famous aunts Tessa Dahl, who is an English author and former actress, and Ophelia, who is a social justice and healthcare advocate. Phoebe’s first cousin, Sophie Dahl, is an English author and writer, and a former fashion model. She published her first novella in 2003 entitled “The Man with the Dancing Eyes”, and was a model for Versace, Alexander McQueen, Patrick Cox, DKNY, Boucheron, and Pringle. Sophie is married to the singer Jamie Cullum.

Phoebe Dahl was raised in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts before settling in Los Angeles with her mother when she was seven. She attended San Francisco’s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising an,d graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in fashion design in 2010.


Phoebe then studied fashion photography at the London College of Fashion in 2012.

Phoebe Dahl Career

Phoebe Dahl’s career began in Amsterdam, working as an assistant to Dutch fashion designer Jackie Villevoye before returning to Los Angeles in 2013 after a trip to Japan and India, and launching Faircloth & Supply which she’d founded in late 2012. Phoebe collaborated with the Australian television presenter and model Ruby Rose, to design street-wear for Dahl’s ethical clothing range in 2014, creating T-shirt designs Verve Coffee Roasters, and being included in “Racked’s 30 Under 30 Rising Designers” in 2015.

She was a costume designer for “Break Free,” a short documentary movie written and directed by Ruby Rose, her girlfriend at the time. In 2016, she launched the company Cardinahl + Dahl in collaboration with Ruby Cardinal, and was named the Creative Director at the incubator for emerging brands at Kartel.

Phoebe is also known for her charitable work – her fashion brand is working with the nonprofit organization General Welfare Pratisthan. For each item sold, the organization donates two school uniforms, school supplies, and a one-year scholarship to a girl in Nepal. She is also interested in the LGBT community problems, women’s empowerment, women’s health care, and more.


Personal Life

Phoebe Dahl tries to keep her personal and love life private, like most celebrities. She was engaged to the Australian model and actress Ruby Rose in 2014, but the couple separated a year later, although remaining good friends. She and Ruby attended the premiere of season three of “Orange Is the New Black”. In 2017, Phoebe began dating DJ and former model Tatiana de Leon.

Phoebe Dahl Net Worth and Appearance

Phoebe has not shared many details about her income, but some sources have estimated that Phoebe Dahl’s net worth is as high as $5 million, as of early 2020. Phoebe’s body measurements are unknown – she has blue eyes and naturally blonde hair, but tends to change her hair color very often.

Phoebe Dahl’s ex-fiancée, Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose Langenheim was born on the 20th March 1986, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She is a television presenter, DJ, actress, model, and VJ. She realized early that she was a lesbian, and announced it. She was sexually abused as a child, and has clinical depression as well as bipolar disorder. Rose suffered verbal taunts and physical abuse from her schoolmates, which is why she tried to kill herself. Very young, she started modeling, and here she realized that androgyny allowed her to model with different gender expressions.

In 2002, she joined the Girlfriend model search. She collaborated with the Australian fashion label Milk and Honey to design a capsule fashion line, and has featured predominantly within mainstream fashion titles, including Maxim, Vogue Australia, InStyle Magazine, Cleo, and Marie Claire Magazine, and further on with Cosmopolitan, Nylon, New York’s Inked Magazine, and Nike.


Rose was VJ on MTV Australia, then as co-host of TRL,  and also hosted the “2015 MTV Europe Music Awards” in Milan, alongside Ed Sheeran. To speak further about her accomplishments, she was the guest judge of “Australia’s Next Top Model”, and she was an official correspondent for Foxtel for the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010.

She had notable roles in the series “Mr & Mrs. Murder,” (2013), then “Orange Is the New Black”, in which she portrayed Stella Carlin from 2015 to 2016, while most recently she was chosen for the lead role of Kate Kane/ Batwoman in the TV series “Batwoman” (2019-2020). Ruby has also proven her talents in films, and has featured in such high profile films as “John Wick: Chapter 2” and “xXx: Return of Xander Cage” both in 2017, while in 2018 she starred in the film “The Meg”.

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Thomas Middleditch’s Wife Is Swinger – Who is Mollie Gates?



