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Brandon Farris’ Wiki – Age, Wife, Daughter. How much does he earn?



• Brandon Farris was born in the United States in 1991 and is a social media personality and comedian.
• He is known for his Google Translate Sucks! series, where he tries to create food using Google Translate.
• As of early-2020, his net worth is estimated to be over $200,000, earned through his online career.
• His videos often feature Life Hacks, exaggerated stories, comediy skits, reaction videos, horror video games, spoofs and pranks.
• He is in a relationship with social media personality Maria Gloria, and she has a daughter from a previous marriage.

Who is Brandon Farris?

Brandon Farris was born on 5 June 1991, in the United States of America, and is a social media personality as well as a comedian, best known from gaining fame on Facebook through releasing numerous comedy vids. One of his most popular series is called “Google Translate Sucks!”, in which he tries to create food using Google Translate.

The Wealth of Brandon Farris

As of early-2020, Brandon Farris’ net worth is estimated to be over $200,000, earned through a generally successful career online. Apart from his Facebook page, he is also an established YouTuber, combining advertising revenue from his online endeavors with a regular day job to help him build wealth.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Brandon was raised by his parents and grew close to his grandfather. At a young age he discovered a strong passion for comedy, but while he enjoyed doing comedy and improvisations, it wasn’t until Facebook became popular that he thought of starting a career in the field. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, being the first of its kind. It allows people to communicate with others, share posts, photos, and many more activities. Over the years, it has integrated various features, and can now function as a messenger and calling app.


People can also create fan pages, groups, and many other projects.

One of his earliest and most popular ideas was to cook using Google Translate. What he did in his videos was get an online recipe, translate it to other languages using Google Translate, then translate it back to English. Then he would try to follow the recipe from the translation, with humorous results.

Finding Success and YouTube

The Google Translate idea proved very popular, and one of the reasons why it worked so well is because it is well-known how unreliable Google Translate is.

It is also a known fact that if you translate one language into another, translating it back yields different sentences altogether compared to what you started with. To that end, Farris usually ended up with barely edible creations. Another reason why the videos became popular was because of his brand of comedy – he often mixed sarcasm, witty comments and improvisation to entertain his audience. Gaining a generally positive response, he continued making videos, with a belief that everyone deserves to laugh.

However, Facebook could only do so much, increasing his popularity but without providing him with a source of revenue.


Because of that, he create a channel on YouTube – it started more like a video blog (vlog) channel, but he later posted the same content on both platforms, mainly because his comedy videos were attracting more views and better responses. In that way he could earn a significant amount, as YouTube allowed its users to earn income through advertising revenue.

Other Comedic Content

While Google Translate vids were a hit, it wasn’t something that he could constantly do, as it would become stale.

Brandon eventually released other videos which were also a hit with his followers, following videos that showed Life Hacks, things people could do to make life easier. He often watches the video with some skepticism, showing it to the viewers before deciding to do it himself. It usually ends with him being surprised by how effective the hack is. However, when it doesn’t go as expected, he makes funny remarks and even incorporates the failed hack in the rest of his video.

He also tells exaggerated stories of events that happen to him on a daily basis, or thinks about a comediy skit that he could perform in his car. The videos often have him driving to a specific location while entertainingly telling the story.


While it isn’t as popular as his other videos, some of his viewers enjoyed it, so he kept making them as it was a relatively easy thing to do, and one which took less time.

Expanding Reach and Popularity

Over the years, Farris has gained a significant number of followers who enjoy his style of comedy. One of the reasons they stick by him is because they are not shunned by the comedian – he often communicates with them, gives them updates on his work, and also organizes events where he can meet them. A lot of his fans also give him ideas for videos, and send him packages that contain gifts or other things related to recent videos he’s made.

While he has other types of content, his videos wherein he follows tutorials or videos are his trademark, on one occasion trying to follow a recipe of Chef Gordon Ramsay to comedic effect. People also love his hearing comments and watching his reactions, so he posts reaction videos a lot too. Some of his most popular videos are those of him watching weird or comedic videos. He also plays horror video games as people enjoy his reactions when he gets scared, so he now has millions of followers on both Facebook and YouTube. He also loves doing spoofs and pranks, as well as comedy sketches which often involve him with his girlfriend or friends.


