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How Tall is DaBaby? Height, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Real Name



• DaBaby (real name Jonathan Lyndale Kirk) is a rapper and singer born in Cleveland, Ohio in 199•
• He grew up listening to rappers such as Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, and Eminem.
• He released his debut mixtape “Nonfiction” in 2015 before signing a multi-million dollar deal with Interscope Records in 2018.
• His single “Suge” was nominated for two Annual Grammy Awards in 2020.
• He has a net worth of over $3 million and is 28 years old.

What is DaBaby’s real name?

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk was born in Cleveland, Ohio USA on 22 December 1991 – his zodiac sign is Capricorn and he holds American nationality. Known under his stage name of DaBaby, he is a rapper and a singer who has gained recognition just recently in 2019, when he released his debut full-length album “Baby on Baby”, which reached #7 on the Billboard 200 Chart.

Childhood and education

DaBaby was raised alongside his two older brothers by their father who is an accountant, and their mother who is working as a nurse at a local hospital. DaBaby spent the first eight years of his life in Cleveland, then his family moved to Charlotte in North Carolina in 1999.

He grew up listening to rappers such as Lil Wayne, 50 Cent and Eminem, and soon began daydreaming about becoming a rapper himself.


He studied at Vance High School at which he played football and baseball, and upon matriculation in 2010, DaBaby enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, but quit after two years stating that he only enrolled at a college because his parents wanted him to pursue a degree.

Career as a rapper

After working several jobs for two years to financially support himself, DaBaby decided to dedicate all his spare time to making music.

He spent most of the year 2014 working on his debut mixtape – “Nonfiction” – which was released in 2015, but failed to attract much attention. He went on to release his second mixtape, “God’s Work” followed by another mixtape “Baby Talk”, however, neither of these helped him build a big fanbase.

DaBaby released two more mixtapes – “Billion Dollar Baby” and “Back on My Baby Jesus Sh*t” (for a while, he used the stage name of Baby Jesus) – and these mixtapes were noticed by Arnold Taylor who is the South Coast Music Group’s President.


Arnold signed DaBaby and helped him find gigs at clubs around North Carolina, then in 2018 DaBaby gained wider recognition with his mixtape “Blank Blank” distributed by Roc Nation, and this got him a multi-million dollar deal with the American record label Interscope.

On 27 September 2019, DaBaby released his second studio album – “Kirk” – which topped the US Billboard 200 Chart, while its lead single, “Intro” peaked at #13 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart. In early 2020, DaBaby was nominated for two Annual Grammy Awards for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance, both for his single “Suge”, after which his third album “Blame It on Baby” came out, which topped the Billboard 200 Chart and sold around 125,000 copies.

Most recently, on 27 July 2020, DaBaby released his single “No Dribble” which was later included in the remastered version of “Blame It on Baby” released on 4 August.

Problems with the law

DaBaby was involved in a shooting in Huntersville in North Carolina when a 19 years old boy was shot and killed – DaBaby stated that he was acting in self-defense, but plead guilty to carrying a hidden weapon. He was arrested in January 2020 after the Miami police learned about his warrant in Texas – DaBaby and his friends robbed a music promoter who paid DaBaby $20,000 when he was supposed to pay him $30,000.


He was released after two days.

Just recently in November 2020, DaBaby’s brother Glen Johnson killed himself with a gun.

Love life and wife

There have been rumors circulating the internet claiming that DaBaby was once married to his high school sweetheart Ashley Kirk. These started spreading after an unknown person found DaBaby’s high school yearbook in which one of the students wrote ‘the most inspirational person in his life has been his wife, Ashley Kirk.

DaBaby denied the rumors, stating that the girl was his best friend as she often lent him her car, and helped him with homework, but that’s all.

DaBaby has a daughter with a woman called MeMe, and in November 2019 he announced that he was expecting another child without clarifying that it wasn’t with MeMe – he later stated that he and MeMe were no longer together at the time when he slept with another woman.

As of November 2020, DaBaby is single, hasn’t married and has two children.