Mollie Gates is an American costume designer and wife of Thomas Middleditch, the Canadian actor best known as Richard Hendricks in the TV series “Silicon Valley”.

Early life, education, family

Mollie Gates was born on 6 May 1988 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA. She was raised by her parents Cindy and Jim Gates, together with her sister Rachel Gates Herbert. Her father is an attorney in Louisiana and her sister is a real estate agent in Lafayette. Gates attended Academy of Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau in Louisiana. She earned a degree in Apparel Design at Louisiana State University.


Mollie Gates started her career in Paper Magazine. She continued in New York, working for a celebrity stylist. In 2010 Gates got a job in the wardrobe department and designed the costumes for the Sex and the city 2 movie. The next two years she was booked for the Twilight series: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2. At that time Gates was studying and working at the same time. It acquired permission from the Louisiana State University, so she can work on the set during the day. She got the job by e-mail. She sent them one and they replied to her.

“Django Unchained” was her next project, designing costumes for the movie.


Gates was also working as a wardrobe assistant for the movies “Flying monkeys” and “Parker”, as well as for the TV series “Treme”. After the success of “Parker” in 2013, she was hired to work for the “Dallas Buyers Club”, the movie that had 6 nominations and won 3 Oscars in 2014. The same year she was part of the TV series “Silicon Valley”. The next two years were busy for Gates, working on the movies “The Bronze”, “The Loft”, Left Behind” and “Search Party”.

Her last projects in costume design were in 2016 for the TV series “Togetherness” and “Bang!Bang!”.

Personal life

While she worked for the “Silicon Valley” in 2014, Gates met the leading actor Thomas Middleditch and they started a relationship. There were rumors that they’ve known each other from a set in Louisiana in 2012, but never confirmed. The couple went on a vacation the same year in Europe and spent Christmas together, when Thomas proposed to her during a hike. They got married the next year on an intimate, private ceremony with close friends and family in Canada, in the Middleditch’s hometown.

Mollie and Thomas currently live in Los Angeles, California. They don’t have children.


Husband Thomas Middleditch

Thomas Middleditch is an actor, screenwriter and comedian. He was born on 10 March 1982 in Nelson, British Columbia Canada. His parents are from Great Britain. He has an older brother. Midleditch was bullied as a child, but he was a popular kid in high school. He attended the University of Victoria. Later he moved to Toronto. Middleditch also lived in Chicago and New York City. In NY he was shooting commercials. Middleditch appeared in “The wolf of Wall street” in 2013, “The final girls” in 2015 and “Once upon a time in Venice” in 2017.

However he is best known as Richard Hendricks, the leading male role in HBO series “Silicon Valley”.

For this role Middleditch got five Satellite Awards nominations, three Critics Choice Television Awards nominations and one Emmy Awards nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a comedy series. In 2020 he won the best actor category for Television series musical or comedy at Satellite Awards. The series had six seasons; the last one was aired last year. In an interview for Hollywood reporter last year he said:’ it’s nice that it’s not a situation where the show is being canceled. The story is coming to an end. That’s a very fortunate thing in the land of television. The story is finite and it always has been.’


In 2019 he acted in the movie Godzilla:King of the monsters.

Thomas Middleditch few days ago accepted the leading role in CBS Comedy “B Positive”, written by Marco Pennette.

In a Playboy interview last year, Middleditch revealed that swinging saved his marriage. He and his wife have an open relationship since they got married. Thomas added that Mollie accepted his nontraditional behavior and swinging was the way to overcome their different speeds. He also said that the two of them go on swinger’s party together and have strict rules.

So, this is his way for a long term successful marriage. Thomas pointed out in the interview that swinging is an old term and “part of the lifestyle” is the right one. In another interview for NY Times in 2017 he shared that he plays video games in his free time and got a pilot license in 2016.

Net Worth

It is believed that Mollie’s net worth is around $500,000. But, her husband’s net worth as of early 2020 is estimated around $8 million. In 2016 the couple bought a bungalow in Los Angeles that previously was owned by the designer Charles Lisanby. It cost them $1,5 million.



Mollie Gates is 5ft 6ins (1.68 m) tall and weighs 121 lbs (55kg). Her vital statistics are 35-27-36. She has blonde hair and brown eyes. She wears UK shoe size 6.