Personal Life

Brandon is in a relationship with social media personality Maria Gloria – the two began dating sometime in 2018 after they started working together in Alaska. She’s been featured in cameo appearances in his videos, but is mainly known for her Instagram page on which she posts about various beauty topics. She also sells merchandise online. She has a daughter from a previous marriage.

Started with in April 2023. Previously, Executive Editor at Echoes Media. Holds a Journalism degree from New York University.

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Brendan O’Carroll: Overcame Bankruptcy and BAFTA Winner



Who is Brendan O’Carroll?

Irish actor, comedian, screenwriter, producer and director Brendan O’Carroll, was born in Finglas, Dublin, Ireland, on 17 September 1955, meaning that Virgo’s his zodiac sign. He’s appeared in 20 TV series and movies, and has written 14, while he’s probably known best for writing 38 episodes of the hit comedy series “Mrs Brown’s Boys”, in which he’s also starring, alongside Jennifer Gibney and Eilish O’Carroll. The series has been airing since 2011, follows the lives of an elderly woman and her six children, and has won 15 of its 34 award nominations, including a 2012 BAFTA TV Award for Best Situation Comedy.

Education and early life

Brendan was raised alongside his 10 older siblings in Finglas, by their father Gerard O’Carroll who was a carpenter, and mother Maureen who was a Labour Party politician; Gerard passed away when Brendan was six, and Maureen was left to take care of her 11 children all by herself.

Brendan studied at Saint Gabriel National School (elementary) and was 12 when he dropped out, wanting to find work and financially support himself; he worked as a milkman and waiter, while he wrote short comedy stories in his spare time.

It’s believed that Brendan hasn’t completed his high school education.


Career beginnings

Early on in his career, which he launched in 1991, Brendan wrote the boxing movie “Sparrow’s Trap”, however, its shooting was abandoned midway through, and Brendan found himself bankrupt, more than a $1 million debt; the movie hasn’t been completed to this day, while Brendan has come out of his bankruptcy, and become a successful screenwriter and actor.

Roles in movies

Brendan made his debut film appearance in the popular 1996 comedy “The Van”, directed by Stephen Frears, and which starred Colm Meaney, Donal O’Kelly and Ger Ryan. It follows the life of baker Bimbo who’s just been fired, and the movie was nominated for only a single award.

Some of Brendan’s following roles were in the 1996 short comedy “Incense & Dipsticks”, the 1998 crime drama “Sweety Barrett” and the 1999 romantic comedy “Agnes Browne”.

Also in 1999, Brendan played Funeral Carriage Driver in the critically acclaimed biographical drama “Angela’s Ashes”, written and directed by Alan Parker, and which starred Emily Watson, Robert Carlyle and Joe Breen. Based on the eponymous autobiography by Frank McCourt, the movie follows Frankie and his family as they’re trying to escape poverty, and it won five of its 18 award nominations, including an Oscar nomination for Best Music, Original Score.

Brendan was then cast to appear in the 1999 short drama “Left Back”, the 2008 comedy “Dick Dickman P. I.” and the 2009 drama “The Fattest Man in Britain”.

He played Jimmy, one of the main characters in the 2013 comedy “The Security Men”, directed by David Drury, and which also starred Dean Andrews and Bobby Ball; it follows the lives of three security guards working at a shopping mall.

Brendan’s since appeared in only three movies: the 2013 comedy “Mrs Brown Rides again”, the 2014 comedy “Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie”, and the 2022 romantic comedy “Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming”.


Roles in TV series

Brendan’s had roles in six TV series, including “Mrs Brown’s Boys”. He made his debut by playing Gypsy Joe in a 2004 episode of the comedy “Max & Paddy’s Road to Nowhere”, and from 2002 through 2008 he starred as Agnes Brown in all the seven episodes of the comedy “Mrs Brown’s Boys: The Original Series”; it also starred Jennifer Gibney and Fiona O’Carroll, and follows the lives of Agnes Brown and her children.

In 2017, Brendan played Mrs Agnes Brown in an episode of the comedy game-show “Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway”, and his only other two roles have been playing Mrs Agnes Brown once again in a 2020 episode of the family drama “Children in Need”, and Uncle Ronnie in a 2022 episode of the drama “The Walk-In”.