Hobbies and other interests

DaBaby is somewhat addicted to his social media accounts, and has managed to amass over 14.5 million followers on his Instagram account, however, just recently following the death of his brother, this was deactivated.

He likes to travel, and has been all around the US to perform as well as to enjoy himself – his dream travel destination is Miami in Florida.

DaBaby is a lover of animals with cats being his favorites, and says that one day he’d like to have a pet tiger!

He occasionally works out as he has two to three training sessions at the gym a week, but isn’t careful about his diet as he most often eats fast food.

DaBaby enjoys watching movies starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Marlon Brando, such as the trilogy “The Godfather”, “Scarface” and “The Sleepers”.

Age, height and net worth

DaBaby’s age is 28. He has short black hair and brown eyes, his height is 5ft 8ins (1.73m) and he weighs around 160lbs (72kgs).

As of November 2020, his net worth has been estimated at over $3 million.

Started with in April 2023. Previously, Executive Editor at Echoes Media. Holds a Journalism degree from New York University.

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Jumex Rapper Wiki: Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Biography 2021



Mark Kiessling – better known as Jumex – is an American rapper, born on 14 February 2000 in Chicago, Illinois USA. He’s known for his punk and rock oriented rap songs.

Early Life

There’s no information about Jumex’s family and childhood, and details about his early education are also undisclosed, except that it’s known he attended the Lyon Township High School. However, his abuse of drugs, his depression and several other personal problems which led him to abandon his studies have been revealed.

Growing up in Brookfield, Kiessling was heavily influenced by the local rap scene. He also developed an interest in rock and metal music, becoming a fan of artists such as David Bowie, Black Flag and the Summer Set.

Although music was always his main interest, Kiessling also became a fan of the Japanese anime culture. His favorite work of this genre is “Tokyo Ghoul”, based on the famous manga (visual novel) by Ishida Sui – the story is set in a world where human flesh eaters – described as ghouls – live amongst normal humans, hiding their true nature.

It’s no wonder why the teen Mark was so enthralled by the series, since the work is characterized by its dark but interesting horror theme, as Guillermo Kurten of CBR summarized it: ‘is a visual feast in its own style.’ (…) ‘The art especially comes into its own when depicting scenes of horror. This is emphasized also both in expressiveness of the characters and the action. Another aspect, while admittedly minimal, is the style in which the cover art of each volume is drawn with Ishida’s style and use of color.’


Although Kiessling might have been influenced by “Tokyo Ghoul” when it comes to the visual aspects of his work, anime in general has inspired his music as well, confirmed by him in an interview with AltPress in 2019: ‘Definitely inspired by the image and the music because anime theme songs have crazy breaks to it, I really like how they just all of a sudden build up so fast. That’s what I try to put in my music.’


Early Steps

Kiessling started his music career in high school, when he became a member of the band named No Signal. Although it’s known the band had a punk style, there’s no information about any music releases or other members.

After leaving high school and band, Kiessling moved to Los Angeles in search of new opportunities.

In February 2018 and under the name of Lil Jumex, he released his first extended play (EP) entitled “Luvburnz”, which contained four tracks, and was followed by “Screwed” in March that year.

Although these albums weren’t commercially successful, it took the interest of Taco Bennett of Odd Future, who it took upon himself to help Kiessling co-write and produce his single “Trapped”, released under the name of Jumex, and is based on his own experiences: ‘(it) goes along with being stuck in Chicago mentally when I was 17, stuck in school trying to make music. I felt trapped in a system, basically.’ Bennet also produced the music video for the song, which gained the attention of the media and fans due to its outstanding aesthetic and production. To date the video has more than eight million views on YouTube.


Shawn Jackson from Drillking, praised Jumex for the song: ‘Is something else, a special breed; a mix between some lil Peep and Scarlxrd for those in the rap scene; as his screamo chants could be compared to those of the ultimate king of the emo genre, the one and only Oly Sikes, Bring Me The Horizon’s singer.’