Social Media

Mollie Middleditch keeps her Instagram account private and has over 7000 followers, but her husband has almost 330,000 followers and a public account.

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Celebrity Spouses

Brill Garrett – Who is Jason Garrett’s Wife? Age, Net Worth, Bio



Brill Garrett is an American homemaker and professional lawyer. She is married to Jason Garett, a former NFL player and former head coach of Dallas Cowboys, currently working for the New York Giants.

Early life, education, family, personal life

Brill Garrett was born as Brill Aldridge on 8 December 1965 in Illinois USA. She finished Central High school in Hinsdale, Illinois in 1984. Garrett grew up with her parents and her brother Jeff Aldridge. She continued her education on Princeton University where she met her husband.

They were attending same geology class in freshman year. She noticed that while they were having lab once a week, he was leaving the lab earlier than the other students. So she approached him and asked him why. He told her that he was training baseball. And that is how all started. Brill and Jason earned bachelor’s degree in the same year 1988.

Garrett also has a law degree from the Harvard University and she has worked as a literacy advocate.

Both of them were focused on their education and careers before getting married.


So they were together for a 10 years and in 1994 finally became husband and wife. They tied the knot on a private, small ceremony with closest friends and family members. Jason was playing for Miami Dolphins at the time.

The couple lives currently at Dallas, Texas. They don’t have children.

Husband Jason Garrett

Jason Garrett was born on 28 March 1966 in Abington Township, Pennsylvania USA.

His father Jim Garrett was coach, football player and scout. Jason has seven siblings. His brothers Judd and John were also playing American football. He went to University school in Hunting Valley in Ohio where he played football, baseball and basketball. Jason started playing quarterback at Princeton University where he earned bachelor’s degree few year later.

He started his career in 1989 as a scout in New Orleans Saints.


Two years later he was playing in San Antonio Riders as quarterback, but suffered an injury. In 1992 he signed as a free agent for Dallas Cowboys.

However, the focus on Garrett’s career was in 1994 when he replaced the quarterback Rodney Peete on Thanksgiving Day game. One year later he got a promotion to backup position. In 2008, ESPN named this game in the history of Texas Stadium fourth best moment.

Garrett was in the Super Bowl’s winning teams in 1993 and 1995.

In the next years he signed for New York Giants and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In 2004 Garrett retired as a player and started his career as quarterback coach in Miami Dolphins. In 2007 he signed a contract as offensive coordinator for Dallas Cowboys and three years later he became head coach for the same team. Earlier this year his contract in Dallas Cowboys was not renewed. He works now as an offensive coordinator in The New York Giants.


When his wife Brill was asked in an interview to make a difference between wife of a player and wife of a coach, she explained: ‘I hope that I’m able to bring that experience of being a player’s wife to our team today so that we have that bridge and we have that connection and that bond among all of our wives, that we really are all on the same team. And so, we have such a great group of wives right now and I’m hopeful that message always carries through when we’re winning and when we face some adversity’.

Charitable Foundation

In 1997 the couple started a foundation called Jason Garrett Starfish Charities. Their idea was to help young talents in high school and college to get into sports and perfect their skills trough training so they will be more prepared to get scholarships. Promoting reading was the second goal of the foundation, hosting book clubs at Gabe Allen School.

Brill Garrett is a passionate reader who believes in the power of educated people. In 2018 she hosted a Reading event in Dallas with the former First Lady Laura Bush. It was a successful one, because it supported 140 literacy programs.


Before this event in a radio interview Garrett highlighted the importance of reading and its impact on personal and professional life. The event was traditionally organized by Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy. Garrett also is a member of the Cowboys Wives Association.

Net Worth

Brill and Jason Garett are married for more than 25 years. Her net worth is unknown, but her husband earned $25 million as a player. His five year contract with Dallas Cowboys was $30 million with annual salary of $6 million.


Brill Garrett has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is 5ft 8inc (1.73m) tall and weighs 132 lbs (60 kg) and her vital statistics are 36-27-36 inches. She wears UK shoe size 6.

Social Media

Brill Garrett does not have any social media account. She keeps her life private.

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Brill Garrett – Who is Jason Garrett’s Wife? Age, Net Worth, Bio

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