Writing, producing and other credits

Some of Brendan’s most notable writing work has been the 1995 comedy film “How’s Your Jolly Roger”, the 1999 romantic comedy movie “Agnes Browne”, and the comedy film “Brendan O’Carroll: How’s Your Raspberry Ripple?” also in 1999.

He also has eight producing credits, with some of his most recent work having been on the 2019 short movie “Seconds Out”, five episodes of the 2020 comedy talk-show “All Round to Mrs Brown’s”, and six episodes of the comedy series “Mrs Brown’s Boys” from 2016 through 2022.

Brendan received special thanks for the 2015 TV special “National Television Awards”.

Some of his most recent talk-show appearances have been in “The Tommy Tiernan Show”, “Granada Reports” and “This Morning”.

Awards and nominations

Brendan’s won 10 of his 21 award nominations, including the above mentioned BAFTA win for “Mrs Brown’s Boys”.

Some of his other wins include a 2014 Royal Television Society Award for Comedy Performance, a 2015 BAFTA Award, Scotland for Best Comedy or Entertainment and a 2016 Irish Film and Television Award for Best Lead Actor, all for his performance in “Mrs Brown’s Boys”.


Love life and marriages

Brendan married his first wife, Irish non-celebrity Doreen Dowdall in 1977, and their divorce was finalized in 1999; he hasn’t shared many details concerning his first wife, and she seems to prefer to stay away from media. Brendan and Doreen had four children, one of whom has passed away; their daughter Fiona’s today an actress, while their son Danny’s an actor and producer.

Brendan and Irish actress Jennifer Gibney exchanged vows in 2005, and are today living together in Davenport, Florida.

He hasn’t spoken about other women whom he’s maybe dated, Brendan’s married to his second wife Jennifer Gibney as of April 2023, and has four children with his first wife Doreen Dowdall.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Brendan was diagnosed with dyslexia sometime in his 30s, while his sons Eric and Danny were then also diagnosed with the disorder.

His grandfather Peter O’Carroll was shot dead on 16 October 1920; the case was investigated in the British genealogy documentary series “Who Do You Think You Are?” Two of Peter’s sons were volunteers with the Irish Republican Army.

Brendan’s also an author, having published his 2022 autobiography “Call Me Mrs Brown”.

He has a private Instagram account, which is today followed by over 1,400 people, while Brendan’s uploaded only five pictures onto it.

His favorite actors are Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy, while some of Brendan’s favorite movies include “The Imitation Game”, “The Grinch” and “The Couriers”.


Height, eyes and wealth

Brendan’s age is 67. He has blue eyes and is bald, is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall and weighs around 145lbs (66kgs).

Brendan’s net worth’s been estimated at over $6 million, as of April 2023.

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What is Amy Sedaris doing now? Net Worth, Husband, Siblings



Who is Amy Sedaris?

American actress, comedienne and author Amy Louise Sedaris was born in Endicott, New York State USA, on 29 March 1961, making Aries her zodiac sign. She’s appeared in over 120 TV series and movies, ut is perhaps still known best for playing Deb in the hit 2003 adventure family comedy movie “Elf”, which Jon Favreau directed, and which starred Bob Newhart, James Caan and Will Ferrell. It follows oversized elf Buddy as he’s travelling from the North Pole to New York City to see his biological father; the movie won two of its nine award nominations.

Amy’s still today highly active in the film industry, and is currently working on two upcoming projects: the series “Bedrock” and the movie “Ghosted”.

Education and early life

Amy was raised in Endicott alongside her five siblings Paul, Tiffany, Gretchen, David and Lisa, by their father Louis Harry ‘Lou’ Sedaris, and mother Sharon Elizabeth (nee Leonard); Amy’s of Greek descent from her father’s side and Anglo-American through her mother – she was raised Greek Orthodox Christian.

She studied at Jesse O. Sanderson High School, and it was during her time there that she became interested in comedy and acting, however, Amy wouldn’t pursue a career in the film industry until over 10 years later. She was also into sports while at Jesse O. Sanderson, playing soccer for the school team.