However, on sites such as and the song didn’t attract positive reviews, being strongly criticized by users of both webs.

2019: Loner, Lover & Tour

Jumex EP “Loner” was released in June 2019, including the title track and songs such as “Trapped”, “Alive in My Coffin” and “Billie Eilish”. The latter was not only dedicated to the singer of the same name, but was also promoted as an individual single, and was praised for its aesthetically pleasing video.

This album was special for Jumex, as he found inspiration from his own past experiences to create the songs: ‘“Loner” was about my past life in Chicago before I came to L.A., so that’s like escaping the mentality (of) being trapped in Chicago with the drugs, and it’s never good to be around drugs’.

Although the title track accumulated a considerable number of views on YouTube, the EP didn’t gain the praise of experts or of the online music communities. It obtained a score of 15 out of 100 on, and negative critiques towards the album were abundant on other sites as well.

Despite the negative comments Jumex embarked on his first overseas tour in June 2019, during which he visited various cities in Japan as an opener for the hardcore band Crossfaith.


The tour was especially thrilling for Jumex, as it was one of his dreams to visit the Asian country: ‘This is exactly what I expected. Everything’s so cool and unique. But it’s also crazy how calm everybody is and how chill everything is.’

Finding himself welcomed by the Japanese public, Jumex was re-inspired to continue pursuing his music career: ‘Seeing the audience connect and sing my lyrics is really cool. It’s such a life high. It’s just gonna get better from here.’

Jumex released his next EP entitled “Lover” in November 2019, which contained a collaboration with the renowned drummer Travis Barker for the song “Spraypaint”. However, The EP wasn’t musically praised by experts, though it received fewer negative comments than its predecessor album.

In September 2019, Jumex was the opening act for Yungblud’s concert in Los Angeles, which was followed by a show in November at “Day N’ Vegas Festival”.

Recent Projects

After the release of the video for “Spraypaint” in October 2019, Jumex continued promoting his music until the end of year.

In February 2020 Jumex released “XOXO” in collaboration with his fellow rapper Lil Xan. The event was celebrated with a live concert in Chicago.

Under the name of Goodnightm4rk, in March 2020 Jumex released the EP entitled “Nightmares”.

Personal Life

Details about Jumex personal life, including romantic relationships, hobbies and friends are unknown.

Net Worth

Jumex has an estimated net worth of well over $100,000, which is a result of his work as a rapper.


Physical Appearance

Jumex is easily recognized for his outrageous green hair color, punk oriented fashion sense, and face tattoo with the phrase ‘XOXO”. Details about his height and weight are unknown.

Interesting Facts

Jumex apparently chose his stage name inspired by a Mexican juice corporation.

Jumex told Billboard he feels he’s giving his generation a mean to express what they feel through his songs: ‘I feel like I am a voice for them because I don’t really talk about any flex things like wh*res or money. I talk about emotional problems and what people go through, you know like high school relationships.’

In 2019 he told AltPress he had ‘400 unreleased songs’.

Malicious commentators on the internet have described him as an ‘industry plant’.

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How rich is rapper DDG? Net Worth, Age, Height, Girlfriend



Rapper DDG Wiki Bio

Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr. – better known by his stage names PontiacMadeDDG and DDG – was born in Pontiac, Michigan USA, on 10 October 1997 – his zodiac sign is Libra and he holds American nationality. He is a rapper, YouTuber and an entrepreneur, who gained recognition after he began uploading his music videos onto his YouTube channel sometime in 2015.

Childhood and education

DDG was raised in Pontiac by his parents whom he doesn’t usually talk about, but it’s believed that both his parents hold college degrees, and that they urged him to attend college as well – DDG is believed to have several siblings.

He studied at International Tech Academy, from which he matriculated in 2015.He was the valedictorian of his class, meaning he had the highest grade ranking amongst all his peers, and thus delivered the closing speech at the matriculation ceremony. DDG then enrolled at Central Michigan University, but claiming how he had started to make around $30,000 per month on YouTube, he thus dropped out of college.

Career as a rapper

After quitting college, DDG moved to Hollywood in California to work as a full-time YouTuber and part-time rapper.


He has described that he spent quite some time during his childhood at a music studio at which his father worked as an engineer, and then spent years writing his own songs and performing for his close friends and family. One of his first songs was “Big Boat”, which served as a diss track on the popular American rapper Lil Yachty, and in 2016, DDG released two new songs – “Free Parties” and “Balenciagas” which were produced by a German-American record producer Xavier Lamar Dotson, better known as Zaytoven. DDG’s following song was “Lettuce”, which features Famous Dex, then on 23 November 2017, he released the first single from his debut extended play (EP) entitled “Givenchy”, and the song has since been listened to more than 25 million times on YouTube.

His debut EP “Take Me Serious” followed on 17 March 2018 to mostly positive reviews, and a couple of months later, DDG signed a contract with Epic Records. His first single under the label, “Arguments” came out on 1 June 2018, and was on 15 April 2020 certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). DDG’s second EP was released on 22 March 2019 entitled “Sorry 4 the Hold Up”, and received mixed reviews. He announced he was working on his debut album with the release of one of the album’s singles “Push” on 20 September 2019 – the album “VALEDICTORIAN” came out on 1 November 2019 to positive reviews.

DDG has announced that he is currently working on his mixtape “Keep That Same Energy”, set to be released in 2021.


Career as a YouTuber

DDG is currently running four YouTube channels.

  • “GamingWithDDG” was launched on 27 October 2011, and is today subscribed to by around 1.6 million people, and numbers more than 105 million views of all his videos combined – most of the videos uploaded onto this channel feature DDG playing video games, the most popular “REACTING TO MY 7 YEAR OLD NIECE CRINGEY MUSICAL.LYS” has been watched close to five million times since 12 January 2017.
  • DDG’s channel “PontiacMadeDDG Vlogs” was launched on 26 July 2014, and is today subscribed to by 2.3 million people, while it counts around 350 million views of all his videos combined – DDG uses this channel to upload videos related to his everyday life, while his most popular video is “DDG – Big Boat (Lil Yachty Diss Track) | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO”, viewed around 13.5 million times since 23 August 2017.
  • His channel “The DDG Family” was launched on 6 September 2017, and today numbers close to four million subscribers and over 560 million views of all his videos combined. As the channel’s description reads: ‘This channel is all about being interactive with the viewers/family. In these videos you will feel like you are actually in the video’, while its most popular video – “I FINALLY MET MY 14 YEAR OLD SISTER’S BF… [THE END]” – has been watched over 7.3 million times since 30 October 2018.
  • DDG’s final channel, “DDG” was created on 3 October 2017, and counts around 1.6 million subscribers and over 200 million views of all the channel’ videos combined. This channel is used solely for DDG’s music videos, while one of the most popular videos – “DDG – Moonwalking in Calabasas Remix (feat. Blueface) [Official Music Video]” – has been watched over 26 million times.

DDG is quite active on various social media networks too. His Instagram account is followed by close to four million people, while DDG has uploaded around 1,000 pictures, most of  which have been taken during his everyday life. He has been active on Twitter since November 2011, and is followed by around 450,000 people. His Facebook page is followed by close to 900,000 people, while he is quite active on TikTok, and has amassed around 1.3 million followers and around 13.6 million likes of all his pictures and videos combined.

Love life and girlfriend

DDG is more or less secretive when it comes to his love life, but it’s known that he has dated two girls in the past.


In early 2017, he was in a relationship with American pop singer Emaza Dilan, perhaps known best for being a member of the band Ceraadi, while she’s also a YouTuber. Emaza and DDG dated for around half a year before splitting ways for unknown reasons, while it’s believed that it was because of infidelity from DDG’s side.

In late 2017, he began dating YouTuber, blogger and a model Kennedy Cymone – they became engaged in April 2018, but then called it off in July 2018, and separated for unknown reasons.