Amy matriculated in 1979 and then didn’t enroll at college, but rather spent the following 12 years working various jobs to financially support herself, including being a cashier at the Winn-Dixie supermarket, and a waitress at Zanies Comedy Club in Chicago, Illinois.


Roles in movies

Amy’s debut film role was playing Topaz Radulavitch in the 1991 comedy “Big Deals”, while some of her following roles were in the 1997 romantic comedy “Commandments”, the action adventure comedy “Six Days Seven Nights” and short comedy “Wheels of Fury” both in 1998

In 2001, she portrayed Other Student in Class in the popular romantic comedy “Jump Tomorrow”, written and directed by Joel Hopkins, and which starred Tunde Adebimpe, Hippolyte Girardot and Raul A. Reyes. It follows a Nigerian man who’s about to marry a woman chosen for him by his parents, while he’s now fallen in love with a Latina woman who’s also about to marry; the movie won four of its 10 award nominations. Amy could then have been seen appearing in the 2004 comedy “My Baby’s Daddy”, and in 2005 the comedy “Strangers with Candy” and the romantic musical comedy “Romance & Cigarettes”.

The year 2009 saw her play Toni Lesnicki in the horror comedy “Jennifer’s Body”, directed by Karyn Kusama, and which starred Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried and Adam Brody. It follows a high school cheerleader who’s turned into a succubus, and has begun killing her classmates; the series won three of its seven award nominations.

Amy voiced Jill in the critically acclaimed 2011 animated adventure comedy “Puss in Boots”, and was then cast to appear in the sports comedy “Ping Pong Summer”, the comedy “Hits” and the adventure comedy “Chef”, all released in 2014.

She voiced Guinea Fowl in the 2019 animated adventure “The Lion King”, which Jon Favreau directed, and which starred Donald Glover, Beyonce and Seth Rogen. The movie follows a young lion who’s run away from his kingdom following his father’s murder – the movie won 21 of its 66 award nominations, including an Oscar nomination for Best Achievement in Visual Effects.

Amy’s three most recent film roles have been in the comedy “Theatre Camp”, the crime drama “Harley Quinn & The Joker: Sound Mind” and the romantic comedy “Somebody I Used to Know”, all released in 2023.


Roles in TV series

Amy’s debut TV series role was playing various characters in 12 episodes of the 1995 comedy “Exit 57”, and in 1999 and 2000, she stared as Jerri Blank in all the 31 episodes of the comedy “Strangers with Candy”, created by Stephen Colbert and Paul Dinello, who also starred in the series; it follows a 46 years old former drug addict who’s just enrolled at high school.

The first half of the 2000s saw Amy appear in an episode or two of the comedy “Just Shoot Me!”, the romantic comedy “Sex and the City” and the drama “Fling”, and in 2007, she played Beth in the hit comedy “Rescue Me”, which Denis Leary created, as well as starred in, alongside Steven Pasquale and Michael Lombardi. The series follows the life of firefighter Tommy Gavin, it aired from 2004 through 2011, and won nine of its 37 award nominations.

In 2011, Amy voiced a character in an episode of both the animated family comedy “SpongeBob SquarePants” and the animated comedy “Bob’s Burgers”, and in 2013 and 2014, she starred as Louise Laffer in the comedy “Alpha House”, created by Garry Trudeau, and which also starred John Goodman and Clark Johnson. It follows the lives of four Republican senators, and the series won one of its six award nominations.

Some of Amy’s most recent roles in TV series have been in four episodes of the animated comedy “American Dad!” 2009 to 2012 (voice role), four episodes of the action adventure fantasy “The Mandalorian” since 2019 and the 2022 episode “Tech” of the comedy “ZIWE”,.

Other credits

Amy wrote all 12 episodes of the 1995 comedy series “Exit 57”, and all the 31 episodes of the 2000 comedy series “Strangers with Candy”, while she also wrote and produced the comedy series “At Home with Amy Sedaris”, which aired from 2017 through 2020.

Some of her most recent talk-show appearances have been in “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen”, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “60 Minutes”.

Awards and nominations

Amy’s been nominated for 15 awards, including two Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series in 2018 and 2019, both for “At Home with Amy Sedaris”.