As of December 2020, DDG is single, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

DDG spends a lot of his free time at the gym, as he enjoys lifting weights and strengthening his body – he has four to five training sessions each week, thus his muscular body.

He is keen on travelling, and his career as a rapper has taken him to several states, while he has also been to Europe on a single occasion, visiting Germany and France.

DDG has a lavish lifestyle – he owns a Lamborghini car, a boat and usually flies in private jets, and when performing he stays only at the most expensive hotels.


In his spare time which is mostly late at night, DDG enjoys watching crime and mafia movies starring some of his favorite actors Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Marlon Brando, such as the trilogy “The Godfather”, “Taxi Driver” and “Scarface”.

Age, height and net worth

DDG’s age is 23. He has brown hair and brown eyes, his height is 5ft 8ins (1.73m) and he weighs around 150lbs (68kgs).

As of December 2020, his net worth has been estimated at over $1.6 million.

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Who is Doja Cat’s boyfriend today? Is she dating or single? Bio



Doja Cat is supposedly not dating anyone at the moment, as she hasn’t announced anything regarding the subject, nor shown any indication of having a romantic partner.

Although Doja Cat is characterized for not being afraid to speak her mind, and often communicates with her fans on her social media accounts, she prefers to keep details of her romantic relationships private.

Past Relationships & Rumors

Did Doja Cat Date French Montana?

In late September 2020, Doja Cat and fellow rapper French Montana were spotted together on a yacht. Although the pair wasn’t alone in what seemed a small party of friends, rumors were quick to arise, and it was speculated there was a romantic relationship between them.

However on a Tweet posted on 1 October, Doja Cat denied she was dating Montana: ‘Me and French got a song coming out. F*ckin relax.’ She didn’t give further details about the upcoming track, though she hinted that the collaboration also included Megan Thee Stallion as she liked a Tweet of a fan who suggested it.

Although Doja Cat’s words were enough to end the rumors between her and Montana, he didn’t address the issue, as his romantic life was already under public scrutiny at the time. Recently he has faced accusations of being romantically involved with the reality TV show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes, who is married.

French Montana – whose real name is Karim Kharbouch – has dated many celebrities and models including Iggy Azalea, Evelyn Lozada and Alexis Skyy. However, his relationship most publicly known to date has been with Khloé Kardashian, whom he dated from 2014 to 2015.


Doja’s ex-boyfriend – Who is Johnny Utah?

Despite being in the music industry for several years, Doja Cat’s only publicly known relationship to date has been with Jacob Sullenger, better known by his stage names Johnny Utah and JAWNY. Although he remains as an indie and somewhat-alternative artist, he has made a name for himself through his characteristic funky music style and singing.

Doja Cat’s romance with Utah – who is also a producer and songwriter – started in late 2019 after she watched the music video for his single “Honeypie”, as she recalled: ‘I liked the way you moved. I don’t know, it was your pants. I was like, Oh, I like your pants.’

Mesmerized by his personal style – though not so much by his music, Utah affirmed – she proceeded to comment on one of his Instagram’s posts ‘I love you babe,’ to which Utah answered: ‘Hey girl, I just showed this pic to my little cousin and I told him that we’re together. Don’t make me look like a liar now. He looks up to me.’

After that brief internet inter-action, the pair met in real life and soon confirmed their relationship. However, they weren’t together for long, as they broke-up in February 2020.

On an Instagram Live, Doja Cat confirmed she had unfollowed Utah on every social media account, also adding ‘everything is ok’ and ‘(it) just didn’t work out,’ as to affirm the relationship ended for normal reasons, and nothing dramatic had happened between them.

Who is Doja Cat?

Doja Cat – whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini – is an American singer and rapper born on 21 October 1995 in Los Angeles, California USA. She rose to prominence with her album “Hot Pink” in 2020.


Amala Dlamini is the daughter and only child of Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer and Dumisani Dlamini. Soon after her birth Amala and her mother moved to New York, where they stayed for five years until their return to California. Amala’s father – who is a producer and actor of South African origin – wasn’t present in her life during her childhood.

Although Dumisani Dlamini often comments on his daughter’s Instagram’s posts, this makes her slightly uncomfortable as she told The Fader: ‘I don’t hold grudges against him or anything in any way, but obviously it’s a little weird’.

Amala Dlamini spent her childhood skating and dancing, though she developed an early interest in music as well. Besides taking Jazz lessons, she was also influenced by artists such as Jamiroquai and Tupac.

“Music By The Sun” by Rihanna was the first album the teen Amala bought though, which ultimately led her to start singing and creating her own sound. However, her lack of confidence slightly hampered her growth as an artist: ‘I think I wanted to sing, but I just couldn’t because I was so shy’. Amala continued, saying she thought her mother would be upset if she had heard her singing too loudly in her bedroom.

Deciding music was her way-to-go and her true passion, Amala eventually dropped out of high school at 16 years old.


First Steps

Despite her shyness, Doja Cat started creating and producing her own music in her teens, and uploading it onto SoundCloud, though most of these tracks were deleted by herself not long after.


Her earliest recorded track on the internet – “So High” – dates back to 2012: ‘I got like two likes, but it was the craziest thing ever. I think I cried. It was insane’.

It was during these early stages of her career when she chose her stage name, inspired by her love for cats and ‘doja’, which is an alternative street name for marijuana. She told Dazed: ‘I was heavily addicted to weed and weed culture, so when I began rapping I thought of the word ‘doja’ and how it sounds like a girl’s name’.

After the release of “So High”, Doja Cat was signed by RCA Records in association with Kemosabe Records, managed by Dr. Luke. This helped her to release her first extended play (EP) “Purrr!” in late 2014.

Rise To Fame

Although “Purrr!” achieved a moderate success, it wasn’t enough to give Doja Cat the recognition she was looking for. However, not giving up on her dream, she continued creating music, and in March 2018 released her first full album entitled “Amala” .

Although at first “Amala” failed to attract the attention of the media, later in 2019 the album was re-released, and her career started rising. One of the new tracks – “Mooo!” – is an unconventional but entertaining cow-themed song, which was inspired by one of her costumes: ‘the shirt was so ridiculous that I was like, maybe that would be cool if I just made a song about cows,’ She told The Fader.

Not only did she create the song alone, the music video was also produced solely by herself: ‘(it) only took about five-and-a-half to six hours. I stayed up ‘til like 3 a.m.’ The song ultimately achieved moderate success, though its music video became viral on YouTube.


Doja Cat next released a remix of the song “Juicy”, featuring Tyga. This marked her first Billboard charting song, and her first certified Platinum work.

Doja Cat’s real rise to fame was soon to come though. The song “Bottom Bitch” was released in October 2019, followed by the track “Rules” later that month. In November, Doja Cat’s new album entitled “Hot Pink” was officially released, charting at number nine on Billboard.

Due to its increasing popularity online – it became a viral TikTok challenge – in January 2020 Doja Cat’s song “Say So” was released as an individual single, and soon enough charted at number five on the Billboard’s Hot 100 list, becoming her first single to reach a place on a mainstream list’s top ten.

In May that year the song was re-released as a remix featuring Nicky Minaj, achieving huge success as it topped the Billboard chart, becoming Doja’s first number one song.

In early 2020, Doja’s “Hot Pink Tour” was suspended due to the contingency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However Doja Cat has continued working hard, landing collaborations with international artists such as The Weeknd, Lil Wayne and Ozuna.

Net Worth

As of late 2020, Doja Cat has an estimated net worth of $4 million, resulting from her successful career as a singer and rapper.

Physical Appearance

Doja Cat is a woman of mixed ethnicity, characterized by her gorgeous facial features and curvy figure. She’s 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall and weighs approximately 120lbs (55kgs).

Interesting Facts

In November 2020 Doja Cat confessed on her Twitter account that she was ‘tired’ of “Say So”.

During her teens she practiced Hinduism.

She has dyed her hair various colors including red, ash blonde and pink.

Doja Cat is openly bisexual.

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