She was also nominated for a 2016 Gold Derby Award for Comedy Guest Actress, for her performance in “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, two Writers Guild of America Awards for Comedy/Variety Sketch Series in 2019 and 2020, both for “At Home with Amy Sedaris” and a 2021 Critics Choice Super Award for Best Voice Actress in an Animated Series, for “BoJack Horseman”,


Love life and boyfriend

Amy avoids speaking about her love life in public, but has shared with her fans that she’s never wished to marry or have children, and has maintained that.

There’s only a single man whom Amy’s been with, that her fans know about: in 1999, she met American comedian, actor and screenwriter Paul E. Dinello while shooting together for the series “Strangers with Candy”; Paul’s appeared in 14 TV series and movies, and has won 16 of his 53 award nominations. He and Amy were together for eight years, breaking up in 2007 for unknown reasons, however, they’ve remained close friends to this day, and Amy’s godmother to Paul’s two children.

Amy seems to be unattached as of April 2023, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Amy’s a supporter of the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and took part in their anti-fur campaign.

She was featured in Dolly Parton’s 2007 music video “Better Get to Livin’”.

Amy’s today running her own company Dusty Food Cupcakes, which she runs from her own kitchen.

She’s a star on Instagram, as more than a million people are following her on the social media network today, while she’s posted nearly 9,000 pictures and videos; most of Amy’s content has been taken by her, as she’s a passionate amateur photographer.


She and her older brother David Sedaris wrote together the play “The Book of Liz”.

Amy published her guide to entertaining – “I Like You: Hospitality Under Influence” – in 2006.

Her favorite actress is Meryl Streep, while some of Amy’s favorite movies include “Adaption”, “Before and After” and “The Manchurian Candidate”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Amy’s age is 62. Her hair and eyes are brown, she’s 5ft 1ins (1.56m) tall and weighs around 105lbs (48kgs).

Amy’s net worth’s been estimated at over $6 million, as of April 2023.

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How rich is H. Jon Benjamin? Net Worth of Archer’s voice actor



Who is H. Jon Benjamin?

American actor, comedian, screenwriter and musician Harry Jon Benjamin, was born in Worcester, Massachusetts USA, on 23 May 1966, which makes Gemini his zodiac sign. He’s had roles in over 80 TV series and movies, ut is probably known best for voicing the lead character Sterling Archer in the animated action comedy series “Archer”, created by Adam Reed, and which also stars Judy Greer and Amber Nash. The series has been airing since 2009, follows the life of a secret agent, and won 18 of its 89 award nominations.

Education and early life

Jon was raised in Worcester by his mother Shirley who was a ballet dancer and teacher, and father Howard who was CEO of a small company; both Shirley and Howard are Jewish.

Jon became interested in acting while growing up, and was mostly passionate about imitating the voices of characters he saw in his favorite animated TV series. He studied at Worcester Academy and was a member of its drama club, and was also on the school’s softball team.

He matriculated in 1984, and then enrolled at Connecticut College from which he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1988. Jon then moved to Boston, Massachusetts and was one half of the comedy duo with Sam Seder for seven years.


Roles in TV series

Jon’s debut TV series role was playing Quark in the 1995 episode “Uncertainty” of the documentary “Understanding”, and the year 1997 saw him play various characters in the musical comedy “The Jenny McCarthy Show”, starring alongside Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg and Jack Plotnick; it follows the life of ‘blonde bombshell and former playboy bunny Jenny McCarthy’.

From 1995 through 2002, Jon voiced one of the main characters Ben Katz in the popular animated comedy “Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist”, which also starred Jonathan Kat and Laura Silverman, and follows a therapist as he’s dealing with both his and other people’s problems; the series won five of its six award nominations. From 1999 through 2004, Jon voiced various characters in the animated comedy “Home Movies”, while the remainder of the decade heard him voice characters in the animated comedy “O’Grady”, another animated comedy “Freak Show”, and the animated horror comedy “Lucy: The Daughter of the Devil”.

From 2007 through 2015, he voiced Jewelry Store Clerk and various other characters in the popular animated action adventure “WordGirl”, created by Jack Ferraiolo and Dorothea Gillim, and which starred Dannah Feinglass Phirman, Chris Parnell and Maria Bamford. It follows the life of superhero Wordgirl, and the series won five of its 16 award nominations.

Some of Jon’s most recent roles in TV series have been in seven episodes of the animated musical comedy “Central Park” from 2020 through 2022, 26 episodes of the animated comedy “Family Guy” since 2006, and 254 episodes (lead role) of the animated comedy “Bob’s Burgers” since 2011, all voice roles.

Roles in movies

Jon made his debut film appearance in the 1997 comedy “Who’s the Caboose”, while some of his following roles were in the 1998 romantic comedy “Next Stop Wonderland”, the 1999 action crime thriller “Puppet’ and the 2000 romantic comedy “Happy Accidents”.


In 2002 he played Keith, one of the main characters in the popular comedy “Martin & Orloff”, directed by Lawrence Blume, and which also starred Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh. The movie follows an advertising agency employee who’s tried to kill himself, and is now seeing the therapist Dr. Orloff; it won two awards. Jon was then cast to play and voice characters in the 2003 thriller comedy “Temptation”, the 2007 romantic comedy “The Ten” and the 2008 animated drama “The Toe Tactic”.

He portrayed MCS Coach in the critically acclaimed 2014 action crime comedy “22 Jump Street”, which Christopher Miller and Phil Lord directed, and which starred Ice Cube, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. It follows the work of police officers Jenko and Schmidt, and the movie won seven of its 32 award nominations.

Some of Jon’s most recent film roles have been in the 2018 comedy “The Demons of Dorian Gunn”, the 2022 short animated comedy “My Butt Hazza Fever” (voice role) and the 2022 animated adventure comedy “The Bob’s Burgers Movie” (voice role).

Other credits

Jon has 22 writing and eight producing credits, while some of his most notable writing work has been 80 episodes of the animated comedy series “Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist” from 1995 through 2002, 49 episodes of the animated comedy “Home Movies” from 1999 through 2004 and 10 episodes of the 2007 animated horror comedy series “Lucy: The Daughter of the Devil”.

Jon’s made a guest appearance in over 30 talk-shows, most recently in “Life is Short with Justin Long”, “IMDb on the Scene” and “The Majority Report with Sam Seder”.

Awards and nominations

Jon’s won three of his 16 award nominations: he won a 1995 CableACE Award for Animated Programming Special or Series, for “Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist”, a 2013 Behind the Voice Actors Award for Best Male Lead Vocal Performance in a Television Series, for “Archer” and a 2020 Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement for Voice Acting in an Animated Production, for “Bob’s Burgers”.

He was also nominated for a 2010 Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for “Archer”.


Love life and relationships

Jon’s not that open when it comes to speaking about his love life in public, and thus only a couple of details about it are known. He’s today in a long-term relationship with American set decorator Amy Beth Silver, and although some of Jon’s fans believe that the two are married, neither of them has confirmed this. Amy’s worked on 11 TV series and movies, with the most popular amongst these having been the 1997 comedy film “Gummo”, the 2017 war thriller film “The Beguiled” and the 2020 romantic comedy movie “On the Rocks”.

Jon and Amy have a son Judah together, but his birthdate hasn’t been disclosed.

He’s yet to mention other women whom he’s maybe been with, Jon’s in a long-term relationship with Amy Beth Silver as of April 2023, and they have a son together.

Interesting facts and hobbies

One of Jon’s best friends is famous American actor, screenwriter and producer David Cross, who’s probably known best for starring as Tobias Funke in all the 84 episodes of the comedy series “Arrested Development”, which aired from 2003 through 2019.

Jon’s a member of comedy troupes Comedy Lab and Cross Comedy.

His family always called him ‘Jon’ while he was growing up, and he didn’t even know until his later years that his first name was ‘Harry’.

He’s an amateur ornithologist, while ornithology’s a special branch of zoology that studies birds.

Jon endorsed Bernie Sanders in the 2020 presidential election primaries.

His favorite actor is Jim Carrey, while some of Jon’s favorite movies include “Man on the Moon”, “The Cable Guy” and “Dumb and Dumber”.


Height, eyes and wealth

Jon’s age is 56. He has blue eyes and is bald, he’s 5ft 6ins (1.68m) tall and weighs around 150lbs (67kgs).

Jon’s net worth’s been estimated at over $6 million, as of April 2023.

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